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  1. This has been talked about in another thread. - the new 95 HD picture quality has been looking quite good.
  2. The new channel is 9GEM ( channel 95 ) and it's in HD which has been looking quite good. My PANA TV changed a couple of days before my PANA BD PVR - very wierd stuff
  3. Bought most of my gear and accessories for my room from 2 of my favourite stores. VAF and HARVEY NORMANS
  4. The Neigbhours like coming over and having a chat and to listen to some music , oh! and to have a few quiet drinks. Last night He who does drink, but not my preferred drink Light BEER, brings over a a litre bottle of Gentleman Jack from his duty free purchases ; Would you like a small try Grumpy? Well I haven't drank spirits for about 25 years , but hey, why not, I've been bit off colour lately and didn't feel like having a beer - Well the 2 of us drank the whole bloody bottle -It went down so smoothly and easily . They went home at some time after midnight and I spent the next hour or so on my knees in the loo. Never ever ever again
  5. My 'worked' FJ Holden a very long time ago. So much fun in my younger years - the old side plate grey motor came from a dragster that had crashed on the strip, then it was put into my very stock looking FJ. FUN FUN FUN
  6. Oh you youngsters have no taste when it comes to great aussie bands.
  7. A quick search on Google and l find i'm not alone. A lot saying that Youtube does not do 5.1 surround. So why would they show 5.1 in their search menu ? - confused !
  8. Just tried a couple of 5.1 Test clips on Youtube through my surround sound set-up and although the sound was sort of impressive and the picture quality good, the sound was only through the front 3 speakers and the sub with the AV receiver only showing Pro-logic , but there was no rear sound.. Is this normal for Youtube?
  9. Loved the ' build ' in pic form - l would love to see more : l could watch them all day on this lazy Sundee afternoon. Thanks for sharing.
  10. I did the same to my Garrard 401 last week. Took the cheap plastic round feet off and put 3 smallish spikes with cups on and sat them on bunnings rubber squares. - unfortunately I haven't been able to do a sound comparison yet as I have a stuffed up ear, but it looks good.
  11. 2O years before ? maybe a few months Oops sorry, I got mixed up with ' in the summertime'
  12. it has the on screen qwerty and yes , scrolling takes awhile but it gets easier. this is how i do about 95% of my SNA posts now
  13. Not really a one hit wonder is Mr Gene Mcdaniels Loved his hits back in his heydays - a few amber refreshments and belting out TOWER of STRENGHT was done on more than a few occasions.
  14. G'day and welcome to SNA Grumpy. Cheers, Grumpy
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