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  1. Looks most interesting Mick, I've included it in my next Amazon order. A couple of other younger guitarists I like come out of the current(recent?) Allman Bros Band. Derek Trucks is a clip I found this morning of the opening song of Songlines And Warren Haynes is a nice performance of an NY old favourite mentioned earlier. (prefer Dave Matthews' voice though) :bump:
  2. I haven't posted in this thread as there are so many I could choose. I've just listened to this one which was a favourite 40 years ago. Of current guitarists I like Joe Bonamassa Ronnie Earle has been around for ever, Kansas City Monarch from Still River is my all time favourite last track before bed. Here he is with Duke Robillard from an excellent album, The Duke Meets The Earl http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FK84h3a-JFM&feature=related
  3. I'm in, I hope I do better than last year.
  4. Kansas City Monarch by Ronnie Earl Amazon sample here: http://www.amazon.com/Still-River-Ronnie-Earl/dp/B000003HKH/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1304502760&sr=1-1
  5. I'd have a few hundred albums which could be roughly categorised as blues. Names that I haven't seen mentioned would include: Tab Benoit Guitar Shorty Walter Trout Jimmy Thackery Bob Margolin are all guitarists that I would put at the rock end of blues. Roomful of Blues have been around for a long time, I prefer them with either Ronnie Earl or Duke Robillard on guitar though they've generally been pretty horny (if you know what I mean) Wanda Johnson Shemekia Copeland if you like blues shouters
  6. [ATTACH]29777[/ATTACH] Chet Baker and Bill Evans, easy listening and very nice
  7. I'm not sure if i've posted this in the right section but I have just read that Warren Haynes is playing at the Corner on 24th April, supported by Joe Louis Walker. Warren will be backed by Ron Holloway on sax, Danny Louis on keyboards, Ruthie Foster on vocals & guitar and Terence Higgins on drums. One for the Gov't Mule and Allman Brothers fans, $66/ticket. (+ booking fee of course)
  8. [ATTACH=CONFIG]29713[/ATTACH]I'm listening to Simply Eva by Eva Cassidy for the first time. A new release of just Eva and her guitar. Songs recorded between 1993 & 1996; no songs that haven't been released on previous albums and not sung differently but well recorded and fresh due to the different backing. Recommended.
  9. New releases this year that I particularly liked were: Lee Ritenour 6 String Theory Jimi Hendrix Valleys Of Neptune Dino Saluzzi El Encuentro Ray LaMontagne God Willin' & The Creek Don't Rise Bill Frisell Disfarmer Etta Cameron Etta Pick of the bunch for me was Etta; sparse Jazz from a Bahamian resident in Denmark from the early 70's till her death in March 2010. A beautifully recorded mixture of standards and less well known material backed by the Danish Big Band led by Nickolaj Hess.
  10. Most of my memorable concerts were from the 70's; Jethro Tull, Zappa & the Mothers, both at Festival Hall when smoking was allowed and the place reeked of weed. Another I really enjoyed was Flo & Eddie at Dallas Brooks. I heard the stones 73 concert at Kooyong but I was 5km away at the time. It was unbelievably loud.
  11. I bouht it on cd last year and was totally underwhelmed. I just found it uninteresting, lacking energy I suppose.
  12. I bought a complete set of the Haydn symphonies some time ago; Austo-Hungarian Orchestra with Adam Fischer conducting. Apparently they were recorded over 14 years at the Haydnsaal at Esterhazy Palace. Again 33 discs and good value at USD 112 at Amazon. [ATTACH=CONFIG]24089[/ATTACH]
  13. I'm having my first listen to this new album El Encuentro [ATTACH]22983[/ATTACH] A live recording of bandoneon, cello, saxophone and 24 piece string orchestra on ECM. Emotional Argentinian compositions by Dino Saluzzi described in the cd booklet as a 4 part sinfonia concertante. I bought this because Saluzzi & Lechner's Ojos Negros was my favourite album of 2007.
  14. It definitely has increased my pleasure to hear more detail and to have a reasonable bass response.
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