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  1. https://www.youtube.com/user/21stCenturyVinyl This is Michael Fremer of Analog Planet's YouTube presence.
  2. Thanks for posting these photo's. The shot from above the amp's is priceless - infinity - and quite a statement from the maker.
  3. That sounds as though you think highly of it. Are you second-guessing yourself? If you're happy with it then stick with it. If, however, you think that it has more potential than your speakers will show, and you want to get better sound, then perhaps an SNAer local to you can help. Or even arrange an audition at a hi-fi store using your amplifier. I gather that you did not get the owner's manual. That may be difficult to obtain.
  4. https://audio-database.com/MARANTZ/amp/pm-19-e.html If you're looking at a second-hand one currently available for $799.00, I suspect that that price is (a little) steep for such an old model.
  5. I may be a bit late with this reply, but there is no need to "puncture plastic tabs hiding the banana plug holes." There are pins in the binding posts which can be removed so that banana plugs may be used. (I gotta stop reading about Luxman amp's - the more I read about them the more I want to buy one, and I don't think that that will happen any time soon.)
  6. What amplifier did you use for the audition/s? Perhaps that is the way to go if it was such a good match.
  7. Dunno if the bass would satisfy you, and the price would satisfy the retailer, but what about ... https://www.qacoustics.co.uk/concept300 Or perhaps a pair of Duntech DSM-15 speakers. There is a pair on ebay, and maybe even here. Small footprint, beautiful-looking speakers.
  8. I don't mean to pour cold water on your interest, and I haven't researched it, but I would be careful about the warranty. Often this type or extent of warranty does not apply outside the originating country. I would recommend checking this with SR if and when you enquire about distribution in Australia.
  9. Checking which fuse has been put in should be really easy - it should be written clearly on the receipt/work documentation. If it isn't they have failed in their duty to provide that information. As the owner of the amplifier you should make sure that you have the details of what work was undertaken. If you don't have this, they can always come back and accuse you of changing the fuse to an unsuitable one, and try to absolve themselves of their duty and potential liability. But I hope that you have no further problems with it.
  10. Item: Dipole Antenna -at least that is what I think it is called. Price Range: Somewhere between nothing and cost-free. Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Original genuine Australian-stock SONY brand. Rare? Not on your nelly. Cheaps as chips on ebay. Comes with a free (there's that concept again) tiny dob of blu-tac. Does it work? Dunno - did the last time I used it many years ago. Has been folded and stored for all of those years. Will not post, sorry. if it does not "sell" (hah!) it will go to where they go when no-one wants them - maybe the Balcatta recycling depot, or maybe my rubbish bin.
  11. World's shortest interconnect! ... and it still didn't work. (Sorry - couldn't resist.)
  12. Do you have a friend or family member who is familiar with the sound of your system? If so, ask them to spend a little time listening and to give you their opinion/s. Failing this, perhaps there is an SNAer who is local to you and can undertake this exercise. It may be that another listener can help identify or locate a problem.
  13. This thread has run the whole gamut - from nowhere to where it started.
  14. "Item Condition: pre owned" means nothing. Are you able to describe exactly what the condition of the item is, please.
  15. A resounding yes. If something - anything - is difficult to use it will sooner or later become a nuisance.
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