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  1. Foam panels on back wall

    Yes I can definitely tell the difference, I don't have any before and after test measurements but I'm happy with the improvements. It is not a dedicated room so I can't do much else. To improve further i'd have to put some panels on the ceiling (never going to happen). I still have some empty space at the back below the 3 panels and to the back side wall, will probably put some shelves or a cabinet there so may have some further improvements to acoustics.
  2. My Setup

    Posters are up.
  3. You can ask CMF Acoustics http://www.cmfacoustics.com.au/acousticartpanels.htm i bought some plain fabric absorbers from them but they can do just the prints for you. No idea on cost or print quality but the plain fabric ones I bought are good quality. I have some photos of them here. Sorry, not the best photos from my phone.
  4. Foam panels on back wall

    Installed the panels today. See bottom of my post in the link below for photos.
  5. My Setup

    Installed some CMF acoustic panels today. Still need to do the panel behind right speaker. I have a panel sitting on window sill behind curtain (behind left speaker) and another panel on left window sill just forward of the speaker.
  6. Commodore 64's turn - The C64 Mini

    OMG, I remember that. Very hard game too! Some of my favourites include: Buggy Boy, Fighter Bomber, Maniac Mansion, Giana Sisters, Last Ninja, Ghosts 'N Goblins, etc ........
  7. Foam panels on back wall

    Well I've bought a few absorption panels, will experiment with placement in a couple of weeks when they are delivered. I don't think I'll have the issue of a dead room with corner window and 2 room openings (no doors).
  8. Item: Bello'ggetti speaker stands Location: Melbourne Price: $60 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: I don't use them Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Some colour fading as shown in the photos. Stands are adjustable with speaker cable management (cable can run inside the stand). Min height: 79cm; Max height: 109cm Velcro strips have been applied to the tops of the base (see photo). Pictures:
  9. Triangle Esprit Comete or Focal Aria 906

    Hi guys, I'm tempted to buy a pair of the titus speakers for my living room. I am limited budget wise but was hoping to power them (or another similar speaker) with the Yamaha WXA-50. Do you think this combo would work ok? This place is actually selling them as a package (not that I would buy it from there)
  10. The small Krix impressed me the most I think. Big sound from small bookshelves, not the prettiest though IMO I liked the small Legend floorstander too, i wanted to hear their Joeys but they were not playing the 3 times I went into the room.
  11. Any comments on small active wireless speakers like the Triangle LN01A? I'm interested in these for my living room.
  12. Hi, I've purchases a ticket for the Hi Fi show and am interested in some active (powered) bookshelf speakers that will sit ontop of a tv cabinet. I'm just after a short list of models to check out in the <$1,000 range. I saw that Triangle will be there so i'll have a look at their Elara LN01A even though it's a little over budget. The LN01A seems like a good option for what I want except it doesn't support any network streaming or Spotify Connect but I would consider buying a seperate device to be the intermediate box between router and speaker if there are any decent inexpensive devices to do this. Forgot to mention that I have read somewhere that you can install a version of Spotify Connect on a Synology NAS (like my DS213+) and it will communicate with a Squeezebox (which I have), is this a viable option for my network streaming needs? If this is possible then I could use the digital out of the Squeezebox and plug it into the speaker (assuming it has digital inputs). Looking forward to the show, haven't been in many years.
  13. Speakers for tv and alfresco

    Surprised that I have not received any replies. Anyway I have been thinking about this some more and have done some research. Now I am leaning towards using a traditional stereo pair of speakers or active speakers. So if I use traditional (passive) speakers then I would also need a 'smart' amp to power it and provide wi-fi/bluetooth/network/NAS access/Spotify. It would also need inputs for the tv etc. The other option is to use active bookshelves with a 'smart' pre-amp to do all the streaming functionality. Thirdly I could get a active wireless speakers to do it all (e.g Yamaha NX-N500). As you can tell I'm really not sure which avenue to take. At the end of the day I want a system that sounds good and is easy to use (so my wife can control it too), a physical remote control would be handy too. As for active wireless speakers, I have read about the Yamaha NX-N500 and it seems like a good option but has 2 potential negatives for me, 1) No bluetooth APTX , 2) no sub pre-out. Another speaker that I have read about is the Triangle LN01A. These also look like a good option but doesn't have any network capability, same goes for the Q Acoustics BT3. Hopefully some of you more experienced members can chime in and give your thoughts.
  14. Last time I had a fault with my ME550-II, I took it to Winovate (Melbourne) and Ron Berger fixed it for me.