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  1. @lumholtzii please keep your negotiations to PM. Thanks
  2. Ok whats the main fascination then? I tried to pay attention.
  3. Did John @candyflip mean that the Jap pressings were brighter and bass shy or the opposite?
  4. Well Until you put the details in. GLWTS 👍 Extremely nice looking unit.
  5. Good condition and well worth the dollars asked for a classic Sony DD.
  6. Could be a bit more interesting here
  7. Really is just a boring black box to look at. Even if you have a few of them. 300/600w 8/4ohm bridgable to get something silly.
  8. This advertisement has been withdrawn or the offer has expired.
  9. Possibly need to get your post count up as it’s still part of the classifieds.
  10. I’m sure you lose SQ over Bluetooth. So I’d say preferably a component which can play it directly.
  11. Yes they’re a pack of bastardos! so much **** over one foam surround.😢
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