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  1. How did you go? i maybe able to help. PM me and we can have a chat
  2. Thank you, no i don't but I have my ears tuned well by now. I know what I like and expect from a project of this magnitude. I am Just now listening to Them and I can Say Chris Rea and I are good friends, as I just met him in my Living room, and he is doing a private "Live Concert" for me. hahahah
  3. Yes Thank you Willmax, I love this amp and pre amp. had it for around 11 years now and will never let it go. too much sentimental value. I have added 2 Vincent Mono blocks sp997 which run the top end and the MF runs the bass section. Really so happy with my setup now. The Vincents are above my expectations also. they are lovely amplifiers. The Amati Replicas have surpassed my expectations, I nailed the crossover yesterday and it just sounds so right. To be honest I had the Opportunity to listen to some Sonus Fabers 10 years ago when i Lived in Malaysia and I was not that impressed, but I
  4. These are my Humble setups. Sans feet and all 😁. Just finished my Amati copies and am flushed with a few speakers now.
  5. Thank you, I used Scan speak Discovery drivers- Best bang for your Buck I think especially the tweeter. Its the Old peerless HDS.in which Scan speak Make now. 18w-8424g00.pdf 22w-8534g00.pdf d2608-913000 (1).pdf
  6. Challenge Accepted but give me a few years until I have a proper workshop. I did the Amati out of a crowded garage hahah.
  7. The Budget was around 2k and was fulfilled and them some. I did purchase about $1000 in New Tools also. But they will go into the workshop inventory for the next project in December 2021.
  8. Thanks for the compliment It sounds pretty good so far, did some Crossover work before it was finished but this weekend will do some measuring to find out how flat it is or isn't. have external crossovers so not difficult to tweek further.
  9. Recently after quite a while away from speaker building i started this project during my Christmas Holiday Break from teaching. I have now completed the Build, but will continue to tweek crossover until I feel i am there. it was quite a challenging build for one living in a regional town in the New England. I did have trouble sourcing materials but came up with some solutions that were not quite as good but did the job in the end. I am absolutely happy with the end product, even though its not exact but i did take elements from the differing models for the last 20 years so as to
  10. No I think I will leave without a grill.not a fan of those piano wire ones they have. Actually this build has elements of the older ones and newer Amati. Tried to mix the models up a bit to keep it looking current. Put my first 3 coats of clear on today. Tomorrow another 4 and next day another 5. Will try to emulate the deep lacquered look they have.
  11. For 6 years I didn't really do much as Going through Divorce, unemployment etc Didn't give me a great deal of motivation, But 2020/2021 has given me an opportunity to start a project I Have had on my mind since 2005 when I first laid eyes on them. "Them" is the amazing Sonus Faber Amati Homage.. Having built few Pairs of rectangular boxes I wanted so badly to try a Curved tail Speaker Build. Well I can safely say I have started and got through most of the unexpected hurdles one can expect when bending a square flat piece of wood into a Boat shaped masterpiece. After contemplat
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