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  1. Can confirm that zakblue is a reliable seller, bought some gear from him a little while ago and item(s) was exactly as described. GL with the sale mate. Regards, Dom.
  2. Any SVS subs available as per request..?? Regards, Dom.
  3. Item: Looking to purchase a SVS Subwoofer, just wondering what you’ve got. Price: Budget is between $400-$500. Location: Victoria (Melbourne) Looking to see what’s available, would prefer ported but will consider ‘sealed’ options too. Let me know what you have. Thanks in advance. Regards, Dom.
  4. Anyone with a spare Jamo D600LCR..?? Or a Jamo D500LCR and D500SUR..?? Regards, Dom.
  5. Hi all, I am just wondering if anyone has any of the following item(s); 3 X Jamo D500LCR speakers 2 X Jamo D500SUR speakers 1 X Jamo D600LCR speaker If anyone has any of the above they would like to sell please let me know what you have. I am based in Melbourne, so would prefer local pickup, but either way, let me know what you have. Thanks in advance. Regards, Dom.
  6. Admin, Please remove this post as is no longer required. Regards, Dom.
  7. Hi mate, Yeah I was that little bit too late for that kit.. On the plus side, a forum member got in contact with me (from my post request) and I am happy to report that I am now the proud owner of a full Jamo D600 THX Ultra2 Kit, so I am a very happy man.. Regards, Dom.
  8. Hi there, I am just wondering if anyone has any Jamo D600LCR and/or D600SUR they are wanting to sell.. If you could please let me know what you have as I would be interested. Thanks in advance.. Regards, Dom.
  9. For a DAC it has pretty much every connection method including XLR. What you can expect from this DAC is an impressive soundstage and a very accurate tonal balance that will give your audio ‘real musicality’ including great timing due to the M1-DAC doing a flawless job at removing jitter and allowing your music to breath.. Well GLWTS, this is a great price for a quality piece of equipment.. Absolute bargain!!
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