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  1. Antipodean Brad

    SOLD: FS: Hi-Fi Stand (Perth)

    On hold pending etc. etc.
  2. Antipodean Brad

    SOLD: FS: Hi-Fi Stand (Perth)

    Location: Perth, North of the river. Price: $15.00 WOW! That is cheap, Brad. Item Condition: Not bad at all. A few small blemishes, plus a scrape or two on the rear of the metal uprights. Reason for selling: Not required. Oh, the heartbreak of letting it go. Payment Method: Legal tender cash. Extra Info: This is a four-shelf unit, in a light-wood veneer. The pictures will tell all. Height: 1200 mm with castors: 1106 mm without castors. Overall width: 500 mm Overall depth: 452 mm – which is the size of the top shelf. The middle two shelves are 390 mm deep. The bottom shelf is 430 mm deep. Distance between the two front uprights is 415 mm. The top three shelves have those squishy little pads in the corners, as seen in the picture. Shelf Height: First: 422 mm Second: 348 mm Third: 193 mm. All measurements are close, but not micro-accurate. Important: The castors are … as per photo 05. Replacement is a good idea. The grey outer rings have all come off, as per photo 05. (Photo 04 is a “before” shot.) Pictures:
  3. Antipodean Brad

    What is this cable?

    pete_mac got it right. I confused it with the Esoteric Audio cable which was lots of copper in a dark sheath, and went green very quickly.
  4. Antipodean Brad

    What is this cable?

    Reminds me of Esoteric Audio ( I think that's the name) speaker cable from about 30+ years ago. Esoteric was an American company. Not to be confused with Esoteric which is part of TEAC.
  5. Antipodean Brad

    Advise needed - Scam??

    I agree with Full Range. Contact your bank - they will have a section which can help you. I also agree with everyone who thinks that this is a scam. Report it to consumer affairs and the police as well. Check the address and even do an identity search for that address if you can. Keep the item until this is all settled, and then try another sale.
  6. Item: Compact Discs Location: Perth, North of the river. Price: See below. Postage costs extra. Item Condition: See below. Reason for selling: No longer required in the great passing parade that is life and retirement. Payment Method: Pickup – legal tender cash. If posting, then Direct Deposit. Extra Info: All discs are playable and in top condition. Most of the cases are also in good to very good condition, perhaps excellent for some. There is only one I know of as having a crack, that being the GRP Digital Sampler Volume 1. I have provided a price which is appropriate for each disc, but would much prefer to sell them as a single lot for $100.00. Pictures: Sample pictures attached. If more are required I can get out the camera and have a go. CDs For Sale 26 Sept 2018 2.pdf
  7. I wonder if there is an imbalance in having a $30,000.00 (available for just over $18,000 at present) speaker and an amp which costs under $3,000.00. Would such an amp be good enough to get the best from the speakers? Here is a thought: Hulgich Audio Astors in Piano White and a Vitus Audio RI-100 which is (was?) available in the Stereonet For Sale section. Good luck with your search. Do let us know how you get on.
  8. Antipodean Brad

    KEF LS50W - Driver Colour / Swap

    Copper everywhere. I don't really like the blue, at least in pictures. Perhaps in person blue looks better.
  9. Antipodean Brad

    Audio Flight FLs10 amp

    Sorry, but I can't comment personally, but Audia Flight generally do get good reviews. http://www.audia.it/admin/files/HFN_Dec_Audia_Flight_FLS10_Reprint-LOW.pdf
  10. Antipodean Brad

    Audiohippo's System

    There is not much of the "just shove it there" philosophy in this build. Lovely room and set-up. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.
  11. Antipodean Brad

    New Amp from Parasound

    Thanks, George. I didn't think to look at the interior for switches. But why are there three switches? My question about the P6 was for others - I understand your attitude to powered pre-amp's.
  12. Antipodean Brad

    Anyone here collect speakers?

    Do you have "au pair of Celestion Duttons?
  13. Antipodean Brad

    New Amp from Parasound

    Hey George, what makes you think that the voltage is user-configurable? Is there one in the country yet? And what about the new P6 pre-amplifier?
  14. Antipodean Brad

    FS: Accuphase E600 Integrated amplifier

    I don't mean to undermine this advertisement, but potential buyers may wish to check about the warranty. I believe that Accuphase warranties are for the original purchaser only. But I hope I am mistaken in thinking that. Is it an Australian purchase, or an imported unit?
  15. Antipodean Brad

    Once again Oz distributors show they are carp

    Rob181 - have you heard the Esoteric amp's? At least the prices are not outrageous in comparison to the U.S.A..