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  1. Do you have the box, packing materials and all the accessories? Thanks.
  2. And if I can ever get my stands (which I designed and had custom-made) back again, I might just jump at it.
  3. I'm glad that they worked out well, and that you're happy with them. I'm also happy to have been proven wrong.
  4. Are the amp's listed the only ones of interest? if not, https://simplyhifi.com.au/product/krell-s550-i-integrated-amplifier-used-3500/
  5. Going back to the original post, the dealer offered it to Jay. That sounds as though the dealer wants to move it, rather than Jay trying to get the dealer to part with it. If this is so, then replacing it is just something that the dealer just has to sort out within his business model. Why do you suggest that the dealer is taking a loss? Do dealers who sell items at large-ish discounts take a loss? If Jay buys this "demo" unit at a small discount, and the unit is superseded in the (very?) near future, what affect will that have on the value of his amplifier, compared with recently-purchased, hardly-used ones? Is this a material consideration? Jay is looking at other options (I presume from other dealers as well). For what it is worth, I have come down on the side of "The unit is used. The price should be commensurate." I wish you well with your search.
  6. I don't want to de-rail this thread, but I must respond to those who responded to my comment. I agree with muon and Rockeater in that a simple clean and re-lubricate is not that difficult or costly to perform. I hope that is all the problem is. A few years ago I had a similar problem with my cd player, not an Arcam, and it was just a clean and re-lubricate. Comments about service charges for other trades are irrelevant, especially with respect to "call-outs" or motor vehicles.
  7. I may be out of touch with reality, but $300 for the repair? Before spending lots of dough, get another quote or two.
  8. I don't see the problem here. It is a genuine bag. I am sure that it is a bag.
  9. This is a great addition to this topic - a reply by the company owner. I wish you and the company every success.
  10. This is not a genuine McIntosh product. It is actually a "Thick-Green" brand cable. (Sorry, I couldn't help myself.) Good luck with your search.
  11. Glad to hear that it was a simple fix. Now it is time for you to relax and go listen to some music.
  12. May have been earlier, but the nineteen-nineties to early two-thousands is my best guess. Not for last twelve-to-fifteen years, I am sure.
  13. Memory? OK, let's give it a go. If I recall correctly, this was a brand owned by a Dutch guy living in Perth. There was supposedly something special about the crossover he developed. There were 4 or 5 models, from a small stand-mount to a quite large floor-stander. I owned a pair of the littlies and thought that they were very nice. The biggies were quite expensive. They were originally sold via hi-fi shop in Murray St, Perth, but eventually could be bought at some of the West Coast Hi-Fi shops. The chap who started the business eventually moved to Europe (The Netherlands?), where he set up a business marketing other speakers using the crossover he developed. There was a web-presence for a while, but I think it went away. I used to have some info. on my old computer and some printed stuff, but am sure that I've no longer got it. Sorry about that. Hopefully someone else can expand on this - probably correct me, as well. You lucky ... individual.
  14. This is a great question. I am really looking forward to the answers and the reasons which are given for those answers.
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