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  1. Ok the WYWH Grundman Pink Floyd like I real need another copy, doh ! Stones Tatto You! ta
  2. Unfortunately with timeline the list is concerned with they have missed the Golden Era of Hollywood. Yep the 80’s And 90’s, nothing from Arnie or Stallone? Why? 😋
  3. Just had this out for a spin today.
  4. Stunning sounding pre. Had one on loan for a little while with some extras. Wish I could have kept it.
  5. Real enjoyed the eclipse when I heard them years ago, really sweet and nicely balanced. But they go lack the authority of their bigger siblings.
  6. For the coin they would be difficult to better. But they are biggish. if you have the roomand right partnering equipment,bliss! unclemack has a pair for sale too!
  7. And hand delivered👍 Then we got to spin some tunes 😊
  8. Glad it worked out. At least you have found what works best for you. In another situation with different partnering gear the outcomes would have been different. ive done similar things when comparing dacs.
  9. Can’t see any reason not too. Allows for quick A/B switching .
  10. Should there be any reason not to have two connections active at the same time and just switch between the two?
  11. Dreamy Dream with Dean, the album knocked my socks if at the last Hifi show. i can see and hear how this dude got the chicks. Yep those panties were a dropping when Dean walked by. other than getting up to soon, it gives me a reason to drink my scotch faster. ( dam 45s) but sounds so good! But don’t those Analogue Productions sound nice!
  12. Pity you live in the Icelandic capitol and not down here in bleak city, would’ve been a fun night (for me)
  13. I wonder what grade of tape they are recorded to?
  14. Hmmm , would be an interesting listen.
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