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  1. I drove up to the coast to attend the show, was simply amazing! I attended another Hot Rod show few years back, but was held at the RNA show grounds. Gotta say, the Gold Coast show was much better.
  2. This is my favorite Ming Da amplifier, whoever buys this won't be disappointed! Good luck with the sale mate.
  3. LOL they stole my photos! Ah well... Mate just shoot me an email or PM, I'm in Brisbane too so we can work something out.
  4. What about this little player: http://www.hifiman.us/products/?pid=71 Uses SD cards too.
  5. This is pretty cool! Using USB DAC directly through the iPad would be very interesting. Have you tested it much Tony? BTW, found this on google: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nokton/4621172765/
  6. If you guys wanting something to compare to the Bel Canto, the Virtue ICEBlocks are a better match: http://coemaudio.com.au/Amplifiers/Power-Amplifiers/264/ The ICEBlock uses the ICE modules as well as a custom designed tube buffer from Dodd Audio. Keep the thread updated with the GTG!
  7. Sounds good guys johnnydarko, shoot me an email when you can and we'll work out the details.
  8. Guys let me know if there is any interest for a small GTG, would be more then happy to help out by sending down a loaner unit
  9. Hey guys. Well the TWO has been discontinued for awhile now, but the ONE.2 is most definitely the better one. The circuit and layout has been slightly revised, but the greatest improvement came from the stepped attenuator. It's very surprising to be honest, but I can confirmed this with another customer who previously had a ONE and TWO and now a ONE.2. The latest model, the TWO.2, will be available very soon too. But the best Virtue amplifier so far would be the M901 Sensation I'm hoping to visit Tony again (AudioAddiction) and have a session with the JB3 and ONE.2/TWO.2 amplifiers, should be fun!
  10. You would still be charged duty if it was from Germany because Australia doesn't have a free trade agreement with Germany. I think free trade agreement is with the USA, New Zealand and Singapore?
  11. Oh and certain products are duty free, from memory DVD Players are duty free
  12. Seems about right, there is usually an agent fee of like $40-$50. Also AQIS entry fee of like $10-$15.
  13. Hey Mick35, I don't think the details have been fully finalised yet, I'm keeping my eye on the head-fi thread to get a confirmation of location and date.
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