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  1. Very impressive bandwidth for a tube amp, Matt. Andy
  2. Looks like a great amp - aesthetically and sonic-wise, Michael. But even in ultralinear mode ... it's only rated as 100w into 8 ohms - and I can't find any specs for 4 ohms. Does it have 4 ohm output taps? And does your Rogue Magnum offer a 'pre out' connection - if it does and if you're interested - I could bring over a more powerful ss power amp, for you to hear what that does to your 1.7s? (I'm a rusted-on Maggie lover, if you haven't guessed! ) Andy
  3. Well done, Michael - welcome to the Maggie fold. Are you feeding your 1.7s with a power amp that does them justice? Andy
  4. Now that, indeed @Tony M is a concept which needs some serious thinking about! Andy
  5. I think Mark is referring to an arm which has a removable headshell. If your arm doesn't - ignore his post. Andy
  6. Now, now, Luc ... some people don't like giving out important information - bcoz it makes them feel like they're losing control of the situation. Andy
  7. You are conflating 2 entirely different things: the sensitivity of the amp - ie. 500mV in, drives it to full output ... vs. you need 1V in to do this, and the amp's output power rating. If your amp has 1V sensitivity and your source - like a phono stage - only has 500mV output ... then you need to turn up your preamp volume ctrl a lot more than if your amp has 500mV sensitivity. (And if you have a passive preamp - ie. with zero gain - you will never be able to drive the amp to full output if it has 1V sensitivity and your phono stage only has 500mV output.) An
  8. Aah, you out yourself as a "non-audiophile ", BB! 'The Absolute Sound'. Andy
  9. As you are in Melbourne ... now that lockdown has ended, I'd be delighted if you would come over and have a listen to my DSP-based active spkrs: 3-way + subs. Then again, you might not like the way Maggies present music - which might cloud your opinion of how my DSP system performs. IMO, they sound much better now than they did, pre-DSP (ie. with analogue active XOs). PM me if you're interested. Andy
  10. Impressive that you've been able to achieve satisfactory roll-off points so far away from the 'critical frequency band' of 300Hz to 3300Hz! I'm not surprised! Andy
  11. Maybe when they get to be annointed, each mod gets given a (time-travel) wand? Andy
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