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  1. I've got the BP25 with the MPS2 power supply and, as many preamplifiers I have tried, I always end up going back to the Bryston! Best of luck with the sale. Whoever gets it won't be disappointed..
  2. Further information: Cable has been used for 4 weeks only when my previous transport failed. New transport hasn't got XLR digital transfer so cable was stored and not used. Perhaps someone else here would like to use it. It's well made with gold plated pin arrangement and I am sure the new owner will not be disappointed with its performance, especially at this price level. Light item so postage won't brake the bank. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. A restorator's dream this one! Beautiful gear in their day..
  4. Hi there! Private message has been sent with intention to buy. I live near you so pick up will be in person and payment in cash. Tnx!
  5. Just my two bob worth.. ..at this price I would hire a small(ish) van and drive to Melbourne. This could add to the price around $100 plus fuel.. I did the same (from Sydney) when I bought (from Melbourne) my rather large and heavy speakers. Glad I did!
  6. No, not at all you're not in "la la land" Lol! This price won't buy you anything new that is even close to the Ruarks. Besides, in the condition they are, they qualify as collectors items.
  7. These are absolutely great with Classical music too! Their PRaT performance is up there with the best and leave some *modern* speakers standing.. Had a pair of these many years ago and they were given to my daughter who's still enjoy them. Someone will be pleasantly surprised with these. Best of luck with the sale.
  8. What a day! What weather! What a meeting! When I arrived with an hour to spare before the appointed time for the meeting, there were only a small handful of people, mostly committee members, wondering if anyone was going to turn up at all! Given the atrocious weather with heavy rain and strong wind bursts no one could be blamed for staying home. However... .. within the next hour quite a number of (brave) members turned up to make for a respectable number of attendees , and rightly so! We were all rewarded with an excellent presentation ( some said, one of the very best) we have ever had in the Club for years. David Corazza from 'Sound & Music' of Melbourne, an excellent communicator, conducted the first half of the meeting with interesting, informative, humorous and sometimes controversial commentary. He certainly has the ability, knowledge and passion to keep his audience's attention for the entire event. My gratitude - and I am sure that of many others - for making the long trip from Melbourne to treat us with such fine equipment, music and challenging thoughts. Regarding the actual system on display, the obvious benefits of extremely low distortion from the Benchmark electronics ( DAC and Power Amps), were evident. The large Dali s responded favorably producing a dynamic full range sound that filled the listening room effortlessly. Sure, this was not what one calls a budget system but it confirmed what many audiophiles say, "one gets, what one pays for"... All in all, a very entertaining Sunday afternoon for the ones attending. My personal thanks also to the committee members for their efforts in organizing and setting up the event, despite the weather. Well done guys! Looking forward to the next one!
  9. Heavens! This is almost a giveaway.. A great sounding DAC and very versatile with connectivity. Sounds great also when used as a digital source preamplifier. Someone will get a bargain here! GLWS
  10. All good! Thanks for the response and GLWTS
  11. Would you consider separating the two units and posting to Sydney? I am only interested on the CDplayer and the remote. Thanks!
  12. LOL! Yes I know.. ..I have the BP25 with the MPS2 power supply and ..( keep that a secret..), when no one is looking I take off the Audio Research and connect the Bryston!. MAGIC! Too many preamplifiers already over the years!
  13. This is one hell of a preamplifier! In my opinion, as solid state preamps go, you will have to search hard to find one that outperforms it.. at any price! The h/phone amp in it is excellent too! GLWS.
