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  1. Thanks all for the interest - on hold pending deposit.
  2. It's laser etched/engraved into the first layer under the final resin coat. Mark first took it back to bare metal then put on layer of primer and a couple of black before the etching process. I'd highly recommend him as he does an excellent job.
  3. Further information: This is an early generation model that was sent back to the factory in Korea by the original owner for a complete overhaul in 2019. I've owned it a month and cleaned about 50 records. I'm only selling it as I had the opportunity to purchase KLAudio's last production model as NOS, otherwise I'd be keeping it. Comes complete with all accessories - funnel, drain tube, internal filter and cover - and also all original packaging so can be sent to your door included in the price - which is what I paid for it. Photos:
  4. My Technics SL1200 MkII. I purchased this from @Spider27 who was fantastic in helping me get it to the other side of the country in perfect condition. It used to be in stormtrooper form with a white top plate. Wanting something different I spoke to Mark at Dex AsiaPacific in Perth who told me we could do whatever I wanted! So - I sent him some images of a 845 valve and Line Magnetic level meter and look what he came up with! Awesome job if you ask me!
  5. I've heard quite a few people say this, though when looking at my P10 with sources, preamp and mono power amps hanging off it the load barely gets past 45%. I'm guessing it's due to transient or similar power demands? Though wouldn't this be sorted out by the caps in the power amps? Not disagreeing with the above thoughts, more curious about what is happening.
  6. They are sitting here ready to go in. I’m running it in with the stock tubes first. 👍😃
  7. 👆Agree with both of these. But I too am wedded to tubes.. I've run Duntech Barons with big 845 monos and it sounded awesome, Rufus at over 100dB and rocking! But, if I had've tried to push these speakers with a 3w SET it probably wouldn't have worked so well. Also, if bass is a big factor(which it is for me), I have found that even with SS a sub is needed. So go valves for the speakers and a sub (or two!) for that massive bass envelope and you're home - Good thing is you can turn the sub off at any time!
  8. Absolute gold! 😂👍 Its a KLAudio ultrasonic cleaner. One of the best vinyl upgrades so far!
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