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  1. Very very true. id always wondered what a big electrostatic middle section would work like with all those subs?
  2. Very true al, the bass crosses nicely with the panels, it’s just not very articulate. The poor little 12” single bass diver with its tiny port would have nothing on even one of the illuminators 12”s. When I do turn them up It is the bass that gives up the earliest. @ppsa also suggested it being a common mod is to the bass and crossover. We shall see!
  3. Well I’m finding that they just don’t do loud and the pissy bass driver craps itself when pushed past medium levels. Now if I could just combine the illuminators bass with the panels it could get interesting. though I’m sure sure what dB the panels are capable of?
  4. I have lovely feet 🤗 Same ol room, just a freshen up with some color. But yep missing the big boys. yep too many years now! No new tank no more fish. Makes wonder how good they could sound if you could fix the bass, wonder what others have achieved?
  5. Just thing about the best way to do it, they’re JBL 2245s so not to bass shy but I feel something sealed may be better.
  6. Thanks even the wife loves the look of them. They look great in the room. Everything seems to look better since I re painted the wall a darker color. Though I do miss the big boys.
  7. Some temporary guests have moved in, still trying to get the best out of them via positioning. They haven’t got the illuminators slam nor is their bass as deep and articulate but they certainly have something . Dreaming of mods that could really really lift them to epic status. Oh and they are certainly thirsty when it comes to power. Thanks to @ppsa who was a complete pleasure to deal with for the purchase.
  8. Ooooh. It’s baaaack!
  9. While the illuminaters are at the fix it shop I needed something big.
  10. This advertisement has been withdrawn or the offer has expired.
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