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  1. Andy - with all due respect, if you can actually achieve that as you claim you can, then you should either go and see a doctor (a very good one) or send your equipment for a service check. Maybe even better - get a job in a radar development facility. I am sure they will be happy to employ your skills. This assumes (as you said) that your digital detective skills are based on perceived imperfections of a digital recording and/or a media, NOT the lack thereof.
  2. The only problem is that in most of the cases people without any scientific knowledge prefer to believe rather than understand and know. It is extremely difficult to have a constructive, physics/science/engineering based arguments with religious people. So, there are no good or bad questions, or good or bad answers. It all depends on intention and level of understanding of the topic. If those two requirements are compatible between two side in conversation the result can be useful for both side - as a teach/learn two-way street. In any other combination of circumstances any attempt to engage
  3. Well, SGM looks intersting as an overpriced CAD/FEA workstation. Not sure if that level of insanity is required for streaming a handful of Flacs. Snoopy8, thanks for the suggestions. That was more or less what I found so far. I will recheck usb out only options. Not after linear PSU since that bit I plan to do myself anyway.
  4. I am always for deep DIY - I have enough solder in my blood for two lifetimes. Will look into that as an option - I actually started looking already into that but I was wondering what is available commercially out there. I do not see a lot of attractive options under $10K
  5. I thought I would never ask a "what should I buy" question on SNA - but here I am, being lazy. So, the requirements: - The device shall be a network streamer or server/streamer. - The outputs shall be: USB, AES/EBU, SPDIF - It shall accept an external HDD (>2TB) with NTFS file system - It will have an ability to have an internal HDD/SSD or M2 drive - It shall cost under $3K - It should perform in a "bit perfect" fashion - It should have a BlueOS or other similar user friendly OS - Hi-res capability/Roon ready would be a nice plus
  6. Further information: QTY: 2 - GE paper in oil capacitors 10uF 600V (+/-10%) - they saw very little use and measure as new. A perfect use in tube gear or passive crossovers. The price is for the lot. The mounting hardware and terminal wires are included for both. Size: H 125mm x W 71 mm x D 48mm - height includes the terminals. Photos:
  7. Further information: QTY: 4 - GE paper in oil capacitors 5uF 600V (+/-10%) - they saw very little use and measure as new. A perfect use in tube gear or passive crossovers. The price is for the lot. The mounting hardware is included for all of them. One capacitor does not have nuts on the terminals but any standard 1/4" UNC will fit. Size: H 150mm x W 52.5mm x D 35mm - height includes the terminals. Photos:
  8. I love these simple questions that take a 2 semester university course material to properly answer. Let me answer with a question - how is your partial differential equation knowledge these days?
  9. Maybe it was mentioned already - there might be an issue with the connector termination if they did not crimp Canare connectors correctly (assuming you have Canare RCAPs). 5m is short for those cables even for shiitty SPDIF signal.
  10. Wear a face mask and don't forget to switch off the soldering iron when you are done.
  11. The temperature needs to be very close to Tg temperature of 80-85degC for any noticeable annealing to happen. The trouble is if you go too high there is no coming back. Some annealing can happen above 65degC but it is very minimal.
  12. Check out Tesla Model S 70 2016 70kWh Lithium-Ion Battery Cell 5.2kWh J134 https://ebay.us/Wf7dXt Probably cheaper than you cartridge
  13. LM 338 regulator will give you 5A current https://au.element14.com/texas-instruments/lm338t-nopb/ic-v-reg-linear-adj/dp/1469094?gclid=CjwKCAjww5r8BRB6EiwArcckCyyv1Uv-CvoYoPRyTrNMXl_1LyCJU8ipu1ftknyFf3kNd-Tn1Qo0ahoC8rMQAvD_BwE&mckv=s_dc|pcrid|432287894049|pkw||pmt||slid||product|1469094|pgrid|102205442564|ptaid|pla-900340836160|&CMP=KNC-GAU-GEN-SHOPPING-SEMICONDUCTOR-ICS The final cost really depends on the box quality - while other parts will set you back for maybe $100, assuming a 100VA transformer and couple of largish storage caps.
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