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  1. Exactly! But except for digital cables (the ones with RCA plugs on the ends); I was told by a guru that these need to be at least 1m in length, to sound any good. So that's the rule I use. And
  2. "Phase coherence"? I'm wondering how come phase would vary across a preamp's FR? (I can understand that at either end of the FR - say around the HF & LF -1dB points - the frequency roll-off creates phase changes ... but I don't understand what would cause phase changes within the rest of the preamp's FR?) 2 mates of mine own Supratek preamps - they certainly should be on your short list! What's the length of your run from preamp to active XO? In my last system, I had 11m RCA interconnects between preamp and active (mono) XOs - with no issues in terms of treble roll-off or noise. So I'm doubting you really do need to go to balanced interconnects. Mind you, I did make sure to use very low capacitance cable. Andy
  3. Don't forget that the Neandethals must've come down from the trees first - as they were already on the ground when homo sap arrived. Homo sap wiped them out - but AIUI, we also bred with them. So I suggest people today who display the kind of behaviour you and furtherpale have described are merely those with more Neanderthal genes than the rest of us. Andy
  4. Pushing your boxes back against the (front) wall, I suggest, will: raise the level of bass, but reduce soundstage depth.
  5. Que??? The front wall of the room is the wall that is behind the speakers you are looking at. Whereas 'audio_file' said "distance from the rear wall or back wall ". Andy
  6. I'm suggesting, T, that your REL probably doesn't add much to your SCM100s ... whereas it did add something to your SCM19s. You need a better sub to add something to the SCM100s. Andy
  7. Not great for a sub, I would suggest. Better would be: -3dB down at 21Hz - obviously, "in room" or -6dB down at 16Hz. Decent bass! Though wtf does "free standing" mean - vs. REL's "in room"? Smooth blending of subs vs. mains is always a problem. You have to decide which sect you belong to: the 'augmenters' - who run their mains full range and merely extend the FR they get to hear, with a sub ... or a pair of subs (so the sub LP filter is set low). and the 'extenders' - who bring the subs in higher and roll off their mains to match (so the sub LP filter point is set higher). I belong to sect #2 - I have a 100Hz, 24dB LP/HP XO between my mains and my subs. This enables me to clearly hear a 16Hz organ tone - whereas my mains are probably -6dB down at 40Hz, at best. Andy
  8. In terms of "definitely won't need subs" - unless these ATCs can deliver a hearable 16Hz ... I suggest subs will be of advantage. Unless Tobes only listens to Diana Krall and the like. But yes, possibly his present REL sub doesn't go much further down than the new ATCs. Andy
  9. What do you define as "record cleaner (liquid)"?
  10. Yours is an interesting post, Chris, for the following reasons: 1. I presume you're using the 1:40 SUT with an MM phono stage - which has a default Rload of 47K? Which means that you are loading it with 47000 / 1600 = 29 ohms. Is this the loading which Linn recommend with their Asak? Wow! Low signal level, btw! 2. If you have a switch to select MM or Asak+SUT to pass through to the phono stage circuit ... you are degrading our SQ - relative to there not being a switch at this low signal level. I recommend you bypass the switch and see how this improves your sound. BTW ... not hard IMO to "oust a Graham Slee ReflexM". Andy
  11. Well done - the Supratek that my mate Con ( @Ittaku ) has, sounds wonderful! Andy
  12. I presume you mean "wire up my arm"? Cardas 33 awg (copper) is the go to wire ... there's also '1877 Phono' silver wire - which Duc used on the arm which I bought from him. Andy
  13. Shirley, you simply find a US-based mate and get them to buy it ... then send it to you? Andy
  14. Jason, if you are looking for an MM phono stage, I would suggest you investigate @catman's favourite, the Rod Elliott P06 - see here: http://sound.whsites.net/p-list.htm This needs a PS - I'm sure Felix will tell you which of Rod's he uses. I built Rod's active XO (P09) and can vouch for the fact that his PCBs and instructions are excellent. Andy
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