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  1. Yes! SA has great speakers , but the customers who own some of these speakers are great too
  2. Finally got the thrust bearing today . I took a pic of the old and the new, but I'm afraid it is a very crap pic. No listening done yet, but switched it on and the first noticeable difference is the platter got up to speed almost immediately where as before it could take up to 10 minutes or more to settle. - wasn't expecting that as i thought that would b more to do with the spindle shaft etc. Happy Grumpy ! what ? sorry about the crap pic. - old on the left
  3. YEP. BTW the 300,000 'oil' can be found at some RC car hobby shops - used in the diff gears.
  4. Just a smidge is usually all that is needed - after a clean of course.
  5. Any progress @Peter-E ? Without actually seeing your TT I'm confused about the design allowing the fluid to drain from the queing device
  6. thanks Hergest, the missus has been on facebook for years, but doesn't remember having to put hert pic on.
  7. Trying to 'do' facebook for the first time and filled in all the bits and recieved a code, but now they want a pic of my face for security . Is this the norm? worried about scams etc.
  8. Message sent with lots of questions - re the design
  9. NO! as mentioned above by EV and Greg I did say l have some if you need it - you will be amazed at how little you need,
  10. Not arrived yet, tracking has it as on it's way from the UK, but a message says this virus is slowing normal procedures dowm with the royal mail so early May hopefully.
  11. It was actualy a RC model car shop and it is used in the diff of those hot little racers.
  12. I agree, a clean of the tonearm lift shaft etc, then replace the 'well' with some silicone greese that is usualy very very thick. I used 300.000 thick gear oil from a hobby shop and it worked a treat on my old Yamaha PF800 TT. If you can't find any suitable oil I have some here as you ony need to use a very small amount.
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