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  1. Ok needing some help with possibly arm lift oil refill or change. what do I need and where do I get it? Not sure if it’s the same or similar with all tts but any help advice appreciated. I’m the type that really needs cueing help and anything else that may stop a stylus dragging across the rubber mat.😳 TIA.😊
  2. Ok, we’ve been eating out and about the Glenelg area for a few days now. But we decided on a place called Pantai on the foreshore Oak complex . Unfortunately for the photo op we were more interested in eating rather taking pics of the food. Here it is after digging in. Very enjoyable!
  3. Hi all I know there is no shortage of eateries here but does anything stand out? Its the brides birthday this week and we’re staying in Glenelg. looking for some advice for something nice but not over the top as our teenage sons will be tagging along. Any dinner suggestions appreciated 😊
  4. Beggars belief that flight crew get quarantine exemptions after looking after possible contacts! We did Avalon and Bondi last year but the kids just wanted Manly this year. Anyhow of to Adelaide now🤷‍♂️
  5. dam you guys on the northern beaches, we’ve just had to cancel our holiday to Manly.😢
  6. Another one here for Queens Gambit. Im hooked.
  7. Went shopping for a wooden 12” ruler apparently they don’t make them any longer.
  8. May have to give it a spin again. I may still develop a taste for cool aide?
  9. Weird contemplating our mortality. Especially on the home stretch .
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