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  1. Arthur K


    Wonderful and versatile DAC! At this price won't last long. GLWS.
  2. Arthur K

    Are pre amps required?

    Yes, that's right! The user has choice of two sources, one RCA and the other XLR. Same applies on the outputs. You can choose to feed your amplifier(s), either via RCA or XLR. I put it on the bench this afternoon and fed 1 khz sine wave in the RCA input. Using my scope, I could alternate that signal via, either the RCA output or the XLR at a push of the selector button. There was absolutely no leakage of signal from the RCA to the XLR, none at all, at least that's what the scope told me! Simplicity at it's best George! A.
  3. Arthur K

    Are pre amps required?

    Thanks for that Stefffen, you have given me food for thought! Given the price of this thing, I may purchase another one on which, I may follow your suggestion and experiment with "better" quality attenuators. I will then have the chance to compare the original with the converted one! What a great idea! Thank You!
  4. Arthur K

    Are pre amps required?

    Well! I have this morning tried what you have suggested George and the result is positive. In other words, these are two separate inputs, despite the track you can see on the top side of the PCB. There must be another track at the bottom of the board. As I write this the FM tuner is playing, connected via RCA cables and, at the same time, on the XLR input I have my DAC connected and playing music from a CD input. There's no 'cross talk' between the two inputs i.e. when I pause the CD playing I cannot hear the tuner at all, even at full volume, unless of course, if I push the little button changing the source to RCA. I don't know what type of pot they use but, the quality of sound is superb! Makes me wonder why I spend all the money on active preamps which, they do look good and impress my visitors, but don't offer any sonic improvement in what I hear. By the way, I had a couple of audiophile friends listening to music here and, they both agreed with me on this matter. When I told them the price of this little volume pot they just rolled their eyes!.. LOL! All the best, A.
  5. Arthur K

    Are pre amps required?

    Hi George! This little volume pot, does have two inputs if you look at it carefully. At a push of a button, it switches from XLR to RCA input and, wait, there's more. Another little button switches the output again, from balanced to single ended! I use the XLR input / outputs as my system is balanced from the Dac to the power amplifiers. Given the price, I might also get one of those Schiit you suggested, just for the hell of it, to compare and see if any differences exist. Thanks for alerting me to it. A.
  6. Arthur K

    Are pre amps required?

    I've been reading this thread with interest and, I must say, some amusement. The different points of view based on personal experience / performance on one's audio setup, seem to me bordering a personal understanding/and or/ priority/ preference in sound reproduction. IMVHO, we all value different aspects of what we hear and thence, what we strive to achieve. If that is correct, there cannot be a consensus or a definitive answer on the active v passive preamplification dilemma. In my particular case, a very cheap (made in the Orient) passive volume control (..not a preamplifier by definition..), seem to offer a very satisfying sonic picture, especially after other adjustments with speaker location, to accommodate the differences in the room frequency response. It's as close as I can come to listening through good quality h/phones ( which give me exactly what's on the recording without the room interaction). Preamps in my possession (having been tried against the passive), come from Audio Research, Bryston, Primare, PS Audio and Densen. My main aim when I listen to music is, detail and naturalness in instrument timbre. This little device seem to fulfill these requirements to a tee! Quite amazing at the price! Here it is: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Little-Bear-MC2-Fully-Balanced-Passive-Preamplifier-Pre-Amp-XLR-RCA-Controller-A/112926844766?hash=item1a4af6e75e:g:IskAAOSwCQZZEtgw PS. I have no connection or any financial interest with the makers or sellers of this device. I am simply reporting my experience with it. best regards to all, Arthur
  7. @ SIME re: The MARANTZ PHOTOS .............. Good heavens!! I really think you have now convinced the person who asked the question! ...he may even change his mind and start appreciating the simplicity of some designs..
  8. Arthur K

    Linn LP12 bashing - why all da hatin'?

    Hate?!....Strong words guys for a piece of kit, methinks.. I can't "love" or "hate" a piece of equipment that's there to serve a purpose. If it doesn't serve MY purpose, I just discard it, not HATE it. There's a great editorial in the August Edition of Stereophile, exploring the subject of how each one of us has quite different expectations from a sound system. Under this light, the ever lasting debate about the LP 12, becomes a simple matter of choice, rather than the dogmatic approach many seem to adopt, for or against. In my mind, if THE MUSIC flows and connects with me, who cares of what spins it?
  9. Arthur K

    Long time between drinks!

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys! ..also, great to see that great humor, still prevails in the forum. @@djb, .. it was never a case of offence. Simply lack of enough hours in a day, among other commitments with family, work etc. The flame never died though! ..now, for Bollockz, where's the bar?
  10. Greetings to all. Member since 2005, returning after a long time of inactivity. ...let me see what I've missed..
  11. How do these compare (sound wise) with the original LS3/5a's from Rogers, Harbeth, Spendor etc? Has anyone heard them?
  12. Arthur K

    Best integrated amp

    For me the Densen DM 10 is the one. The Beat 100 is also very good, but not quite like the original DM 10. 75 watts per side, twin transformers and power supplies, no negative feedback at all, biased for Class A operation up to about 15 watts, with a fluid, velvety but punchy sound that reminds me of Naim, but much more refined and detailed, making it an excellent choice for Classical music listening. In my case, it has seen off amps like Audiolab 8000 C and P, Proceed ( pre and power), Naim Nait 3, Arcam Diva, Quad 405 II, Meridian 501 and 556 and a few others. It's still part of my system and challenges my PS Audio PCA 2 pre and HCA 2 power amp, the latter only being slightly more detailed than the DM 10 ( and of course, more powerful), and that's about it. I really think, this will be the amplifier I will end up being with in retirement.. In fact, I am sure about it.
  13. Arthur K

    The Audiophile Club of Athens

    Bah!.. might as well live inside a loudspeaker!.. ...... and I thought the guys at the ACA were extreme cases..
  14. Arthur K

    The Audiophile Club of Athens

    Now now, calm down guys!.. This is a family site, right? Let's enjoy the vocal performance of the artist, shall we??..
  15. Arthur K

    The Audiophile Club of Athens

    What an amazing array of loudspeakers! Thanks Moondog!