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  1. I've been looking at the first 10 rounds and what days they are being played on, and as a Souths fan I'm ecstatic.....Magic Round is round 10 on May 14th to 16th, no Thursday night game that week. Out of the first 10 rounds, Souths are playing 7 of their games on a Thursday or Friday night, so they will be shown on FTA.....How many so called 'Home Games' Souths end up playing out in the country to help promote the NRL in those areas is yet unknown. I know they have a very strong team this year, and are at Sportsbet at least, one of the top contenders to win the premiership.
  2. I bought a V2 Helmet and to be honest I have rarely used it, mainly because it always seem to sweat up inside and the resolution has been too low on most games, Wipeout Omega pack excepting. I agree about the VR games over all, a lot of so so titles, and what there are are usually short. TBH Sony bringing out a new development pack for it isn't going to help matters, it's just another expense for any studio that might consider making a VR game, and train a few staff to work solely on it. There is already a compatibility problem with the PS5 using the current VR helmet, yo
  3. Sony has announced some general details about it's update to the VR helmet, expected release is for 2022. The two big bit's of news revealed is that It's not going to be wireless for a start, but only one wired will be needed. And the helmet will have Improved resolution [it needs it ] https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-56175254 https://blog.playstation.com/2021/02/23/introducing-the-next-generation-of-vr-on-playstation/
  4. Quite a few of the long time posters know this information already, but for those that don't, here is a video by HDTVTEST showing you with price graphs when the best time of the year to buy a new TV. This formula has been valid for many years, and I've used it for the basis of upgrading my TV's several times. The graphs and general info shown apply to Australia as well.
  5. ORIGINAL SONG - TEENAGE DREAM - KATE PERRY TEENAGE DREAM - VULFPECK + KATE PERRY // Disco Ulysses [ Mashup]....so much Funkier.
  6. For sheer musicianship is the reason I love this. To keep time with the same beat as long as he does is amazing. Here's a version with guitar and vocals
  7. I know this is a SBS streaming thread, but I couldn't find any ABC iView thread, even after using search [I'm crap at doing forums searches 😟 ] Anyway, I've been watching the second series of STAGED, on the ABC's iView, and it's a brilliant continuation of series one....albeit slightly darker over several episodes mid way. The amount of well known movies stars you'll see in STAGED is brilliant, Dame Judy is brilliant in series Two, and I won't spoil who appears in the second last episode of series Two....that episode is GOLD.....anyway, I can't recommend this series hig
  8. I can't imagine that the owner ever got the best out of these huge speakers judging by the size of the room, the low ceiling and proximity to the room corners It would be equivalent to listening on a large pair of headphones Maybe they have moved into a smaller place since originally purchasing them and have moved them into this small room, hence the sale. Very nice speakers, will be interesting to see what they end up going for.
  9. It might still partially covered in the gunk they use to release the LP from the stamper. Give the LP a good clean with a recommended LP cleaning fluid and see if it fixes the problem.
  10. A little tip when looking for a particular used CD player, or any other piece of used equipment for that matter. Type in the name and model number of the unit you are looking for in Google, followed by For Sale. This should bring up a link to HIFI Shark, which compiles all known units currently listed for sale on Ebay or Yahoo auctions in Japan. This will give you a rough idea of the prices being asked for that particular unit
  11. YEP, would have to agree with this recommendation. Pretty much any Marantz CD player from this era are a good buy, reason being they had very good transport sections. The TDA1541 DAC chip gives a very smooth replay. Remotes for the unit above shouldn't be that hard to find. The ultimate in the Marantz range from this era is the CD94, which even the Mk1 version would set you back used at least $800-1000, the Mk2 version has two of the TDA1541 DAC chips and is considered even better, both have the best transports of pretty much any single box CD player ever made.
  12. Strangely it wasn't showing all that information when I first clicked on the post, It only showed the first picture and only the first paragraph directly underneath it. I ended up doing a search to see who was the current Copland distributor and got the info off their website, which turned out to be fortuitous as they also distribute the Lavardin amps, which is the other integrated I'm interested in.
  13. Not sure if this post is supposed to take you to the distributors site, but I tried to read further than what is show on the main page and nothing, blank page.
  14. I see some very expensive components have been used in the crossovers for this Tannoy build. Still not sure if they are worth $15k though.
