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  1. There are a few things that bother me about my current machine that the MaraX solve. These are: 1) brew and steam at same time 2) no wait time if making more than 2 coffees 3) proper knobs for steam 4) stable temp without flushing 5) supposedly it's very quite In saying all that, a new grinder was also in mind and the newish Rocket Fausto was on my list, the macap looks like a very good grinder too. What about the Niche Zero grinder?
  2. Good prices for the Minore considering its a dual boiler. The MaraX has more agreeable dimensions for my space, basically the same as my current machine.
  3. Hi, I have a Rancillio Rocky and a VBM Levetta/Piccolo. I've been considering a upgrade and the new Levit MaraX has caught my attention (along with other sub $3k machines). Has anyone got one of these Levit machines, I'd be keen to hear your thoughts.
  4. Of course it has lol. I should wait, I did recently spend a small fortune on a sub upgrade. I've also got the upgrade bug on my coffee machine and grinder!
  5. How did I miss this? I religiously check the classifieds and missed this...probably no use to me as I'm in VIC anyway.
  6. Hmm, a controversial move. To be honest I've never tried not using the centre speaker.
  7. Interesting, is this the first time Rotel are using Dirac? A Marantz 7 series AVP alternative?
  8. Did I put everyone off showing the backside of my cabinet lol.
  9. So, the other suggestion was something like this but with an articulated arm? To bad my diy skills suck because this would be a good solution. Here is the back of my unit.
  10. I would at least go for a quality 75". My thinking was that when the time comes an 85 might be big enough for decent immersion without the need for a projector. My tv currently sits about 80cm from the wall so I'd be suprised if any mount could safely articulate that far.
  11. When my 50" plasma dies in the living room, my 65" Sony will replace it. Then I will get a 75-85" for this room. With my room, a 100" (maybe 110") screen would work so that has been my intention every since I got into HT! However I would still have a tv as well. One thing that I'm not keen on about the wall mount is that the tv will be further back to my eye compared to where it is now. I guess there are always compromises.
  12. Don't like this look That may be in the future but will always have a tv as well.
  13. I've been thinking about moving my centre speaker out of the cabinet and placing it on top. This would improve the centre channel sound and give me some space for a possible turntable in future. I have a few issue with this though: 1) I can't easily mount the tv on the wall because there is an old brick fireplace behind the plaster. 2) The curtains would be in the way even if I could wall mount, this will be even more of an issue when I upgrade to a bigger tv in the future 3) cable hiding would be impossible/extremely difficult 4) I don't like the look of adding another little 'shelf' around the centre speaker with tv on top. I have seen those adjustable tv stands that I guess I could place behind the cabinet so that it kind of looks like it is floating but these types of stands seem to be limited to 65-70" tvs, also wouldn't the tv then be too high? Any suggestions?
  14. Are they too embarrassed to put the power consumption on the back?
  15. After having some trouble getting Amazon Prime Video, I am happy with my purchase and will be putting the Telstra TV back in it's box in a deep dark cupboard under lock and key. For $72, this Vodaphone TV ticks all the right boxes for me. Thank you Monk for suggesting this product as I wouldn't have known about it otherwise. I'm sure the Apple TV is better but I didn't feel the need to step up to this especially since I'm using it on an old 1080p plasma tv. A tip for those wanting this device, don't bother downloading the Puffin Browser app (It won't let you download anything) to get Aptoide TV (to then download Amazon Prime). Just download Aptoide TV on a PC and put the APK file on a USB stick and install it using a File Manager app on the Vodaphone TV.
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