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  1. joz

    Power Amp Specs

    $30 is chump change in Hifi terms. But will you want to listen to it is the question? Even if it’s baaaad we are not talking about cattle stations.
  2. joz

    Power Amp Specs

    the specs at a glance are a bit underwhelming.
  3. I'm with Yngvi on this, anyhow the world has a new Egg boy now.
  4. Thanks, perfectly happy with just one Actually love mine.
  5. joz

    Yamaha PF800 TT help/tech?

    No. i wouldn’t know where and to start.
  6. joz

    Yamaha PF800 TT help/tech?

    Well I thought I'd lift the whole lid, no I'm more lost. A thin slice of rubber to push the solenoid away so i can use it until it gets a proper fix.
  7. joz

    Yamaha PF800 TT help/tech?

    Some more ore pics here. The bottom pic is with the lift pushed down. Im so lost. The problem is that the solenoid will not retract the piston with pushes the tone arm up.
  8. joz

    SOLD: Sony all in one thingy

    Thanks all for looking, sold to one lucky SNAer!!
  9. joz

    SOLD: Sony all in one thingy

    Man! PM me we can still work this out. Guys your white anting aint helping
  10. joz

    Yamaha PF800 TT help/tech?

    Alrighty, it's coming apart again.
  11. Occasionally items come up for sale which just make me want to buy them because they are such a good product with excellent value, these are some of them. GLWTS
  12. joz

    SOLD: Sony all in one thingy

    Well as far as a shed setup goes, or it could be synergy weaving it's magic!
  13. joz

    Yamaha PF800 TT help/tech?

    Ok great, I decided to put on some vinyl this morning because I had the house to myself. The cueing mechanism lasted just the first side. It's back to being stubborn. Hmmmm, I may need a second unit.