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  1. Other than them I’m not sure what the hell it’s made of. As long as it’s safe, without causing damage and can replace their fossil alternatives it’s worth chasing. Any alternative renewable fuel which can do as promised and keep my favourite vehicles roaring will have a place in my heart and garage.
  2. If they do become the first they will certainly have a massive advantage. Hopefully others are hot on their tails.
  3. Well to all my petrol head friends, don’t ditch you ICE beasts yet. I know nothing says you care more at the environment that a $140k luxury car but.. The good folk at Porsche are still going hard with their E-Fuel? A high performance synthetic non fossil fuel with at least An 85% reduction in emissions which has got to be a good thing. With the bonus of not needing expensive upgrading to the new tech. https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp.dw.com/en/porsche-to-produce-fuel-as-clean-as-electric-vehicles/a-56787413 https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.c
  4. Ooh, tasty. should have snapped this as soon as I approved the add.
  5. A bit of a resurrection here. But would anyone have a Grob in Melbourne with a coax input that I could listen to on my system? Got an itch. TIA 😊
  6. if you ever get to Melbourne !👍
  7. Yep, had Whatmoughs all round back in the day. It's not really a sonic match for the SGRs but at this stage it's staying.
  8. Assuming the trigger cable is just a 3.5mm mono it's cheap as chips. Cables come up for sale often but for something of known quality and bang for $$ try @Bill125812 for RCAs
  9. The footers were more for stability and my piece of mind rather than sound improvement, they were already on spikes previously.
  10. Thanks , but all done now. Yep, absolutely outstanding service from the boys. You just need to come back to town. These were custom from Stuart, not sure he'd want to do anymore custom work after doing mine 😬 Yep, trust someone to pickup on that 😁 All peeled of once in situ.
  11. Hi and welcome. Best though to make your way Projector area and ask away 🙂
  12. Only a bit further out but with a bit more toe in this time. Possibly a bit to much though.
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