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  1. No it does not promote it at all . But no we haven't got our heads in the sand either, yes we know it happens. But anyone with any digital file collection would know that without at least few backups in different locations you aren't really backed up. Edit: one copy is going back to the outlaws for safe keeping the other into the safe.
  2. I don't believe I do
  3. All for artists getting money that's owed to them but.. Ummm, what if I wanted to have a safe backup of all my digital files off site for safety? who could I trust to keep these files safe? I mean HDDs are known to fail/ get corrupted. Dilemma! Just last week I updated a couple of my 4TB HDDs as safety backups.
  4. Whew!, just cancelled the flowers!
  5. Yep you can see the fuse holder in the IEC socket.
  6. Have you checked the fuse?
  7. Room looks great, can you tell us about the acoustic panels too.
  8. I'd make up a stack of crappy looking acoustic panels and put them up, then hopefully you'll come home one day and they'll look like that.
  9. Paper machè horns.

    Nothing to do with the sketch , your really on a mission aren't you.
  10. The ultimate 2-3 way speaker.

    But why?
  11. Paper machè horns.

    So where to now?
  12. Paper machè horns.

    You're a freak! Dam well done looks great.
  13. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.