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  1. Just some old DIY 4 ways which sound better than they should Luckily I had a few extra tanks available which would be used for breeding
  2. Yep, 1.2 tons of water through the room within a matter of minutes. Fish tank and cabinet now in the tip, as is the carpet and our couch. Had to move out for them to dry out the floors. Today carpenters are here repairing damaged underfloor. Floors being re polished next week. Hopefully we'll have our home back within the next two weeks. Not sure when SGR will have my speakers back in situ as some repair work (not water damage) is being done.
  3. A little anecdote. i was called up to the boss’ office fearing the worst. i was asked why I had sold a record number of Yamaha BT/CD clock radios. All it was, was a custom CD that I played for customers of certain demographic. The other guys were trying to pump doof through theses as loud as they could. mine was Vivaldi, Eva Cassidy. Folk or Blues. to the disgust of the other sales guys they had to use copies of my disc.
  4. While the rest of Australia burns I’m in a flood .
  5. Did a small tour of duty with a box mover while I was in mental limbo. i remember talking to a potential customer about our TT offering was akin to a wire brush on vinyl. others in the store would have pushed the MP3 converting TT . Just remember your job is about sales sometimes.
  6. This advertisement has been withdrawn or the offer has expired.
  7. Have gotten into "YOU" About a stalker with a crush and seems jealous of other stalkers.
  8. From memory a Musical Fidelity integrated may suit well, 250w/8ohm If you could have a listen to one then pickup a 2nd hand unit if you like the combo, would get more bang for your $$
  9. No more display tank. years ago after a very minor leak I said if I have ever disassemble the tank again , that’s it!
  10. Was very interested in this, but alas I’m away atm.
  11. This advertisement has been withdrawn or the offer has expired.
  12. Yep very lucky, it’s an Ascension sub😊 If the speakers were staying I’d definitely get a bigger screen.
  13. I'm actually surprised how good they sound. But will not get anywhere near Illuminator SPL levels.
  14. 3 episodes only Don't F#%* with Cats. Some people are really NQR!. Worth it!
  15. Very quiet without the Illuminators, subs and fish tank.😥
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