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  1. There was no offense meant Marc and I think it is my first RANT about it - the others were explanations of what was and what wasn't happening on this end like many others have posted,. Don't want to upset anyone just because I am.
  2. Have I mentioned how Frustrated I am ? First off, must admire all the work @Marc has done recently sorting the new upgrade problems out as he has done many times over the years to keep us coming back to SNA. Since the upgrade I can't use my wifi TV for posting any more and YES, I can use this computer in the spare room, sometimes ,which is almost always occupied by others, , but it's not in my chair in my room and on my TV from which I have done all my SNA posting from for years. It's only WiFi so why won't SNA work on my preferred set-up where all my other sites DO work.?
  3. I don't know what 'safari' is, but I don't use it through my WiFi TV and I have the same problems as @cafe67. All my other sites still work , but not SNA through the TV - I think it uses FireFox - Mozilla ? FRUSTRATED !!!!!!! and GRUMPY
  4. So, in your opinion the SAS is how much better than the HE ? Did you notice much difference? Thanks for your input
  5. YES!!!!! that is exactly what my problem is too on my TV using wifi
  6. Cleared all that I could and still not letting me input anything. I can read the forum, but that's it (I am again using the home computer to write this, but this computer is always used by someone else) All was well using my TV system for SNA over the last almost decade UNTIL the change - update. WHY? Looks like I'll be a part timer now.
  7. I can't post - reply and I can't send PM's and instead of the like-dislike button I have a grey dot covering it, all on my TV. I'm using the home computer to post this as the problems above are on my TV network which I do ALL my SNA time on . PLEASE HELP!!!! @Marc
  8. I currentley use a Shure v15 type 4 cart with a JICO HE stylus which I bought sometime ago as I couldn't afford the extra dollars for a SAS stylus at the time. Just wondering if it would be worth going up to the SAS stylus now that I can afford it? Has anyone gone from the HE to the SAS - not sure that the extra dollars would make much difference between the HE and the SAS.
  9. BUGGER. oh well we had a very good year and hopefully 2021 will be a bit better. Hoping for a Brisbane win tomorrow
  10. I still say this to my kids and grandkids - no one listens though.
  11. Noticed some SNA posts about Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, so I thought I'd have a ittle look on YouTube and l liked what I heard . So I'm wanting to dip my toe into some of their vinyl records and was wondering what album would be a good place to start, to get a feel for this group. (is there a 'best of? ) Read that they had something to do with Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse, so its gotta be something I'd like, right ?
  12. I'm hoping for a non VIC GF - PORT v BRISBANE.
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