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  1. Antipodean Brad

    Wilson WAMM installation album

    " Now these can sound good in the toilet! " What an advertising slogan! You should copyright it and get royalties. I can imagine the competitors promoting German Physiks speakers, too: "Go ahead. Stick 'em in the toilet."
  2. Antipodean Brad

    New Classé Amps Are Class A (Up to 25 Watts)

    Apart from the colour I like the pre-amp., but the power amp's are just plain ugly. I wonder if the louvres close automatically when it starts to rain.
  3. Antipodean Brad

    Need help to buy cables from Trademe.co.nz !

    Seller may be https://referenceaudio.co.nz/specials.html, rather than lessloss. But, then I could not find the cables on their website. With the usual due care about buying internationally and via the 'net, it might be best to contact them directly, andd explain your situation.
  4. Antipodean Brad

    "Designed and Engineered"

    I often see the designation "Designed and Engineered in (a place name). Made in (another place name)." What is the difference between being designed and being engineered?
  5. Antipodean Brad

    Cambridge Audio 'Edge' hi-end components.

    Is the high-end still doomed? Do musicians still fight the music industry? Is Steely Dan really only 24 years old (again)? Will the dreaded class-D take over? Will made in "that place" become the unholy fate of all hi-fi? Will it all end in a vacuum or in a sandstorm? Stay tuned for the continuing saga ...
  6. Antipodean Brad

    R.I.P. Frank Prowse (Frank Prowse HiFi)

    I was greatly saddened to hear this. Mr Prowse - as I've called him for the last 47 years - was a lovely man. He was always very pleasant and helpful, and was very patient with me in my impecunious visits. My sincerest condolences to Dave and the rest of the family, his friends, and to the staff of Frank Prowse Hi-Fi.
  7. Antipodean Brad

    Dynaudio Special 40s

    Too busy with 2 kids under 6 to listen, eh? Then you're better off flogging them on Stereonet for about 40% of the original price, including shipping. Now, do I know anyone who may be interested in them? Let me think for a very short moment! When I first saw a picture of these, they seemed to have a matte finish, which I thought looked fabulous. What do you think of the gloss?
  8. Antipodean Brad

    Cambridge Audio 'Edge' hi-end components.

    I didn't know MF had their products made in Korea. I am sure that at one time they moved manufacture to Taiwan. Aren't Parasound products made in Taiwan?
  9. Antipodean Brad

    My System this morning

    Photograph your toes!?
  10. What work did Hivid Services do on these items? Do you have all of the original packaging? Thanks.
  11. Antipodean Brad

    Heschl Hal 350 Integrated Amp

    Thanks, all has been made clear - for my purposes, at least. If it is $20000, then it had better be more than outstanding. It has very few features or facilities. Good luck with your quest.
  12. Antipodean Brad

    Heschl Hal 350 Integrated Amp

    What is this thing of which you speak so highly?
  13. Antipodean Brad

    SOLD: FS: Hi-Fi Stand (Perth)

    On hold pending etc. etc.
  14. Antipodean Brad

    SOLD: FS: Hi-Fi Stand (Perth)

    Location: Perth, North of the river. Price: $15.00 WOW! That is cheap, Brad. Item Condition: Not bad at all. A few small blemishes, plus a scrape or two on the rear of the metal uprights. Reason for selling: Not required. Oh, the heartbreak of letting it go. Payment Method: Legal tender cash. Extra Info: This is a four-shelf unit, in a light-wood veneer. The pictures will tell all. Height: 1200 mm with castors: 1106 mm without castors. Overall width: 500 mm Overall depth: 452 mm – which is the size of the top shelf. The middle two shelves are 390 mm deep. The bottom shelf is 430 mm deep. Distance between the two front uprights is 415 mm. The top three shelves have those squishy little pads in the corners, as seen in the picture. Shelf Height: First: 422 mm Second: 348 mm Third: 193 mm. All measurements are close, but not micro-accurate. Important: The castors are … as per photo 05. Replacement is a good idea. The grey outer rings have all come off, as per photo 05. (Photo 04 is a “before” shot.) Pictures:
  15. Antipodean Brad

    What is this cable?

    pete_mac got it right. I confused it with the Esoteric Audio cable which was lots of copper in a dark sheath, and went green very quickly.