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  1. I used those adhesive tabs, scares the crap out of you when they fail during a movie. Have moved onto more a permanent fix now but it does include screws in the wall.
  2. Yep just binged through the series, excellent! Jodie Comer does pyscho Russian assassin so well she won a Bafta for her role. Her facial expressions are fantastic.
  3. Sounds great loud. But perhaps the original studio version rather than this with the extra sound effects.
  4. Makes me wonder what's going to happen to my leftovers once departed.
  5. Just around the corner from my place, I see it often.
  6. Sorry Dazz, mine aren't Sovs. But these would most definitely be an experience.
  7. Don't be silly @Marcs just back from holidays, he's all refreshed and ready to go!
  8. Just when I thought I could look forward to a cheap deqx you’ve gone and liked it!😊
  9. Pity it’s not in Melbourne
  10. Someone more experienced might know. But wondering if one claims free air response while the other in room?
  11. A jaycar HDMI splitter fixed my fetch issues.
  12. Great, if it has HT bypass the integrated would act as just a peer amp. But then why have a another preamp? My reasoning would be just use the integrated only?
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