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  1. I've got the Dynamix as my surrounds and they are great. The Equinox are basically the same speaker in a different form factor. If you have the room for them then this as a bargain. Just realised you're not in the same state.
  2. So far digitalcinema seem to have the best deal on the 7704 but probably most stores would price match if intent is to buy.
  3. Yes, I've come to the realisation that I don't need to wait for 2.1. I've lasted this long without a 4k AVR so anything I get will be an improvement in the mid range models.
  4. They don't come up for sale very often. I guess people that own them see no reason to upgrade unless moving up the chain or just waiting for HDMI 2.1
  5. I believe that these models actually got an firmware update that supports DV.
  6. Fast road is great but it's had a very easy life up and down the driveway lol. Hope get a decent ride in the upcoming weeks. I'm more of a runner than a cyclist so I do prefer the ease of putting on runners and shorts and straight out the door.
  7. Hey guys, how about the new Legend Tripos,? http://www.legendspeakers.com.au/products-tripos/
  8. Yes I've seen that price advertised. I'm still thinking that it's too much. Used units have sold for $1800 on here and I was procrastinating too much or perhaps a bit too cautious on buying it used.
  9. Mainly due to cost and size (height) may be too much. I reckon if they made a PC-3000 it would become a very popular model. Perhaps they don't offer it because it would steal sales away from the PC-4000.
  10. Yeah you're probably right but I kind of liked the 'wall of sound' look (hope Krix hasn't trademarked that lol). My future sub choices are limited no matter which way I put them anyway. I like the SVS cylinder models and I reckon if the 3000 series added a cylinder option then it would be a contender for my room layout.
  11. I was bored so rearranged the speakers and subs. I wanted to see if when I upgrade my subs one day, how much room I had. Not much space width wise and my left floorstander is partially over a heater vent. Will need to put it on little legs for airflow if I decide to keep this positioning.
  12. Just curious if the PlayStation controllers are forwards compatible. I.e does a PS3 controller work on the PS4? My thinking is that I'd like to get the PS5 and could use a PS4 controller with it.
  13. I think my spare remote is still in its plastic wrapping.
  14. Well, hard to say. I think if people know about this model and the fact that it still has warranty, I'd say it's a very good buy. Personally, I'd never sell mine, when my plasma dies I'll move my z9d into the general living room to replace the plasma and buy a larger tv in the main lounge/movie room. What larger LCD model will better the z9d? I don't know.
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