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  1. Intersting I did not know that about the Maker. I glad they are still going as they are made to a high standard and the sound through my present system is so nice M88Q mono blocks by the way.
  2. It has been 10 years since I have bought anything major as i was finally happy with my system. So I did not visit here any where near as much as I did when building my system. It is only recently I have returned here to see what is going on which prompted me to hook up my Tube Amps ounce again after them sitting in boxes for a long time, so my only purchase in 10 years is 2 power cables fro a local maker. I still love window shopping so to speak but I am not going to change anything unless something goes horribly wrong with my present set up , which is Droplet CDP 5.0, Music First Pre, Melody M88Q, Sonus Faber Guarneri
  3. Well they have arrived so quickly from South Australia to Sydney in 22 hours. Yes I was having an interference issue which has disapeared straight away , I am happy .
  4. I am giving the Audio Principe Signature a go , I have ordered 2
  5. Actually those Audio Principe Signature fit the bill.
  6. Hi I have read a few post that say Audio Principe are good , I am just curious as to why some cable company's have a choice of cables depending on its use like they say this cable is good for high current Amplifier which is what I want, but at $300 ish price Tag, I may have to email Audio Principe and ask the ?
  7. Decided to get my Melody 88q mono blocks up and running only to find I am using 2 different power cable`s I am seeking advice as to do Tube Amps like a certain power cable, I dont want to spend a fortune on said power cable1s
  8. Just my 2 cents worth but I got this XRCD2 Brothers in Arms and love it,it is in my top 5 SQ CD`c https://www.discogs.com/Dire-Straits-Brothers-In-Arms/release/1854272
  9. I am trying to think back was it not the Pure Music Group that owned Melody?
  10. Do you remember Melody Gear I am not sure if they still around
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