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  1. This advertisement has been withdrawn or the offer has expired.
  2. Just to be clear , what do you consider short ? and from what length would consider long?😊
  3. Just checking that you do realise that the threads you’re replying to are 4/5/6 years old?
  4. Had the movie waiting to watch for a few weeks, I was left home alone so on it went.👍 Totally mesmerised by the cinematography and audio. So much so I had to watch the special features to know what made it so different, (i never watch the special features) Didn’t have any of the ultimate type battle scenes which I was hoping for but found that it was more a war drama film than a war action. At least it wasn’t a war love story ( Pearl Harbour). two thumbs up here👍👍
  5. yes I do but I’m so skid😬 actually bought a GT750 , while really wanting a GT2000. Well since I was robbed from my GT5000. lovely machine.
  6. Yes, pretty tricky if you're the spontaneous type and wake up one morning without a thorough plan.
  7. Love the style. Could you tell me about the treatments you're using on both ceiling and walls? Particularly the wall panelling.
  8. MOD post! Not the type of post that is really in the Spirit of the SNA community. If you have any actual issues with their product perhaps you'd like to share your experiences. If not, throw away statements like yours serve little purpose for anyone interested in the product.
  9. Yes please I’ll take it at advertised price.
  10. @RoHo Not exactly sure how low you may want to go. But after having the ability to have a system that’s not only flat to less than 18hz but plays about 3-4db louder down there. All I can say that it’s wonderful. You’d be amazed at what content there is down low. Though I have not measured how low I’m getting music/bass , I’m certainly left wanting when I it’s missing on other setups. But 8x12” long travel linear subs are wonderful with the headroom available.
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