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  1. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Had a session yesterday playing some albums I haven't played for awhile and some I have
  2. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Not the MARC Almond who duo'd with Gene Pitney @mickj1
  3. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    l played that record today too - my label is different (INTERFUSION)
  4. Damping Factor

    Yea, me too.
  5. Damping Factor

    @Sime just look at what you've started . btw - my Rotel has a DF of 1000
  6. Notification Spam

    do you mean the SNA notices? lve just tarted getting them yesterday
  7. l too love my pho 8 but if l had to replace it l would save up (at twice the cost)and buy the only other phono that l have heard in my system, the HEED QUASAR - before that l used the built in phono's of my pre-amps: first a NAD 116 then my current Sherbourn. l wouldnt go back
  8. Congrats on the 1000th post @stevoz I picked up FRAGILE by YES and Not Fragile by BTO (used) today.
  9. YES (albums)

    Picked up YES' FRAGILE and BTO's Not Fragile today (both used) for $35 - happy I is
  10. Tom Petty RIP

    Just heard that he was in hospital - not dead
  11. AFL 2017 - In memory of Nude

    YEP !!!!!!!!!! This kind of banter will always happen in a 2 team town and its cool
  12. AFL 2017 - In memory of Nude

    we dont talk about that- the phyciatrist instructed us not to and to rid it out of our memories - do you Crowers want his number?
  13. AFL 2017 - In memory of Nude

    Bring it on boys : history ? the last century is where the Crows find their last GF winning history. thats some hangover
  14. AFL 2017 - In memory of Nude

    Crows, after dominating the season - chokers ?