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  1. Currently Spinning

    Not my fav BK album , but hey! it's still BK so its gotta be good.
  2. SGR Audio to the rescue - thank you SGR!

    Great work by all involved. Knowing keith i'm sure he would be there to help others in trouble too like the good folk of SGR have. Hope you did no personal damage to yourself mate - tall timber falls a long way and people our age shouldn't be doing that
  3. I like it, but i'm an old fart and my taste in music probably doesn't mean much . I reckon it sounds like what a modern day Moody Blues would sound like today.
  4. Peter M's build

    That is CRAZY , in a good, good, envious way
  5. The AC/DC Appreciation Thread.

    38 years !!!!!! no boody wonder l feel like an old fart - first saw him live in the Valentines in Adelaide when l was about 15 ( 1968 ? ) and last saw him in Adelaide when l met him a few times in about 73 - 74 ? (Fraternity) RIP, l doubt it.
  6. I'm soon to be back in the Darth Cave and it's been too long between drinks, so not being a 'red' tippler would an amber refreshment be permited into the new and improved D C ?
  7. The ' boss ' sticking her head in saying " BORING " when i'm chilling with YES.
  8. Barnsey on any playback device
  9. Sounds good. l`ve been to Freo and hugged Bons statue ( there was a pic l posted on SNA a few years ago ) My Daughter works in Freo so l must tell her about the PVF.
  10. Slow Navigation around Stereonet

    SO SLOW here (and has been for quite awhile) that l dont click on the ' One Hit Wonder' thread anymore because it just takes forever to load with all the video clips. C'mon @Marc ,what have you done old chap ?
  11. Garrard Zero 100 S Tangential Arm Turntable

    Just read an interesting write-up about these great Garrard Zero 100 models in hi-fi news magazine. I think the lucky buyer will have themselves a ' classic' especially with that arm
  12. Yea thanks Steve, l was worried because at half the cost of the others for sale l kept thinking " if it seems too good to be tue". I will start a thread about this and why l used my YAMAHA PF 800 TT to ' test ' the new cart .
  13. Not a good pic but the difference is clear
  14. The cart arrived today and Grumpy is Happy ( what ! ) . Tried the cart with my stylus and it works fine . The cart and its broken stylus looks new and unused and even the brush is like new . I reckon they broke the stylus when new while trying to mount it then put it on the shelf and left it there.
  15. Tantalising Turntables

    I have one of those --------- - - - - well ! a SME 3009 tonearm like the one back righthand on the TT