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  1. I think my best purchcase has been a < $50 dosing funnel
  2. I went shopping today and took advantage of King Livings last day of sales. We ended up buying the Nimbus 3 seater in the compact configuration (700mm wide seats with compact arms) due to our 3.6m wide room. We went with fabric but still need to confirm colours as we are debating between the Charcoal and Ink in the Luxe range. Not seeing these fabrics besides on samples that they gave us makes it hard to decide. Anyone seen these 2 fabric colours on a couch and care to comment? Ended up going with the Luxe Charcoal. The Ink would be nice but I th
  3. I bought the Crem One 2B-GSP a couple of months ago. It's a fantastic machine. No regrets.
  4. Does the centre seat have reclining features too? Is the Nimbus range basically the same?
  5. I remember some members having power related problems with their ZD9. https://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1622530428
  6. Wow, an equator sub. Never seen one besides what the website used to have. I remember I contemplated the Equator2 but damn they were big boxes!
  7. My Aphelions and Zenith are still going strong.
  8. To be honest I don't even use any of my gear that often except for the tv. With a 7 year old I can't exactly watch Terminator at my preferred volume levels but do enjoy a Pixar flick every now and then lol. I just like having the gear so when the odd occasion arrises that I have the house to myself, I can enjoy it.
  9. oh crap just realised I left a zero of the price lol ?
  10. I don't know....I don't want to rip people off and I also don't won't to give it away?
  11. I have seen it sell on here for $400 in the past. Since the Audysee microphone is possibly not working properly I thought I should cut $50 off.
  12. Hmm, maybe I should keep it just in case? Almost giving it away lol.
  13. Further information: I'm the original owner, bought from Carlton Audio Visual. Nothing wrong with the unit however I had trouble with the audysee microphone in the latter years of ownership so sourced a new one. For some strange reason, when I purchased the Marantz PrePro I had similar issues with the supplied audysee microphone so will keep the one I sourced for the Denon. The original audysee microphone will be supplied with the Denon and may work fine in another room with different speakers. I can't guarantee it though. Photos: PLEASE
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