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  1. You need a PC, USB audio interface (with 48V phantom PSU, and a measurement microphone. Software is free (REW is a good start). I use Audix TM-1 (https://www.audiotechnik.com.au/product/audix-tm1/) and a Focusrite Scarlett USB interface. REW you can find here https://www.roomeqwizard.com/; they also have some recommended hardware. You can also go full monty and get a Clio 12 setup (http://www.audiomatica.com/wp/?page_id=2829) Lots of choices.
  2. 52 weeks delivery time is now a new normal for anything made of silicon these days. However, manufacturers are charging 50-100% extra to any "early adopters" of new production items as the wafer printing presses are warming up. Disgusting but hey - that is capitalism.
  3. The issue has been resolved. The coils were apparently out of alignment, which they fixed and that resolved the imbalance. However, I still do not fully understand how that happened. Anyhow - the cartridge is on its way back and it will be sent to Chris for some additional inspection and re-work if required.
  4. You should undoubtedly measure your room response and try to better integrate your existing sub before you spend more pezos. Unless your room is larger than 5x5 - it is very unlikely you need a second sub. Now the theory of "stereo" subs vs one sub is an interesting one but deal with the 1st order room response first before you get into 2nd order effects like stereo imaging at low frequencies.
  5. Thanks Greg. I was contemplating something along those lines but the retipper in question is one of the best in the business and not in Australia. On one hand I am not sure who is at fault here and for those reasons I do not want to name them directly. I am also 100% sure that there was no possibility that any damage was caused in transport. I also agree that the issue of "metal debris" is very confusing - how it got there and why? Do you have any particular shop in mind that I might consult with?
  6. I have had an interesting experience with a cartridge retipping service that I think is worth sharing. I will keep the story in bullet points to keep it concise: - I bought a 2nd-hand turntable with a fairly used Clearaudio Concept MC cart on it. - I used the cartridge for a while and it sounded very decent with no issues but I knew that I should either retip it of buy a new one. - I decided to do both - I got a Denon DL103R as a spare and sent the Concept for retipping (costing roughly 50% of the new cart price) - The cartridge arrived after retipping with an audi
  7. Can you show or list what mods were done to the player? Thanks
  8. Oh no - you need at least 4 subs in that room - one is not enough!!! LOL 🤪 No seriously - 3x3 standard bandroom cannot cope with that much air pressure. I used to over-excite mine even with a small sealed 10" sub let alone a proper HT system. I am currently testing a Paradigm S2 that I just upgraded (only one speaker mind you), a speaker that does not extend below 80Hz and I feel I have too much boominess in my workroom (which is 3x3).
  9. I agree Andy - there was a healthy dose of sarcasm in my words (as always). A single driver speakers have several problems - only one of them is an incomplete frequency response (FR) (if we adopt the -3dB bandwidth definition). Two bigger problems are variability of FR in the bandwidth range and high level of unfiltered distortion close to frequency extremes. Yes, you save on the crossover but you pay a hefty price (in my opinion). On the other hand, they can have some useful applications - small factor computer desktop speakers is one of them.
  10. Well, technically every driver is a full range driver - however, most do not really perform well at certain frequencies 🙃
  11. I think you got this one wrong - there are very few debates on technicall issues and they are generally resolved very quickly if the problem is defined correctly. The clutter of endless and largely useless debates usually happens when you focus on subjective experiences of "sound quality" - in other words, when you start discussing different religious dogmas (sometimes driven by various vested interests) rather than to look into actual science and engineering. I just want to remind you that your ears and brain are a very poor measurement instrument for "sound quality".
  12. mQa is just antother attempt of lizard people to control our minds. ?
  13. Tried that on several projects - no obvious "improvements" but nice thing to have on standrad bridge rectifiers or 1NXXXX silicon diodes. That being said, using them on modern fast diodes like MUR2030 or MUR1060 does not make a lot of sense. Those I usueally leave by themselves. A correct snubbing requires a resisitor as well and generally serves to attenuates HF ringing of the diode recovery current. Caps alone help a bit but not much. It is easier just to have fast recovery diodes. Some info: https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/408119/how-do-you-calculat
  14. Nirvana had only one guitar - unless he is talking abut a different band. Also, he is "demystifying" one religious belief with another - so typical. They are all false prophets - listen to me - I have the only truth! I just do not understand who started with this crazy concept that ears are a legitimate measurement instrument, and even that they are more accurate than measurement microphones. Seriously! In the original video on moding the dyns - he did some decent work but conveniently forgot to comment on increased distortion from the tweeter after pushing it to wo
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