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  1. Great read. I’ve ordered a set of DefMKII with the radian upgrade - hopefully arriving by Xmas. Very happy to hear the radian is worth it!
  2. SOLD: FS: NHT Twin 12" Subwoofer system

    Now sold.
  3. Keep the pics coming - spewing I didn't get on a plane for this!
  4. SOLD: FS: NHT Twin 12" Subwoofer system

    Thanks for the interest - currently on hold for a Perth buyer.
  5. SOLD: FS: NHT Twin 12" Subwoofer system

    User guide added to help understanding of the flexibility of this system. EvolutionUserGuide.pdf
  6. Item: NHT Twin 12" Subwoofer System Location: Perth (NOR) Price: $800 Item Condition: Good condition, no major marks and amplifier recently serviced. Sun on the subwoofer photo makes it look like it has a mark on the corner - not the case. Reason for selling: Upgraded to twin 18" JBLs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: I bought this system from a Perth SNAer a couple of years back and it's been great. Never run out of puff with 2ch or HT duties. I am only selling as in a fit of craziness I purchased a couple of 18" JBL drivers and have built some fridge sized enclosures - hence this system is no longer needed. (and hopefully no seller's remorse!) The system consists of the following components: 1 x X1 stereo crossover system 1 x A1 mono amplifier (250W into 6 ohms - subs are 12 ohms each so when paralleled = 6 ohms) 2 x W2 12" subwoofers (only one pictured, but the other one is identical) It's a very flexible system which allows integration of a separate subwoofer input to be summed with the main inputs. That way if you run a separate 2ch/HT system you can easily accomodate the sub input from HT. The crossover also has high pass outputs so could facilitate an active system if you have the right components. Price is negotiable, however I'm not in a rush to sell it. I have the original boxes for the subs stored at my business, but no boxes for the components so would prefer local pickup. Happy to investigate shipping though if buyer is keen. Pictures: As below.
  7. Can't decide between Ortofon 2M Black or Nagaoka MP500 at the moment..
  8. Cam's System

    Now one per side. Has evened things out nicely. MiniDSP on the way for a bit of EQ and that’ll be all the bass I’ll ever need!
  9. My System this morning

    @Sime awesome, thanks. Will get a set on order.
  10. My System this morning

    Mavic? If so - much difference?
  11. Zu Audio Definitions

    Well after a little more research and some info from Mike at Magenta, I think I'll be steering clear of the older generation Definitions. My budget won't stretch to the newer MK4's, so I'm looking into the Omen Def MKII instead, perhaps with an upgrade to the Definition tweeter at a later date. Does anyone know of a set of these in Perth that I could check out?
  12. Zu Audio Definitions

    Thanks - have reached out to Mike and Tim at Magenta in SA for their thoughts on new pricing vs upgrades. Will contact the US direct if the local guys can't help out.
  13. Zu Audio Definitions

    @oceangreen17 Thanks for the reply. I know the Omen MkII sound very well and loved it, which is why I'm looking at the 1.5's. I'm guessing the Definition Mk IV would be closer to the Omen type of sound than the 1.5 would be. Good idea on the Druids, though I'm not sure there are any in Perth. Upgrades - yes, its a shame others don't do this - though perhaps this could be a course of action with the 1.5s
  14. Zu Audio Definitions

    Hi Simon - thanks for the feedback. High efficiency comments are exactly what I'm on about and matches my experience too. And yes, there are definitely other factors and trade offs for doing this. I didn't realise the age of these, but doing some more research you're quite right - released in 2005. For some reason I thought they were quite a bit younger. Cheers, Cam.
  15. Zu Audio Definitions

    Hi guys - had this moved to the advice section. Any thoughts/impressions/knowledge would be gladly accepted.