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  1. Up for sale is some nice vintage Luxman gear. A great buy for someone wanting quality gear and top tier sound at an affordable price without breaking the bank. I am looking to sell both the Luxman 507x Integrated Amplifier and the Luxman PD-370 Turntable together and have priced these items as a pairing. I do not want to seperate the items unless there is confirmed interest and a buyer or buyers for both items. The integrated amplifier has two MM phono inputs which is very handy. I had bought these a couple of years ago from sna member SteveM and was using
  2. Thank you Tele! I am a bit frustrated at the moment as the new 12 inch tonearm I had intended to pair with this build is still stuck in the postal system overseas so in essence I have not made an effort to do some serious listening yet. The 401 project is a success in that I would be happy to downsize from the big Micro Seiki in my main rig but there can only be one King and the Micro it still is. I installed the FR66S with both the SPU Meister Silver and the 90th Anniversary for a play last week and was quite happy with the sound so this weekend I intend to
  3. Thank you both, for your kind words.
  4. @Doppelganger Thank you for advising and persuading me to take a chance on the 401 when the chassis unit came up for sale on Gumtree. 🙏
  5. Thanks Griz! Yes, This project afforded an equal dose of turmoil and zen. Gladly now in the zen phase 😋
  6. Thanks Mark! I am very pleased with the design and implementation as things are working out as planned thus far. It is always nice to be able to take a conceptual idea to a physical product that works as envisioned. Yes, there was some loss of skin and added callouses during this build.
  7. Thank you! May come in useful at some stage as I may get them to do a heavier CW for an SME 3009 which I can then mount an SPU G type on. In relation to a CW for the 66S, once I remount it on my Micro Seiki TT I will see whether adding the CW from the shorter 64S makes a difference and if it does then I may get one made.
  8. Thanks Andy! I will have a look at the possibilities of an additional counterweight. It's a vintage Fidelity Research FR66S tonearm and as far as I know (as I bought it with the box) there is no additional weight as this is the weight that most owners use for the SPU and Koetsu's and I have not heard of or read anything regarding an improvement to the counterweight on these FR arms. I wonder whether there is a difference in the additional weight in static vs dynamic balanced tonearms. I am still waiting for my new 12 inch tonearm for this 401 project to arrive from OS.
  9. Thank you! Thank you!
  10. Thanks P! I must acknowledge and thank@Doppelganger @Gandra @klackto @nevillekapadia and yourself as my initial advisory panel on this 401 project. My thanks also to all the members who kindly shared their experience and advice via this thread and PM. 🙏
  11. Thank you! Going to play around with some SRA snd VTF this weekend to get a feel for its capabilities. Will provide an update on sound thereafter.
  12. Thank you! I cannot take all the credit as I had some good advice here on SNA and the help of a professional woodworker who did the cuts, drilling and glueing to my design and specs. I did the sanding and polishing.
  13. Thanks Ant! This 401 project was designed and built specifically for the second system in the hope that it would blend in with the room aesthetic. Will wait till your next visit for a side by side comparo where you can be the judge 😋
  14. Thanks Ash! Finally finished the project today. Here are the photos.
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