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  1. OP, Second hand lenses are variable depending on where you buy them. I bought a couple of vintage lenses off fleabay. The Japanese sellers were usually great to deal with and items as described. I got some lenses serviced by Sydney Camera Repairs in Ashfield. The owner has a lot of second hand lenses for sale. You (or other SNA members looking for lenses) may want to check with them via info@sydneycamerarepairs.com.au
  2. I am using one of these for a number of years. Used to have Jadis and 47 Labs CD players before that. I did the Tent Lab mods which you can read about on my showcase thread titled "my new friends". I have played all sorts of CD's including originals and burnt without issues. I use it as a transport with a Concert Fidelity DAC.
  3. Got my mojo flowing again so back in to tinkering with audio bits 😁 When I embarked on my Altec VoTT restoration project a couple of years ago I upgraded the XO by building a better passive crossover using Erse Super Q and Solen air core inductors, Jensen pio's and Ohmite brown devil resistors etc and left it at that. I always wanted to hear how the Jean Hiraga Altec XO sounded and what the hype was about so I have been mulling over this for quite a while without pulling the trigger. So when @MarcAL finally built his Onken cabinets and told me he had also built the Hiraga XO's with good sonic success, I got pretty excited and started collecting parts a couple of weeks ago and started my own Hiraga XO build with advice from @MarcAL (Thanks MarcAl!). Here are a couple of photos of the finished crossover boards ready for installation on the A7-500's.
  4. Manhattan skyline - Fuji XT1 vintage Minolta tele zoom lens
  5. Nice work MarcAL! Looking forward to listen to these soon.
  6. Sorry Mate! Did not intentionally mean to ruin you Hope all us well with you and the family. Let me know how you are travelling with your big rig. I may try and visit you for a weekend in first quarter next year if that suits. Cheers!
  7. Greetings from Manhattan NY! Feeling very privileged to have attended a live session at the Village Vanguard Jazz Club in downtown Manhattan tonight listening to http://www.tomharrell.com/about.php No photos of the live performance is allowed but I managed to get a photo with Tom Harrell before the show
  8. Now some Australiana to add to the end of the chain... Shure Cartridge on an SME arm on a Thorens TT feeding a Luxman integrated (used as a preamp) feeding Australia's very own Cyril Murray Auditec Amplifiers feeding the Altec A7's. I hope I have done all these designers of yesteryear justice through this vintage system.
  9. Thanks @acg! I have now done that! SME mounted and spinning away...
  10. Pulled apart the Thorens TT today. Just finished reinforcing the underside of the top plate with Dynamat.
  11. SME 3009/2 tonearm brought back to factory spec. Looking forward to dismantling the Thorens arm from the TT next....
  12. Latest project is around cleaning up and restoring this SME series 2 tonearm for mounting on the Thorens TD160. Unfortunately the previous owner has lost the bias weight, pulley guide and the acorn nut and bolt that holds the bias pulley in place. I have ordered the spare parts and a set of coupling rubbers so hopefully this baby should be ready to sing in a couple of weeks. Had to get a new headshell too as this one is a bit mangled. Pity! Has anyone mounted an SME on a Thorens TD160? Did the shield can have to be taken off?
  13. Thanks Mate! Hope you are enjoying the music.
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