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  1. I’ve just put together a Raspberry Pi 4 in a Flirc case running Ropieee as a Roon endpoint. Feeding a Schiit Modius via USB then balanced out to a MF balanced headamp. Darko has an excellent video on Youtube on how to do the Ropiee setup. Very pleased with the result.
  2. Looks like a 129cm screen is minimum. Mine is about 4m and fits a 100” screen.
  3. Dell laptop is my Roon core. I upgraded RAM and installed SSD. Cracked screen iPad as Roon remote. Schiit Modius running USB from laptop. Musical Fidelity amp and phones courtesy of Stereonet classifieds. Question I have is would I be better with a network streamer to Modius rather than running off the laptop? Something like a Raspberry Pi.
  4. My first real speakers were Sonique 5.5s. Loved them. My wife's nephew inherited them and as far as I know are still going strong.
  5. Watched it tonight. Looked awesome on the Epson 9400.
  6. I've got a 9400W. $4300 is a good price. I paid $4700 installed with a Screen Technics mount.
  7. It was AUD$400 all up. Last time I checked A2A don’t have the Modius listed so it will be interesting to see what they retail it for. I can’t really compare SQ as I have it hooked up to a headphone amp which I’ve only just purchased. Suffice to say it’s way better than the laptop headphone output. My main system uses an Oppo 205 as Roon endpoint. USB connection was seamless with The Schiit being recognised by both Roon and the laptop. No power toggle but I guess it’s OK to leave on, will help with the burn in 😄
  8. Well it’s finally here. Initially Schiit sent a Modi 3 by mistake. Rectified same day with Modius Fedex’d and arrived exactly 7 days later. Worth paying Fedex Priority as I’ve heard USPS has a bit if a backlog. Initial impressions are good.
  9. These look like a bargain if you don't mind ex-demo https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/collections/headphones/products/mrspeakers-ether-open-planar-magnetic-headphones
  10. Yes. I was quite surprised when I checked the tracking. Only ordered it Monday. Went with Fedex priority as USPS backlogged.
  11. My Modius just hit Hawaii. Will keep you updated.
  12. Should look at Musical Fidelity M5Si
  13. I have fans in my cabinet. They only run with the HT as they are controlled by the AVR's 12v trigger. Sourced from https://www.ebay.com.au/usr/drmckenzie When listening to stereo through my integrated amp I just leave the door slightly open for airflow.
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