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  1. allthumbs

    When did ABC Classic FM become so crap?

    I am a CD buyer as well Marten and I am not against repeated listenings of pieces of music and I have quite a few performances, renditions of particular pieces of music. I have a number of various performances in CD and Vinyl of Copeland's Appalachian Spring for example. But as a resource ABC FM should in my opinion be also showcasing and promoting a lot more outside of the "canon" as great as it is, and avoid becoming a top 40 station of playing the hits. That said it is understandable considering their budget restraints. Friedrich Gulda used to rail against the general presentation of "classical" music, the snobbery, the stuffiness of the whole thing, the hushed reverential tones that would in the end kill it off and make it inaccessible to younger audiences, it would fade in relevance. I attended for years the season of the MSO as a younger man than I am now, sitting in a sea of grey haired audience members that if you squinted your eyes looked like a choppy winter Atlantic sea stretching out as far as the eye could see. I am now one of those grey haired. I even dragged my kids along for a couple of years. Sitting there, I would think of the Magic Flute as presented in the film Amadeus.....
  2. allthumbs

    When did ABC Classic FM become so crap?

    I listen ostensibly to classical music these days and on my DAB radio here in Melbourne, 3MBS Fine Music does an admirable job and reception is far superior to ABC DAB, can't figure out why. 3MBS has a more interesting and eclectic mix of classical music and Bill McLaughlin's music segments are especially enlightening and entertaining, that said they still have their fair share of the popular works. I tend to look forward to listening to lesser known composers from all periods, because there is only so many times you can listen to the well worn "hits" no matter which artist or orchestra is playing them. I am quite a fan of 20th century classical music, especially from around the early 20th century. I'd be happy to never hear Eine Kleine Nachtmusik ever again along with Ravel's Bolero, 1812 Overture and Gershwin's Rhapsody plus a number of others.
  3. What kind of makes the retail landscape interesting is the general observation that many retailers sell the same brands, the same models at the same price, which I assume is a recommended RRP from the supplier? That could be interpreted as a collusion of sorts. Of course one retailer may step out of line and offer a discount (agreed or not agreed upon as being within the reasonable margin?). Does one retailer offering a bigger discount mean he is endangering the livelihood of another retailer? Is a larger more established business in a better financial position allowed to try and consolidate that position by pressuring smaller retailers? Are smaller retailers more nimble with less overheads than larger established businesses better positioned to offer discounts and thereby in turn endanger the livelihoods of their competitors? There is a finite number of consumers which competition is in theory supposed to win through competition. It is the nature of the beast, foxes and scorpions and all that. Mike Lenehan in another thread and on his website said the future for a business such as his was avoiding the necessity of bricks and mortar and that customers will face the fact of buying product based on recommendations and reviews instead of auditioning, it is just the way of the future. I don't remember anyone pointing the finger at ML for hastening the demise of the Hi-Fi Retailer?
  4. allthumbs

    3 way stand mounts , do they exist ?

    Great looking pair right now in the Classifieds of Aslan's going for a song.
  5. "too loud" means different things to different people. Maybe you could indicate what are your normal listening levels, and is it the case that the "complex music" is not being performed well at your normal listening levels as that is not clear from you OP? What is "complex music"?
  6. allthumbs

    WTB: Usher S-520 speakers

    Blakey, I saw a pair on Gumtree for around the $240 just the other day, looked in pretty good nick.
  7. allthumbs

    3 way stand mounts , do they exist ?

  8. Item: Hadcock GH228 Tonearm Location: Victoria Price: $750.00 including shipping (Australia Post tracked item within Australia only) & SNA donation. Firm Item Condition: Poirfect! Reason for selling: Need the readies Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT Only Extra Info: My first and only vinyl set up has been with the Hadcock 228. When I bought it back in about 1981, I bought a second complete Hadcock in all silver at the same time, opted to use the all black version and the all silver version has been in my possession ever since and never out of the original box apart from today for photographic purposes. Original paperwork, original box (although it has some masking tape remnants where I sealed it,as it has journeyed back and forth across the globe with me and my family a few times. Will over package to ensure safe delivery. Pictures:
  9. Hi @mwhouston, I'll take them.
  10. allthumbs

    Osborn Eos, opinions and evaluations?

    @Dave_RI know this is an old thread, but I recognized the opening track from Flying Cowboys in regards to your description above. And it has always been my go to track for testing tweeter and mids integration. And I have said elsewhere, I would have liked to speak to Jones and Becker as to their intent with that triangle. Some speakers give it a high pitched ting and they fail automatically in my estimation, the softer deeper almost soft brushed cymbal like tone is what I look for with individual decay lengths one of which I have always assumed was an accidental muting by a clumsy hand palm. Yes the triangle is the key and the non appearance of the 4th strike or does it, not to mention where it sits in the soundstage. It is almost mystical. Becker dead takes the mystery of the eternal triangle to his grave.
  11. That is one pretty looking speaker Mr.Lenehan as if sculpted from a solid block of wood, seamless and voluptuous at the same time.
  12. Welcome aboard, specialists and specialist knowledge abounds on this site. I grew up in an era where the Reel to Reel tape recorder as represented by TV and movies was always the cutting edge of technology for both evil and good, rooms of silently spinning tapes advancing the path of humanity or nefariously programming its downfall. They always looked cool no matter what. Looking back through hi-fi magazines from the 50's right through to the early '70's it looked at some stages like a close run race in the analogue wars as to which technology was going to triumph, vinyl or tapes both reel to reel and cassette. I'm kinda amazed vinyl won.
  13. allthumbs

    Time to embrace ACTIVE SPEAKERS?!

    Active and box free. ! http://www.reflector.audio/products/bespoke/e15.html