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  1. Thanks for the heads up but I think i will put my sub upgrade on hold for the time being. I'm waiting for the new AVRs to come out and perhaps I can catch a bargain on run-out models.
  2. Item: Titan AV Modern Bookshelf Speaker Stands 870mm Dual Leg Location: Melbourne Price: $90 Item Condition: New (never used but with cosmetic blemish from factory as shown in photo) Reason for selling: not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: These stands were purchased earlier this year with the intention to use them as surround speaker stands, I ended up wall mounting the speakers so did not use them. They have a cosmetic blemish on the top plate from factory but will not be seen once a speaker is placed on top. Specs: • 2 x 870mm Dual Leg Bookshelf speaker stands • Height: 870mm • Top plate 200mm x 250mm x 6mm • Base plate 250mm x 300mm x 8mm • Main material: Glass & Aluminium • Colour: Gloss black • Max weight load: 10kg per stand • Tempered glass base plate with floor spikes for added stability • Cable management included for a clean and organized appearance • Aluminium supporting poles • Weight: 9kg • Instructions included Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Just fits but would having the driver right behind the main speakers cause sound issues?
  4. From what he told me, not for at least 2-3 months if at all. Maybe I should wait and see how the new S1512 models go.
  5. Any know if my subs are considered sealed or ported? They don't have an obvious port but there is a 'slot' near the bottom. They are often described as having a 'push-pull' configuration.
  6. Do you mean the sealed models (S1500), if so only one is available.
  7. Not sure if Rick still makes speakers, I was under the impression that he is just doing upgrades at the moment (I did consider getting my Aphelions upgraded to latest spec a few years back). Also his subs are physically huge. My problem is that I don't have a very wide room so my current subs are placed behind the main speakers and there isn't a lot of free space to go bigger than my current subs, hence the cylinder shaped subs got my attention and they are/were on sale. I did consider a pair of PSA V1800's but they are too big (even though small for 18" drivers).
  8. The 105 is the same as the 125 but with slightly less power from the amp. Ideally I just want more slam for movies at higher SPL. My subs seem very underpowered compared to what's available today unless the measurements are not performed in the same way. Are you suggesting something like what Doogie44 mentioned above?
  9. The MX125 was my first sub and the MX105 was purchased a few years later off a member on this forum (although I'm not sure if he still visits this site). They are both working fine but I guess I am just wanting to try something new and better. As far as integration goes, I basically just let Audysee do it's thing. I don't have many placement options either due to two openings on both sides of this room.
  10. Hi, I'm wondering if a pair of SVS PC-2000 subs would be a large enough upgrade over my current M&K MX105 and MX125 subs. Any one follow a similar path?
  11. Hi guys, I've been getting back into running since July after a few years off. I'm running in the 10Km event in the Melbourne Marathon next week, obviously not looking for a PB (long way off that) but am looking forward to it. Have a left hip area issue at the moment but hopefully it won't cause be too much grief on the day.
  12. My Denon 4311 remote has the same issue. My diving helmet box for my watch is also sticky.
  13. I used to do the 12.00 position thing before I had it modified. I was always concerned that I'd forget to lower the volume before listening to a CD. I'm pretty sure the buzz is only happening when using the Access input but will try another normal input again to test. The Denon AVR will probably be replaced withing 12 months with an AV processor. It's replacement will probably not be as good as the ME for 2 CH music I'm guessing.
  14. Hi, I have noticed some buzzing in my left & right speaker when using my pre-amp in HT bypass mode. I pretended that it didn't annoy me but now I think I can hear it more. My pre-amp is a ME 24 and the Access switch was modified years ago to act as a HT bypass switch. Is there anything I can do to remove the buzz without bringing it somewhere to be looked at? Would I be crazy to sell the ME24 and buy something like a Cambridge Audio CXN and connect my CD player to this and use my AVR as the pre-amp? I just feel like I'm not really using the pre-amp much these days.
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