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  1. What the guy may not have said in his article is to use a 6v SLA battery to run a current through the wires whilst the glue is drying, to pull the wires against the magnets which are behind the mylar. This makes sure the wire is glued tight to the mylar. Andy
  2. andyr

    Ripple control filter

    Thanks for the explanation, K. So if I don't have an off-peak electric HWS ... does my house power feed still receive these power line communication signals? Andy
  3. andyr

    Ripple control filter

    Sorry, K - I don't (know where to buy one). Can you explain more about: what these signals are why you want to get rid of them, and where does a plc filter go, relative to your house wiring? Thanks, Andy
  4. In your world, maybe ... in my world - given my subs hand over to the mains at 100Hz (24dB -R HP & LP) - I am very much "interested in stuff above 40Hz"! Andy
  5. Do you mean you bought M2 bolts from Metro Bolts? (M2 = 2mm, metric thread.) If they're "a bit small for the hole" then that means you won't be able to screw them up tightly. So SQ will suffer. Doesn't Metro Bolts have 2.5mm? If not, try Googling 'M2.5mm bolts'. Andy
  6. Hi Bob, ICs can have a variety of construction methods. I would argue that some only have 1 wire --- which carries the signal ... the ground is provided by the shield. The way I make interconnects is by having 2 wires - 1 for signal, 1 for ground, under the shield. The shield is connected at one end only (the Source end) so it provides a grounded shield but is not part of the signal chain. As regards having 2 signal wires (rather than just having one thicker wire), if you believe in 'skin theory' then you won't want to use thick wire for HFs ... so if you want to reduce the resistance of the wire, you use multiple (insulated) thin wires. I've also read that some believe the earth wire should have more cross-sectional area than the signal wire - so they would use: 3 earth wires for 2 signal wires, or 2 earth wires for 1 signal wire. And btw, I see you have a ZYX Airy3. I have just bought one from Duc ... what VTF are you running it at? Regards, Andy
  7. Great speaker setup! 👍 Andy
  8. andyr

    Tubes vs solid state

    A 'motherhood' statement if I've ever heard one! 😁 "so still comes down generally to what you pay for and of course subject to matching issues as always". Possibly, higher-priced amps are better designed and use better parts ... so they match to a wider range of speakers? And amps from one-man bands like Hugh Dean and Andrew Holton will be: more expensive than low-market-end amps like NAD/Yamaha/Panasonic. but cheaper than mass market 'name' amps like Devialet, Parasound and Bryston. But I suggest they will sound: better than #1, and as good as - or better than - #2. Andy
  9. andyr

    Greg Lake and vinyl weight

    Aah, OK - that makes sense. 👍 But the "sheer mass of the material" lowers the resonant frequency - is this a good thing ... or a bad thing? Andy
  10. andyr

    Greg Lake and vinyl weight

    Not sure what Helmut says but I remember something which Graeme Rodwell of The Soundcraftsman, here in Melbourne, told me in the early 80s (and he was someone who knew his stuff, having done a lot of experimentation) ... a record clamp changes the 'Q' of the vinyl slab - and this is not a good thing. Andy
  11. andyr

    Catman's Analog Musings

    So did you catch up with her there, Felix? (Enquiring minds want to know. :-) ) Maybe you should invite your friend round to audition your many phono stages? I am sure she will bring a different view to the comparisons (than you do). :-) And
  12. Very cool!! 👍 I hope they sound as good as they look. Re. your point #1 - the woofer may excite and move the ESL diaphragm excessively - I suspect you were thinking about air movement created by the woofer? That may or may not be a problem but I suggest a real problem will be the vibrations that the woofer creates in the woofer baffle, will shake the whole frame ... producing IMD in the ESL segment. Can you disconnect the woofer baffle from the ESL segment? Andy
  13. It's actually a bolt - not a screw! :-) It certainly does. :-( Which is strange if that bolt came from an SME3009?? If it is 2mm then an M2 bolt is appropriate. OTOH, SME being English - maybe it's got an Imperial thread (not metric)? Thre's a specialised bolt place n Richmond - Metro Bolts, in Swan Street. Andy
  14. andyr

    Synthesiser exhibition in Melbourne

    Haha - classic! 👍 Andy
  15. andyr

    Synthesiser exhibition in Melbourne

    Wow! Cool, af! 👍 Have you also played the theremin? Andy