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  1. @Sime V2 if if you ever bring it to melb for a tour .?!! Theres a little system that I know of which I would love to hear it in😊
  2. So with this product being withdrawn from sale will it still function in years to come? ie is it a service as well as a product?
  3. Snapper Rocks/Rainbow Beach Coolangatta Bondi Beach from our balcony.
  4. joz

    One sub or two.

    IMO start with a known measurement as a reference. once you have measured you can see the peaks and troughs. Only then you can tell if it needs fixing, people can get used to weird FRs and not really know what their system can sound like with an altered FR curve.
  5. joz

    How quiet is your background?

    If you have an SPL meter you could measure the noise floor of your room during different parts of the day. My listening room also has a fish tank with a dull hum from the filters. Drove me nuts for ages thinking the hum was from my system.
  6. How low can people hear? So at what point is low bass not needed?
  7. IIRC, that ported sub has an Exudus 15” driver. The actual SGR units are sealed but have 10 & 12” units.
  8. joz

    US power board

    Cos your from Melbourne.Their sales office is in Port Melbourne
  9. joz

    My Custom made turntable

    Thanks for your reply. Well done with what you’ve achieved. You say you may build more? Have you got some improvements already planned or thinking you would do things somewhat different for some reason? Would love to hear it one day. Again, well done 👍
  10. joz

    My Custom made turntable

    Very very noice! Just wondering what made you do it? But looking forward to more of your listening impressions as you keep listening.
  11. Maybe worth contacting @SGR Audio Admin Direct. Stuart has Wealth of knowledge and a great guy to boot!
  12. If possible try to audition the SGR CX3s. Small active 3ways with quite a bit of fine tuning ability. https://www.sgraudio.com/media/sgr-audio-announces-limited-edition-current-drive-upgrade-for-its-cx3b-mk1-and-cx3c-mk1-active-loudspeakers