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  1. Hi It has been pointed out that most of my contributions to the Currently Spinning thread seem to be what I have bought lately rather than what I have listened to. On The Vinyl Engine they have a thread called "Did you buy any records today?". This might exclude the digiphiles amongst us so I though why not start a similar thread here with a title fitting with this site. So, here is it - Currently Purchasing. So, I'll start off with my purchases from yesterday. From Licorice Pie: Sonny Boy Williamson: One Way Out. Getting into the blues of late so I thought I'd Pick up some Sonny Boy. Project Stereo Test Record - will be setting up the new TT shortly so I thought another test record wouldn't do any harm. From Warren's Record Paradise - Warren is not looking well which is a pity. Mike Oldfield: Five Miles Out Organ Recital: Simon Jansen on the organ at St Martin's Church, Bolsward Holland. Tracks include: Bach's Toccata and Fugue, Bach choral preludes, Rheinberger, Bossi and Karl-Elert. Mainly bought for Toccata and Fugue although I have played that track and would like a version with a bit more attack. That said, organs hold their notes so I suppose this is a balance. Anyone have a good suggestion for a version of Toccata and Fugue? DS
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