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  1. I see those ventriloquism classes are working. (All the best for your search.)
  2. This is the "HINT", not the HINT6. See the the link for more information. https://parasound.com/hint6.php
  3. $250 sounds a lot to ask for a speaker from an unknown brand which is over 40 years old. I suggest looking elsewhere.
  4. Manuals can be found here: http://rotel.com/manuals-resources/manuals-info-sheets It doesn't look as though there is adjustment for the phono, but then I may have missed it.
  5. If I could come I'd certainly be able to design and compose provide a signed "Certificate of Good Behaviour". And I've heard about your border police - don't get me started. Have a great time, everyone. Yours, With envy, Brad
  6. Thanks for the invitation - I'd love to come. But I don't have a passport so can't get there from Perth. Rats.
  7. And it is a big thank you from me. This is a very enjoyable, comprehensive and comprehensible review.
  8. This is not hi-fi in a food shop. It is food in a hi-fi display. The best I have been offered in a hi-fi shop is a cup of tea or coffee.
  9. "I’ll share listening notes in the new year if it’s of interest." Too right it is of interest! Thanks in anticipation.
  10. His spelling is fijne - that's an Alabny a kangaroo in the picture.
  11. Is your "council pick-up" just another way of saying "landfill"? Have you considered donating it to a charity shop? Some of them will even collect furniture, etc..
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