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  1. Well of course it did! But you may as well sell your sub now as sub frequencies will no longer be getting past these devices! Andy
  2. Correct! In my last house, I ran 11m RCA interconnects between preamp and poweramps ... with no negative sonic effects at all (or all the people who came to listen had cloth ears! ). But I made sure: I had a preamp that was capable of driving long interconnects (an AKSA GK-1 and then GK-2), I used low capacitance cable for my interconnects, and the output impedance of the preamp was only 125 ohms - so there was a >200 ratio, relative to the input impedance of my active XOs. Andy
  3. I don't think I did have to reset VTA, Chris - maybe you have lifted the platter too high (as, if the spindle was still resting on the bearing thrust plate - but with only 10% of the weight without the Tranqu, which was the design aim - the platter wouldn't have lifted at all). Andy
  4. Sorry ... but why don't you simply replace the arm you currently have on your RD11s with an arm that has a removable headshell? Andy
  5. But, Mike - here is the EGD plot produced by REW for my system? Looks pretty flat to me? Andy
  6. Yes, phase coherence is the ideal for a speaker. I suggest it's a viable aim if you are running a pair of active speakers - as I am - which have separate amplifiers for each driver and have at their heart a miniDSP unit ... or equivalent. But before I say any more, can I just ask a Qu? if REW shows you have a 0ms Excess Group Delay plot for your speakers ... does this mean you have achieved phase coherence? Andy
  7. Sure ... but the slopes are set to what I want. (A combination of original Maggie slopes and today's Maggie slopes.) It certainly does, Maarten! Which is why a listening test is required - to see which sounds better: the delay settings which produced the 5ms discontinuity at ~300Hz or the delay settings which I've just finished playing about with, which bring the subs & bass panels into line with the mids & rbbons. Andy
  8. These days, unfortunately, a warped disk is not a rare occurrence! If you want to get on top of them - as it's such a PITA to keep sending LPs back - you need to invest in a 'Vinyl Flat/Groovy Pouch'. See here: https://www.vinylflat.com/ssl/vinylflatproducts.html Or, if you have the ready ... this Furutech product: https://www.avgallery.com.au/shop/analog-products/analog-accessories/df-2/ Andy
  9. Sure, Mat. I may have misinterpreted what I was told - and an 'undersling' is only relevant to UPs (not gimballed arms) - but the idea is to have the CoG of the c'weight lower than the arm tube. Duc did this on his own (UP) arm by locating the c'weight stub lower than the arm tube ... but he also used to make c'weights for other arms - these had a lower CoG than a circular c'weight. djb has one on his SME 3012. If you imagine a circle with the hole for the arm stub through the centre ... then cut off the top of the circle, just above the arm stub hole ... you'll understand what these low-CoG c'weights look like. Andy
  10. I think you should discard your idea of buying one of these, Mat, as - apart from the flimsy construction and the high chance you will receive a damaged arm because of cheap packaging by the seller - IMO there is a serious design fault! Look at the OP's first pic. You can see the stub at the back of the pivot, which the c'weight fits onto, is at the same height as the (wooden) arm. Ideally, the arm stub should be lower than the arm tube - see this pic of my Univector: IMO, you get what you pay for. Andy
  11. Well, you bring these things down on your head, Con, by your persistence with rarely-travelled hifi byways. If you stuck to the 'straight & narrow' - Bose, for instance - you wouldn't have such problems Andy
  12. andyr

    Satori 2018

    WOW! Very nicely matched veneering! Andy
  13. An update! I looked at the 'Excess Group Delay' plot of the mic/REW measurements which I did (mentioned above) and this showed a discontinuity at ~300Hz ... which is in the bass/mid XO region. What it showed is that whilst I have the correct amount of delay between: subs & woofers, and mids & ribbons - so the frequencies either side of these XOs show the same Excess Group Delay ... there is a 5ms delay between woofers & mids. IOW, I need to apply a 5ms delay to my mids & ribbons. I can't do this currently - as I'm using the 2x8 plug-in for my miniDSP 10x10HD (which runs at 96kHz). 9ms delay is the max available - which I'm already using for the delay of the Maggies (ie. woofers, mids & ribbons), relative to the subs. But extra delay is available with the (48kHz) 8x8 plug-in! So my plan is to: reproduce the gain, filter & PEQ settings that I'm currently using in the (96kHz) 2x8 plug-in ... in the 48kHz 8x8 plug-in. upload this to my miniDSP unit. run an REW sweep using this 48kHz config. confirm that the same 5ms discontinuity exists @ 300Hz. then apply an extra 5ms delay to the mids & ribbons, and see how this affects the discontinuity between woofers & mids, in the Excess Group Delay plot. If it does have some effect - then I can adjust the extra delay and repeat #5 & #6 until there is no discontinuity @ 300Hz. This means that the miniDSP config - according to REW - has the right amount of delay applied to each driver. So then I need to run a listening session with my 'golden-eared panel' ... to see whether we can actually hear the difference between: the delay setup that I've so far been listening to - which, according to REW, has a 5ms delay between woofers & mids, and the new delay setup which produces a flat Excess Group Delay plot. If we can hear the difference - and the new delay setup sounds better - I will have to replace my 10x10HD with the miniDSP OPenDRC DA8 ... which will give me: the extra delay I need, and 96kHz. So fun times ahead! Andy
  14. Yes, Con - your system sounds magnificent! So glad you were finally able to get your amp problem solved. Mind you, I do have a couple of power cords at home which you might like to try ... if you want even better sound! Andy
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