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  1. What breed/cross it (the dog) nice speakers btw.
  2. I'm definitely looking forward to a demo one day to compare it to my twin m&K subs
  3. Yes I am aware of PSA and when the time is right will contact Peter. Out of interest did you consider the ported V1500 or even the V1800? Would love to hear PSA in action but won't waste Peters time unless I am ready to buy.
  4. Are they Equinox Audio speakers? Aphlions? I'm sure Rick would tell you if you emailed him.
  5. Was able to enjoy a few hours alone tonight so decided to put on Oblivion. What a great movie, I saw it when it first came out but didn't remember enjoying it as much as I did tonight, might be the surround sound improvements. I definitely noticed the rear surrounds especially at around the 9 minute mark when the bubbleship turns around and the sounds follows it's movements. Awesome! Now I've realised the 2 weak links in my system. 1) the subwoofers 2) 65" tv is too small
  6. I purchased Oblivion yesterday and Ralph Breaks The Internet (for my daughter). Looking forward to watching Oblivion again in 7.1 for the first time.
  7. Ok, I guess it did it's job then Any recommendations on a replacement if I don't venture down the meter box solution as mentioned by Gee Emm?
  8. I did see that but this is the part that confused me. Does it mean the 'surge protection' has been triggered due to voltage overload etc or that it is currently 'protecting' connected appliances. Also my green light is off but I read the blurb as it's on if all 7 outlets are used? Maybe I'm just thick!!!
  9. There is a black round button but when I press it it doesn't really push. No change to the indicator lights. Is the surge protection definitely gone and time to buy a new one?
  10. Interesting ! So if you want best visuals you have sacrifice LFE? That's nuts!
  11. Hi guys, Had a scare tonight when putting on the tv. It didn't turn on and I thought tv was dead. In a panic I unplugged it and AVR,Blu ray player and pre amp from my Arlec Surge protector and plugged everything straight into wall sockets. Everything works. I plugged Arlec back into wall with tablet charger and it's charging the tablet. Can anyone tell me if Arlec is still providing surge protection from my photo? Instructions are not clear to me.
  12. Right so the bed channels 7.1 are the same quality whether it's the 4k Blu ray or not. I'll obviously choose the 4k for HDR benefits then.
  13. I'm confused, is the soundtrack on the 4k disc better than the standard Blu ray ONLY IF an Atmos setup is used?
  14. I do have in ceiling speakers (Krix hemispherix) but was previously using them as 'side-surrounds'. Now have proper side surrounds plus rear surrounds. In ceilings are now dormant until I get a new AVR/processor but that will have to wait.
  15. There's still life in this old Denon 4311
  16. Thanks, I'm quite pleased with the end result. Still haven't watched a 7.1 movie yet. Any recommendations?
  17. All done (finally). Some naked shots included. Need to test it with a good 7.1 Blu Ray
  18. I'm glad I didn't go with the in-walls option because I found both side surrounds had half thickness extra timber noggins further up the wall. There was enough space for cables but obviously they would've impeded the in wall install.
  19. Ok, I finally managed to wire up the side surrounds Put on Ready Player One 4K to test it and I'm very happy. I haven't calibrated them yet because I'll wait until I wire the rear surrounds but it sounds much more immersive compared to using in-ceiling surrounds. It's taking me a long time but hopefully I'll do the rears on the weekend.
  20. Yes, still need to cable them, hard to find time and an extra helping hand. Losing my patience TBH There's about a 1cm gap between the rear surrounds and posters/panels!
  21. Yes I paid an extra $400-$500 for the DTV tuner card! The tv cost me about the same price as what I paid for my current 65" Sony Z9D! How on earth did I afford the Metz at the time???
  22. I had (it is still working at my in-laws house although the remote has disappeared) a Metz Artos 82. Fantastic picture quality. This was my first tv, it was replaced by the 50" Panasonic G10 which is still working in my living room.
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