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  1. Looks great , what have you got there?
  2. I don't see the issue with gear. I buy stuff to play music the way I want to listen to it. If I'm auditioning a new component I will not go ahead with the purchase if 1. Too xxxy and I can't afford it 2. It may sound good but not enough improvement to justify the change. 3. May sound wrong in my setup.(even if it sounded great in another setup) If I like the difference enough and can afford it I will look to purchase. Gear is good
  3. Looks very neat, can hardly wait till there are some out there in the community so we can get s listen.
  4. joz

    Thicker Power cable?

    Yea doesn't make much sense does it? I suppose I've never had a freebie fail.
  5. joz


    Yes quite unfortunate , I tried it for a limited run but found I couldn't drink it. Though I still don't like anything getting to second crack or even close .
  6. joz

    Thicker Power cable?

    I'm not sure at all but I would pick the chunky Clipsal plug for that reason if nothing else. I do like things that are built better for durability.
  7. joz

    Are GTG's becoming extinct??

    What's that? @evil c picking us all up?
  8. joz

    Thicker Power cable?

    Don't feel bad. I've got 100k worth of hi-fi and never heard a difference from power cables either. Perhaps your system isn't resolving enough? LoL!
  9. Yep you sure can, but IMO to much going on visually. I would find it way to distracting to get thoroughly relaxed in. I've been in quite a few rooms which feel inviting and relaxing, they get you in the mood for listening before the music even starts.But this isn't one of them. And after all the effort why forget about the floor?
  10. Looks like a bad hangover.
  11. joz


    Although Slayers are very sexy with their styling and paddles, just beware apparently their reliability is a bit flakey.
  12. joz

    Thicker Power cable?

    No I didn't but...
  13. joz

    Thicker Power cable?

    As I mentioned YMMV. But within my setup I've never hear a difference, some would say I haven't tried the right cables. But signal cables I have certainly noticed changes.
  14. joz

    Thicker Power cable?

    I have a handful of loan cables on hand all of which should/would be better than the freebies that come with the component. Yes I do like the look of them much better , they look like they're better built with better parts, Furetech , Acrolink etc. What I don't like is their lack of flexibility as behind my gear they seem to put stress on the sockets. But my biggest issue is that I or anyone else cannot pick a difference. So I keep telling myself one day I will get some custom made ones that look sexy and are flexible to keep the believers at bay .But until then I have little other reason to update them and spend a few weeks of hard earned for basically a sideways step. YMMV these are some of them, there are more