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  1. Your house is already grounded - it would be illegal to build a domestic power distribution without a proper ground. Also, you cannot have two ground points for one house grid but you could split grids in two and have a separate power wires feeding only audio system and using the same or separate ground rod. Look around the house - you should find a piece of metal with a green wire connected to it.
  2. I would definitely reward the phono signal with fancy wire - hoping that the said wire has decent impedance characteristics and shielding. Keep in mind that balanced cable configuration removes a lot of problems simply by its nature (dual differential signal path). However, same impedance rules apply as for any other SE cable - low C; low R; moderate L.
  3. It is nothing to do with the app itself - the microphone in your phone is sh***t (substandard). The processing on the other hand is superb. 0.5dB accuracy is maybe between 500Hz and 5Khz - anything beyond that is a big "?".
  4. How do you define "high performance" ?
  5. For relative measurements any phone app is good enough (and free)
  6. I think you are over-complicating things a bit there. You are effectively using (or want to use) two digital "conditioners" or x-overs, not sure if that is the best way without knowing more about your system. Where are you sending that miniDSP SPDIF signal now - it has to be a DAC of some sort? I also do not understand where is the Dirac room correction - it the DAC that receives the SPDIF or in the USB DAC? Can you describe the system with models of equipment and connections between them, so I can understand what is going on there.
  7. I still wonder why would anyone want to do that? USB DACs generally expect data stream from a computer - so, yes in theory you could input a SPDIF signal into an audio interface card, transfer it into a computer and output that through a USB out of that same computer into a DAC. Again, why would you do that? Something like this: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Studio1824C--presonus-studio-1824c-usb-c-audio-interface
  8. https://www.stereophile.com/content/brinkmann-audio-bardo-turntable Domestic price conversion will be very steep, but it is a very unique piece of technology.
  9. I heard that a lot of people did not find anything in sound quality that would justify the HD800's premium price. I would suggest looking at Beyer Tesla T1s. I am very happy with my DT990s and looking into T5 or T1 as a future upgrade.
  10. The fuse has to be slow-blo. Any fast fuse will be eaten in a split second. That being said I would still inspect it for basic shorts and/or water damage. Fuses are used for a reason and should be respected. Follow the diagram:
  11. Don't know - haven't look into specifics of Rega arms lately, but Project RPM 9 is a very nice starting point for upgrades. After that just working out the basics - central distance, interface, VTA adjustment and alignment. WHatever fits the budget - maybe starting with RB330 and applying all the available mods would be a good start. All of that would still fit well under $3K.
  12. 260W is more like 300VA@240V gets you 2.5-3A with inrush current consideration. There is quite a bit of math to be taken into account if you want an exact number. Heaps of guides online. I am just wandering - what is the fuss about it if you replacing the fuse that was already in? Was the sub working fine with that fuse before the storage? Take the plate amp off and look for the signs of damage, that might give you some indication of foul play.
  13. I cannot confirm or deny that....😁 BUT - from a DIY perspective I would like to combine higher end Project decks and Rega arms, which in itself gets you into VPI universe (sort of). On the other hand, we are talking serious money here that starts knocking on Brinkmann doors and P10 cannot come close to that level of engineering and technology. From that perspective, I just see those upmarket Regas as simply overpriced.
  14. I can bet you that is the same deck as the P3 just with a better arm and a ceramic platter. The basic design of the sub-platter drive and their standard bearing is still sub-optimal - it always was. But you just have to pay 8K ozzy pezos for it. Rega - the history of selling the same turntable over and over again and beating inflation along the way by not changing your basic design for 46 years.
  15. Man, they definitely come handy for zombies and vampires.
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