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  1. Your only two options for taking the audio out of the TV are: SPDIF and AV out. AV out is usually a TRRS connector which carries composite video out together with L/R analogue audio. You might find a cable like that in Jaycar. A better option (maybe) would be to get a SPDIF to Toslink converter from Jaycar, which will allow you to use your speaker optical input. I can bet that a DAC in your speakers is way better than the one in your TV. https://www.jaycar.com.au/digital-audio-converter-repeater/p/AC1592?utm_campaign=redirect&utm_source=AC1592r&utm_medium=web
  2. That will destroy their quantum field and you will definitely need some purifiers to fix the problem 😁
  3. Further information: https://www.rtings.com/headphones/reviews/akg/k702 No need for a special introduction. If you want to hear space around your music and large sound stage, on a tight budget, these are the best cans you can get. Photos:
  4. As a monoblock maybe - but you have to find that box first. Another way would be a 3 box setup - PSU plus two smaller boxes for amps.
  5. You do realise that this is a class A amp and that nominal temperature of that large box is almost 60deg C?
  6. Talk to me before (if) you ship the amp. Some basic precautions are required to secure the transformer properly. Yes it is (and not). They are different physical amps but built as twins. All identical components and hardware. The bottom of the case has a bonded 3mm AL plate to add stiffness and increase case damping. A small difference is in the GND lift switch wiring - one has 2 and the other one 3 positions (NC - not connected was an add-on to the other one).
  7. Don't play with monsters - they will eat your music away.
  8. It looks like a "standard" Dynaudio - 85dB is probably more like 83dB and their power handling is 150W in 8ohms. I would dare to say - try 200W@4ohm (100W@8ohm) some decent class D amps - you will be surprised what Dyns can deliver, even their entry level models.
  9. Everything is heat related in that thing.
  10. Andy - with all due respect, if you can actually achieve that as you claim you can, then you should either go and see a doctor (a very good one) or send your equipment for a service check. Maybe even better - get a job in a radar development facility. I am sure they will be happy to employ your skills. This assumes (as you said) that your digital detective skills are based on perceived imperfections of a digital recording and/or a media, NOT the lack thereof.
  11. The only problem is that in most of the cases people without any scientific knowledge prefer to believe rather than understand and know. It is extremely difficult to have a constructive, physics/science/engineering based arguments with religious people. So, there are no good or bad questions, or good or bad answers. It all depends on intention and level of understanding of the topic. If those two requirements are compatible between two side in conversation the result can be useful for both side - as a teach/learn two-way street. In any other combination of circumstances any attempt to engage
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