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  1. Please don't forget to tell us whether JLS was able to cure the problem (so that the diagnosis that the preamp was the culprit ... was correct). They do good work, btw. Andy
  2. I'm sure it does "work well together", Woody. My position is all about optimal cart loading ... which makes the cart sound its best! As you're in Brisbane, if you're interested to try out different loading ... one of my 'Paris' head amps is currently with an SNA Brisbane member (who is about to send it back to Melbourne). You would use this with the MM input of your Icon ... it has a parallel pair of RCA sockets on the back, into which you put "loaded" RCA plugs, to change the loading seen by the cart. I could get Chris to send it to you, rather than to Melbourne.
  3. Haha, Murray! All speakers have issues - just some more than others. True-ribbon Maggies can blow a ribbon - just like 'statics' can blow up! And it's possible I could blow the drivers on my new go-fast 'zero baflle' spkrs. Andy
  4. A mate of mine has some stand-mount B&W spkrs - they sound best (out of 3 different amps) with a Magtech: 500w into 8 ohms and 900w into 4 ohms. I suspect your 801s need just as much power to sound their best - maybe even more (being larger, with more drivers)! I would suggest a Whest will kill any Slee phono stage. Although I would make a suggestion: the Kiseki Milltek is a HOMC (2mV output). as such, it is nominally supposed to go into an MM phono stage (with 47K ohms loading). however, to work well with a 2mV output, the MM phono
  5. Sounds like an excellent phono stage, Woody - and a bargain for $600. Not sure if you're running an MC cart - or an MM - but be aware that the Moon offered 10R, 100R, 475R and 47k loading ... whereas your new Icon Audio, whilst it will give you 'tube deliciousness', has a fixed loading of 100R, for LOMC carts. Of course, this is not a problem, if you are using an MM cart. Andy
  6. Wagner Online sell Fountek - try them. See here: www.wagneronline.com.au/fountek/speaker-drivers/audio-speakers-pa/pl Andy
  7. At an ear-shattering 8w of power available ... you need a very efficient spkr. Correct! But I would suggest a sealed box will be more efficient than a ported box. Of course, it's bass response won't go down as low. A spec I found said the Ushers are 86dB efficient - and a nominal 8 ohm load. So I would suggest, if you're looking for an upgrade over the Ushers ... you need spkrs which are rated at 92dB (at least!). I would suggest a so-called 'full-range' driver in a sealed box is your best option. Now, I don't know if @cheekyb
  8. Yeah - price seems to come and go. Strange, really?? (And this is on a PC - not a mobile.) Andy
  9. A LOMC that has a coil impedance of 10 ohms - or less. Andy
  10. As far as resistive load is concerned (for a LOMC), the info I was able to find says it offers: 33 / 100 / 330 / 1K. Which, for instance, might be fine for the AT33PTG/ii you had ... but wouldn't have been much use for the Benz LP that I used to have - which liked 3300 ohms. Andy
  11. Not sure, T (iow, I don't know what "balanced" actually delivers). Like many of these things ... it needs to be tested. Andy
  12. @Needo22, a cart is a very good place to get a different sound. But just be aware that any LOMC reacts to different loading values - so you need to buy a LOMC that likes the loading your phono stage offers. Andy
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