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  1. Ask @Tasebass - he has one, too. Andy
  2. Do you have any spare you will part with? Andy
  3. Sorry, have no idea. But if they're both in series ... then both of them! You do not want to replace 1uF with 0.33uF - as that will cut off bass response. But by all means replace 1uF with 2.2uF. Perhaps you can use the 0.33uF ones you bought in the 'interstage' positions - obviously only if these are currently <= 330nF. Andy
  4. Nah, April - you have OCD reel bad! Andy
  5. I would say ... no ! Having owned several Naim amps in the past, I would say there are plenty of other amps to buy, in that price bracket, which will sound much better. Yes, I would say a better DAC than your D10 - which might not even cost $300 - would improve your sound. (I recently bought 4x Topping E30s to stop using the DAC chips which are included in my miniDSP unit - and this made a major improvement.) Andy
  6. I think you mean output (coupling) caps? (There would not be series caps at the input of a phono stage ... but there is, typically, a series cap on each channel's output - to stop DC offset from passing into the next component. I noticed that the voltage on the big black cap is 400v. Are you sure your Russian Teflon and PIO caps are 400v (or more)? Andy
  7. Hah - that's exactly what I am doing, David! (I used a case for my ADC which is large enough to contain 3x 25v caps - as well as the PCB - which feed: miniDSP, ADC and my 4-way digital source selector.) Andy
  8. Great, David. You will not be disappointed. I run mine at 96kHz using a coax output. Interesting that your phono stage overdrives it - at 2v. I don't remember adjusting the peak signal down ... but my phono stage certainly doesn't output anywhere near 2v but - every now and again, on a transient - the red 'overdrive LED' flicks on. "Every now and again ", to me, means I have the gain set perfectly. I would suggest changing over the 12v wall wart to a 12v LPS, though. I use an Sbooster - but a Gieseler LPS would do a good job, too. Andy
  9. Yes, the gain of that Turner phono stage seems to be 57dB. He said "I have used a Denon DL-103 MC with rated Vo = 0.4mV and I get 280mV at amp Vo. "; your cart is 0.12mV so you will get 84mV. That is very low - sure, if your preamp has lots of gain ... you can compensate. However, I suggest your SQ would increase if you were feeding 280mV into your preamp (rather than 84mV). This would require you to have about 64dB gain in a phono stage. You can compensate for your phono stage's low MC gain by using a head amp (before the phono stage) and taking out the link between R5 & R6, to turn it into an MM phono stage - which the article says has 45dB of gain. A head amp which gave you 25x gain would be sufficient for a 0.12mV LOMC, with the MM's 45dB gain. Using a head amp for this pre-phono stage amplification (rather than a SUT) would allow you to experiment with different cart loading values, to choose the optimum (anywhere from 100 - 470 ohms). BTW, the Turner phono stage is undoubtedly "hand made " - and I'm sure sounds great. But it is not a "pure tube MC phono stage " ... as it uses a 2SK369 jfet at the input (immediately after C3). Regards, Andy
  10. You mean this thing, Peter? I'm afraid I have absolutely no idea - maybe ask your nonagenarian mate @djb? Andy
  11. 470 ohms is a commonly-available res value (adjacent values are 330 ohms and 680 ohms). Can I suggest a bit more A/B'ing between these two values. I would expect you would hear more 'airy' soundstage at 1K ohms (than 100 ohms) ... with the bass not being as taut. That's a bit low (1000x) for a 0.12mV cart - do you have 66dB gain available with the Project Phono Box S2 (2000x)? Andy
  12. Lucky man! Andy PS: what are you loading it at? I see the recommendation is for >100 ohms - but, given coil resistance is 4 ohms, I suggest anywhere up to 470 ohms could be better.
  13. I make a very good-sounding phono stage (my "Muse") which I can easily customise to allow for 2x MM inputs. Please PM me if you'd like to audition it (though you'd have to pay for postage to you / back as I can't drop it over, unless you happen to live within a few kms of Richmond). It would simplify your vinyl signal chain - and sound better! Andy
  14. andyr

    P9 mat

    Decades ago, I used to get static which would cause my felt mat to lift off with the record. The solution was ... 3 pieces of double-sided tape on the LP12 platter, to hold the mat down. However, once I started using a wet/vac RCM ... the static problem disappeared. And moving to a us cleaning machine ... again, static never appears. Andy
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