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  1. Not sure how much power you need or if a headphone input is required, but this might do the job,.
  2. I just had the thought that if you just think of the taste of a lemon for instance, your mouth starts to flow with saliva. But one cannot measure the sweetness or tartness of the lemon you imagined. If you even think of the word lemon....... Sorry gents, back to the discussion at hand.
  3. The arts in the very best of times is a diabolical way of making a living, in the current climate it is dire. I stream Spotify almost exclusively now with a heavy but hidden dose of guilt that accompanies each play, but at this stage in my life I cannot think of a better way of exploring music that in past times I would never have had the chance to explore or much less find so much of the incredible talent past and present that is now available at a click. That said, the same arguments have been used against the revenue share from CD sales and records back in the day th
  4. My guess is you must have done some sharp editing because I think Sanders has a lot on his mind and a lot to say and has the pragmatic confidence of his own success and experience to lay it out. I personally would have been interested in his thoughts on the commercial realities of hifi as a businessman and his thoughts on future trends. Did he have a sense of humour? Kind or hard to marry the relaxed word play humour and the tight long history and inside jokes of the 3SB with Sanders' underlying irritability about the hifi world in general that kind of jarred but all in all it's g
  5. I'd like to see a matchbox's worth of 3SB endorsed distortion with "just add" instructions for solid state amplifier users looking for a valve amplifier experience. One serving only for sampling purposes.
  6. Combined SB1/2/3 have probably a combined 100 years of audiophilia compared to Sander's meagre 40 years of experience. How can anyone seriously take the views of a man that successfully designs, manufactures and sells amplifiers, speakers and cables? Sheesh! https://www.monoandstereo.com/2013/11/interview-with-roger-sanders.html I enjoy the shows and this one was a cracker. Keep up the great work.
  7. I'm looking forward to hearing this, I'm imagining cats/pigeons?
  8. It would be interesting to know how hearing aid manufacturers or the likes of Cochlea approach those problems?
  9. Mr.Bojangles was a song from my childhood that I remember the likes of Sammy Davis Jr. singing, but it wasn't until I heard David Bromberg singing it on "Demon in Disguise" (on my all time favourite album list) that I really got it.
  10. "Orthodoxy is the diehard of the world of thought. It learns not, neither can it forget."
  11. I have always taken that a DBT means that the conductor of the test is blind as well. Is that correct?
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