  14. It's worth waiting for a whole year to have this "Christmas BBQ event"! A very big thanks from me, and I am sure, from all members attending to George for his masterly skills in BBQ ing as well as, all others that contributed with the salads, the drinks and the whole event! Also, many thanks to Ruth and Alex for always treating us with lovely sweets, as well as our ex events coordinator Steve for his delicious Tiramisu that proved very popular. Some members were observed to have a second "go" at it (..no names please..)! .............. A sincere thanks from me to Tom Waters for his great leadership in keeping the Club alive and growing (in membership), as well as the retiring committee members Steve Polley, Stephanos Eliades and Andrew Baldwin. They all worked collectively behind the scenes making each meeting a great success. Thank YOU all guys! Congratulations also to John Mc Evoy for his appointment as our new president and also many thanks for putting his hand up for the post at a challenging time. I trust that under his guidance and with the help of George (our vice president) our Club will have a great future. .............. Finally, a big thanks to Morris, Brad and Les for presenting their creations. These speakers and amplification were punching way above their price point and, in my view, challenge 'fair and square' many well known brands that, often cost a lot more. I for one, could hear a difference with the isolating devices that Les demonstrated, especially when he was doing the changes while the music was playing. He's certainly on to something there.. With this, a very happy Christmas to all that celebrate it and a peaceful and healthy New Year for everyone.
  15. Wonderful speakers these.. I have their larger (and newer) brothers CS 6 and there's no way I part with them! Thiels are all about THE music, not fireworks.. GLWS PS: Your feline seems to be keeping guard on those.. I don't think she would be happy to see them go!
  16. I have the same and whenever I get tired of the the super analytical sound of my other preamps, I connect the DM20 to simply....enjoy music! Someone will get a pleasant surprise with this. It's worth every cent of the price asked! GLWS
  17. Great, thanks 'noddyc43' I had no doubt it would generate a lot of interest. 😺
  18. Excellent sounding converter for the price and, since its got a volume control incorporated in the remote, it can be used as a digital source preamplifier directly feeding a power amp. I have the same and it competes head to head with the Primare DAC I also use, which is almost twice its price! If your system sounds a bit 'soft' this DAC will bring it back to life! GLWS
  19. Bargain price for a very capable speaker! They do sound as good as they look.. GLWTS
  20. Had to think for a week and (mentally) absorb what this great setup was capable off! It's quite amazing what a pair of modestly sized speakers can do, even in a large and mostly, un co operative room such as the one we usually use. These transducers can easily put into shame some large floor standers with the sheer sense of power they convey to the listener. Quite amazing I thought, one can only imagine what they would be like in a properly set up and tuned environment.. I for one, had never even heard of the brand and, I thought, Bill's choice to expose them to an appreciating audience group such as ours, was a clever move. When one thinks what one gets in the price asked (around $ 20k which at first glance may look expensive), it's a system quite reasonably priced when you consider the fully active design with individual amplification for each driver and all the other 'goodies' Tom is mentioning above. A complete setup without the expenses of 'high end' cables, converters, etc. etc. .............. Sincere thanks to Bill for making the trip from the Central Coast to make this a most enjoyable afternoon session for, I trust, most of us.
  21. Item: Primare Pre30 Location: Sydney Northern Subs Price: 1,150 + postage Item Condition: Excellent with a small scratch on top plate. 9/10 Reason for selling: Downsizing, let someone else enjoy this. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Purchased from another SNA member about a year ago. Great sounding preamplifier, very flexible with both Balanced and Single Ended inputs and outputs. It drove my two Bryston power amps perfectly. Very accurate sound, extremely detailed without any harshness. Build in typical Scandinavian fashion, solid and rather heavy at 9 kg. Scratch on top plate is not visible when the preamp is placed on a rack, front plate, side panels and rear are like new. No remote with it but, I believe it will work with generic remotes once programmed. If one wants a Primare remote they cost about 40 UK pounds to purchase. Will box very safely for delivery. You can calculate postage for a box of almost 10 kg from 2121 to your address. Sorry to see this go but I do have to downsize my collection of preamplifiers. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  22. In its day this Tuner was selling new for $ 2,100 (c.1994)! It was serious money then for a tuner.. One of the very best sounding tuners available, ever. I own one and I am keeping it! It's a bargain at this price. GLWS.
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