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  1. Besides many of the movies already listed, a few more of my favorites To Hell and Back The Tuskegee Airmen Red Tails
  2. The wife and I watched this today, we both throughly enjoyed it. Its a long movie but doesn’t seem long while watching it. Acting was superb as was the story. Goes to show how corrupt the judicial system was/is in parts of the US. You’re guilty until proven innocent. When that happens you’re still guilty. Looking forward to it being released on Blu-ray so we can watch it again
  3. A few from the weekend #1 Australasian Darter #2 Straw-necked Ibis #3 Red-kneed Dotterel #4 Australian Spotted Crake #5 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper #6 Royal Spoonbill #7 Red-rumped Parrot #8 Crested Pigeon
  4. If you're keen on Nikon, definitely check out the Z6/7. The new lenses, even the kit ones are great. There are more native lenses due over the next few years, I'm hanging out for the 105mm macro. I've tried a few of my lenses, including a couple of my macro's on the Z body via the FTZ adapter, but I feel the native lenses appear to render the images a little nicer. While I use a m4/3 setup more than any of my other cameras, it is purely based on the subjects I like to photograph. Once Fuji, and/or Nikon bring out a mirrorless body with an articulated screen, then things may change. One of the annoying issues for me using the m4/3 system is micro detail, or lack there of. I've looked at hundreds of images on line taken with m4/3 setups including some expensive lenses, and they all appear to me, to suffer the same lack of micro detail.
  5. The Elbow Orchids (Thynninorchis huntianus) are currently in flower, and they are small #1 #2 #3 Taken not long after it rained #4 Nearly ready to open #5 To give some perspective to the size of the orchid
  6. Large Duck-orchid (Caleana major) Nice to see the ducks out again. The flowers are quite small, smaller than a 5c coin.
  7. Blue Caladenia (Caladenia caerulea) #1 #2
  8. Stingray gliding along the edge of the Auckland Viaduct. #1 #2
  9. A few Tuis from this mornings wander #2 #3
  10. It was a cold and wet weekend, and too windy for chasing native orchids, so I decided to chase a few birds instead. #1 Pacific Black Duck #2 Superb Fairy-wren #3 Eastern Yellow Robin #4 New Holland Honeyeater #5 Little Pied Cormorant #6 Little Wattlebird
  11. Ibis #1 Australian White Ibis #2 Straw-necked Ibis #3 Straw-necked Ibis #4 Glossy Ibis #5 Glossy Ibis
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