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  1. Hi @Mighty Quinn - like the others, I've only got feedback for you on the HP variant for KT150 valves. They definitely suit my style of speakers, which are Zu Audio Omen Def's. I'd imagine that this would vary depending on what speakers you are using. Care to share? Cheers, Cam
  2. Thanks again for the heads up Terry - I'll drop him a line.
  3. Empire in Osborne Pk - I'm pretty sure they have them at the Freo showroom too.
  4. Nah - I'll need to decide sooner or later. Thanks for the heads up - I searched and it looks like he sold the Haltrons. I've been through quite a few before settling on the current valves, though always happy to roll so I'll source some to give them a try.
  5. Sure! Currently in use: Primaluna Dialogue Premium preamp with Phillips rectifiers and Brimar long plate input valves AM 805 Monos with Psvane power tubes, Tung Sol KT66s and Amperex input valves On the floor: Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP integrated with KT150 power valves and Amperex input valves
  6. Thanks Kevin. The setting is quite interesting today with storms rolling in.
  7. They are. Tried that. Both options have 14 valves each so a stalemate.. 😂 The PL preamp is awesome and has made both SS and valve amps sound great. Only ever bettered by a Tram DHT pre I had ages ago, which unfortunately came with a lot of issues making it impractical for daily use. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the PL pre.
  8. Can’t make a decision! 3 boxes or 1...
  9. As an owner of a 2015 model I can say their backup has been awesome. Any issues have been fixed at no charge. The brief from the service personnel is "just fix it".
  10. Awesome website - thanks for sharing!
  11. Passive. The valves give it away... 😜😂
  12. Omen Def with Radian tweeter. They work well when paired with the right gear.
  13. Stormy Thursday afternoon.. the room heaters were working well..
  14. Nope, we are - though I have 60kW of solar at our business and I schedule my charging for when it's producing well. Even on cloudy days there are enough panels to charge the car. I do find it confusing though the approach of people saying that an electric car is pointless as most power is provided by coal... surely it's better to have a positive approach to things?
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