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  1. @betty boop Wow none st my JB
  2. No need to apologise. I’m just hoping with fingers crossed he’s successful in getting it back up and running again. 😊
  3. Took my Yamaha TT into @Tivoli Hi-Fi this week, hopefully the solenoid issue can be rectified. But a 4-6 week wait was quoted 😥
  4. 4K numpty question here. Does this shifting also apply to 4K panels or just PJs?
  5. Damm! No slouch! https://www.caradvice.com.au/775355/bmw-m5-competition-victoria-police-highway-patrol/
  6. Sorry Mac not approving these as I think you’re a banana for listing these.😁 Anyhow know I want these but have no spare coin atm😢 GLWTS
  7. Buy them for her. Maaate! Surely she’s worth it and each time your there you’ll have a great system to listen to.
  8. Was fortunate to stumble across his music when first released, was gutted when he died knowing I’d never get to see him.
  9. This advertisement has been withdrawn or the offer has expired.
  10. My first forsy into analog actives was with a Rane ac23. Gives you 2x 3way or 1x5way. Also extremely transparent. Very simple to get you up and running by ear, but like anything like this measurements are needed get truly get your bearings and get them correct. But they have no peq feature
  11. Even though my car has a half decent sound system the crappy thing doesn't bluetooth audio. How's that for a dud of system for a car built this decade! It has some ridiculous umbilical system via the glovebox, so yes I carry CDRs.
  12. So what made the difference in your case, the Node or the $2k+ DAC? On their own I'd imagine the Node2i to better any SB.
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