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  1. Pleased to hear u have sorted all the issues & have the speakers back together & working well. I'll be surprised if they don't keep u satisfied for many years to come they really are excellent speakers. Mine need the donuts replaced too & I bought the replacement foam type a couple of years ago just need motivate myself to get started. Hasn't been a pressing need as they haven't been used since I acquired a pair of Quad 988s a while back & which continue to amaze me. Incidentally, I spent a decade or so in Christchurch, late 60s & thru the 70s. Had a pretty good system there with Quad amps, B&W speakers, Thorens & Dual t/tables. Very fond memories of that period, of the country & the people.
  2. The Aussie price will be at least that of the MMGi because they are both $650 in the US.
  3. Did the Joe Rasmussen, DIY Xover circuit for the Ushers ever eventuate?
  4. A solid endorsement of the above suggestion particularly if u are a bit budget constrained. I recently got a pair of the Pioneers from Dick Smith (Kogan) on special for $199 + free shipping & I'm shocked at how good they are, the hype is not misplaced.
  5. sub....that explains the rubber donuts on one of your pair but, which is original? I suspect the foam type is so what will u do since the rubber is no longer available? I think I'd replace the foam & compare them side by side in mo no before replacing the rubber with foam also. The xover issue is not to be taken lightly if the original performance is to be maintained. It is firstly a very complex xover which is then very tightly spec'd & matched between pairs. Although the caps are nominally 10% tolerance KEF ordered them to a much tighter spec from their supplier & then further sorted them with, I understand, a very high rejection rate. I believe they required +or - 0.5% tolerance components for the Reference Series. Falcon, I understand, match the caps to +/- 2-3% side to side but not necessarily to the base spec. If it were me I'd be measuring the originals side to side & if they are the same I'd assume they haven't drifted & unless able to match with new caps of that exact value I wouldn't replace. With regard to the biwire terminals, I have seen examples with lower ser.nos. than mine that have 4 binding posts. My ser.no is 68xx, purchased new in 1985 so they were available that way long before 1990.
  6. Actually I know the frustration well as I have now exceeded the allotted three score & ten Summers.
  7. I purchased my 104/2s "brand new" in the 80s & they have rubber surrounds on the 8" woofers with foam donuts, ser nos. are in the 68xx. I also know of a least 2 other sets with rubber woofer surrounds from new. However, I have never seen or heard of rubber donuts & would be suspicious that they were not original. I don't believe the Morel tweeter was designed to replace the Kef unit but has been found (with some modifications) to be a satisfactory replacement as have some Vifa & Audax 4 ohm models. All of the suggested replacements require some level of modification to fit except a model offered on eBay from the US. The tweeter branded 'Midwest Speakers', & made in China is said to be made to replace the T33 & is a drop in fit. Price seems to be reasonable at US$45. I wouldn't be in a hurry to replace the caps on the xovers as it will be quite expensive if u can't do it yourself, there is a lot. Have a look at them & if there are no leaks or bulging/swollen examples I would leave well enough alone. Capacitors on speaker xovers have quite a long life because they are not subjected to heat stress as they would be in an active circuit. Heat is an electrolytic capacitors greatest enemy. Any recap should include an effort to substitute with film caps where possible & this would be possible with about half the number, say 8 or 9. The 104/2s when operating correctly are an awesome speaker that seem to fly under the radar. They were part of the KEF Reference series made on a separate assembly line by Kef's best & most experienced tech's using computer matched components. They are considerably more accurate & natural than most of the more fancied older speakers like Gales & NS1000M, that change hands for double the money. Just check out the relevant response graphs to see the Kef's superiority. Err.... perhaps it's not such a good idea for Gale fans to look at that speakers measured response.
  8. Have u looked under the platter Steve, the early models had the SnNo. on a sticker attached to the top plate as does one of mine.
  9. The Monitor Audio range MA1, 3,4,5, 6 & 7 all available in white & I have a M.A. brochures showing the MA1 & MA5 in white. A friend had white Concertos & there were others http://www.kef.com/uploads/files/en/museum_pdf/60s/C_Series_1970.pdf I think it was Rogers Studio models & even LS3.5a. Can't remember the various Wharfedale models (they had such a large range) except I think Diamond 7.1 B&W had white DM2. 4, 5, 6, 7 DM2.2 & DM70. Sonab had white omni directional models
  10. Actually Gale did release some 401C in white & I recall seeing a pair at Blackwood Sound back in the day. A number of speaker manufacturers had a white option in the late 70s & early 80s incl. B&W, KEF, Monitor Audio, Sonab, Goodmans, Celestion, Wharfedale, Rogers, etc.
  11. Which is it, 2.0M or 1.2M ???
  12. Fantastic MotoGP race, edge of seat stuff with Marquez performing his usual Kamikaze moves on the last lap but, to no avail. Also great to see young Remy Gardner, do well in the Moto2 race with the new Triumph engines. He was only just pipped for a podium place. One to keep an eye on this year.
  13. If you're genuinely serious u can get a black face plate & knobs from Audio Research, as I have done in the past. Color shouldn't be a deal breaker at the OPs asking price.
  14. I have a factory black pair, had for 30yrs, they are not that uncommon.
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