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  1. Wow that was quick. Got them today and they seem very good . https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/100PCS-12-LP-LD-Vinyl-Record-Antistatic-Clear-Plastic-Cover-Inner-Sleeves/183884805984?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  2. l was 16 and oh how l loved seeing the split screen movie at the local Drive-In. (twice). Highlite ? Well there were a few - the nude women, l was 16, most of the music, but the stand out for me was Mike Shrieve's drumming with SANTANA. also Joe Cocker
  3. Their best imo , wore it out back in the 70s .
  4. Yep it kept me leaning in and out and almost coming off my sofa a couple of times - poor Jack, again.
  5. It is a fiddly bugger and i'm always thinking my arm might be too high or too low at the back end when the allen key is tightend.
  6. 2 in a row and in the 8 - best bit, pushing out the Crows. Hey ! @wolster , can you make sure your boys do the right thing and really really beat the Crow tomorrow please.
  7. And the bloke on the right is the famous PHIL SPECTOR e
  8. l have just bought some that showed up on the bottom of links from @steveoz (pm) and the one above thank you. (100 pc for just under $20 delivered from China ) Thanks for all your help.
  9. l can' t run the TV audio directly to my 2 channel set-up as the TV doesn't have rca outs. l can and do run the TV sound to my A/V reciever via a digital cable then on to the 2 channei pre-amp and use it's HT bi-pass. So really don't listen or watch TV that way enough to comment on it's sound. How do you get the TV sound to your amp?
  10. I'm after some anti-static inner sleeves for my records which I want to buy on-line. What have you bought and where did you get them from please? Are some of those cheap eBay ones alright (often from Asia) , or should I look at the MoFi sleeves? (my last lot were Nagaoka, a long time ago.). Cheers.
  11. Cheers and thanks for the help.
  12. l had a pf800 and used a couple of SHURE MM carts and a AT95 and they sounded very good on the YAM pf 800. Never got to try an MC cart on it.
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