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  1. These are amazing bookshelves -https://vaf.com.au/collections/signature-speakers/products/signature-i25-meet-the-newest-and-the-best-stand-mount-speaker-weve-ever-made
  2. I believe Ben who I saw at Carlton HiFi is a collector of turntables and also good at servicing them, he has come to Adelaide before to service and set up TT's for VAF customers etc
  3. I am set now on the valve pre SS power idea. My last two pres are valve, first a Ming Da and now a Doge. I bi amp with four DIY monoblocks based on Holten's for bass and Aksa's for mids and treble, kind of a good combo with the convenience of remote control and the power amps are hardly cruising even at very high sound levels
  4. My son recently purchased a Rega P6 with a Soundsmith cartridge after hearing a P3 with the same cartridge at Vaf. Vaf recommend changing the felt mat supplied on Regas with a cork/rubber mat and this seemed to further improve the sound of the Rega
  5. If you a going to stick with the Denon 103 range would'nt the 103 Pro be the one to get
  6. Agree with Paul about Doge, have a preamp "LP" model with upgraded caps and Psvarne tubes, the MM phono stage is very good even though I have an external MC/MM pre, I run 4 solid state monoblock amps with it.
  7. Just listened to the I25, the new models are going to be very very good
  8. First kit speaker I ever built, had many years of enjoyment from them
  9. As there are six quality drivers per cabinet (which are also quite complicated to build, stepped baffles various internal compartments and braces) I believe Vaf would have had to increase prices on these in future to a level approaching their Signature range, so unfortunately they have dropped this speaker (which is a bargain price on their "runout" sale)
  10. Grumpy, had the same problem a few years ago, triple checked the system, turned out to be a blocked earwax problem, the liquid flush out did'nt work, so the Doctor (a friend) said "don't tell, anyone, but I'm going to bend the small end of a glider clip" and proceeded to insert it in my ear and scrape the wax out, worked perfectly, stereo back again.
  11. Not quite sure how much power you need, but I have the Marantz PM6006 hooked up to a TV, sounds nice, plenty of power in that situation. I have the TV (an LG Oled) audio out connected to the amps DAC input via optical. Amp gets great reviews and is well under your budget, I have tried a VAF bookshelf and VAF and JAMO Floorstanders with it.
  12. I recently bought a Hyundai I30SR with the 7 speed DCT, I was quite concerned prior to purchase about a DCT after all the problems that Ford and VW had with them. The DCT version of the SR had all the auto safety features whereas the manual version omitted some of these. After making a lot of enquiries it seemed that Hyundai's DCT is a good one and reliable, it is certainly the best and most intelligent auto gearbox I have driven. When in the city I always put it in neutral when stopped at traffic lights etc, is this the correct thing to do?
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