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  1. Yep it is an RP850 I'm getting. Undecided on phono stages but my brother has an old Pro-Ject Phonobox that first got him off the mark. It will enable "sound" , so to speak but yeah I'll be dropping it in favour of something better in the none too distant future.
  2. Okay where do I start. Very humbled at so many excellent replies, this thread definitely got up and flew. No, I 100% did not intend to start an A versus D debate, and it doesn't look like it's gone that way. I've got a 1k strong CD library and really don't buy many brand new titles anymore. I do look around every now and then for cheapies but if I'm buying new plastic, most of the time it will be remasters of classics. (Hurry up and release the Mezzanine pack Massive Attack - thanks, happy New Year). My digital front end, save for a DAC to tap into Tidal Hifi - that'll come in a few months hopefully - is very solid. The Rotel 991-AE HDCD player is a tank. Feed it a decent quality HDCD encoded disc ** - and I'll just add a subnote here, not every HDCD recording actually takes advantage of the added bandwidth. It can be tricky to tell if it's properly encoded but some discs the light will shine but in actual fact it's not utilising 20 bits at all. Sorry where was I. The 991-AE has dual 20bit DACs, and on appropriate recordings it sounds ridiculously good. The dither setting is interesting. I don't know any other player that offers this type of customisation. Most SNAers would know what dither is - you can control the level of digital noise fed through the signal path on a setting from 1 to 7. 1 has close to bugger all and is colder than a Kyneton winter. Settings 2 and 3 you start to warm up, and with my current system config I find 4 to be a very big sweet spot. Any higher setting the music sounds hard bright and compressed. So yeah, digital wise I've reached a very comfortable ledge in terms of value/performance ratio. I don't upgrade my gear often as I simply can't afford to. Buy once buy right has always been the motto. As mentioned I do want to add a DAC as I'm loving Tidal HiFi to bits, it just keeps getting better and better. At the moment it's the sole domain of the car/commute to work. And doing a kick ass job. As I type I've just been PMd by another member here whom lives close by, and has offered a vintage Rotel manual deck for sale. Sorry but the model number escapes me. I'm head over heels for it and it's being offered for a song. Add a half decent phono preamp and Roberts yer father's brother. For that money, I'm happy to give it a dabble and see if I get bitten. No doubt I will. I'm not after all out quality at the moment, if I like what I hear - this will be another learning $$ curve for me. Bring it on!! 🙂
  3. Wowsers this thread had it's brains blown out - lol. I haven't been checking the forum for a little while so give me a few minutes to catch up 🙂
  4. Do I own any albums yet? Not one.... However my brother has a modest setup - Rega RP1, Rotel A12, Dynaudio 42s and that little rig sounds delightful. He keeps baiting me to take the plunge. I could be howling up the wrong tree. Other option would be a DAC/Macbook air/Tidal Hifi solution. Which would end up being way cheaper. Hmmm.....
  5. I can't hold back the tide anymore in regards to vinyl....it's just too tempting. This is my system: Rotel 972 pre Rotel 1080 pwr Dynaudio Special Forty Cables are QED and Van Den Hul Dual 12" Sonique Thunderbox subs running in stereo The flower vase will be where the turntable will eventually sit. It's a pair of Norstone Stylum stands I no longer use, and a big fat chunk of red ironbark bolted to the top. Solid. Much. My budget for a TT is ~ $600 mark give/take. Obviously this needs to factor in a phono stage, whether it's built in or an add-on box not really phased. Narrowed it down to either a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon, or a Rega Planar 1. Leaning towards the Rega, unless more experienced turntablists can convince me otherwise?
  6. Iano

    Dynaudio Special 40s

    I've been frantically trying to stack some more hours on mine. This is proving difficult with 2 kids 6 and under, and a reasonably small house. When I purchased my first pair of Dynaudio bookshelf speakers back in 2002 (yes, I'm an unapologetic Dyn fanboy) they did the magic trick of sounding incredible straight from the box. And only got better from there. The special 40s duplicated this feat. I played Tool's Lateralus in 20 bit HDCD. My giddy aunt. The detail I've been missing out on with this recording is staggering. Ticks & Leeches is infamous for Maynard blowing out his vocal chords for 3 months after the final mixing sessions - and one of the reasons it's rarely played live. The special 40s lay his soul bare. 150% effort then some more. I'm stunned.
  7. Iano

