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  1. Solid saison but not knocking my socks off. At least it’s in a can and I didn’t have to struggle with the corks in their bottles.
  2. I've used both those links to set up three memory settings. All are very bright as they use the higher lamp settings. Not bad in my Family room set up but I could imagine quite OTT in a theatre room.
  3. I used the settings in these reviews to do a "calibration". Very happy with the picture but also very bright when lamp on high. Useful to set the user button on the remote to change the lamp brightness on the fly. https://www.projectorreviews.com/epson/epson-home-cinema-5050ub-review-a-very-4k-capable-home-theater-projector/ https://www.projectorreviews.com/epson/epson-pro-cinema-6050ub-4k-capable-home-theater-projector-review-picture-quality/
  4. The irony is I just sold an HDFury Vertex which would have solved all this. Didn't think I would need it with the Denon's dual output.
  5. Oppo 205, Apple TV 4K, PS4, PS3, IQ4. Switch is occasionally plugged into front HDMI input. The Samsung 4K TV is plugged into Monitor 1 output which is ARC capable so could be considered an input although I've turned off ARC in both TV and Denon. All other devices I've turned off HDMI-CEC if possible.
  6. Reply from Denon support (Qualifi). May help anyone doing a search for a fix. We get this issue from time to time and there is no "one" fix as it can vary from install to install and equipment used. Yes, it could be the active cable as well as the EDID data information from the projector being communicated back to the Denon (most common scenario). Check to see if the projector has 2 x HDMi inputs and if both are 4K enabled. If so, try the other HDMi input. Another trick is to use an external HDMi splitter. These are pretty "dumb" devices and most of them don’t do a good job of passing through the EDID data through…which in your case may solve the issue. Cannot guarantee it will fix it but may be worth considering.
  7. Found a work around, programmed my Harmony remote to change HDMI outputs in the Activity start-ups. Should keep the wife happy.
  8. Check out Superbus in Niagra Lane. Formerly Sunmoth.
  9. Definitely a splitter rather than a switch. Manual states that the Output Settings are automatically set to the lowest common resolution which was happening with the old Panny PJ. I thought the 4K capabilites of the Epson would solve that. Might have to have more of a play with the settings and try to set the Resolution manually.
  10. In the current line-up the HTM71 would do. Might be able to pick up a Series 1 on sale.
  11. Yep, one of the first things I did. Samsung call it Anywhere+ but all off. A google search yesterday did come up with a similar problem on one of the US forums and he blamed an Active cable.
  12. I have finally updated my PJ to an Epson 9400 I have it plugged in to the Denon Monitor 2 HDMI output via 10m Ruipro 8K cable. TV plugged into Monitor 1 is a 4K Samsung LCD. Both have the same input capabilities. Problem is when I set the Denon to Auto (Dual) in output settings I lose the video to the TV and have to reset to Monitor 1 output in the settings menu. The projector is in Standby and the Denon info page shows no signal being sent to the Monitor 2 output. My assumption is the Ruiopro cable being an Active cable is somehow fooling the Denon which is then prioritising video to Monitor 2. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this as I'm copping a bit of flack from "The Boss" .
  13. Still happy to have picked up two SB2000s for less than $2300 (used a discount code). At $3600 for two Pros it just highlights the ridiculous price difference between here and the States.
  14. Thinking Epson 9400. It'll be a living room situation so need something bright and white.
  15. And I'm looking to replace my Pana PT-AX100E. I'll miss the 720p goodness
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