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  1. Mr_Gadget

    Unbroken Blu ray

    I've decided to keep it....now to find time to watch it. I also bought Matrix 4k and Coco.
  2. Mr_Gadget

    Unbroken Blu ray

    Oh that's crap! I don't think it even has 7.1. As long as the 5.1 mix is as good as the US version I may just keep it as I don't have Atmos or 7.1. I paid $15 for it.
  3. Mr_Gadget

    Unbroken Blu ray

    Aften watching the Krix demo I just bought the Blu ray of UnBroken. I'm confused about the audio presented on the disc. Does it have Atmos? 5.1 or 7.1? I dont have an Atmos setup to confirm. Thanks.
  4. I went to the show and enjoyed it for the most part. After getting home I turned on my humble system and was surprised that it didn't suck! However, my 65" tv just doesn't cut it and I feel (or can't feel) that my subwoofers are just not potent enough anymore for HT.
  5. I may have missed the post but is there a promotion code to get discounted ticket?
  6. Mr_Gadget

    Surround speakers help

    After getting excited about the possibility of getting some ex demo Krix Tryptix speakers (basically an on wall version of the Symmetrix), it was discovered that they werent in great shape. I should mention the Krix have been great at responding to my emails and trying to help me. So, not sure what I'm going to do now. I'm keen to listen to some MA Apex A10 & A40 and haven't crossed Krix off just yet. Not in rush so may even check out what's on offer at the hi fi show in October.
  7. Mr_Gadget

    Speaker port foam plugs, where to buy?

    shove a rolled up towel in the port.
  8. Mr_Gadget

    Surround speakers help

    Thanks WasM. Will update this post once I have decided.
  9. Mr_Gadget

    Surround speakers help

    Hi, I'm after some speakers for side wall surround use. I have some Krix in-ceilings currently but want to move to Atmos so these will become my height speakers. I'm having a difficult time finding something suitable, I initially was after some in-walls so was considering the Krix Symmetrix but seems impossible with my wall stud positions (left and right wall are not aligned). So my focus has shifted to on-walls, i don't think the Krix Dynamix is suitable due to the deep (20cm) depth and no need for an angled front of cabinet because these should be placed at or near ear level (according to Dolby). The only other Krix speaker that could work is the Phonix Flat but these are considerably more expensive. I'd prefer a relatively narrow speaker with a moveable tweeter that is fairly shallow that obviously has good sound and will blend in well with the rest of my speakers. My room is not too wide (3.65m) and don't like the idea of the speaker being knocked off the wall so I may even remove them when not in use as long as it will look neat. Cambridge Audio sell some SoundFrame and Apex speakers that might work but I'm sure there are heaps of others that may be better? Budget is under $1500 for the pair, I may go 7.1 later on so will need to consider rear surround speakers too. So what else can I consider?
  10. Mr_Gadget

    Surround channels with Atmos

    About 1.8m
  11. Mr_Gadget

    Surround channels with Atmos

    Hmm, I thought they'd be too far apart there and too close to the side wall. I haven't seen a recommended distance for rear speakers so have no idea. 👍 Might need to go to a store to hear the difference and try to simulate same positioning as home.
  12. Mr_Gadget

    Surround channels with Atmos

    From my photos you can see that if I put the side surrounds where the gap is between the door opening and BTTF poster, the tweeter will be slightly behind my ears (15-20cm at a guess) so this would lead me to monopole speakers? Also if I went for rear surrounds as well I'd have to remove my left and right absorption panels.
  13. Mr_Gadget

    Surround channels with Atmos

    When discussing the height of the surround speakers, is it specifically the tweeter position?
  14. Mr_Gadget

    Surround channels with Atmos

    Hi Quark, how high on the wall have you placed these? Do they sit flush on the wall? Would you have gone Krix if you were able to go in-wall?
  15. Hi guys, I'm itching to upgrade some aspect of my Lounge/HT room. Currently using some Krix in-ceilings in a 5.1 setup but looking to move to Atmos in future. I originally put the in-ceilings with Atmos in mind but turns out they are not ideally placed for top rear configuration. After some comments in a another thread, it was suggested that a 'top middle' setup could be used for Atmos (with Denon/Marantz AVR's) and that got me thinking about going for a 5.1.2 or even a 7.1.2 setup (hooray the in-ceilings would still be useful in an Atmos setup!). Anyway, so now I've been looking at surround speakers for now (my AVR is pre Atmos) to improve my 5.1 setup and possibly go to 7.1 until perhaps next year when I'll buy an Atmos AVR, (this will render my ceilings speakers useless until then). So I've brushed up my knowledge on surround speakers and have never been more confused about an HT related topic. So it seems that there are 3 main types (monopole, bi-pole and di-pole), My research suggests that monopole positioned 90 degrees and at (or slightly higher) than ear level is the go with modern Atmos setups however the bi and di poles may be better if sitting close to the side walls. If going for 7.1, it seems that monopoles work best for rear surrounds. My room is a little under 4m wide so perhaps monopole is not the best in this situation for side surrounds. I have about 1.5 metres of space behind me so I could go 7.1 to improve the rear effects. I want a fairly discreet setup so initially researched in-wall speakers like the Krix Ecliptix and SYMMETRIX (since I already have Krix Hemispherix AS in ceiling speakers) but am not sure how these compare to on wall models like the Dynamix Mk2 (or other brands of on-wall). Also not sure I like the idea of cutting big sections of plaster and perhaps finding that in-walls don't fit or their is a stud or noggin in the way. So now i'm thinking that on-walls with shallow depth would give me better sound for less/same money and give me more options. I've come across Krix Dynamix Mk2 (might be too deep 20cm), VAF DC-3 MKII, Monitor Audio Soundframe and Silver FX (bipole/dipole speaker). I'm after some suggestions/recommendations on the above products and/or other alternatives. Budget would be around $1000 for side surrounds and perhaps the same for rears if I include those. Thanks.