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  1. That's a beast. Seen plenty of gripped F4 and 5s, never knew they did one for the F3. GLWTS
  2. Yep have the same series 1080 and its been faultless. It drives the most demanding, inefficient, uncooperative speakers with complete ease. I've never even managed to get it warm to touch. The '90 would have enough power to black out South Australia even with Elon Musk's help.
  3. Certainly it is - they are available from most good outlets that stock craft beer. Independents are your best bet.
  4. Some very rare solo Daddy time. Yep it's 10:30am on a Saturday and yep that's a full strength craft beer. Because? Subs are Sonique Thunderbox 1200s paired in stereo via a preout. Speakers were a drop dead gumtree bargain - vintage Tannoy Mercury M4s in time warp condition. They kick hard. As you'd expect being fed 200w RMS a side via a Rotel RB-1080. Source is a Rotel 991 AE cd player. No plans to add vinyl as it's simply too expensive these days..... Also because young kids.
  5. Iano

    Italian car-fi

    Nice 159 mate, looks clean and tidy. Bit more satisfying to fang around than a Honda eh? I'm also a massive fan of Tidal - the quality I find is consistently excellent, even via BT (which I use in the car for sheer convenience). 9 channels of amplification? If I do my sums right it's fully active 2 way front AND rear stages, plus some juice leftover for the sub. Nuts. Have fun tuning that beast. Or not
  6. With the rise rise, and rise of computer audio I decided it was time to return to headphone listening. I'd given up 3 odd years ago, having exhausted all of my CDs and my old and humble Sennheiser HD590s slowly wearing out. Well I've rejoined this club and boy it's good to be back. The HD590s went walkabout which I was initially dismayed about. No biggie - cue eBay. I'm now the proud owner of some HD560 Ovation IIs from 1993/94. Mint condition, the previous owner had the pads replaced. And they comprehensively tear strips off my previous pair. Dare I say it these (with appropriate amplification) could easily keep pace with anything costing up to 500 bucks today. They are gorgeously neutral, just letting the music waft through. The soundstage is typical Sennheiser, deep and wide. I don't know how else to describe the sound without being overly analytical with my language, because the 560s are anything but. Warm but not lush or sticky, incredibly detailed without taking a surgeons scalpel to the recording, low bass extension without boom or thump? If I had to summarise, take your favourite recording that you know inside out back to front. Give it the longest most thorough intricate buff and polish you thought possible. Then sit back and enjoy You just can't put a stereotype on the sonic signature, because there just isn't one. In a word: linear If there's a caveat, they need a lot of juice.... I didn't think 300ohms would prove tricky to drive, although my old pair were less than half that at 120. They're powered by an Audioquest Dragonfly V1.2, fed into a Perreaux SXH-1 Sillhouette class A. Considering at some point upping the DAC to a red as the voltage is much higher. Oh, and the source (before I hook them back up to my main Rotel setup) is Tidal HiFi Masters. At the moment however - I is pig in detritus
  7. I love this, bet it sounds mint Nothing but the gear, and the records. Totally nice.
  8. Iano

    2.2 channel stereo

    Why I didn't think of this configuration before......pretty obvious lol Have purchased dedicated sub RCAs x2 and will connect them later this evening
  9. Did quick search and found this thread from 2014: Kind of answers my query but I'm still a bit confused - if someone here can rephrase it slightly? Basically I picked up an identical twin sub from crap converters for a ree dic you lus sum of money - 90 bucks and no that's not a typo. A Sonique Thunderbox 1200 in far better condition than the one I currently have.... The second sub now sits on the other side of the LH speaker below the waterfall photo. I've daisy chained it from existing one via a 5m RCA interconnect - line out to line in. I think I've managed to blend the two pretty evenly, mucked around with the 0/180 phasing and found it sounds best when both of them are an exact match.....why this is I'm not sure. I set the crossover rolloff fairly low, about 50hz give or take (because I'm sure this isn't an absolute drop off, it's simply the point where the sound starts attenuating). And because I'm now running twins, I've dropped the overall volume on both to compensate. The improvement was immediate. It's simply fattened everything up but not at the expense of sharpness or imaging. Sound simply pours into the room completely free of stress. My question: Is there an alternate way to hook them up? My preamp has dual preouts but one is already fed directly to the power amp, the other is for sub duties. I didn't want to run a Y-splitter from the pre to each sub as it would reduce the impedance each sub receives.
  10. Speakers are Dynaudio Audience 42 The sub is a Sonique - Thunderbox 1200. It's dead old (bought 2001) but hasn't missed a beat to this day.
  11. Swapped CD interconnect to a QED reference audio 40 and improvements were instant. Also running Tidal HiFi (uncompressed for the win, Apple Music for the loss) via an Audioquest Dragonfly v1.2 but seriously contemplating a DAC upgrade.
  12. Iano

