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  1. Mr_Gadget

    ME 550-II problem

    Mine is already hi capped. Might have to ask Ron about ME24 upgrades. I was using DC inputs.
  2. As awesome as those speakers are there is no way they'd be suitable for my smallish room. The Neptunes on the other hand would be much more appropriate. Wonder if Rick still builds new speakers or is still just doing upgrades. I can't believe you are asking for so little money for these.
  3. Mr_Gadget

    ME 550-II problem

    When it was repaired 4 years ago, the cost of the parts was a huge $3.30 😉 (1 x22uF 50V, 105 C Elec Cap; 3 x 470uF, 35V 105 C Elec Cap). Of course labour was on top of this cost.
  4. Mr_Gadget

    ME 550-II problem

    fuse is indeed intact. I didn't take notice of clicks from speakers. I completely removed the amp from the rest of my system (nothing connected to it besides power able). As soon as I turn it on, the On light comes on as usual but then a second later the Standby light also comes on. Yes I have it and it lead me to look for a repairer. Thanks for the very detailed explanation of the protection system. Will wait for Winovate to respond to my email.
  5. Mr_Gadget

    ME 550-II problem

    I'd rather not send it interstate to be honest. Hopefully Winovate or competent Melbourne based repairer can fix it.
  6. I lusted over these back in the day. Wonder if my ME550-II is good enough for these (too bad my amp is currently broken)? I've got the Aphelions but have not had them upgraded.
  7. Mr_Gadget

    ME 550-II problem

    Hi, I have a ME 550-II amplifier that goes into standby as soon as it is switched on. I had the same thing happen around 4 years ago and Ron Berger fixed it for me. His email address no longer works so not sure what to make of that. I have emailed Winovate and hopefully they can help me. I hope to get it repaired but perhaps I should also start to look into a new amp, perhaps a multichannel one. Not sure what would play nice with a ME 24 pre-amp, maybe I should ditch it (gasp!) and look into integrated??? Has anyone moved on from ME on to better (but not necessarily more expensive) brands?
  8. Mr_Gadget

    Unbroken Blu ray

    Yes it is impressive. That first 10-15 minutes is intense!!! I haven't watched beyond that yet lol. Like you, I have a humble 5.1 setup but is impressive all the same. (And my surrounds are in ceiling so not ideally placed. I'll just pretend they are the Atmos channels ;))
  9. Mr_Gadget

    Unbroken Blu ray

    Would love to but have to stay home and look after my daughter tomorrow night.
  10. Mr_Gadget

    Centre speaker match for Krix esoterix altum

    Selby Acoustics and Carlton audio visual stock Krix.
  11. Mr_Gadget

    AVR keeps switching to ARC.

    I like the idea of using the tv remote to control the AVR volume. I assume this won't work without CEC?
  12. Hi guys, I recently bought a Panasonic UB820 and have it hooked up via both HDMI outputs, one to tv and other to Denon 4311. All works well except that the AVR seems to repeatedly switch to the ARC mode instead of the Blu ray input. It eventually stays on the Blu ray input when the movie starts and I manually switch back to that input. Any idea why this happens? Slightly annoying.
  13. Monitor audio Apex 10
  14. Mr_Gadget

    Unbroken Blu ray

    Yep, hoping to check out some projectors after Christmas.
  15. Mr_Gadget

    Unbroken Blu ray

    Had a rare 15 minutes to myself this morning so decided to give Unbroken a spin. Oh my god, sounded pretty awesome and I've just got a 5.1 system. Cranked up the volume to really give it a go and it did not disappoint. Just lacking the big screen for that real cinema feel.