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  1. andyr

    Magnapan speakers

    Aah, yes, Con - now they were "ribbon speakers". And fabulous ... but very hard on amplifiers! Andy
  2. andyr

    Matching Impedance Pre to Power

    Quite simple, H: 'Ohm' is ... well, 'Ohm'. 'kOhm' is ... 1000 ohms. Andy
  3. andyr

    Magnapan speakers

    Magnepan has not released the XO schematics for any of the '.7' models: 0.7 1.7 3.7 20.7 30.7 People have examined - and published on the Planar Asylum - the 1.7 (and possibly the 3.7) XOs but the others are still unknown. Magnepan is trying to protect its IP. Andy
  4. andyr

    Magnapan speakers

    You might like to call them a 'ribbon speaker', Ozzie ... I don't. A ribbon - to me - is a different thing entirely to Al foil strips glued to a mylar sheet. Sure, Magnepan calls them 'quasi ribbon' - that to me is just marketing BS! ('Ribbon' is a sexier description.) Andy
  5. andyr

    Matching Impedance Pre to Power

    The 'rule of thumb', H, is that the input impedance (Zin) of a component should be at least 10x the output impedance (Zout) of the preceding component. So 25 ohms feeding 47K ... is maximally good! As Shane pointed out, a tube pre having a Zout of 3K ohms ... is not a good match with a ss power amp having a Zin of 20-30K ohms. A Zin of 47K might do the trick - but a tube pre with a Zout of 3K is better matched to a tube power amp ... which typically have a 100K Zin. Andy
  6. andyr

    Magnapan speakers

    AIUI, Gary, it's the XO that specifies whether it's 3-way ... or 4-way. IOW, you can have 2 bass panels but if they are driven by the same bass LP filter - then they count as one of the drivers, together. Even though - as in the T-IVa (and the T1-D) - they are 'tuned' to have a slightly different LF extension. If the 30.7 has slightly different LP filters on each of the 2 bass panels ... then, yes, you might be able to call them '4-way'. But if the 30.7 has the same LP filter driving both bass panels then, if Magnepan itself calls them '4-way' ... to me that is just marketing BS - on a par with calling them 'ribbon speakers'. (As I've said - the only 'ribbon' involved in the 30.7s is the tweeter.) Andy
  7. andyr

    Magnapan speakers

    They may well be "kind-of" 4-way, Gary - the XO has not appeared on the Planar Asylum, yet. But the Tymp IVa did this 30 years ago: the actual XO is 3-way ... bass-to-mid and then mid-ribbon. but the 2 bass panels are tuned (by those round discs) slightly differently - so they called them 'lower bass' & 'upper bass'. This is what I suspect Magnepan has done with the 30.7s. But no-one will know for sure until someone publishes the XO schematic - until then, it's anyone's guess! Andy
  8. andyr

    Magnapan speakers

    Gary, sorry but they're not "4 panel ribbon speakers"! 30.7s are 3-way panel speakers which have: 2 panels per side. the bass panel consists of 2 drivers made from mylar sheet ... with aluminium foil bonded onto the mylar - and magnets both sides. the mid panel is also Al foil bonded to mylar with magnets both sides. the tweeter is a ribbon. the mid panel & tweeter form the 2nd panel, each side. Andy
  9. andyr

    Halcro MC 20

    Another flash back from school days - write 100 times on the blackboard "I will not misquote people on SNA in future"!
  10. andyr

    Halcro MC 20

    I should complain to the mods, Hazzzy - bcoz you have misquoted me. (But I won't! ) Bunno77 mentioned a 'mouse fart'.
  11. andyr

    What creates Imaging/sound stage

    Great post, MLXXX. Andy
  12. I think @Zaphod Beeblebrox should be able to help you. The #1 issue is ... is the ME25 phono stage able to cope with the output of the DL-301? The #2 issue is ... can the ME phono stage deliver a 300 ohm load? The #3 issue is ... does your Denon DP-33F have a low-mass arm? Andy
  13. andyr

    Halcro MC 20

    Is that a good thing? Andy
  14. andyr

    3RRR reception in East Gippsland?

    Yes, can your Denon AV receiver get Internet radio? If you do have "good enough internet for that option" then maybe buy a Sangean WFT3 to plug into your Denon? Andy
  15. andyr

    What creates Imaging/sound stage

    You are correct, acg. (And the improvement is related to the item inserted - the valve preamp). The valve pre will have a much higher THD figure than the ss preamp - ie. it is certainly not 'super low distortion'! But it's the much higher 2nd HD of the tube preamp (compared to the ss amp) which gives you that 'tubey magic'. Andy