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  1. I have always been a little confused about my penchant for 2 way stand mount speakers and I think it may be because what comes out of such small boxes adds to the amazement of the sound produced. But when I drag out my late 80’s 2.5 dual port reflex Elac speakers which get down to mid 30’s Mhz bass ,it gives me pause for thought. Because I do not listen beyond a very moderate level , my room is pretty good for either configuration and the Klipsch experience I had the other weekend has confused me somewhat and has me thinking deliberately and calmly of delineating between a compulsive consumption yen or a genuine appreciation of a better sound. My dilemma has always been, I like all of my speakers for particular traits but I do not get much exposure to a lot of speaker makes, designs and configurations to make an informed choice but in the back of my mind I am thinking of an end game choice and that is more than likely to be a full range option.
  2. My new speakers are sometimes too bassy.

    Elementary Zingmore, ( I remove my Deerstalker, reach for my violin and ponder the footprints of a gigantic hound). Well done.
  3. SOLD: FS: Magnepan SMG's Relist and Price Drop

    Sold subject to pick up and payment. Well that escalated quickly
  4. Item: Magenpan SMG's 1983 Location: Frankston, Victoria Price: $250.00 Item Condition: Not Bad Reason for selling: It's not them, it's me. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Only Extra Info: I am the original owner and despite buying them in 1983 they have had not quite as much use as would one would expect. They are in very good working condition. Cosmetically they are not bad considering their age. There is a small hole on the front of each panel sock, see photos and the dark brown of the socks has faded over time. Non smoking environment for their total lifetime. The oak paneling is in very good shape. They even have the original fuses. They have never been pushed hard, and somewhere I have the original pamphlet they came with which I will dig out. Each of the feet had two sets of screws, 8 screws in all. I have only 4 of the original screws one for each footing and that hold them firmly in place and has done for at least the last twenty years, one of the metal flippers is missing, but I will hunt around to see if I still have it somewhere. I found that bare wire into the speaker terminals gets the best results. Can demo for serious buyer. No boxes, so if picking up bring blankets! $25.00 Donation to SNA. These need to go to good home. Pictures:
  5. Item: GH228 Superarm Tonearm Location: Frankston Victoria Price: $1350.00 Item Condition: Perfect Original Reason for selling: Spreading the Joy Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: My first and only vinyl set up has been with the Hadcock 228. When I bought it back in about 1981, I bought a second complete Hadcock in silver at the same time, opted to use the black version and the other has been in my possession ever since and never out of the original box apart from today for photographic purposes. I am not confident in shipping this anywhere with anybody and therefore it is strictly a pick up for cash deal. But if you are interested you could perhaps engage a third party to do that for you. Original paperwork, original box (although it has some masking tape remnants where I sealed it as it has journeyed back and forth across the globe with me and my family a few times). $50.00 Donation to SNA. Pictures:
  6. My new speakers are sometimes too bassy.

    How can you turn the bass down on Andy Williams?
  7. My new speakers are sometimes too bassy.

    When you are released on parole you will be able to find a bigger place. Floorstanders and a sub? Wow.
  8. Rethinking a Prejudice

    and the pun was just beginning.
  9. Rethinking a Prejudice

    Not even sure what the system consisted of @soundbyte, the electronics were in a smoked glass cabinet and the source was a CD Player. We just discussed the sound especially of the Carmen CD, I asked him to rip me a copy, you can almost hear the smile on the musician's faces! @JSmithis certainly correct, HT or Music, speakers are speakers. I assumed they would be brash, loud and uncouth, but they were delicate, refined but not demure, detailed, top to bottom coherence, they just made sense.
  10. Rethinking a Prejudice

    How true @eltech. I am always a little surprised when I visit strangers or acquaintances and see a better than average set up. I had a passing acquaintance with a couple that used to live up the road from me and after a while my wife and I were invited to dinner to their place. When we walked in taking pride of place were a huge set of Maggies and a Levinson amp the size of a small child on the floor between the speakers. I remember house hunting a few years back and never seeing a stereo set up of even average quality in all of the dozens of houses we inspected, not a single one. The longer I am on this forum, the more convinced I am that I don't rate as an "audiophile", but I can't imagine ever living without good sound, and that can be had at a fairly reasonable price these days. The guy that owned the Klipsch speakers said it was his 3rd pair of speakers in 40 years replacing some early 80's JBL's. Didn't have a clue about audiophilism, couldn't tell me anything about the Klipsch apart from the fact they sounded great. Gotta love that.
  11. Rethinking a Prejudice

    I was at small get together the other day, totally unrelated with any audio purpose and got to hear a pair of Klipsch RP-160m standmount speakers. I think it is my very first encounter with Klipsch speakers, although I know something of their past history in regards to horn loaded speakers and their legendary models through forums such as this. I never had an inclination to listen to the newer iterations because the general consensus was honky, bright to the degree of pain in the higher frequencies due to the very central role of their claim to fame, namely the horn and their efficiency. Secondly they seem to be associated with home theatre primarily, something that doesn’t interest me in the least. Well I have to say I was astounded as to how good these speakers sounded and how I have to rethink everything in light of the performance of this particular model. There is a quality to the bass from the moderately sized box and 6” driver that never allowed the speaker to sneak away with a generic one-note bass representation. And I am not sure how much the box itself plays in the role, obviously it is a major factor, but the horn and woofer integration is really well done. I didn’t detect a harsh note in the treble at all and no sign of roll-off, no sizzle, lovely decay, imaging is amazing. We listened mainly to classical music at moderate levels and some Yo-Yo Ma’s “Obrigado Brazil” and one of the Silk Road Ensemble recordings as well as a new discovery for me a reworking of Bizet’s Carmen for ballet in a transcription by a Russian composer by the name of Shchedrin, a Melodya recording, soviet old school recording but very nice. No matter what was played, although due to spousal pressures we didn’t get a chance to play a whole lot, these were absolute knockout speakers, flat and even across the frequency band, elegantly done and with a certain assuredness and ease, no congestion anywhere. The afternoon proved productive in the sense that I was able to erase a prejudice that I held based on an assumption wrapped in ignorance. Viva la Horn!
  12. Advance in Class D amps?

    So no improvement since the days of the Sonic Impact , there has been a number of different chips and iterations as I understand it, just reading the DIY guys shows that there has been a number of refinements and improvements in performance since then, if you take them at their word? I can't find a single frequency response graph anywhere on Dayton, Topping and the rest.
  13. Advance in Class D amps?

    ZB, a naive question, outside of the cosmetics, what would the sonic quality improvements necessary to a T(D)-class amp entail (I'm talking about a Dayton or SML type ) to something that rivals a Technics, NAD, Belcanto type D-Class Amplifier? Is it a matter of reinventing the wheel or is it a matter of refinements?