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  1. 401 unit cleaned and relubed. Waiting for the plinth to go through the glueing process.
  2. Very nice! I am leaning towards the TD124 over the 301 as I already have the 401
  3. Thanks @Peter_F Are you using a TD124? Which arm are you using with it?
  4. The new one piece chrome knobs and new face plate now in place. Have cleaned the spindle housing, spindle and thrust pad with Isopropyl alcohol. Need to buy some oil over the weekend.
  5. New face plate and knobs arrived today. I am glad that I went for the full chrome one piece set of knobs rather than just buying the knob inserts. The knob on the speed selector is the one piece chrome knob vs the original knobs on the on/off and pitch selectors
  6. Item: Ortofon RS-212D Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: Used More Info: Considering this tonearm for an upcoming project. Please PM me with details. Thanks
  7. A slow process but the plinth for the Garrard 401 project is coming together
  8. Thanks! Yes very nice. Built by @Shark and belongs to @Doppelganger
  9. Great! I like this simplicity and concur with your approach re the aesthetic of the Thorens. Thanks
  10. Thank you for this advice. I would definitely be looking at a hardwood plinth. For my current 401 project I am going with a combination of Blackwood and Redgum. I have a couple of 9 inch arms, SME 3009, DV507 Mk11 and FR64s. I also have a 12 inch FR66S and intend to get an Ikeda 407. In relation to carts, I am undecided. I have an Audio Technica AT155LC, a couple of FR1Mk3F stock and Boron, an FR7f , A Lyra Helikon, a SPU Meister Silver and 90th Anniversary. I have high efficiency horn speakers and bespoke valve amplification. Are you
  11. I would appreciate some advice from members who have either owned, own or have experienced the Garrard 301 (Schedule 2) and the Thorens TD-124 (Mk1) first hand. If both units are stock (unmodified) and in good working order and cosmetic shape................ Is there one that is more desirable? Better sounding? Easier to keep running? Less expensive to get set up to a desirable standard? I am being offered a pick of either of these TT's as a part sale/swap on my Altecs. If I do proceed with accepting either of these, I wi
  12. Picked up the gun metal tonearm pillars from the machinist today. They weigh about a Kg each. The armboards will also weigh about the same so should offer a good foundation for the tonearms once mounted.
  13. Hi Soundscape, Earlier today and in consultation with @denimhunter I decided that I am going to try and minimise contact with the plinth. Yes, when I studied my Micro Seiki I realised that the MS engineers (thinkers and designers ahead of their time = Respect) had actually kept the motor separate which then enabled them to have the spindle, platter, plinth, tonearm coupling rigid. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience on this.
  14. Thanks! I am grappling with whether I should recess the pillar/post snug into the home in the plinth (as in pressure fit) or leave a couple of mm void between the rod and the sides of the hole in the plinth?
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