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  1. Hi It has been pointed out that most of my contributions to the Currently Spinning thread seem to be what I have bought lately rather than what I have listened to. On The Vinyl Engine they have a thread called "Did you buy any records today?". This might exclude the digiphiles amongst us so I though why not start a similar thread here with a title fitting with this site. So, here is it - Currently Purchasing. So, I'll start off with my purchases from yesterday. From Licorice Pie: Sonny Boy Williamson: One Way Out. Getting into the blues of late so I thought I'd Pick up some Sonny Boy. Pro
  2. OK folks, no-one else seems to be motivated to start this so I figure I will. Let's start some turntable basics threads so we can explain the dark side to all those out there who want to know. Firstly, a disclaimer: I have owned 2 turntables in my life, the current one for 20 years. I grew up with records but I don't think I know that much. So, if you need to correct anything I have written please put it in this thread, I'm not going to be insulted if someone points out where I am wrong. Also, the way I think is that I like to understand the basics so we're going right back to the basics here
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