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  1. Item: PrimaLuna EL34 Octet Location: Perth Price: $500 incl postage anywhere in Australia Item Condition: Brand new, unused Reason for selling: Using KT150 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These came with a brand new amp. Never been used. Would prefer to sell as a full set. Photos:
  2. None taken. For me, these amps are awesome and they pair with the Zu's well, however I'm going for a single box solution that is nearly there, hence the sale. These are now on hold, pending payment. Thanks all for the interest. Cheers, Cam
  3. Thanks guys. If I didn't need to reduce the collection I'd be keeping them!
  4. Item: AM Audio 805M SET Monoblock Amplifiers Location: Perth Price: $3500 shipped anywhere in Australia - however local pickup obviously preferred Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Sticking with an integrated Primaluna instead Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased these from SNA a couple of months ago. They work very very well, creating a large and very open soundstage with my Zu speakers. However I also have a PrimaLuna integrated which I also like and I've realised I can't keep them all. I would much rather these go to a good home somewhere. Fed with clean power only from a PS Audio P10 since I've had them. Some online comments - "These amps are direct coupled and interstage driven which is usually reserved for the most expensive brands. All transformers, except the choke, are Double C Core HiB. These truly punch way above what they sell for here in Aus. No pipe and slippers stuff here, they are fast, detailed, controlled and throw a huge sound-stage whilst keeping the virtues of 50watts of SET intact." Valves included are Psvane 805, Tungsol KT66, Genelex Gold Lion KT66 and Genalex Gold Lion E88CC. AM Audio website link - http://www.am-hiend.com/product/805m.html Osborne Loudspeakers link (Aust dealer) - https://www.osbornloudspeakers.com.au/805m I have the packaging used to send to me from the East so I can ship to anywhere in Australia for the price. Photos: More to come tonight.
  5. Fat Boss.. Awesome fun!
  6. I had the older design version of these monsters and regret selling them! Awesome amps - used them to run a set of power hungry Duntechs and never had any issues.
  7. The tests are on working card right? One would assume that if they failed there would’ve been a fire and it be part of the video?
  8. @mrf0ster - I found the KT150s sounded much better with my system. Also look a heap better - though put out a lot more heat! This is still available. Cheers, Cam
  9. Thanks @Mr.Anderson - glad to hear that little amp is still working well. Always regretted selling that one! --still available--
  10. I had 3 of these for the front stage of my HT a while back. I only sold them because I had to downsize the HT system for the new place. They also worked very well with a valve preamp and Duntech speakers - never seemed to run out of puff..
  11. Hey Team, I've had quite a few enquiries about the KT150 valves. I'd rather sell as a package at this time as I believe the amp sounds great with them. If I'm going to sell them separately I'll put up an ad. Cheers, Cam
  12. Item: PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier Location: Perth Price: $4,500 with EL34 valves, $5,200 including EL34 and KT150 valves Item Condition: As new - barely 50 hours on the KT150 valves, nothing on the EL34 valves Reason for selling: Sticking with separates Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer Extra Info: This unit is basically brand new. The EL34 valves were removed and replaced with brand new KT150s prior to initial turn on. It has been used for around 50 hours on the KT150 valves and performed very well. It has been fed with clean power from a PS Audio P10 only. New the amp is $6,285 and the KT150 valve set is $1,100. Comes with remote, valve cage and all packaging. Input valves will be supplied as standard PrimaLuna - however I do have some others I could throw in as part of negotiations for the right buyer. Treated with care in a dust-free installation as can be seen in the photos. Photos: Note - unit for sale is the PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier only. Other gear pictured not for sale.
  13. Hi @Mighty Quinn - like the others, I've only got feedback for you on the HP variant for KT150 valves. They definitely suit my style of speakers, which are Zu Audio Omen Def's. I'd imagine that this would vary depending on what speakers you are using. Care to share? Cheers, Cam
  14. Thanks again for the heads up Terry - I'll drop him a line.
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