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  1. Thanks. I'm doing my research this week and will likely purchase towards the end of the week and run a calibration session next weekend.
  2. I approached my own recent upgrade with similar feelings. Based on reviews and feedback I strongly considered Anthem for my new 4K AVR - after 4 generations of Yamaha (V1900, V2600, V3800, A3020). But ultimately the previous Anthem x20 generation was missing a critical feature (eARC) and the new x40 generation was running late with reported issues around the software and even though a 2021 model does not have HDMI 2.1 (working or not) in the initial hardware. Although I have no current need for HDMI 2.1, I didn't see the point of paying new release premium prices when it was missing.
  3. Over the 4 days of the Easter break and a bit of work through last week and today, I've made a lot of progress. In particular, I had a productive Easter due to near-lockdown and the weather meaning that we stayed home. The side and rear surround speakers were lowered, and the side surround speakers swapped out (Mission 771s to m7ds). It did require a fair amount of surgery for the drops as there were studs and other obstructions to navigate but I managed with the aid of a bent wire coat hanger and a lot of patience. Very happy with the new
  4. It's official - Announcement: Harmony Remote Manufacturing, Service and Support Update While Harmony remotes are and continue to be available through various retailers, moving forward Logitech will no longer manufacture Harmony remotes. Buy them while you can.
  5. Another option to consider - if your budget allows - is the Marantz SR8012 - the last generation flagship only missing out on the problematic HDMI 2.1 chipset and a few other things. Currently available discounted to around $4500-4800 at various Marantz dealers. Cheapest is Video Pro at $4500 with an open box one at $4180. I have just installed a SR8012 today to replace a Yamaha RX-A3020 to get 4K support, HDR/.Dolby Vision, 11.power channels as I am going 7.1.4.
  6. Item: Oppo BDP-103AU or BDP-103AU Darbee Edition Price Range: $350-500 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Should include working remote. Not worried about the box or manual. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  7. Nice speakers. As Steve/Winno says they work best with the side firing woofers on the inner side. I've got a pair of Mission 766 with the same feature. Definitely better results with the woofers on the inside. I think the manual even says so.
  8. After years of reliable and hassle free service, the remote control for my BDP-105 has stopped working .... mostly (see below). It was working about 10 days ago. I used it briefly yesterday and noticed a sort of stutter but didn't think anything of it at the time. Now it is not sending any commands, nor is the backlight coming on. I've swapped out the batteries for freshly charged AA's and also tested in other remotes. Except if I leave it without batteries for a few hours, it might work (backlight comes on, will power on 105) briefly when batteries ar
  9. Sad news. My first AVR was an Onkyo DS-575 in the pre-HDMI days. Paired with some of the same Mission speakers I am only just retiring after 20 years.
  10. First up was the TV mount. The current wall alcove is not wide or tall enough to hold the Sony 75": My plan is to have the feature wall rebuild with a new wide alcove and additional cabling including a power and RCA output for a second sub. However, my regular builder is busy until August. So with this in mind my Dad and I knocked up an interim solution and build a new frame to go into the recess to hold the Sanus SLT6 wall mount ready to mount the Sony KD75X9500H when it arrives. Removing the Panasonic plasma revealed the 15 year old wall mount
  11. Okay so with 4 day weekend I decided to get stuck into my pile of goodies. New - Sanus VLT6 wall mount, Marantz SR8012, Shield TV Pro, Rupro HDMI2.1 certified cable Second hand (from SNA) - Panasonic UB9000, Mission m7ds bipoles, Mission e8c centre speaker. Only thing missing is the new Sony KD75X9500H display which is on backorder. 😕
  12. But for those with existing investments in speakers, technology and infrastructure (aka the HT room), this is frequently not an option or even desirable in some cases. There can also be other factors (WAF) involved outside of those. I've been happy with performance of my Mission speakers including the bipoles and don't plan to change. Also Dolby's own position on bipoles has evolved and changed. Some of their team were among the biggest advocates of bipoles. That may have changed as their technology has evolved. I'm happy with my evolving setup and the pla
  13. Bipoles are okay for Atmos. I have 2 pairs of Mission bipoles in my setup for side and rear surrounds. Dipoles are not recommended as they are deliberately out of phase in an effort to simulate effects. The Krix inwall speakers do have a cover/shielding but obviously it is often difficult/impractical/impossible for in wall or ceiling speakers to match the volume of external speakers. However, achieving good sound is more than just speaker size. For instance, Dolby now recommend matching speakers for all positions. This is quite different from when many of us origin
  14. Looks great Steve. Can I please have the 782s? After all they don't match the rest of your gear 😉
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