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  1. Hmm, could work although wasn't planning to use front height speakers. Don't really have space for it due to corner floor to ceiling curtains. Can top middle be used on its own (2 atmos speakers only)?
  2. Not ideal either unfortunately, will be too close to the front speakers (2m or less)
  3. Perhaps I should forget about Atmos and go 7.1 instead. This way I won't need to change my AVR. I can can just get some on wall speakers for rear surround or get some bookshelves on stands.
  4. Hi guys, I currently have a 5.1 setup with in ceiling surround speakers. I had/have plans to move to Atmos one day and was intending to use my current in ceilings as rear Atmos speakers and then purchasing another pair of in ceilings for front Atmos and some other on wall speakers to be my surround speakers. However I feel that my current in ceilings are not far back enough for Atmos and my future on wall surrounds will basically be in line with the Atmos speaker. ( Between the poster and wall opening). Will this be a bad setup for Atmos?
  5. Mr_Gadget

    Harmon Kardon AVR630

    Hi, I have a HK AVR630 sitting in a box, would this be worth anything these days? It's almost a shame not to use it, seems better (power section) than most AVR's of today (1000W power consumption).
  6. Mr_Gadget

    VAF i66 vs Harbeth, ATC...

  7. Mr_Gadget

    Single malt whisky

    I bought the 2 bottles of the Glenfiddich select cask. 2 seperate bottles was cheaper (15% discount) than the twin pack. Hope it's good value.
  8. Mr_Gadget

    Single malt whisky

    Any recommendations on single malts to buy duty free? How is the Glenfiddich select cask? They have a 2 X 1L pack for $135.
  9. Mr_Gadget

    Hotel wifi help

    I do have a travel Sim card from Australia Post with 2gb of data (that's how I'm posting on here). I've been using wifi in all my other apartments/hotels during my trip with no issue except this hotel in Venice. I'll be moving on this morning (it's 6.40am here now) to the cruise port. Sick of hauling luggage!!!
  10. Mr_Gadget

    Hotel wifi help

    I've tried everything suggested, no success unfortunately. Anyway leaving Venice tomorrow to go on a cruise :) probably no wifi there anyway.
  11. Mr_Gadget

    Hotel wifi help

    Hi guys I'm getting this error when trying to connect to my hotels wifi (Venice, Italy). How can I resolve this issue? I'm using Chrome on a motorcycle G5s plus.Hotel staff not very helpful, wifi worked on the receptionists phone (iPhone I think he had) Thanks. The web page at http://connectivitycheck.gstatic.com/generate_204could not be loaded because: net::ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH
  12. Mr_Gadget

    55" recommendations

    Better of using the Discover button to select your channel
  13. Mr_Gadget

    ME pre-amp upgrade completed

    Would it handle a 4ohm centre speaker in bridged mode? What is the power output?