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  1. This is a good way to loose a potential customer base of people like myself who enjoy perusing the classifieds in the hopes of spotting something tempting. Doesn’t make sense to me, I would have thought you would want the largest possible audience to sell the often esoteric products advertised on this forum...
  2. I am selling my Plinius SA-50 MKIII (black) to fund an active 2-channel set-up. The SA-50 is a 50W @8ohm, class A or AB (switchable) 2-channel power amplifier. This amp doesn’t seem to come up for sale very often, in fact, I have not seen one advertised in OZ in the past few years, making it a little difficult to value. This is a great sounding amp. Asking: $2000 Sydney pickup only, have manual and boxes. PM me if interested
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