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  1. If he did not have any cables they would make 100% difference.
  2. I do not see what is a difference between the two and why would this replacement result in any improvements - all Toslink transmitters work with the same voltages and pinouts. 1- GND; 2- Vcc 3- Vin. Mechanically they can be with dust caps or flip gates but that is irrelevant for the performance. The real limitation is in the data protocol not the actual transmitter or receiver electronics.
  3. Human definition of "correct" or "right" can be driven by different things. In technical applications the only thing that matters is function. The function contains a lot of aspects beyond just mere operations, but should include safety as well. In this case the function of the connection is not influenced by the orientation and therefore there should not be a "standard" that specifies the "correct" orientation, since there is no technical or safety reasons for that. When it comes to mains wall plugs and sockets a safety reason would be to orient the earth prong up (above live and neutral) but not all countries follow this logic. In the AUS/NZ standard we do have some aspects of the connector design that renders orientation not so important (isolated prongs at the connector body junction). The same design standards do not exist in the US and installers often like to orient wall sockets with the earth hole down so it looks like a human face - human stupidity and vanity - no other reason for that. At the same time live and neutral prongs are fully exposed. A disaster waiting to happen - if one happens to play with thin conductive and flammable materials.
  4. Completely irrelevant. They can be installed in any direction - horizontal or vertical.
  5. RCA switch??? You mean an input selector switch? Can you explain the background of the project and what are you trying to achieve? A relay driven input selector will be far better in this role and you can get them in a kit form or assembled from ebay for $10 or so. No need for expensive mechanical rotary switches since you will be introducing noise pickup and channel crosstalk by using long signal wires. Also ebay is your friend when it comes to cases. Some amazing quality out there. These guys are amazing https://www.ebay.com/str/along1986090/Enclosure-Case/_i.html?_storecat=2332698010 They will even custom drill holes and mill profile cut-outs for free if you ask them nicely. Options for input selector switches https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_ssn=along1986090&LH_PrefLoc=&_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=input+selector+kit&_sacat=0
  6. I could never understand why people tend to generalise other human beings based on any category - a birth year being one of the most idiotic ones. Boomers are this, Xers are that, all millennials are self-absorbed...where are those ideas even coming from?
  7. This is probably not going to solve your problem but the first thing you should have replaced are those carbon trim pots for bias adjustment. Put some new 20turn pots of equivalent value and recheck your soldering and basic component orientation before moving forward.
  8. Yeah - I think it is called projector. It sends moving images to a wall or other flat surface. Close to a miracle I would say.
  9. If they have a clear coat you can use windex of 50-50 IPA/water mix. You can also use any car polishing or detailing products - it is the same finish. Use carnauba wax to finish it off. If they have only wood stain without any protective coat, it can be a bit tricky.
  10. How many measurements did you make to obtain that curve? For LF FR you need an average of 6 to 10 measurements around the listening position. Don't chase dB fractions in your room response - it is not worth it.
  11. SO, what is the "audiophiliac" assumption here - that switch data transfer can be slower than the DAC processing speed? A better PSU - sure - OK - another 5V or 12 V linear PSU will not hurt anyone but even that - how will that exactly influence audio processing downstream? That is not even taking into account capabilities of modern FPGA chips with sizable DSP trickery on their disposal. And yes, I have read quite a bit about AQ-SWITCH SE and I just do not buy into their pseudo-scientific bedtime story. I put it on the same shelf as my shakti stones and quantum fart purifiers. Unless....they sell it with a blue laser LED light - then I will spend $1000.
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