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  1. Yes, its a shame their habitat was destroyed by the bush fires. Apparently these she-oaks aren't their usual species.
  2. Out chasing native orchids....a wander along the Parks tracks Then its a matter of venturing off the tracks and through the bracken looking for orchids When I find some orchids, like these Nodding Greenhoods Out comes the macro so I can photograph one of them Veined Helmet Orchids amongst the bracken Using the macro again to photograph one of them Slaty Helmet Orchid with a 5c coin for size reference Using the macro to get a close-up A few more orchids photographed on the outing... Pelican Orchid Trim Greenhood Tall Greenhood
  3. I don't do a lot of biding these days. I would like to do more, but the native orchids take up most of my time, plus with the Covid-19 restrictions here in Victoria it makes it hard to go too far afield. A few recent ones... #1 Eastern Yellow Robin #2 Laughing Kookaburra #3 Grey Shrike-thrush #4 Blue-billed Duck #5 Red-browed Finch #6 Eastern Spinebill #7 Eastern Spinebill #8 Spotted Pardalote (Female) #9 Glossy Black-Cockatoo (Male) #10 Glossy Black-Cockatoo (Female)
  4. Yes, that is correct. Well done Al! For your info that one is a male, the female has yellow spots
  5. Thank you Al, I enjoyed the video. One of the reasons I use various formats and not expecting one to be “A jack of all trades”
  6. A few of the native orchids currently in flower locally to me. #1 Parsons Band #2 Fringed Hare-orchid #3 Autumn Bird-orchid #4 Mosquito Orchid #5 Tiny Greenhood
  7. Good spotting and nice capture. They have changed the name on the mainland to Chiloglottis curviclavia Also some call them Autumn Bird-orchid, and others Autumn Wasp-orchid It gets so confusing for me these day with the number of changes.
  8. Most people these days are happy with their smart phones. They can take and edit photos and videos, and have them posted on line within seconds of taking them. Some of the groups I visit, I feel the majority of those posting images are trophy collectors. No care about the quality of the photo, let alone the subject, but trying to outdo others with the variety they find on a daily basis. I still take thousands of images each week, mostly focus stacks, hence the volume of images, but rarely post them anywhere in public, why...because no one really cares. I do it for me, and my love of being in the bush. Mosquito Orchid taken the other day on one of my exercise walks close to home.
  9. Must be something unique then, sorry about that. I thought the second link I included was for them, obviously not. Good luck!
  10. When I changed over the HDD in my Mac Mini, I purchased a 'UGREEN USB 3.0 to SATA III Adapter Cable' from Amazon. It worked a treat. EDIT: here is the link to the one I bought This one says it is compatible
  11. Besides many of the movies already listed, a few more of my favorites To Hell and Back The Tuskegee Airmen Red Tails
  12. The wife and I watched this today, we both throughly enjoyed it. Its a long movie but doesn’t seem long while watching it. Acting was superb as was the story. Goes to show how corrupt the judicial system was/is in parts of the US. You’re guilty until proven innocent. When that happens you’re still guilty. Looking forward to it being released on Blu-ray so we can watch it again
  13. A few from the weekend #1 Australasian Darter #2 Straw-necked Ibis #3 Red-kneed Dotterel #4 Australian Spotted Crake #5 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper #6 Royal Spoonbill #7 Red-rumped Parrot #8 Crested Pigeon
  14. If you're keen on Nikon, definitely check out the Z6/7. The new lenses, even the kit ones are great. There are more native lenses due over the next few years, I'm hanging out for the 105mm macro. I've tried a few of my lenses, including a couple of my macro's on the Z body via the FTZ adapter, but I feel the native lenses appear to render the images a little nicer. While I use a m4/3 setup more than any of my other cameras, it is purely based on the subjects I like to photograph. Once Fuji, and/or Nikon bring out a mirrorless body with an articulated screen, then things may change. One of the annoying issues for me using the m4/3 system is micro detail, or lack there of. I've looked at hundreds of images on line taken with m4/3 setups including some expensive lenses, and they all appear to me, to suffer the same lack of micro detail.
  15. European Goldfinch #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
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