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  1. Still some crazy shite going on with those prices - l wonder if they do Pensioner discounting
  2. Currently Spinning

    What inner sleeves did you get - are they antistatic ones? I have that America LP and love the SQ of it, considering it's age.
  3. l searched for BEB last year and found little joy with the prices although they were nowhere near those that you quoted. Can l ask how much the Stevie CD was - l might look into getting that.
  4. ah ! just realised its not full auto - still have to cue it to start it.
  5. Dam! l cant wait to buy 7 but its too close to Xmas. Can l ask how much its going for please?
  6. Was the PQ of the last episode of 6 as good as the rest? l only really noticed this after that episode
  7. Ive got a Hitachi PS- 17 just sitting here doing nothig I ws going to try and sell it , but when l gave it a final test the bloody auto return wouldnt lift tha arm and slid the stylus back across the record- ouch!!! lf you want to have look and try and fix te auto return you can have it. It looks quite nice and use to be my main TT a few years back. Has a stylus fitted and tha user manual
  8. My TV is 4k capable, but l dont do Netflix
  9. Thanks Steve - l'm no videophile , but l thought a modern bluray would-should look better than a TV picture.
  10. Has anyone watched GOT season 6 on BluRay and have any comments about the picture quality ? Maybe its just my old tired eyes
  11. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FR. Are you an old fart?
  12. Ken Burns' Vietnam War.

    Yes l watched it and thought it was ok. Never really looked into the politics of the French and the USA in the lead-up to what we - l think of when talking the Viet conflict. ****! did we side with the wrong side? No offence to the brave who fought over there though .
  13. Watched the last episode of season 6 Game Of Thrones BluRay last night and when l switched back to normal fta TV l realised that the picture quality was just as good and possibely better than the BluRay. Got me thinking that this BR wasn't much better than DVD if at all. Anyone else have thoughts on the GOT bluray pic quality?
  14. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    My system isnt too flash , but it sure does `THE YES ALBUM` well to my ears.