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  1. I wonder if there is an imbalance in having a $30,000.00 (available for just over $18,000 at present) speaker and an amp which costs under $3,000.00. Would such an amp be good enough to get the best from the speakers? Here is a thought: Hulgich Audio Astors in Piano White and a Vitus Audio RI-100 which is (was?) available in the Stereonet For Sale section. Good luck with your search. Do let us know how you get on.
  2. Antipodean Brad

    KEF LS50W - Driver Colour / Swap

    Copper everywhere. I don't really like the blue, at least in pictures. Perhaps in person blue looks better.
  3. Antipodean Brad

    Audio Flight FLs10 amp

    Sorry, but I can't comment personally, but Audia Flight generally do get good reviews. http://www.audia.it/admin/files/HFN_Dec_Audia_Flight_FLS10_Reprint-LOW.pdf
  4. Antipodean Brad

    Audiohippo's System

    There is not much of the "just shove it there" philosophy in this build. Lovely room and set-up. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.
  5. Antipodean Brad

    New Amp from Parasound

    Thanks, George. I didn't think to look at the interior for switches. But why are there three switches? My question about the P6 was for others - I understand your attitude to powered pre-amp's.
  6. Antipodean Brad

    Anyone here collect speakers?

    Do you have "au pair of Celestion Duttons?
  7. Antipodean Brad

    New Amp from Parasound

    Hey George, what makes you think that the voltage is user-configurable? Is there one in the country yet? And what about the new P6 pre-amplifier?
  8. Antipodean Brad

    FS: Accuphase E600 Integrated amplifier

    I don't mean to undermine this advertisement, but potential buyers may wish to check about the warranty. I believe that Accuphase warranties are for the original purchaser only. But I hope I am mistaken in thinking that. Is it an Australian purchase, or an imported unit?
  9. Antipodean Brad

    Once again Oz distributors show they are carp

    Rob181 - have you heard the Esoteric amp's? At least the prices are not outrageous in comparison to the U.S.A..
  10. I was going to respond to this post, but then I realised that I didn't know what to say.
  11. I love the look of the Yamaha products, and hope that they succeed. But, like cafe67 I think they missed a trick. It should have at least 150 watts per channel. Accuphase's E-470 has a rated 180 watts, Marantz's PM-10 is specified at 200 watts, and Parasound's HINT6 has 160 watts. Luxman's L-509X is rated at 120 watts which I think is a minimum for an amplifier which is a "flagship". BUT, I don't understand the arm on the turntable. A straight arm with no off-set on the headshell. What am I not getting here? Regardless, I decided I want a full system, especially when and if they bring out a disc player. Or maybe I'll settle for a CD-S3000. How do I set up a gofundme page, or whatever it's called?
  12. Antipodean Brad

    Once again Oz distributors show they are carp

    Marantz seem to call the PM10 the "S1". Have you considered waiting until the "S2" is released?
  13. Antipodean Brad

    DIY - HiFi Racks - Stands - Cabinets

    An intriguing design. I am definitley looking forward to the finished product. Thanks for posting. And welcome to Stereonet.
  14. Antipodean Brad

    Great Buys On Ebay & Gumtree

    Who is this guy about whom you have such low opinions? I see his advert's a lot.
  15. Antipodean Brad

    Topping TP32EX+

    Thanks for that, Jonny. I suspected that USB would be better than analogue.