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  1. A few records arrived from Discogs today: The Cruel Sea: This is not the way home. Have wanted this on vinyl for a while, finally bit the bullet and paid the price for getting a record. To offset the postage costs a bit I bought a couple more: The Pretenders: Learning to Crawl T Bone Walker: The Natural Blues DS
  2. I just ordered a few from Discogs. Will probably take a few weeks to get them but should be ok, I haven't had any problems before. DS
  3. Picked up a couple today: The Murlocs: loopholes Was looking at a couple of LPs by Sly and the Family Stone.Was thinking of getting Stand and looked at my list of records and realised I already own it! So, I bought Life instead: DS
  4. Very vague memories of Patrick Troughton for me, still like him as a doctor but Jon pertwee was always a fave. I think Cappaldi will make a great doctor, looking forward to this. DS
  5. Great album, one of the first blues albums I got. I now have it on vinyl DS
  6. Hmm,so many brands out there to try, must track some of this down. DS
  7. Bought a new bike in March last year, clocked 10,000KMs last week. All that commuting adds up. Quick and easy way to work too. DS
  8. Great idea, there are always a few records one wants to chase up and getting them shipped from OS is a pain. DS
  9. Looks like a good stage, hope it doesn't end too late, I need some sleep. DS
  10. Looks like the breakaway might survive tonight. Pity not to see the start at Carcasonne, lovely place. DS
  11. Sounds interesting. Oldest I can recall was about 30, but the critical factor is whether the wine was made to be aged for a long time. Otherwise pointless. DS
  12. Wetting agents help spread the water and get the fluid right down into the groove. Take some record cleaning solution with a wetting agent and watch it spread over the record. Then compare to your distilled water rinse and watch it bead. Wetting agents come in a variety of ways: dishwasher rinse aid, photographic wetting agent and tergitol (I think). DS
  13. How is 100 year old wine, I've never had the chance to try any. DS
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