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  1. What can you tell us about the drivers and some specs if you know.
  2. It’s ok to be wrong too. i remember back in August 1992 I was wrong once.
  3. joz

    Woof Woof!

    They have a different calender over there But hell yea long hot summers Oh, G'day Woof
  4. Ok I'm gonna try a different approach. How Big and what dimensions is your room? What kind of sub have you got and where is it placed? Cos , has it got enough ooomph? Also could your seating be in a bass suckout? where no amount of sub will fix it. If so, you may need to move the sub elsewhere in the room. + Have you calibrated the speaker output manually with an SPL meter or did you let the auto setup do it?
  5. Got to say I am a massive Elektra fan and have been since I purchased my first Theatre7. over the years I have owned almost every item that Arthur has made. But yep it sure makes it easier to decide when the manufacturer is local. Also I do believe that there are better sounding units out there but at a cost many more times than that of the Elektra. Imo the Local product is definitely a cut above.
  6. joz

    Vinyl Enlightenment and Celebration

    You have issues . But if you have a moment I’d love to hear your thoughts about each rig 😊
  7. joz

    ME Monoblocks

    You did well , but I wasn’t really looking . But an excellent unit. Feel free to bring it around for a comparo. You’ll find it’ll probably pip my old dac.
  8. Ofcourse I am willing to do a DBT at my place but I’m not sure mine would be the ideal setup. Due to my valve pre and warm up cycling time it may slow down the process a bit to long. But components like amps,dacs or active crossovers may be fine ? But we could just leave the pre untouched with either cable and just swap out any of the others ?
  9. joz

    ME Monoblocks

    So you bought it👍
  10. joz

    Dark horse speakers at $4k?

    Ok the Elektra 7HD Well in my situation and the the fact that at times I tend to push my Theatre7HD a bit they can go into protection. By the time I get there it’s bloody loud though! I have also run the Theatre on Electrostats years ago and managed to do the same. With low impedances and high power they can and do shut down. But if you chose a Reference HD 2 channel they are far more stable at high power and low impedances. ( but I have still managed to shut one down, even though many other amps had thrown the towel in way before this one had cracked a sweat) edit::when they shut down it’s only briefly for a second, then they just get back up and carry on. Just a sign to wind back the volume control a wee bit. edit 2: the HD2 will happily chug along at 500/4ohms and the the HD7 at 350/4ohm
  11. joz


    IMO, anyone in search of a DAC should really try to audition one of Clays units. Sometimes the best sounding products with excellent value are just sitting right under your nose. But for some reason people prefer exotics over local?
  12. Needed to take a pic of my feet after visiting a podiatrist. And the fact I’m home alone for a few hours this morning kicking back. dark pic as the blinds are drawn.