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  1. hi from Melbourne

    Welcome, Doc I think you have an diagnosed issues. SNA may not help your affliction.
  2. Perils of focusing too much on gear

    I can see where your coming from with your posts and tend to agree, alot! Yes I can understand that for many the gear is an uber important part of the hobby as it is for me and if I had more coin and less restraint I'd have much more. Like people that buy a Rolex or Omega to tell the time, do they? A Bentley to get from A->B? A push bike that costs $10k so you can wear a jersey on a Sunday morning? I can also appreciate those that just love collecting music as well. I see members with walls of shelves filled with more that I could ever imagine listening to more than once or twice ever. If I wasn't part of the hobby I'd scratch my head. Like Imelda and her shoes think about those that collect Coins or Stamps? Having static collections that are quite possibly hidden away, we may wonder whats the point? I still view art as just a decorative item, obviously I should be given a blind fold and a last cigarette. But we like many people have many varied interests that others would view with a raised eyebrow. As long as it floats your boat!
  3. Sunday HiFi show weekend GTG

    @Tubularbells, no excuses!!!! You are expected to grace us with your presence.
  4. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  5. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  6. Sunday HiFi show weekend GTG

    Hmmm, I'd rather be in Noosa too!
  7. Sunday HiFi show weekend GTG

    @blybo @unclemack @djb @buddyev @Keithw @Rob181 @THOMO @keyse1 @125dBmonster @Chickenism @Yamaha Man Heads up guys, we have some numbers accumulating now. Still room for more.
  8. lossless player advise

    I'm still an SBT fan, it just does what I want.
  9. @tcliffo1 Sorry but the forum rules don't allow expressions of interest. Could you please list in the For Sales section with a price. Will now lock this thread.
  10. Target Turntable with Bluetooth

    I think you have answered your own question, you just needed a bit of guidance.
  11. Sunday HiFi show weekend GTG

    Pops , your wish is my command. I will supply riff raff. So far it seems we are going to have a nice little turn out