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  1. Hi, I'm interested in the Apogee. Where in Melbourne are you and is an audition possible?
  2. Hi, long time lurker here. Came here to get some speaker advice. My interests are headphones and home theatre setup.
  3. Hi, I'm looking to replace my current Monitor Audio gold floorstanders from the 90s and could use some guidance. For some background, I primarily use them for my home theater - a 4.2 setup so my front speakers acts as my phantom centre along with 2x 15inch subs right next to them. My receiver powers them for now but I'm planning to add a stereo power amp at a later stage. The Monitor Audios were great when I was living in an apartment but since moving to a bigger house, they always felt lacking some punch. I have since proven this by measuring their frequency response and discovered the bass started to slope at about 130hz at the main listening position while the subs' crossover is set to 80hz. I can compensate by increasing the crossover to 100hz but it limits where I can place my subs as I can now localise them. The size of my living room is 7 x 4 metres but it also opens up to the rest of the house. The speakers are positioned in front of the 4m wide wall, about 3 meters apart and the MLP is 3.5m away. The ceiling height is 2.7 metres which I believe is higher than average. What sort of "features" should I look for the new floorstanders that will give me the volume and impact I'm after? Minimum efficiency? Driver size? Cabinet size? Ports (my MA's are sealed)? 3-way? I want to start auditioning a few models so any suggestion would give me a good starting point. I'm also open to used. Lastly, I'm budgeting around $2k.
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