  15. That's true, but there is a reason for that. The vast majority of recorded music recorded available has not, up until the last few years, been either monitored whilst recorded or mastered using speakers that have their in room response dialed in so that it is flat at the listening chair. If you knew of any music that was recorded and mastered using speakers that were dialed in flat, and then played back using the same, then the end result might be different, and the 'Music' might return. That is unlikely to ever happen, reason being when balancing a mix, the usual proced
  16. I think that part of your post is where a lot of people are having difficulty with this hobby. I have both active monitors that use DSP to flatten their in room response, and a pair of Harbeth SHL'5. The active monitors are more accurate and are used as tools for music production, and the Harbeth's are used to actually sit back and enjoy the music. Personal experience, and it seems the same has been found in the many posts I've read in the DEQX uses thread, going for accuracy will give you all the details, but can also suck the life out of the 'Musical' aspect of p
  17. I think if anybody reading this thread went and had a full hearing test they would be surprised [perhaps mortified ] at what state their hearing was actually at. I think it cost me $140 for the test. They sit you in a room with a pair of headphones facing a wall, so you can't see the person running the test [so your not influenced by thinking the tester has changed anything] and then slowly test each ear individually. They playback frequencies at various volume levels across the frequency range, and in turn you press a button every time you hear something. I w
  18. Most likely the problem is the output from your phono mini a2d is set too low, and not enough to drive the input of the speakers. Have a look at the front of your phono mini a2d, there is a knob marked LEVEL, you need to adjust that to raise the signal level of the turntables cartridge so it is strong enough to drive the line level input on your speakers. I'd adjust the volume on your speakers first so that it is set around mid way, maybe a bit less, say 30%,this will give you a fair amount of headroom regarding playback levels/volume from your speakers, then adjust the
  19. HI, welcome to the forum. The range of equipment available in Australia isn't as limited as you might think, it's knowing who carries what and where they are situated that can elude most unless they have been into HIFI for years [that seems to change quite frequently as well ] Some general tips of getting answers to questions you might have. 1] Always state the budget that you have for any piece of equipment you are looking to get, and also mention if you are happy to consider a used piece of equipment, as then your options open up considerably. 2] Know the di
  20. The Spendors, despite being a almost identical design suffer from a upper midrange çuppyness , for want of a better term, to vocals compared to the Harbeth's. I put that down mainly to the Polyproplyene used in the Spendors drivers. Harbeth got a UK Gov't grant to develop the material they use in the midrange unit, and have refined it over the years..... apart from brilliant crossover design, that material makes all the difference. You get to hear much more of the microdynamics from them, every nuance is revealed but in a way that is not hyper detailed, everything is in balance.
  21. All you need to do is copy and paste the link from the YouTube video into the post, the forums software will automatically show the video in the post so it is seen exactly like you are viewing from YouTube directly [Pretty cool ] It might take a few moments to show. If wanting to show several in one post, only the first two links will show a picture of the video[s] when viewing the post, any subsequent ones will only show the links in a written format, but will still work if clicked on by the reader.
  22. Tweaky


    HI, welcome to the forum. Just taking a brief look at your setup, and the album behind the Left speaker , I could make a immediate recommendation, and that's to decouple your speakers from the sideboard you have them placed on, especially since they are so close to the turntable. Any vibrations get transferred to the needle, which at least will cause smearing/distortion of the sound coming from your turntable as the vibrations from the speakers will cause the needle to jump around in the LP's groove, if not serious mistracking . And given the proximity of the speak
  23. I know what you mean, auto functionality is nice to have, but with units like that, and of that vintage, I've always been worried about things possibly not working as they should, and not knowing how to fix them, more trouble to fix if that was ever to become the case, especially with the arm movement. Denon are renown for their reliability and pretty much TANK like construction, as you probably already know, that's why I like them as well. The main thing to look out for is if the magnetic strips on the inside on the turntable platter that control the speed are in good nick, i
  24. I see there a few Denon DF-45F's for sale ATM. https://www.hifishark.com/model/denon-dp-45-f I've been looking at getting a DP-80 motor unit and doing a mod on it. https://www.hifishark.com/model/denon-dp-80 A great mod thread for this unit here. https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/analogue-source/179115-monsterizing-denon-dp-80-a.html
  25. Nice video It would be interesting to see the histogram of shots taken inside the engine cabin, I'm not sure what would be brighter, the engines furnace or the train drivers Hawaiian shirt 😲 Reminds me of traveling on Sydney's old "Red Rattlers", they were a adrenaline junkies dream if the door were open, which they usually were in the heat of summer.
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