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  1. Rom and I heard the Wolf von Langa OB Field Coil speakers in Munich this year and liked them. We have the WVL SON and Chicago models shipping from Germany this week. If anyone is interested to hear them they will be on demo at the Sonic Purity Showroom in Moorabbin. There is some info on our website here https://sonicpurity.com.au/brands/wolf-von-langa/ Warwick
  2. That price is per piece in Europe. So you need to multiply by 2 for a pair. I am working on our Australian price now. The website description says Kii BXT Stereopaar jetzt vorbestellen but this is a mistake.
  3. Hi Guys Yes, we will be showing the KiiTHREE speakers with KiiCONTROL and KiiSTANDS at the show. We will be in Boardroom 1 on Level 2. There will also be a bunch of other goodies on display including Antipodes, EMT, Playback Designs, Kuzma, Lyra, Phasemation, SME, Thales and ZYX. We are bringing all this gear and would love it to find new homes in Sydney, so if you are in the mood to buy something, no reasonable offer will be refused. This is your opportunity to see and hear fantastic gear and do a super deal. See you there Warwick & Rom
  4. Fremer has been using Lyra cartridges for some years so he has a a fair bit of experience with them. I have Etna SL in stock if you like to contact me through our website or PM me through SNA.
  5. Michael Fremer has done a review of Atlas SL and Etna SL. You can find it here.
  6. The special price is while the current stock lasts. I only have a few pieces available at this price so best to grab it while you can.
  7. Item: Nord One UP500DM Stereo Amplifier Location: Melbourne Price: $2,450, free shipping anywhere in Australia Item Condition: New, limited stock Payment Method: Cash, EFT, PayPal, Credit Card. Please Go to PureMusicGroup.com to purchase on line. Extra Info: Black and Silver in Stock. This price is less than if you buy from the Nord website in the UK at the current rate of exchange. Pictures:
  8. PMG received stocks of the T+A DAC8 DSD just before the recent Audio & AV Show and we had them on special at the show. They sold out! We are ordering more and any SNA member who would like to order one can have it at the show special price until the end of this week, November 6. The Regular Price is $4,600 and the Show Special is $4,000 plus shipping. Contact Pure Music Group if you would like to take advantage of this offer.
  9. Cartridge Installation on Thales Easy and Simplicity The Easy and Simplicity have different cartridge mounting systems. The Easy is a fixed headshell and you align the cartridge with the supplied protractor on the turntable. The Simplicity has a removable headshell and the cartridge is aligned using a separate alignment jig with sighting crosshairs. You can purchase spare headshells to swap cartridges quickly. Thales vs Parallel Tracking Tonearms Thales tonearms are not strictly speaking parallel tracking tonearms. A parallel tracker maintains perfect tangency to the groove by travelling in a straight line across the record. Therefore there is no tracking error at all. The Thales is a pivoted tonearm that still prescribes an arc across the record. However a secondary rod corrects the angle of the headshell as it traverses the record to maintain tangency at less than 0.006 degrees in the case of the Simplicity and 0.4 degrees in the case of the Easy. Thales avoids the complexity and moving mass of a genuine parallel tracker. However it achieves very low distortion due to the low tracking error, far better than conventional pivoted tonearms.
  10. Hi Shane Thanks for your well researched write up on the record cleaning machines. Just a few comments if I may. The KL Audio seems to lower the noise floor below what can be achieved with the wet/dry scrubbing machines. It is like a clearer window on the music. Downside is the cost because with the dollar going south it has become pretty expensive. The Nessie is a very good machine with similar build quality to the Hannl but at a lower price. It is also very quiet in operation. Both are made in Germany. Nessie has automatic application of the fluid and vacuum dry. Price is about half that of the KL Audio. The Kuzma RD Kit is sold without the Ultrasonic Tank so that the customer can source his own. There are many Ultrasonic Tanks available on eBay much cheaper than I can supply them for so it is cheapest for customers to get their own. The Kuzma can do 10 records at a time so it is best to batch clean your records. The Kuzma RD kit is about half the price the Nessie, even less to SNA members so please give me a call for exact pricing. All the above are on our website under the heading "Vinyl Care" Warwick
  11. Hi Alistair, yes I saw the advance sample at the Munich Show. First dealer deliveries are scheduled to commence in November/December 2015 and I have ordered stock. The AF-3 will have vacuum hold down, air bearing and the same motor as AF-1 and AF-2. The chassis will be simpler to save cost and there will be no suspension like in the bigger turntables.There will be an optional isolation table available. The AF-3 will be capable of fitting 4 tonearms with a range of optional tonearm brackets. At the current rate of exchange I am estimating the price to be around $21,000 including GST and delivery within Australia. I think this is exceptional value for a turntable with Japanese build quality and the engineering features that it possesses, not to mention the pedigree of Micro Seiki lurking behind it. We are accepting pre-orders now and SNA members should call us for their member price if they are interested.
  12. Why not, the journey is half the fun. Keeping the cost under control will be a challenge.
  13. Hi Sam There is scope for improvement if you want to spend the money but I think it will be an expensive exercise. The standard amplification supplied comprises the Stageline amp for the bass and two 10 watt "Pure Class A" amplifiers for the treble. N-Core for the bass would be a good choice and if you want to improve on the MiniDSP I think DEQX would be worth investigating. Good luck with the journey. I would love to hear the result when you are finished. Warwick
  14. From the comments I received I think the "grumpies" enjoyed themselves despite the poker faces. I was asked if PMG accepts Seniors Card and had to admit yes, seeing as I have one myself
  15. The van is packed and ready to go for tonight. I look forward to renewing some old acquaintances and meeting some new friends. I hope everyone enjoys themselves.
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