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  1. Seems like a deficient arm design, to me. Andy
  2. I think this issue of anti-skate affecting VTF must be a feature of the am used on the Clearaudio Concept. I certainly didn't notice it on the 4 arms I've had over the last, nearly 40, years: DV505 Graham 2.2 Magnepan Unitrac Golden Age Audio Univector. Andy
  3. Catman's Analog Musings

    I have 3 questions, Felix : What JFETs does it use? How much different (better?) is the "incredibly organic and musical" presentation with SLAs vs. the standard PSU? And yet you constantly sing the praises of your Rod Elliott phono stage (P06?)? Andy
  4. Country Music and Subwoofers

    Hear hear!! Andy
  5. Country Music and Subwoofers

    I can agree with you there (re. C & W)! So you wouldn't like a system which has stand-mounts (that don't deliver much below 60Hz) plus a pair of "subs" which can deliver to 20 Hz ... but you would like a system which - instead of standmounts plus subs - had, say, a pair of massive Duntechs that could deliver 20Hz? Doesn't make sense to me - as both systems have bass drivers which are capable of delivering 20Hz?? Unless your viewpoint comes from listening to people's systems where they have turned up the subs so much (because they can!) that they've broken the normal relationship between bass notes and the rest of the frequency range ... whereas those who have the Duntechs can't mess with the relative levels of the drivers? Having added subs to my Maggies about 18 months ago, there is no way I would go back to my previous setup, without them. They just add so much to the music. Andy
  6. What would it take to change your view?

    Or ... I would just listen with and without ... and make my own mind up! (Forgetting "lab experiments".) Andy
  7. Peter M's build

    Wow! What a setup! Respect!! Andy
  8. AIUI, you cannot get 100% IPA - bcoz it's hygroscopic. When sealed, it's 99% - but I suspect it's now down a couple of percent, due to being opened a couple of times, to pour some out. Aah, shame. Radio Parts is just one of those things that make Melbourne the world's most livable city! Andy
  9. Expensive? I think I paid $15 for 5l from Radio Parts - which means each tank costs just over a dollar, for IPA. 7800ml of distilled water costs more than that! Andy
  10. What do you mean by "some alcohol", Peter? 5% IPA is acceptable for us tanks (above 10% and you risk spontaneous ignition! ) I use 400ml of 99% IPA in 7800ml of distilled water. Andy
  11. Thank you, David! Interested parties should note that this was most certainly a 'single blind test' as the amount of fine red wine that David consumed meant that he moved from his normal "3/4 blind" state ... to fully blind! And, yes, 96kHz in the miniDSP delivered better resolution (than 48kHz). Andy
  12. Well, during the week it occurred to me that, due to me using the digital input on my miniDSP unit (instead of 4x analogue inputs) ... I can run the 10x10HD at 96kHz instead the 48kHz needed for 4x analogue inputs. So I ordered the 2x8 plug-in and, in preparation for the listening test tomorrow, today loaded all the settings into the 2x8 software. So the stored configs on my 10x10HD now include a 48kHz setting ... and an identical config, running at 96kHz. It should be interesting tomorrow whether we can hear any advantage with the 96kHz setting. Andy
  13. Trigger fail

    Unfortunately, electricity suppliers don't seem to be able to read the standards - and there is nobody whose job it is to make them stick to them! We used to be 240v but we supposedly changed a few decades ago, to 230v. I suspect there are very few places in Oz that actually do get 230v - my own voltage is generally between 241 and 245v ... although I have once seen 239v and occasionally 246v. As Wimbo said, there is a '+/-' range they are supposed to stick to (@Wimbo, I think it's +10% / -6% ... which is still waaay too wide, IMO! ) but they don't bother. If you have an AC voltmeter, you can stick the wire prongs into the active & neutral slots in a GPO and measure. Or you can buy a 'Cow King' like I have plugged in, which gives you a continuous readout. (Sound Reference sell them.) Or you can buy a 'Watts Clever EW-AUS5001' from Jaycar which, likewise, will tell you what the voltage is. You can also use this device to tell you how much current a particular device is sucking from the GPO - which is very useful to know. If I had 230v-rated equipment, I would get a tech to change the power transformer over to a 240v power transformer - pretty simple to do. Andy
  14. Trigger fail

    Just a warning, Michael ... I notice the above pic shows your amp is meant for a 230v mains supply. What is the voltage range of the mains at your house? (I suspect it is a good deal higher than 230v.) Andy
  15. I'm not aware 'planars' are "one way"? The smaller Maggies are 2-way ... the 3 series and the 20 series are 3-way. Andy