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  1. One of the most versatile solid state phono preamplifiers. I really enjoyed the Klyne.
  2. The new Garrard idler wheel from Audiosilente arrived from Rome via Fedex this morning. Amazed by jow long this thing spins for. Here is a video and a still photo of the new idler. Looking forward to the a listening sesh this afternoon 😃
  3. After a period of possibly 4 years or so of receiving this Lyra Helikon Mono Cartridge as a get well gift from a good audio friend in Texas, I finally got my @rse into gear and mounted it on the Dynavector DV507Mk11 tonearm last night. Just set up P2S quick and dirty and have guessed the overhang as I do not have a Unipro template for this tonearm. Here are a couple of YouTube clips so you can hear what it sounds like.
  4. Hi Keith, Hope you are well. Yes, if PW likes the AS sound (which I too like by the way) he should be considering the top of the AS tree. If he thinks there may be something else out there but he is unsure about what to get given the $$ at this level of the hobby, then it may be beneficial to first reflect on what he may be wanting more or less of in his system and that could be helpful for others to make recommendations based on his preferences. All of my 5 tonearms are the removable headshell type so I am not captive to an integrated headshell.
  5. @pine weasel Cartridge collections can be a big black hole I seem to have ended up with quite a few. The pair of brains and ears that created Acoustical Systems have been audio acquaintances of mine for more than an decade as the pair of them were instrumental in my going down the big Micro Seiki TT and FR arms pathway, so I am familiar with their thinking and the sound they pursue. If you already like what your AS cart does then it may be a natural step to go up the AS ladder. At the level of cartridges you are contemplating there are not goi
  6. Guessing that it is an extension for possibly EMT/SPUA type carts or pin convertor socket?
  7. PW, If you do not get any advice here, I would suggest speaking to Youngskywalker a member here and also Warwick Freemantle (Pure Music Group) in Melbourne. Both of them are familiar with the Lyra and Acustical Systems gear as they have been involved in personal ownership of some such cartridges and even distributing some of these brands in Oz. I believe that member AlistairM may also have some personal usage experience.
  8. The big Altec multicell horns will be worth something cleaned and repainted.
  9. Oops Sorry! You have bought yourself a very nice arm in the FR64S. I have always been a fan of the FR arms and if one were to look at my showcase thread, I mentioned more than a decade ago here on SNA that it was great value for money at the then second hand price of around $1500 and that if you could only have one tonearm then the 64S was my choice. I see that they have more than doubled in price since then. Enjoy the 64!
  10. With the arrival of the Ikeda 407 tonearm today I am relieved that my Garrard 401 project is finally completed 😃
  11. Final piece for my 401 project arrived today.
  12. Thanks! This is congruent with what I have been reading on various forums and if my Shure V15 iv was working I would certainly use this pairing. The interesting aspect is that the FR1mk3f which is a light cartridge in the Ikeda stable and an MC to boot seems to work quite well in this arm at present. I think I will remount my Shure to see whether it is truely dead in one channel or just a loose connection.
  13. Thanks! Good spotting. Yes, a pointer (German Short Haired) Loves being off leash walking in the Blue Mountains. Ouch! New duvet on order?
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