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  1. No 'wet'! Simply take it out of its packet and cut it into usable pieces. In my case that was to cut it in half. Then with the arm in its rest, bring the ME pad up to the stylus and jiggle it up and down a bit. (You need to have the stylus go into the fibre matrix, so that it has an abrasive action on the gunk on the stylus.) Or, if you have Parkinsons, rest the ME pad on a spacer - so that its top is at the same height as the platter - and lower & raise the cart onto the ME pad, several times. Andy
  2. andyr

    "Designed and Engineered"

    Thinking specifically about the design, engineering and subsequent production of an amp, say, I would say: the designer creates the circuit - IOW, what components are used (taking into account availability), which particular values are used and where they are located in the circuit. These days, this is generally done by simulating the circuit on a computer, until he's happy with the harmonic distortion levels and the circuit stability. the engineer then creates the PCB and specifies the case, allowing for the physical sizes of the components which the designer had specified. He probably also builds one or more prototypes. having listened to these prototypes, the engineer then uses the experience of building the prototype(s) to create the final PCB layout, BoM and engineering drawings, so it can be sent off to the production shop. So the final product might say "designed and engineered in Germany, manufactured in China" ... or it might say "designed, engineered & manufactured in Australia". Andy
  3. andyr

    DIY Power "Conditioner"

    Nice turn of phrase, Ron. Andy
  4. andyr

    DEQX Owners Thread

    Great to hear, Peta. Andy
  5. Pretty damn smart CDP, G - I'm impressed! Maybe @MLXXX might like to comment, given his post @ 11:06pm, last Sunday. Andy
  6. andyr

    DIY Power "Conditioner"

    As Pete said - yes, I use them in my hash filters (and the 1a ones for source components). My experiments a few years ago showed that they, indeed, did improve the sound - particularly, for source components, when used in conjunction with an isolating transformer. At the very least, a hash filter will stop crap produced by the SMPS in a component like a DVD player, from being injected back into the mains and "polluting" other components. It also stops crap which is already in the mains - produced by other things in your house (like TVs, Foxtel boxes, modems, computer PSs, LED lights, subs, solar power inverters - the list is endless! ) - from polluting a component which has a linear PS. Andy
  7. andyr

    Conditioner or something else

    Aah, OK - thanks! Andy
  8. OK, David - so it's also 12 pairs a side. But by my calculations for my 24g x 12 pairs ... I get a different total effective guage, per side?? You said yours are equivalent to 5-6g solid-core. Which is pretty damn thick!! Whereas my calc is: each wire is 24g therefore 2 wires = 21g and 4 wires = 18g so 8 wires is 15g?? 16 wires would be 12g ... so 12 wires is, maybe, 14g?? Andy
  9. andyr

    Conditioner or something else

    Not quite sure I understand what you're saying, Con? That for a Class A amp, it doesn't matter what the VA rating of the isotran is? Or if the current draw of the amp is 'X amp' - then provided the isotran is specced to deliver 'X amps' on its secondaries ... there will be no degradation of the sound? If #2, I'm presuming a Class A amp does not have a variable current draw - which increases with bass transients? Andy
  10. andyr

    New rack - suggestions

    How interesting, Anthony. Yes, I've dealt with Dean for over 15 years - you might've even worked on some of the things he's made for me! The latest is a pedestal-style support for a 2.2 x 1m oak table top - which has worked out well. Andy
  11. andyr

    B&W 702 S1 - How much break in needed?

    Get rid of the loop you have carefully introduced in your spkr cables. If your cables are longer than what is needed for where the speakers are now ... use up the excess length by snaking them in 'Us' between the amp and the spkrs. Andy
  12. Mmmm - you seem to have drunk deep of the Linn Coolaid if you think a Linn arm automatically sounds best with a Linn cart! Andy
  13. So, David, this finished cable was: made of lighting cable? how many pairs each side? Andy
  14. andyr

    Conditioner or something else

    Certainly, Stuart - for a source component. But for a power amp, you need a massively over-specced isolation Tx to not degrade the dynamics of the amp ... so a DC blocker may be a better idea. Andy
  15. andyr

    Currently Spinning

    Only one word, Murray - WOW! Can I listen to it at your place, after you've bought? Andy