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  1. "bikies" is a word I have always loathed because in my mind it undermines the whole tough guy image. I much prefer the American equivalent of "bikers", bikies sounds like the feminine appellative of biker.
  2. Apart from the commercial interest of DBT's for product development purposes, I always understood (perhaps mistakenly) that Tool's tests were an objective means to understand subjectivity and how that subjectivity could be understood, controlled, evaluated, quantified and harnessed to what was considered "good sound." Testing the diverse listener groups used and additionally using trained listeners as a control filter they found unsurprisingly that the sound preferences were common and repeatable from the novice to the professional audiophile as to what constituted good sound to t
  3. I think Amir at ARS is a guy confident of his particular set of abilities and humble in his pronouncements. His subjective opinions I consider to be the least interesting aspect of his reviews as they are just as vague and amateur as anybody on this site or any other audio related hobbyist site citing impressions of their audio experience of product. You can read his resume here and his summation of his capabilities though limited in comparison to others (specialists in their fields for example) it is pretty wide ranging and worthy of consideration. https:/
  4. True, but he goes all out to try and present the speaker in its best light, by making alterations to the Kippel to try and capture as best as possible the "true" measurements, measurements he mentions match those of another reviewer. He also attempts, positioning and EQ settings and inviting input from readers as to how best optimise measuring the LRS. Some aspects of the speakers performance he is very enthusiastic about and others not so much and other not at all. Amir even "delights" in the sound of the Maggies on some tracks. His listening preferences seem to includ
  5. I'd go for the Audioquests at $100.00 at that price they must, would have to make a vast audible difference otherwise why the price differential?
  6. Millions of us, the great unwashed can drive a car, if Ford is developing a car and want to see what it can do in regards to ultimate performance are you going to hire the guy that commutes to work everyday in traffic or are you going to hire a professional driver to take it around the test track?
  7. When I think of the money, resources and time spent Harman puts into product development including testing double blind and othetwise, I figure they put a lot of credence in the results they find because unlike a lot of blokes sitting around listening for the smallest changes as crucial to the future of hi-fi in their lounge room systems, there is money to be made. A corporation in the hunt for profits in a competitive international economy developing product that will cause a significant uptick in sales as well as rob market share from its competitors across the world is going to
  8. That matters not a jot, I myself have both a Topping D30 and E30that I discovered via the ASR sit and despite not holding Amir in my estimation as a internet deity.
  9. US$680.00 https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/denafrips-ares-ii-usb-r2r-dac-review.11166/ US$810 https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/smsl-m400-balanced-usb-mqa-dac-review.13732/ US$799.00 https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/oppo-sonica-usb-dac-and-streamer-review.11845/ US$516.00 https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/gustard-a18-balanced-desktop-dac-review.17088/
  10. I'd doubt if anybody familiar with ASR would confuse Amir's Youtube video demonstration as an "experiment", "good" or otherwise.
  11. I thought the ASR video was just a short hand demonstration of the study by Julian Dunn?
  12. Let's say you are trying to reduce jitter as an example in a product to meet a standard or get below a standard. You employ a number of candidates and train them in detecting jitter, you then test them to ensure they can detect jitter consistently to remove the statistical errors of guessing in DBT's. To me that makes complete sense from a manufacturer's product development point of view especially if results see that a forward step in reducing jitter goes undetected or less detected by trained listeners according to statistical analysis.
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