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  1. They are the Omen Def with Radian tweeter upgrade. 👍
  2. Thats awesome - good to hear. My experiences with Audi, VW and Volvo have been very different!
  3. @blybo - wasn't commenting on if Tesla's were good or bad, but the irony that seems to be lost on most (and him) in his "conflict of interest" comments. Clearly he has plenty when reporting on vehicles whilst making cash off selling them - which is fine, but calling others out for it was laughable.. I don't drive an S - sold it to buy an X and a 3. Guess you could call me a convert 😃 and I'm quite happy to be one. However, I wasn't defending Tesla - more pointing out that this guy comes across as an angry hack. Quite off topic - Your comments about the Volvo dealer are
  4. Interesting this bloke - self proclaimed auto-expert (must be as he owns the website domain!) spruking that positive reporting about Tesla is by those linked to EVs so not impartial. His revenue comes from getting you a great deal on a car - I noticed that he can't get deals on Teslas - forgive me, but the irony of point out a conflict of interest whilst your whole business model is built on one is hilarious... Either way - he was right about one thing, there is competition coming for Tesla. This was Elon's main goal I think, to drag others to the line on EVs, which he
  5. GLWTS Dan. To give peace of mind to all considering this, we'll cover the new owner with the balance of the warranty which is until June 21. 👍
  6. I've seen these in the flesh - they are an awesome build and have a huge amount of work put into them. Theo is also a true gentleman - proceed with confidence! Good luck with the sale Theo. Cheers, Cam
  7. Very true, though I'd expect these to be quite low compared with transport of oil/fuel I guess? Interestingly, the impression I get is that most of the Tesla club of WA members are powering from Solar, unless out touring.
  8. Perhaps the calculated figures include CO2 for trucks to transport the fuel to delivery points? Something that electricity doesn't need to consider.
  9. Not that I found. After a long search I sourced mine from eBay. This was a few years ago though..
  10. Item: Kuzma Tonearm - preferably 12" VTA Price Range: Budget up to 4k Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a suitable Kuzma tonearm to match a Stabi Reference 2. My preference would be the Stogi S 12" VTA or better.
  11. I didn't bother mentioning it as it kinda feels like shouting against the sea.. I've written to my local MP here in WA and reached out to other Greens MPs and EV organisations such as the Tesla WA club to see what else I can do. In short, a pretty average approach by what seems uneducated govt who would rather go with the lobby groups and invest in a "hydrogen solution" which doesn't exist. Either way, at the start this tax will bring in bugger all compared to what it costs to implement. I thought I'd done my fair share so far - in the last 2 months purchas
  12. 😂👍 Nah, left over by the coyote...
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