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  1. Keith, Thanks for the update. I will keep your results in mind as I move forward with Accurate. I had assumed that HQ player was one of the best options once the correction filters and crossovers are develped. But it looks like other options are a ‘must try’ to see how it works for me. Regards Mark
  2. Yes it would certainly like to get the VT 60 up and running again. There is the odd power VT60 power supply board that comes up in Europe but if the US version of this board is able to accept 100 to 260V it would make it much easier. I have some amps and a few other things that have universal voltage, but the VT 60 board ??????? Regards Mark
  3. Does anyone know if the US power supply boards are universal or 110V only ? My Panasonic P55VT60 went dead this week. Had a look and the power supply board (TNPA5717 P4) needs replacing. I have sent off a few emails to Australian parts suppliers but I am not hopeful as new parts for the Panasonic Plasma's seem to be non existent. I have seen a seen a number of second hand power supply boards for the US 55VT60 from US eBay sellers. The order number on the circuit board an both mine (Aus.) and the US ones are TNPA5717 P4. However I also have a sticker mine that lists mine as TNPA5717AH. Whilst the number printed on the circuit board is still TNPA5717 P4 the numbers on the stickers on the US based models are different. Hence I am not confident they will work with 240V. Has anyone tried a US power supply board ?? Regards Mark
  4. Hi, Are the balanced outputs switchable between output one and output two or do they both output all the time ? regards Mark
  5. Item: 4 Timber CD Racks - Give Away Location: Mitchelton - Brisbane Price: Give away but please consider giving a $5 or $10 donation to SNA. Item Condition: Good for the price. Actually a bit dusty and 1 in particular has a few marks on the top. Reason for selling: Moving and all my CD's have been boxed up. Payment Method: A small donation to SNA. Extra Info: I am moving to the Sunshine Coast and all my CD's are boxed up. I have decided not to take the CD racks with me so I am looking to give them away. If any local SNA member has use for them please PM me to arrange a time for pick up. Each of the CD Racks holds 150 CD's. Whilst there are only 3 racks in the photo I have 4 of these racks to give away. I would prefer if one person takes all 4 racks. The removalist arrives early next week so if they are not gone by then they will be going to the recycling centre. Please note these are pick up only. Mark Pictures:
  6. Keith, Thanks for the update. It certainly can be a frustrating hobby. Especially when things don't work out as planned. Hopefully after all.the planning, effort and time you have put in things will soon go your way and you will end up with a system you are truly happy with. I will keep my eye open for any further updates. Regards Mark
  7. Keith, Have you had any success with eliminating or reducing the ringing ? Regards Mark
  8. Keith with your measurements of the subs for time alignment I am interested to know if you are seeing 2 impulse responses or one per sub. I am expecting the impulse for the rear facing driver to arrive very slightly after the impulse from the front driver but that may not be what the actual measurements are showing. Regards Mark
  9. Sorry Keith, I was not aware you had separated the enclosure into 2 compartments. Obviously an advantage for your current situation with the slight downside of ending up with cabinets that are twice the size. I expect things should be much better once you have an opportunity to correctly measure the new subs, make new filters and intergrate them into the rest of your system. Stick with it I am sure you will get there. Regards Mark
  10. Joe, The comment was "shorting out the terminals on the driver that is not connected". That means the driver is not "wired in parallel". The option is for a driver that is not wired to anything and is working as an unintended passive radiator. Hope this helps clear this up for you. in Keith's case it is not relevant as he has divided the enclosure space into 2 compartments with each driver having its own enclosure. Regards Mark
  11. Keith, You may not get the best sound (cleanest, transient response) from your new subs with the current temporary arrangement. If I understand correctly, because you only have 2 channels of amplification available you are only driving 1 of the 2 drivers in each box. I am not an expert but I expect the second driver will be acting like a passive radiator. But not one that has been designed to work correctly with the box volume and speaker suspension that you have. i am sure things will be much better once you get the other amp back, things are set up as designed and you have the opportunity to measure and correct the system with the new subs. i am not sure how long it will be before you other amp returns ? (I assume each amp is a 2 channel amp driving the 2 drivers in one box) in the interim is it worth driving the drivers in series ? That is use one channel to drive both drivers in one sub and the other channel to drive both drivers in the other sub. Obviously you will have double the impedance of a single driver but most amps have no problems with that. One other option that might be worth goggling is shorting out the terminals on the driver that is not connect. Don't trust my memory but I half remember reading that if you are using a conventional driver as a passive radiator you short out the terminals. Anyway just another option or two to consider while you are waiting for the other amp to return. Regards Mark
  12. Darth, Looks like the P300 is sold. Anyway if the sale doesn't go through let me know and I will take it. I am in Brisbane so I could arrange pickup. I have left you a. PM Regards Mark
  13. If you have not sold it I will take it Regards Mark
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