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  1. Mr_Gadget

    The view from my chair.

    At first glance I didn't even see the speakers! I thought they were column supports or something.
  2. Mr_Gadget

    Foam panels on back wall

    Directly from their website. I recommend emailed them with any questions. Phil was very helpful and responds quickly.
  3. Hi, I've had my Arcam CD72 cd player remote control packed in a box since I moved house 18 months ago. Yesterday I had the house to myself for a change and fetched the remote so I could sit my backside on the couch and change tracks. I wasn't surprised that the batteries were flat so I changed them and found the the remote does not work What are the chances of finding a replacement remote or getting it repaired?
  4. Mr_Gadget

    In ceiling recommendations/experiences

    I have some Krix hemispherix AS in ceiling as my rear speakers in a 5.1 system, they are very good. http://www.krix.com.au/hemispherix-as/
  5. Mr_Gadget

    Foam panels on back wall

    Yes I can definitely tell the difference, I don't have any before and after test measurements but I'm happy with the improvements. It is not a dedicated room so I can't do much else. To improve further i'd have to put some panels on the ceiling (never going to happen). I still have some empty space at the back below the 3 panels and to the back side wall, will probably put some shelves or a cabinet there so may have some further improvements to acoustics.
  6. Mr_Gadget

    My Setup

    Posters are up.
  7. You can ask CMF Acoustics http://www.cmfacoustics.com.au/acousticartpanels.htm i bought some plain fabric absorbers from them but they can do just the prints for you. No idea on cost or print quality but the plain fabric ones I bought are good quality. I have some photos of them here. Sorry, not the best photos from my phone.
  8. Mr_Gadget

    Foam panels on back wall

    Installed the panels today. See bottom of my post in the link below for photos.
  9. Mr_Gadget

    My Setup

    Installed some CMF acoustic panels today. Still need to do the panel behind right speaker. I have a panel sitting on window sill behind curtain (behind left speaker) and another panel on left window sill just forward of the speaker.
  10. Mr_Gadget

    Commodore 64's turn - The C64 Mini

    OMG, I remember that. Very hard game too! Some of my favourites include: Buggy Boy, Fighter Bomber, Maniac Mansion, Giana Sisters, Last Ninja, Ghosts 'N Goblins, etc ........
  11. Mr_Gadget

    Foam panels on back wall

    CMF Acoustics
  12. Mr_Gadget

    Foam panels on back wall

    Well I've bought a few absorption panels, will experiment with placement in a couple of weeks when they are delivered. I don't think I'll have the issue of a dead room with corner window and 2 room openings (no doors).
  13. Item: Bello'ggetti speaker stands Location: Melbourne Price: $60 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: I don't use them Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Some colour fading as shown in the photos. Stands are adjustable with speaker cable management (cable can run inside the stand). Min height: 79cm; Max height: 109cm Velcro strips have been applied to the tops of the base (see photo). Pictures:
  14. Mr_Gadget

    Triangle Esprit Comete or Focal Aria 906

    Hi guys, I'm tempted to buy a pair of the titus speakers for my living room. I am limited budget wise but was hoping to power them (or another similar speaker) with the Yamaha WXA-50. Do you think this combo would work ok? This place is actually selling them as a package (not that I would buy it from there)
  15. The small Krix impressed me the most I think. Big sound from small bookshelves, not the prettiest though IMO I liked the small Legend floorstander too, i wanted to hear their Joeys but they were not playing the 3 times I went into the room.