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  1. andyr

    Cartridges to match Roksan Nima tonearm

    Aah, dt - if you had done physics at Uni - maybe even school - you would understand the concept of 'momentum'. Basically, a small weight a long way from the pivot point has more momentum than a large weight very close to the pivot point. A cart does not want to see a counterweight with a lot of momentum ... it will sound much better with a c'weight which has less momentum - ie. a heavy weight very close to the pivot point. It's possible that your Rondo was not sounding as good as it could've sounded ... if you had had a c'weight of a suitable mass that enabled you to: give you the VTF you needed for that heavy cart, and was as close to the pivot point as your arm allows. Sure buying a new cart which is known to sound better than your Rondo and is lighter - so the c'weight can be moved much closer to the pivot point - will give you an increase is SQ. But it's possible that just getting a heavier c'weight with the Rondo would've also greatly improved the sound you were hearing. Andy
  2. andyr

    The evil man who saved a life.

    WOW! What a terrible event! 5 fcuking minutes! It all goes to show that, at any time you can get hit with something life-changing. A lightning strike is far out ... a drunk - or iced up - driver coming through a red light and T-boning you ... unfortunately, much more likely. Andy
  3. andyr

    Toeing in speakers.

    +1!! IME - as I can toe in my mids & tweeters independently of my woofers - it's the toeing in of the mids & tweeters that gives the improvement, in terms of focus & soundstage width. Andy
  4. andyr

    Cartridges to match Roksan Nima tonearm

    And you ignored @kelossus's very sensible - and cheaper - suggestion to merely buy a heavier after-market c/weight for your Nima ... so you could continue to use your Rondo Red! Oh well. Andy
  5. andyr

    Upgrade advice - is it worth it ?

    Orpheus - yes, Mahdie! But - given AR / Thorens / Ariston and then Linn - I'd be surprised if they had taken out a world-wide patent. Andy
  6. andyr

    Upgrade advice - is it worth it ?

    AIUI, Murray - yes, ARs, Aristons, Thorens and Linns all share the 3-point sprung suspension concept. (And I believe this was stolen from an Aussie TT - forget the name !) But Regas do not have spring suspension - they are solid plinthed. (So one doesn't speak of them in the breath as the other 4! ) Andy
  7. Can't understand what having multiple tweeters has got to do with going active? Andy
  8. Correct. But I suggest even someone with limited HF hearing can hear the difference between speakers which: have a tweeter which is specced to 20kHz (such as non true-ribbon Maggies), and Maggies which have a true-ribbon (which is specced to 40kHz). Andy
  9. andyr

    Litz crossover inductors

    I use Cat5 - Belden 1585A. 24g solid-core, teflon insulation. Andy
  10. andyr

    Litz crossover inductors

    Limiting the frequencies carried by each driver's cable makes sense to me - because that's the theory used by devotees of bi-/tri-wiring. And - if you believe in using solid-core wiring (as I do) - you can optimise the guage used for each driver: thickest for bass drivers - say, several 18g insulated strands, medium for mids - say, several 21g insulated strands, thinnest for tweeters - say, several 24g insulated strands. Andy
  11. Thank you, Murray. Yes, I'm pleased with the effect of the diffusion panels (aka "wall art"! ). Given Brian's Jadis performs so well on his T-IVs, I suggest your Cary - in 120w Ultralinear mode, anyway - will deliver a good result. Particularly if you are going to use a miniDSP to roll off the lowest frequencies on the T-1D bass panels and hand over to a pair of subs. Given you will have a pair of subs ... I'm supposing you'll have them arranged symmetrically - ie. one near to each set of Maggie panels? In which case, "LF localisation" is not an issue and you could put the XO point as high as I have it (100Hz). This will relieve the Cary from being drained by heavy currents to the bass panels (the lower the HP roll-off point, the more current the bass panels will consume!) ... so (at 100Hz) I suspect it will be able to drive the remaining frequencies on your T-1Ds quite comfortably. Andy
  12. andyr

    Marantz 7 phono clone?

    I'll add my recommendation to Mahdie's for the Cornet 3. I think there's little change to the actual MM phono circuit but what Jim Hagerman has done with the 'C3' is replace the power supply of the 'C2' - which involved a power transformer mounted on the case and a tube rectifier - with an external regulated wall-wart feeding 9v DC to the C3 case. Having been able to directly compare Mahdie's C3 with a mains-powered C2, in my system, I can confirm that the C3 sounds great - and exhibits neglegible hum, compared to the C2. EDIT: and you could probably upgrade the sound by replacing the 9v wall-wart with, say a 9v Sbooster linear PS. Andy
  13. andyr

    What gang problem?

    What a wonderful story, rocl444. Thanks - I can well imagine that it is in fact a true story. I can also well imagine that if such regular meetings between Kafka and a young girl happened today ... someone who walked their dog in the park would inform the authorities ... and Kafka would be had up, on grounds of suspected paedophilia. A sad state the world is in, today! Andy