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  1. I'm hoping the proprietary DECIMA engine from Gurellia Games and Kojima Productions gets this sort of update as well. Games like Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Death Stranding 2 [if there is one, probably not as it was pretty dull IMHO TBH ] would be totally amazing, but TBH they were already amazing on the PS4 Pro. If you have a PS4 PRO and a calibrated 4K TV, Horizon Zero Dawn is jaw droppingly good, especially in the Jungle type areas, the lighting is amazing, very realistic.
  2. A new Unreal 5 engine will be made available some time early 2021, the video below shows what will be possible with it....looks impressive.
  3. I use DVD Profiler and have done for years. You can keep your whole collection both on a PC[Not MAC for some reason], have a backup on the DVD Profiler site, and have the same on your iPhone/Android based phone. http://www.invelos.com/ OOP's just realized Telecine gave the link to the same program.
  4. I very recently bought a pair of IK Multimedia MTM powered studio monitors [haven't arrived yet] They have built in DSP and each speaker [they are sold individually] comes with a calibration mic. The thing is, you can also buy the full recently updated V3 [April 2nd 2020 ] room calibration software and mic separately. It's reasonably priced at Euro 99 or Euro 149 with mic. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/index.php?R=INIT&FV=arc-system-family-related-products&CV=Other Filter&PSEL=arc Here is a review of the original software in pro audio magazine Sound on Sound. https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/ik-multimedia-arc And a later review when it got a update to V2 back in Oct 2013. https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/ik-multimedia-arc-2 If running a PC based playback system you could take some room measurements using your current speakers and the software will show you where your problem frequencies are. You could put your room dimensions into a MODE calculator like the one linked below. https://amcoustics.com/tools/amroc?l=304&w=260&h=244&r60=0.6 This will give you the basic of where the most problematic modes will occur [this is for a empty room]. Any furnishings, carpet, curtains in the room will all make a actual difference to those bare basic results, this is where the mic and calibration software gives you a far better idea. Then it's hit the internet and read up on building some room treatments [building them is easy, getting the correct batting for Bass traps, and knowing how wide/deep they need to be to be effective against the problem frequencies in YOUR room is another matter.[ light fluffy batting put in the corners with space behind it so the sound hits the wall corners and reflects back into the batting works the best], BUT you need to know the exact problem frequencies, one size does not fit all. Thankfully this stuff is cheap to do, Selex 2400 x 140 x 12 shiplap lining board make a suitable frame work, it's $10 a length from Bunnings. https://www.bunnings.com.au/selex-2400-x-140-x-12mm-pine-primed-shiplap-lining-board_p0021273 Midrange and high frequency sound treatments are easy, it's always the Bass that's the hard one to treat. I'd get the software and mic, measure your room, then set about building Bass traps for behind your main speakers, re measure the room, rinse and repeat with further room treatments, then when room pretty well acoustically treated, use DSP to fine tune.
  5. I've just watched Guy Michelmore's latest YouTube channel video [Highly recommended if your into composition for Film and Video games], where he does a live stream every Friday on a particular topic, this week it was on Synths and sound design. He selects a few software synths that he uses often [This bloke has or has had pretty much everything available over the years ] and then shows how he uses them. One of the synths was a iZotope product, and he went to the website to see how much it currently costs, to his surprise he found that iZotope had this bundles on special, usually US $895 currently US $49 - after Paypal currency conversion originally Aus $1369 reduced to Aus $86.50 So I just went and bought it, as at that price it seems worth it just for the curiosity value. I'd thought I'd give you the heads up as well. https://www.izotope.com/en/shop/deals.html The bundle includes. Elements Suite v5, which has Ozone elements, RX elements, Neutron elements, Nectar elements Stutteredit Trash 2 Iris 2 BreakTweaker BreakTweaker Cinematic Textures BreakTweaker Kicks & Snares BreakTweaker Modern Grooves BreakTweaker Vintage Machines. Here's a link to Guy's video where he shows how and why he uses Stutter edit, which is part of the bundle [it's a effect more than a synth, saves hours trying to programs a synth to do the same]
  6. There is a good review of these units by the Pro Audio magazine, Sound on Sound. https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/psi-audio-avaa-c20 The main problem is having just one unit does very little, you need 4 to get a decent effect, and probably 6 to 8 to really sort bass problems out [$24k -$32k ], and then they only effect problems from 150hz down, so you'll still need some sound treatment to sort those out [although doing that is a LOT easier]