    Dynaudio Special 40s

    I bought some this week. They're unbelievable. The most effortless, natural, faithful and detailed sounding compact speakers I have ever heard. All you do is sit and listen, and let the music massage your heart. Yes, the experience is that good. Imaging, depth, resolution and just how easily the 40s dig to the very bottom of a recording and lay it all out in front of you is astonishing considering what they cost. I racked up Nirvana's Nevermind (orignal CD pressing, not the remaster). Dave Grohl's drums punch you in the face and prove just how talented he is. But at the same time, I've always read that Kurt complained of the "slickness" Butch Vig put into the overall recording. Well with these little beauties, that claim is all too apparent. And because the drivers correlate so closely into each of their respective frequency bands (apparently the tweeter can dip to 1000hz), EVERY part of the frequency range drips with detail. I cannot fault them. Even with less than 20 hours running time. The only drawback (and I'm stealing this quote from a review) - is that you don't own a pair yet.
  8. That's a beast. Seen plenty of gripped F4 and 5s, never knew they did one for the F3. GLWTS
  9. Yep have the same series 1080 and its been faultless. It drives the most demanding, inefficient, uncooperative speakers with complete ease. I've never even managed to get it warm to touch. The '90 would have enough power to black out South Australia even with Elon Musk's help.
  10. Certainly it is - they are available from most good outlets that stock craft beer. Independents are your best bet.
  11. Some very rare solo Daddy time. Yep it's 10:30am on a Saturday and yep that's a full strength craft beer. Because? Subs are Sonique Thunderbox 1200s paired in stereo via a preout. Speakers were a drop dead gumtree bargain - vintage Tannoy Mercury M4s in time warp condition. They kick hard. As you'd expect being fed 200w RMS a side via a Rotel RB-1080. Source is a Rotel 991 AE cd player. No plans to add vinyl as it's simply too expensive these days..... Also because young kids.
  12. Iano

    Italian car-fi

    Nice 159 mate, looks clean and tidy. Bit more satisfying to fang around than a Honda eh? I'm also a massive fan of Tidal - the quality I find is consistently excellent, even via BT (which I use in the car for sheer convenience). 9 channels of amplification? If I do my sums right it's fully active 2 way front AND rear stages, plus some juice leftover for the sub. Nuts. Have fun tuning that beast. Or not
  13. With the rise rise, and rise of computer audio I decided it was time to return to headphone listening. I'd given up 3 odd years ago, having exhausted all of my CDs and my old and humble Sennheiser HD590s slowly wearing out. Well I've rejoined this club and boy it's good to be back. The HD590s went walkabout which I was initially dismayed about. No biggie - cue eBay. I'm now the proud owner of some HD560 Ovation IIs from 1993/94. Mint condition, the previous owner had the pads replaced. And they comprehensively tear strips off my previous pair. Dare I say it these (with appropriate amplification) could easily keep pace with anything costing up to 500 bucks today. They are gorgeously neutral, just letting the music waft through. The soundstage is typical Sennheiser, deep and wide. I don't know how else to describe the sound without being overly analytical with my language, because the 560s are anything but. Warm but not lush or sticky, incredibly detailed without taking a surgeons scalpel to the recording, low bass extension without boom or thump? If I had to summarise, take your favourite recording that you know inside out back to front. Give it the longest most thorough intricate buff and polish you thought possible. Then sit back and enjoy You just can't put a stereotype on the sonic signature, because there just isn't one. In a word: linear If there's a caveat, they need a lot of juice.... I didn't think 300ohms would prove tricky to drive, although my old pair were less than half that at 120. They're powered by an Audioquest Dragonfly V1.2, fed into a Perreaux SXH-1 Sillhouette class A. Considering at some point upping the DAC to a red as the voltage is much higher. Oh, and the source (before I hook them back up to my main Rotel setup) is Tidal HiFi Masters. At the moment however - I is pig in detritus
  14. I love this, bet it sounds mint Nothing but the gear, and the records. Totally nice.
  15. Iano

    2.2 channel stereo

    Why I didn't think of this configuration before......pretty obvious lol Have purchased dedicated sub RCAs x2 and will connect them later this evening