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  1. You would be surprised how many users would attempt this plugged in. I have seen some crazy things in my 30 odds years in this industry. At the very least the terminals should be shrouded with a perspex or plastic cover. Just saying... 🙂
  2. I am not sure I would expose any user to those live terminals😲
  3. Hi Musicbee Currently I am deciding whether a dual mono version is the best offering or going down the pure mono block version will be what is offered. Expected pricing will be in the $3500AUD to $4000AUD range for a dual mono. I hope this helps?
  4. IMHO Purifi just shot their OEM's in the Face and them self's in the foot! 😡
  5. I can tell you it was a great night, there were more people turned up than chairs. Caught up with some old friends and listened to a great sound system. What was other peoples impressions?
  6. Thanks it was really nice meeting you as well, very happy you enjoyed the evening, it was excellent for us as well. really great night😀
  7. The main advantage with a balanced preamp is only for driving long cable runs, otherwise sound quality is the same. In some cases noise performance can be better with unbalanced connections.
  8. Hi if you can make it to the melbourne audio club meet tomorrow night you can see and hear the 500 supreme amp, also a new Holton preamp that will be driving it.
  9. The green connectors are there just for convenience and tinning any wire before connection into these type of connectors is always a good idea, that way I have never found any issue using them long term. Otherwise the connectors can be removed and the cables can be soldered directly into the main PCBs, that was actually the original intent with these boards. The Green terminators just make it simple for DIY's.
  10. Hi Guys the boards shown are the DIY versions, I will be producing some commercial versions in the next couple of months all cased up ready to go. The first batch of these have been quite popular, sell quite a number of each design already. Nick Hulgich (Hulgich Audio) and myself will be at the Melbourne Audio Club meeting this Wednesday night, we will be doing a presentation with our gear and I will have the new Gain Block One preamp controlling the sound system. So those of you that are in Melbourne and can come along I hope to see you there.
  11. The fact is for a lot of Australian manufactures it has become very hard to compete on the open market, not because they make a poor product but simply getting their product seen and taken seriously takes a lot of marketing for a long time and therefore lots of cash, which in the current HiFi Market is very hard indeed. Getting things made in China is no longer cheap, I currently just get the PCB blanks made there and the actual PCB assembly is done in Australia as well as all of the CNC Chassis machining. So for me I try and keep as much of the manufacturing in Australia, however that may change in the future.
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