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  1. Agreed. Some further research has led me to an Xiaomi Miji 4k unit. They can be had landed here for around 3k or less and will put out an image up to 150inches if you need it. I'll post back if I actually take the plunge on one of these units.
  2. Hi all, I’ve waded my way through the other short throw projector thread from a while back and Wow... I will state - please don’t post in this thread about facts/thoughts/feelings on the different styles of projector available as that’s not what I’m asking. What I would like to know is has anyone on the forum had experience with the Optoma P1 or a similar projector? If so, can I get recommendations on where to purchase in Perth or see one of these things in action. Cheers, Cam
  3. Yup - lived on slow charging for a year and it worked fine for normal running around. Given the car is idle for around 10 hours per night during the week and longer on weekends, it provided plenty of range for me in the S. I do make sure the charging level for the battery is set to 90% - not sure if that affects life much, but so far it's had a lot less issues at 50,000km than my previous Audi S6 at 30,000km! 😀
  4. Fair call - though there are usually pretty simple solutions for street parking as well. Does your wife run out of fuel much? 😂😋
  5. Ummm - aren't power points pretty much anywhere? Most garages at home have them? 🤣
  6. Good point - that's where making sure what voltage your gear can take - and what is being delivered - is paramount. Also, having something like a PSAudio P10 helps to create a locked in supply voltage and bias levels that don't move..
  7. Thanks for the reply. I can sympathise with being over it when things keep failing. 👍 If anyone else has thoughts on 845 valves I’m all ears. Psvane has also released their ACME series, but they are quite pricey to just take a punt on them!
  8. @Bassline Junkie - digging up an old thread again. Where did you end up on 845 valves after one of the WE’s went bang?
  9. What is that gold thing?
  10. Nice setup! How do you find the sound of the 833 valves vs the 845 valves?
  11. Reading a FB post by Greg last night - seems his AM amps weren't biased correctly? Possibly this could be a cause of the disappointing sound?
  12. Cheers - yup, I'm very very pleased with it. The build quality seems high and the standard tubes actually opened up pretty quickly and sound great. I'm currently bedding in a set of Gold Lion's which haven't sounded fantastic so far, but hopefully should free up within the next couple of listening sessions. Side note - I'm definitely glad I have a good air-con system in that room. Sunsets and valves make it hot!
  13. Looks awesome! How about some shots without covers? And of course - how do they sound?
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