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  1. Is your "council pick-up" just another way of saying "landfill"? Have you considered donating it to a charity shop? Some of them will even collect furniture, etc..
  2. I've never heard of them, but adding a picture of the front, particularly the baffle with the drivers, and the rear with any name/model information might help.
  3. That's good to hear. When I told my wife that your son blew up your tweeter and that you managed to get a replacement, she asked "For the tweeter or the son?"
  4. I'm glad to hear that your speakers will be OK. But I hope that you are not the scource of your son's money, otherwise he doesn't really pay for it - you do. But then, him being 13, you probably are.
  5. Do you know your neighbours? I worked with a guy who was robbed a couple of times, and then asked a particular set of neighbours to keep any eye on the place for them. They also added a camera. Then they got robbed again - by THOSE NEIGHBOURS. Cops got 'em due to the camera footage. It was them all along.
  6. Yamaha have still not fixed or explained the straight arm and headshell on the turntable. And, yeah, I've love a pair of the speakers.
  7. Very stylish. Great design - you can rock back and forth and so vary the listening height (i.e. of your ears) and the distance from the speakers thus getting the soundstage in focus. Not to mention the knobs which may assist in not falling over front or back if in a state of inebriation. If only we could all have it so tough.
  8. I was surprised and pleased that Rotel’s Managing Director Peter Kao (Kao’s great uncle founded Rotel) and Daren Orth CTO were at the Australian launch. This represents a good sign. Rotel seem to think that Australia is not a back-water to be ignored, and that they can do sufficient business here with the Michi series. Thank you Rotel for reintroducing this series and for not considering us an irrelevance.
  9. Didn't Classe use to be owned by B&W? Now that they seem to be separated (or am I just all mixed up here?) this seems like it could be a great move. Either way, I am glad that they are back, and really want them to be outstanding and to succeed.
  10. And two pairs of halcros - one in front and one at the rear, partially hidden.
  11. You're welcome. Do let us know how you get on.
  12. You could try Pat at his original business, which I assume he still owns - WA Rewind (hence WAR Audio - clever, eh?) http://warewind.com.au/g/1240876/about-us.html
  13. I know that this is an advertisement, but I think the turntable is tantalising. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Sugden-Connoisseur-BD-2-Turntable-w-Grace-F-8L-Cartridge/323894567561?hash=item4b699ee289:g:i6kAAOSwzlFdYmKK Better look quickly, because the ad. will disappear.
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