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  1. Mr_Gadget

    Anthem AV Owners Thread

    Hi guys, I may move from Denon to Anthem in the future for my next AVR (MRX-720 most likely). Can it be configured for Atmos top middle only position in a 5.2.2 or 7.2.2?
  2. Mr_Gadget

    GoT streaming

    Last year I used Foxtel Now (30 day free trial).
  3. Mr_Gadget

    Simple Netflix box for parents

    Gave my dad the Fetch mini last night, was in rush so only had to time to set it up and very quickly showed him to switch to right input and launch Netflix. I will have to write down some basic instructions for him until he gets used to it.
  4. Mr_Gadget

    Simple Netflix box for parents

    The UI is dreadfully slow compared to how it originally was Also, I'm finding that when watching something on iView (ABC Kids), I have to go back to Home to watch another episode. I just hangs if you try and watch next episode. Not sure if this is a testra tv issue or ABC iView issue.
  5. Mr_Gadget

    Simple Netflix box for parents

    And it's very slow now since the software was updated.
  6. Mr_Gadget

    Simple Netflix box for parents

    That's for a 24 month contract. Not sure if they would still need to pay $5 per month for the Fetch Mini after that (on the $70 plan)
  7. Mr_Gadget

    Simple Netflix box for parents

    They are with Optus but on an old NBN plan. To get the Fetch Mighty they'd have to go on the $90 plan (which also includes calls) or the $70 plan and and the $5 call pack and Fetch mini for an extra $5 (so $80/month). They currently spend about $65/month on internet (calls included in plan but slow NBN and low quota).
  8. Mr_Gadget

    Simple Netflix box for parents

    It's for his birthday so not keen on used models. Perhaps a refurb as listed above. I read that the ATV remote is very sensitive and might not be good for older people???
  9. Mr_Gadget

    Simple Netflix box for parents

    Fetch mighty is well over budget. Looking to spend around $150
  10. Mr_Gadget

    Simple Netflix box for parents

    Good suggestion but my parents don't have smartphones.
  11. Hi, I want to get my dad a streaming box mainly for Netflix as he has an old Panasonic Plasma. I think it may be possible to install Netflix on it but would probably be clunky to use. I am after the cheapest box that is easy to use and am leaning towards the Fetch Mini. Are issues using this without plugging in the antenna as he has a blu-ray recorder for recording purposes? Any other options? Apple TV is over budget and Telstra TV is slow after it was updated otherwise I would have gone for it (I have one of these). Thanks.
  12. Mr_Gadget

    SOLD: FS: Soundstyle XS310 AV rack

    Item has been sold.
  13. Mr_Gadget

    AVR on a small budget

    He ended up getting the RX-V685 today for $820. I think he'll be very happy with it.
  14. Mr_Gadget

    SOLD: FS: Soundstyle XS310 AV rack

    I'm surprised nobody wants this, I'll try my luck putting this on ebay but I'd rather sell it to a forum member.
  15. Mr_Gadget

    Free: Harman Kardon AVR630 (Free)

    yes but another member has asked for it. If he changes his mind or doesn't take it by Feb then i'll let you know.