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  1. Projected image not square with screen?

    Is the PJ itself square on to the screen? Is the image you're projecting square? Its out quite a lot. Interesting problem. addit https://www.lifewire.com/tip-lens-shift-vs-keystone-correction-1847335 Might help?
  2. I'm looking forward to the drivers as well. They're going to be good little speakers. @scumbag Yes cool stuff like that. I could do those but my machines not super fast so would take ages. I did talk to the guy making (not sure his name) and offered to do the internal bits that are just squares but nothing came of it... Im in the process of building a new one which will be at least 6x faster. Ive learnt a lot about how they work and the issues so will be much better.
  3. 3 axis. Ive got the parts to make the 4th axis but not had time to set it up. The moving gantry (the Y and Z axis) has 2 sets of bolt holes (a high and a lowish) so I can get more room under it for doing larger 3D stuff but Ive not had any great need to bother with that yet. Z travel (up and down) is about 180mm. With the "high" holes used I could get about 350mm diameter spinning on a 4th axis. You can do 3d stuff on a 3 axis machine without the 4th axis by simply double siding the part (pegged for alignment/zero), the 4th axis just means you don't have to and it also allows undercuts. The more axis you have the cooler the stuff you can make
  4. I have bits down to 1.5mm diameter but only used them for doing inlays. I used a 1/8th bit for these so the radius on the corners is 1/16th. The corners of the baffle recess are easy to either square out with a chisel or Stanley knife.
  5. Free afternoon so I thought Id cut everything but the fronts...
  6. I little top heavy is better than bottom heavy with that particular design imho
  7. Jonesys speakers will be a fun little build. The drawings are all done and hes just waiting for the drivers to arrive so a good fit is ensured before cutting. We did too and fro a bit over shape and materials keeping the same baffle and internal volume etc but his other half didn't like the design below.... I was doing some front to back layered renders as there was some discussion about something shaped or curved in marine ply layers. Im eagerly awaiting driver arrival as they look like they'll be great little speakers.
  8. Happy for you to pop round sometime and have a look and a chin wag about some cutting for you if you like. If yours is a small thing I could sneak it in between some other stuff Ive got on the go at the moment. Jonesys are going to be from some mdf. Ive done up to 25mm ply and 32mm pine and blackbutt but generally try confine myself to 20 and under as the long bits get a bit of a sing on....
  9. HT decoration

    Im considering it. The missus straight off said she wanted the "Dragon one". Problem with doing them all as big as this one would be wall space. Might work if they were smaller and mounted to a backing frame.... Hmmm....
  10. HT decoration

    Not really audio diy but but diy for the HT room. Knocked up a wall hanging for the HT room today out of 6mm mdf and some spare LEDs. House Stark sigil back lit with the leds.
  11. All the parts drawn in and ready to cut... This is how the cut looks off a 1000mmx700mm piece. Just need to centre it and add some tabs before hitting the big green GO button
  12. Front piece drawn in and rendered....
  13. Those drawings are fine. No need to cad it as Ill just put those drawing into the cutting program. Easiest is to cut the edges square and then 45 or whatever on a router table or with a hand router and a fence. I have a huge selection of bits. If you go for a butt joint with a view to laminating it with proper timber or painting can do all the screw holes etc and cut plugs if wanted. I have some 15mm mdf sitting here so you wouldn't even have to buy anything (I got it free from the chippy who lives next door). Worse part of the drawing is that silly shaped driver. Not real hard to draw in but it adds a little to the time. If you like I can PM my number so you can pick a day.
  14. Id probably be able to help. How thick MDF? You have drawings where I can see the sizes? Doesn't have to be in cad as long as you have measurements. Will work for grog On holidays at the moment so should be able to get it done pretty quick.
  15. American and Gun culture

    The murder rate in the US is about 5 per 100k and in Oz its about 1 per 100k. Gun ownership here is about 25 per 100 people, in the US its about 100 per 100. In South Africa the murder rate is about 35 per 100k. SEVEN times the US yet their guns per capita is only about HALF what it is here in Australia. Using the logic that "high rates of gun ownership increases the murder rate" should South Africa have a murder rate roughly half of what it is here in Oz? Iraq is another example. Murder rate is roughly 50% higher than the US but gun ownership is only about 50% more than Australia. Explain to me again how lots of guns means lots of murders? I'm not seeing the connection.... Our gun laws here are among the most restrictive in the world. We simply cannot buy those types of guns anymore (armalites, bushmaster, SKK/SKS, Mini14s etc) let alone in that type of quantity here. It is difficult here to even buy more than 3 or 4 .22's without having to jump through all kinds of hoops. I fully support the changes we made here to our gun laws. Large calibre semiautos have little place for recreational shooters or hunters with only a couple exceptions. We've have several Olympic medallists is shooting sports, including pistol disciplines. Our handgun ownership laws are even more restrictive than our long gun laws (and rightly so imho). They do however have their place with landowners and sporting shooters. I stand by what I say. Its a culture issue not a gun issue. That is unlikely to ever be changed. Sadly.