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  1. This is incorrect - basic research shows that just replacing a fuel burning car with an EV drops carbon output due to the refining/transport of fuel and efficiency of electric motors vs ICE. It was posted previously in this thread.
  2. Big trip! 👍 To compare to an EV, in my X I'd need to top up twice to cover the 895 safely and have some residual at the other end. If the infrastructure was in place it would mean around 1 to 1&1/2 hour of rest time (across two stops) which wouldn't be silly if covering that distance in a day - a stop for coffee and a stop for lunch. An S or 3 would do it better as they are more efficient. So possible, but not probable without the infrastructure.
  3. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-04-26/scott-morrison-climate-change-fossil-fuel-subsidies-net-zero/100094506 Nope - definitely no need to government intervention on things - the market sorts it all out...? Spend a fraction of that working towards adoption of EV's and I think things would change very quickly.
  4. Again - agree to heartily disagree on this one.. Either way, I stand by the approach that government policy is desperately needed to help kick start EVs in Australia.
  5. Again - we'll have to agree to disagree. Any simple tax audit will require a certain amount of "private use" for non FBT exempt vehicles. To put this into context for driving purchasing decisions, for every 50k of car value at "normal" accounting private use it's around 5-6k per year in FBT. Hence the large number of Utes kicking around used for work/private at no FBT cost (or risk at audit time). Government policy driving purchasing decisions. Which, circling back to it, is what the ABC article was trying to put forward...
  6. I too am a business owner and would challenge your assumption on what use the Utes you see are for. We have 8 VW Amarok Utes - all for work purposes. We purchased Utes as they are exempt from FBT. This is an example how government policy drives the market, which is my main point. The only way EVs will progress in Australia is if the government pulls their finger out and does something about it.
  7. I think you're looking at it from an employee's view - What if the business purchases the vehicle?
  8. You don't consider that the government policy of no FBT on Utes has a bearing on what businesses purchase? I completely agree. Took my X from Perth to Albany last week. With the harsh weather (cyclone) on the way down our range was limited to 300km at one point. However on the way back with no massive head winds it came back up to around 420km. The learning from this was that the vehicle is perfectly suitable for 99% of my usage being around Perth, but heading anything further than 350km requires planning. In your usage case I can't think of any currently ava
  9. What do you think is the real reason?
  10. I think we'll have to agree to heartily disagree on this one. ? I'm curious - what would be the positive outcome for VW creating fake news around our lack of government direction or policies on reducing vehicle emissions?
  11. Did you read the article? Nothing to do with local distributors - it re-iterates that it's all to do with EU policies and selling into markets that make the most business sense. There is no point selling into Australia for most EU manufacturers when they can sell locally and obtain the credits available there. Until we get govt policies that actually direct the market, we will remain a dumping ground for the cheapest/least efficient/most polluting vehicles.
  12. https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2021-04-20/australians-want-to-buy-electric-cars-what-is-stopping-us/100071550
  13. Further information: Hopefully not making a mistake here in selling as this LP12 comes with a story. I purchased it around 5 years ago as you see it now. It was built by a gentleman to be his ultimate rig, however unfortunately he passed away before he ever got to spin a record on it. I hadn't planned on ever selling it, however it should be used and enjoyed rather than sitting on the shelf gathering dust. Recently serviced/checked by a respected local technician. Specs as below: Serial Number 070645 - putting it around a 1997 vintage Ittok LV II a
  14. We have no EV policies, a voluntary emissions standard and a small RHD market. Why would car makers bother to send us anything but dregs and models that they can produce in factories on old equipment requiring no spend/R&D?
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