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  1. Torn between the Naksa 80 power amp by Hugh Dean in Melbourne that I bought the best part of a decade ago or the Krix Lyrix speakers that I picked up over 15 years ago. My system hasn't changed much but the choice of music just gets better and better...and that's what it's all about.
  2. Most of the old ME amps are eminently repairable. Many non digital amps still are but even they can be tricksy. My NAKSA 80 was (and still is) made in Melbourne from identifiable components that could be replaced in seconds by a skilled operator (or a fraught hour or so by me) provided i/we/they can source the right value component...or I could send it back to Hugh with a not saying please fix!
  3. Hey Keith...Long time no see. Disc brakes in an urban situation can be really useful. Depends on how good the brake system is though. Like rim brakes...cheap is often rubbish. Cheap in disc brakes is not cheap in rim brakes. Biggest advantage is that your wheels last longer because rims don't wear out. Weight is a penalty but performance can be much better. Disadvantages are rotor warping and poor setup - not bedding pads in properly creates so many issues. Personally, I would not choose to go back to rim brakes.
  4. Having just acquired the DD Dumbo album...yes. it goes on the list.
  5. OK... I've abandoned Tapatalk. The latest 6.3.0 upgrade was the end. What forums were readable simply exploded so that ended that. Shame really because it did have some useful functionality over the browser versions when confined to a tablet...still does.
  6. I've had a lot of time for The Gloaming's second album, '2' this year. I suppose you could call it progressive folk?
  7. Another Aspen fan here...I've stopped on the Naksa 80. Never really finished my gk2. Now it's just a collection of parts... Krix Lyrix speakers, last of the 2nd generation anyway. Had them for nearly 15 years. Cambridge Audio CD player...only the 2nd CD player I've owned in 25 odd years...yeah that'll do too.
  8. That closing scene in the trailer nearly ended me... And the backing track is almost perfectly matched...
  9. Been keeping an eye on this forum via Tapatalk and of the three local Oz forums I visit daily this one is the pits. Once the recent posts in unread or the timeline start repeating (usually in the 2 to 4 hour mark)...I just mark the thing read and move on. Given the traffic this site sees I reckon I miss quite a lot and engage with the community bugger all.
  10. Still enjoying the recent Haken album, Affinity. Even the bonus instrumental version seems to work. Not sure it beats their previous effort, The Mountain, but it is an engaging listen. Keeping an ear on Birds Robe Records too for new Sleep Makes Waves plus some other new imports as well...
  11. Ahhh...bugger. The other Redgum vocalist and in many ways their most emotive. 'Killing Floor' is a classic..."If you don't fight, you're dead".
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