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  1. You would have to be confident today Wol - i'm certainly not unfortunately
  2. DAMN ! What a poor effort PORT
  3. G'day Joz, just wondering if you have the problem sorted yet ?
  4. Bloody POWER lost that game themselves. well done Brisbane though.
  5. Needed to blow some dust out of my age-ed old head UP LOUD
  6. Geezus Marc : all the best with all that you are having to go through .
  7. Too bloody hard- for now in this moment: Male - BEATLES or Black Keys Female - AMY.W or Linda. R. NO! no! no! , too too hard : i'm not playing anymore and i am taking my footy um! sorry , my vinyl and going home.
  8. Don't mind at all Wol - the Nude memory tradition is a must keep . I was waiting for the 2019 season dedication for him to start but couldn't find it.
  9. Sorry Tony, but l missed your short post: could you repeat it please ? PS. still miss Woodstock
  10. I had similar drivers , but the mids were 4'" and it was from a kit (no box) circa 1972 ? l still have some bits for them.
  11. Not really (well, not this end), I just need guidance sometimes when this old brain won't make a decision on what to bloody choose to play.
  12. I'm going to put this on the record player right now.
  13. So sorry to hear that Steve. Enjoy her music and memories.
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