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  1. Item: Densen power amp DM 30 Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I own and love the DM 20 preamplifier so, I would like to pair it with its natural 'partner' the DM 30 amp. If reasonably priced I would be willing to buy it. It has to be in very good cosmetic and electrical condition. Open to exchange with some other audio component(s) if seller is interested.
  2. I've got and use the same! The quality of sound is quite amazing when used with an outboard DAC. I bought mine from another member here and paid triple that price! So this is a steal IMHO.
  3. Mine is not going anywhere! If people only knew how good this is.. GLWS
  4. Very fond memories with this amp... Drove for me Infinity Kappa 8i effortlessly! That's what started my hi-fi 'journey' in the early 90's At the time it was better than early Naim gear, more open, neutral and crispy with detail. I am sure whomever got it won't regret it.
  5. I've got its little brother, the L30. Exceptional h/phone amplifiers, lowest possible distortion, amazing value. Whomever get this will be extremely satisfied. GLWS
  6. This then confirms what another member said previously. It really depends on the room and the radiation pattern of the speakers. Like so many other things in audio, nothing is absolute.. Experimenting is the name of the game Ian. ?
  7. Just curious, what kind of "trade offs" / differences did you notice Ian? In my case, the 45 deg. toe in resulted in a very deep and accurate soundstage, with various instruments easily identified in their correct locations ( i.e. brass right at the back, mass violins on the right etc etc). With the speakers firing almost straight down the room ( and with a very slight toe in), the soundstage becomes almost 'flat' - like a wall of sound - much more forward than before. Depth is minimal. Interested to hear what the effect was with your ML - 1s.
  8. So then, to surmise, it appears the success of such configuration depends on the particular type of speakers used. It doesn't work equally well with all designs, but when it does it's a real treat for the listener. So far, I haven't felt the need yet to return to the 'traditional' placement of my speakers. Many thanks to all that contributed to this thread.
  9. Well said! BUT!.. ...in doing so, you may get called back to 'order' by the "one who must be obeyed"... ?
  10. Hi Kevin and thanks for the input. From what I see in the photo you've included, the location of the speakers may be the cause of the less than perfect low frequencies. In my experience, bass frequencies are the most difficult to deal with and correct anomalies. In my case the speakers are in free space into the room, well away from the front and side walls. To find the optimum location for best bass extension I had to experiment for days and eventually, with the help of another member here, take some measurements and install a graphic equalizer to come to a very good re
  11. I use mine on the second system and, it never misses to be the subject of questions from visiting friends, with remarks about its elegance, super modern design and, of course, those beautiful large brass knobs! Let alone the silky sounds it makes. I am surprised no one hasn't yet grabbed it.. This is a Classic piece of audio equipment IMHO.
  12. Τhanks for the input Wimbo! What you say about 'direct intensity' I 've just experienced it in the last hour. I sat on an Office chair (with castors) and moved back and forth from the 'tip' of the 60deg of the triangle. I noticed a significant change in sound as follows: * When sitting one mtr further from the point the two tweeters cross, I get a wide soundstage and an equally deep front to back projection of sound. * When I moved right on the 'tip' of the 'triangle' the soundstage remains the same but the depth changes and the musicians appear to be much more forward, a
  13. Thanks Paul! Yes, this calls for more experimenting with the angles and also seatting adjustment. So you're suggesting an equilateral triangle with this 60 + 60 + 60 deg configuration. This will see me sitting at one point of the 60 deg triangle, so the tweeters will not fire 'in front of my head' but exactly where I am sitting. Is that right? Or, having the 60 deg arrangement in place, then I should move the 'hot seat' a bit back so, the 'crossing over' beams will be slightly in front of me? Any case, it's fascinating and I certainly will do a bit more experimenting. I h
  14. Yep!...that's about right, same here Ian. The amount of depth I get with this configuration is insane. Never heard large speakers such as mine creating such an effect.
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