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  1. Thanks, should be good for my parents then. I was going to get them a Vodaphone TV (I have one) but don't think they are sold anymore.
  2. Hi looking to get one of these for my parents but can someone please tell me if a mobile phone is required?
  3. Thanks for sharing, I'll investigate this when I get a chance, it's not noticeable from my seated position but just one of those things that shouldn't be happening.
  4. Got my Fausto, still dialling it in.
  5. I checked yesterday on my AV7704, no updates and I don't think I'll make use of it anyway.
  6. One thing that does irk me though is that there is a bit too much noise coming through the speakers, I have a suspicion that it's related to ME24 being used as a HT bypass (it's access switch has been modified to act as a bypass when in the down position.)
  7. Just a little update, I used the app to run Audysee again and I always seem to have issues with the subwoofer detection. Seems I need to try a few times before it works. Anyway I got through the process and uploaded to the AVP I also turned off the mid range compensation settings on all speakers. Has anyway created the '500hz curtain' profile as described by Youthman on Youtube? I have created it but haven't tried it on the AVP. I am very happy now and don't feel the need to upgrade any audio components any time soon (big statement!). I would have to say that the big
  8. Thanks guys, I'll need to wait until I have house to myself and reset AVP, then run Audysee again. Then I'll get the app. Does Audysee need to run again when using the app?
  9. Also when ARC is On the source level can't be changed either.
  10. The tv input source level cannot be changed when HDMI Control is ON. Bluray level is on +10 (probably set by previous owner), I still haven't tried it post Audysee calibration. I should get my hands on a manual. Is it download only these days? My Denon 4311 came with a nice thick manual and a second remote too.
  11. I aimed for 75db for the subs but perhaps I need to go as high as I can without it going into red. I ended up using my Denon Audysee mic and I had to turn the sub gain up. It managed to get through the setup. Weirdly, volume seems very low now, on TV and Disney app. Need to crank the volume up for any decent output. Doesn't seem right to me. I haven't tried a blue ray yet though.
  12. Hi, I recently acquired a Marantz AV7704 and tried to do the Audysee setup. I had to lower the subs gain as expected but once I had finished the first position it said Subwoofer None. Any idea what's going on?
  13. I'm wondering if I should use the ME amp for my Atmos speakers and use the Elektra for the 7 base channels. Never tried the Theatron with the ME 24 pre for pure 2 CH.
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