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  1. I've bought 3 sets of Bille $40 RCA's - I thought it was time to upgrade my old cables as I was using 2 sets of Audioquest G Snakes (which I thought never felt secure) and the better sounding, but falling apart TANDY gold patch from the 90's - anyone remember them? Can't wait to do the change over.
  2. C'mon Steve, how's it sounding ?
  3. Hope Steve takes you up on your kind offer; would love to hear his thoughts of the HEED.
  4. G'day Steve, how you doin'. I'm stil liking my Pho8, but if I was to upgrade and if I could afford it the 2 box HEED phono (Quassar ? ) would be my choice. I tried @Capone 's HEED in my system once and it is the best brief listen I've heard with my set-up. Black Sabbath BASS as deep and tight as you could hope for with clear crisp upper notes.. Unfortunately I think the HEEDs are hard to find now.
  5. G'day Bill, I tried to PM you regarding the $40 RCA's . I think I want to buy some off you if you are not too busy. Is one of the pics above these cables? Cheers.
  6. Great songs on Vinyl - up loud RIP Peter Green
  7. I'll be playing my Peter Green Fleetwood Mac greatest hits vinyl today. Albatros, Oh Well 1 and 2, Black Magic Woman , Man of the World, Green Manalishi etc, etc. RIP Mr Green
  8. @cheekyboy played this album for me when he was living and working in Adelaide a few years ago and I went straight out and was lucky enough to find a really good copy of it on vinyl and it sounds very very good . Not bright but detailed and clear'.
  9. Ibought a LP of this from a dusty old second hand shop - it's a little scratchy, but the songs are great although it's a very bright recording and I have trouble playing it at the volume it deserves.My copy is 'made in England' and doesn't have The name of the band on the bottom of the cover.
  10. Do you have any pics of them and are they a single driver speaker ?
  11. Not a Prince fan but that was very very good..
  12. Not really an upset with Ports going down to Brisbane Wol. Should have been closer but Port were not alowed to play their style - in fact Brisbane played the style Port has been playing this year. The Power need to get home from the 'hub' . Not sure what happens next but a few home games would be nice after the next round with GWS. I feel really SAD for Collingwood and Richmond; how will they cope being away from the MCG ? Some eveness to the comp at last perhaps?
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