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  1. AIUI, the view is that when a stereo amp is bridged into mono ... it does not cope well with a 4 ohm load. Andy
  2. That is truly bizarre - unless the previous owner had removed those XOs because he was running them active - with 2 stereo amps and a 2-way electronic XO? Feet - I will ask David ('djb') whether he still has his old T-feet ... he's a hoarder, so I doubt he threw them out. Or you can have some braced stands made up - which will make your 1.6s sound better than with the stock T-feet (this is what David did). Missing back plate - you might be able to get one from the factory (through Bill) - but I suggest, as you need to build 2x 2-way XOs ... you should discard the remain
  3. You could try this one - the PCBs are available from the thread: Alpha Nirvana 39w 8ohm Class A Amp - diyAudio 40w into 8 ohms ... a bit more into 7 ohms. And here's the very special PS: The SLB (Smooth Like Butter) Active Rect/CRC/Cap Mx Class A Power Supply GB - diyAudio Ideal for your 7 ohm spkrs. I'm just about to finish building 2 of the dual-mono 4 ohm version (to power my 3 ohm mids & 2 ohm ribbons). If you read through the AN thread, several people who had already built the Pass amps mentioned above ... think the
  4. You used to be able to buy it in Oz - over 20 years ago. This however, was for use inside wall cavities - where it is not moved around - not as a power cord which might get flexed from time to time. However, you will no longer find it at places like Middies or Lawrence & Hansen ... possibly because it is now illegal to be used? Andy
  5. Perhaps that's why you can no longer buy the wire to make such cables? Andy
  6. Grundig - that's the one, Lloyd! Andy
  7. Solid-core power cords? In theory that would be great but solid-core wire is not available in a large enough guage to be usable as a power cable. Plus there's the issue of stranded cable being resistant to being flexed ... solid core will weaken with flexing and eventually break - ie. it's fine inside a case but not as an external cable. Andy
  8. The Yamaha T-2 is a better-sounding FM tuner. An even better FM sound from around that time was a European tuner whose name began, I think, with 'G'. (Sorry, the name escapes my fading brain-cells. ) Andy
  9. It would be fantastic to be able to listen to one, Con - that's for sure. I wonder how many they sell per year? Andy
  10. C'mon Shane - there are no distortions in vinyl (apart from those put there by the recording process). Only dickheads who listen with tube amplification suffer from distortion! So if you have a lovely March Class D - and a jfet-based phono stage ... you're home and hosed! Perfect sound! Andy
  11. If the 'evil' ones are at '-10' ( out of a -10 to + 10 scale), Shane ... then those red ones are -4 IMO! Whereas something like the Kyron Gaia is, to me, about +4. Andy
  12. How could he go from the - if not beautiful, at least functionally attractive TT ... to those absurd monstrosities? Andy
  13. I suggest there's a more easily understandable way of describing voltage gain, S. What the spec actually says is ... the amp has a voltage gain which - when expressed in dB - is 26dB. In normal 'X times ' terms ... this equates to a voltage gain of 20 times. Andy
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