    My Mancave build WIP

    This is absolutely nuts....
  13. Dragonfly black (which I now regret buying as it sucks too much current/can't run off an iPhone). RHA MA750i's, which I'm currently listening to (through the DF on a Macbook Air), which sound pretty freakin amazing for their price. Definitely has renewed my faith re: inner-ears. Also have a pair of Sennheiser HD590s that are as old as Methuselah and refuse to quit. To be honest, the RHAs beat them. Convincingly. Edit: No longer have the Perreaux SXH-1 in my avatar photo, sold it due to lack of use. USB dacs are so much more convenient.
  14. Iano

    Rotel RCD-991 AE

    Has anybody toyed with the adjustable dither setting on these things? I can easily hear the difference, and would almost reach for the word 'profound' when asked to describe. Settings 1, 2 and 3 I find to be harsh, forward and clinical sounding, quite cold but with bags of detail. Set on 4 however, there is an immediate change in warmth, musicality and sweetness. The tiniest degree of resolution is forgone, and is in my opinion insignificant. For a modest system and one I've spent the best part of 15 years tweaking, it has never sounded so analogue. I have now spent about 30-40 hours with the 991 AE, and love it. With an appropriate disc, the player cliff dives into the mix and when it comes up for air, the presentation is just fantastic. Music just flows effortlessly and no part ever sounds forced or restrained. From the 951 that came before this player, the difference could be likened from moving out of a 3 bedroom duplex and moving up to a 5 acre resort. At the same time, the player is relatively forgiving of poor recordings. It won't make them kneel down and take 50 lashings before a large crowd, and I've heard plenty of players which do just that (ruthless, unlistenable). The 991's approach is rather "well, I told you so." You won't rush to turn the whole presentation off, but you'll quickly hear what a shoddy job the engineer did with it. So in typical Rotel fashion I rate this latest piece as a true all rounder, which is exactly what I look for in hifi. I do plan some future cable upgrades - dedicated AC cord and a better quality interconnect. Both of which I'm sure will consolidate my appreciation for it even more. One word. Bargain.
  15. Iano

    Rotel RCD-991 AE

    Ah ha, this makes sense Thank you. Absolutely correct. A few (common) examples of HDCD which you'll find anywhere, probably at KMart even: Dire Straits - The Very Best of Neil Young - Greatest Hits John Mellencamp - The Best That I Could Do All of the Motley Crue reissues Green Day - Nimrod Tool - Lateralus Tommy Emmaneul - Only Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense Very Best of ZZTop - Greatest Hits (get this one - stunning) Agree that HDCD didn't take off with any real fanfare, but neither did SACD. The latter I'd even go as far to say it was a pretty dismal failure. I don't know the science behind the HDCD algorithm, only that my 951 player supported it and at the time, was one of the most affordable players to adopt the format. This was obviously something Rotel were quite proud of, as the players all had a bright red LED which glowed with compatible discs. I haven't had enough time to see what difference HDCD discs make over standard redbooks on the new 991, but on the 951 the sound improved dramatically. Wider soundstage, bigger dynamics, better transparency. There is one obvious caveat here - don't assume that all HDCDs will sound good because quite frankly they just don't. Live - Secret Samadhi is HDCD, and sounds dirty no matter what system it's played on. Same crappy mastering as their Throwing Copper album.