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  1. Wow - thanks for the detailed reply. Much 👍 Completely agree on moving forwards and actually making a decision is the right thing to do. Even if the outcome is wrong, it can be made right. Arguing about it for years on end gets nowhere. And yea - took the moral of your story 18 months ago and haven't looked back or missed out on anything.
  2. I wonder who lobbied for that! LOL.. Also, I did some googling (dangerous I know!) refer edited post above..
  3. The "fuel lifecycle CO2 (g/km)" in that table for non-electric cars - surely that figure doesn't take into account extraction/refining/transport of the fuel? Happy to be corrected if it does. Edit - a bit of googling shows that producing 1L of petrol results in around 2.5kg of CO2. Add those figures to the above table and the BMW figures go very high very quickly. Using the lower combined cycle - 2.1L/100km = (2.1*2.5)/100 = 52.5g/km additional Using the higher urban cycle - 5.2L/100km = (5.2*2.5)/100 = 130g/km additional Again - happy to be corrected on these figures, but it seems these tables are pretty misleading. Imagine what should be added to a non-hybrid car's figures.
  4. I don't understand - in all of these calculations, where does the extraction, transport to refinery, refining, transport to port, transport to depot and final transport to service station figures feature for the diesel or petrol used? Surely once this is taken into account, no fuel car could have a smaller carbon/environmental footprint than an electric vehicle over it's lifetime?
  5. This. Everyone thinks they need heaps of range as they don’t understand that standard power points will work just fine for most normal communing of 30-70km per day. Also imagine how fast they would be! Second hand model S’s should be reaching close to affordable levels this year..
  6. Yes. And currently they already do..
  7. I've added tubes to Emotiva gear in the past and had some awesome results. I tried a Tram 2 which still stands as the best sounding preamp I've ever used (however was completely impractical!) and a Primaluna Dialouge Premium which also sounded awesome and I still own.
  8. https://electrek.co/2020/01/06/wallbox-quasar-tesla-nissan/ This looks promising..
  9. Up to date/Correct link here - https://www.consumerreports.org/car-reliability-owner-satisfaction/tesla-model-3-model-s-regain-consumer-reports-recommendation/
  10. Is this a revival thread for Tesla myths or a thread on electric cars? Reading it brings back memories of threads about short throw projectors! 😂
  11. Thanks for posting the video. How do you think the LM-3's would go with contemporary/mainstream music? Cheers, Cam
  12. No stress on the questions. Hijack away.. I just used a cheapie from Jaycar. It works fine and I haven't noticed a step down in bass quality compared to using a line level from a preamp. I do run it through a miniDSP before the sub to put in a couple of filters/eq to help flatten the response. Thanks. I hope to be getting a complementing rack in the new year in the hammertone finish as well. Going full industrial.. 😀
  13. Thanks for the tag - I need at least two of these though unfortunately, otherwise I'd be on it!
  14. A few lined up to listen to the Line Magnetic LM-7395's! Are you in there somewhere @Stump?
  15. Seems to be the hammertone (I think that's what it's called?) is reserved for their "retro" series gear and the newer generation units - LM-845 Premium & others - are now in black only. And yea - that LM-219iA is a heavy beast. I was happy that I have a lift to get it upstairs!
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