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  1. Mine was about $2.2K Top is a veneer, with a solid timber top would've been about $2.7k
  2. Doesn't matter, only the grandchildren used it to play on the playstation, they don't use it anymore. Thanks anyway and handy to know though.
  3. Awesome tv! I remember going to JB Hi-Fi to look at these.
  4. I craved one of these tv's. Instead I bought a Metz Artos 82. It's now at my in-laws house, still works but they have lost the remote.
  5. Just bought some fancy looking gold ones from Amazon. Hopefully they are the same as described.
  6. Yes found some on eBay but in the description it says 'please allow 1 to 3cm error due to manual measurements.' I can't buy it with that possibility of inaccuracy! That's crazy.
  7. Are you referring to the amplifier brand? If so, it's an Elektra Theatron.
  8. I just bought one of these at a similar price. Can't think of any other amp worth considering at this price point.
  9. Actually I just remembered that I've got an old HK AVR630 in a box that started smoking when I last tested it. I can see what feet it has and possibly use them.
  10. Not much range unfortunately, I'm looking something 15mm high X 37mm diameter. I suppose it doesn't have to be exactly the same.
  11. I need two of these feet.
  12. Hi, Does anyone know where I can source some rubber amplifier feet? I've seen some on ebay but delivery times are not ideal. Thanks.
  13. On the opposite side of one wall is a kitchen, the speaker will be somewhere behind the splashback and I'm concerned that there may be wiring/gas pipe or something for the rangehood, cooktop and ovens. I've used a stud finder as well and it's beeping in strange places so not really sure whats in the wall cavity. Last thing I want to do is cut a big hole for the speaker to find I can't put it there. Also, a speaker such as the Symmetrix is quite long and will most likely need to be placed were a noggin is, would the noggin just be removed and re-install above or below the speaker?
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