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  1. The speakers had a good write up in aussie hifi mag back in its day. The editor (G. Borrowman ? ) seemed vey impressed with the sound.1 I think the small company was down this way at Osborne near Nth Haven -
  2. Where do we get these types of velvet brushes from please ? Are they anti-static - I have only used those cheap fold out fibre brushes.1
  3. Now that takes me back ( 'OME') I was a big fan of Noddy and his band. 'Cum on Feel the Noize'
  4. Thanks for the replies. The rack when opened stands about 30 cm high and the lid hits it. Ribs ? Maybe, or scewers ?
  5. Just bought a used BBQ and found this rack thingie in the bottom of the cabinet and I haven't seen one before. Is it something used with a BBQ somehow? Cheers.
  6. My 3D Pana died and it was replaced with a better Pana TV by Panasonic but it isn't 3D. I don't really miss it but it was good to have for those few times we did watch a 3D disc - l still have the Panasonic glasses.
  7. A few of the great looking and sounding cars from down my way yesterday evening. And just check out that great looking Festiva next to the lefthand drive Chevy truck😁
  8. No BLACK KEYS . fork the pitch fork, whoever , whatever they are.
  9. Absolutely amazed with this song when l first heard this ' so differnt' sound coming out of my little transistor - loved it - still do.. Ah sweet memories.
  10. Well, my FX 800 is on the list - what is needed to see HDR10+ and how will l know. YOUTUBE has clips and my pic settings do change for them, but only shows that it is HDR.
  11. Yes! me too - well, was , l have passed it down to my Son who is setting up a system for his Daughter
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