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  1. BIG thumbs up for Panasonic for their help when my 4k TV developed a serious problem way past the warranty date. There is a thread about it. (white spots on screen)
  2. I play this often - bloody love the Black Keys.
  3. Vincent PHO 8 for my shure v15 type4 cart- that is my only setup . l would like to try the MC output on it one day , but with a non detachable headshell on my SME arm it is just too bloody fiddly : oh and l don't own an MC cart.
  4. WOW! I'm playing this right now - up real LOUD on clear vinyl.
  5. Abbey Road is number one on the album charts - 50 years after it's release. SO FAB.
  6. You sound alarmingly good Sir - good karma should come your way.
  7. Grumpy

    The Ashes

    Sorry , wrong thread.
  8. A perfect match for my Sherbourn Pre 1 pre amp - would have loved to have heard your amp hooked up to my pre. Good luck with the sale.
  9. YAAH still hope for a non VIC Grand Final winner. Well done GWS although collingwood gave us footy fans a mighty show in that last quarter. Port Adelaide Magpies GF tomorrow - Go Maggies !!!!!!!!!!!!.
  10. Well ! that was not good Wol - only one chance left for a non VIC club to make the prelim and hopefully get to the GF..
  11. Do you have any overheating problems with the amp because of it being on the bottom of the stack ? - not ideal for venting amp heat
  12. So, what is the verdict re, pouring distilled water in the tank of the STUDEBAKER - do we or don't we ? Confused Grumpy.
  13. The FINALS. Love to see a West Coast - Brisbane GF.
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