  7. There is a easier way to beat him and basically make him ineffectual. He uses Lightning for all his attacks, what you do is put a Elements and Lightning Materia joined into your Armour, if both materias are Max'd his attacks do nothing, and as your the only one fighting him, you can take the other element materia a link it with Fire in your weapon. It's like Hellhouse, easy way to beat it is to get Aeris to have time materia fitted and cast Stop
  8. Just remember, that if you Miss a MANUSCRPIT, the latter ones you collect will still leave you at the last level, as in they won't count, and your level will remain at the last highest Manuscript you have for that charterer. So don't miss any, otherwise BIG BOSS end fight on HARD .....Goood Luck . I
  9. Hard mode isn't as straight forward as you might think. Recommend that you use ACCESS on EVERY ENEMY in either 1st play through or Chap select. Hard mode is real stagey fighting. Basically you need to change Materia as you travel through a chapter, and who gets what. Before I even started Hard Mode, I had MAX'd the following MATERIA, all weapons were got, all Manuscripts were got, and all Weapon Lessons Learned. All Characters were at LVL 50 before I started. 7 X HP UP 5 X MP up 2 X MP PLUS 2 X Elemental 3 X Revive 4 X Cure 3 X Barrier 4 X each of Fire/ Lightning/ Ice....not sure about Aero, at least 2 2 or 3 of each of the materia that enables you to cast Slow/ Silence/Haste/Stop etc ETC, ETC, ETC....I've got it covered. Still NOT easy playing on Hard Mode well prepared, believe me.
  10. Finished it a while ago, 1st play that is. Spent a while getting pretty much everything ready for a full assault at Hard mode, got most trophies out the way in the process [Bugger- Missed 300% Stagger when getting Leviathan , hoping some other will be able to be staggered to 300% in Hard Mode play ], all other trophies that cane be got before Hard mode have be achieved....Pullup trophy was a PITA Currently about to do Chapter 7 in Hard mode
  11. I've been looking for powered desktop speakers for a PC based recording setup. While doing research I came across this YouTube channel yesterday called Digital Stereophony. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm-MKyxKdanxpOBTx8wiY1w What the person that runs the site does it pit two different speakers of roughly the same price range and/or speaker size, and plays 5 different types of music on them.[all powered monitors] All the speakers are mounted at the same place and with two mics recording their output. The video then plays the signal direct and then does several rounds of comparison of the speakers playing back the same music, this is done for all 5 types of music. The measured frequency response of each speakers is also shown in comparison. It's really well done The real beauty is the consistency of the tests, and the fact that he will pit one speaker against several others over several video's. So it make it easier to sort of pick a favorite, and then look for other speakers it's been pitted against. The video below was a really shock to me.[Put some good headphones on] It pits the Presonus ER15 8 XT currently AUS$895 pair, against the very much smaller iK Multimedia iLoud MTM, which are sold individually, but come with a mic for calibration, there is some serous DSP going on with these, currently are around AUS $1300 pair, if you can find anybody who has any in stock [VERY popular with musicians it would seem] I'll take a wild guess and say most on this forum will fall in love with the Tannoy GOLD 8 around $650 each I think, again noby seems to have any stock ATM, they also make two smaller gold models, but as yet they haven't been tested / Video'd
  12. Sounds like a grounding interference issue, especially when you say the buzzing halved when removing your keyboard from the USB hub. My first suspect would be the USB hub, if you remove it does the buzzing still happen ? I gather this USB hub has a wall wart power supply, that could be the culprit, find another of the same voltage and see if the problem still happens. Next to check would be the 3.5mm to RCA adapters from your speakers, check they are seated properly, especially the grounding pin in the center. I'd also check to see if the RCA plug on your Fiio hasn't started to come lose from the chassis/circuit board. You didn't say if you were running a Desktop or Laptop, but I'd check to see if everything is seated properly, like the RAM and Graphic card if any. I'm sort of suffering the same problem with a brand new home recording setup that's is in the process of being setup for the first time, but I have a ton more gear than you all connected, so it's a real 'Where to start' situation for me.😳
  13. Prometheus is technically the best 3D movie IMHO, AVATAR is on par, but a different beast, as most of it is CGI. The best 3D is used subtlety, and enhances the viewing experience, not done to be a Whiz Bang effect , which a lot were early on, ultimately to 3D's decrement , it gave the format a bad name, and was inconsistent in it's application, if not just done badly [Warner Bros Harry Potter /Fantastic Beast's series are a prime example of a company doing things badly to cash in]....but then again, it's Warner Bros, they suck and always have.
  14. This YouTube video shows how you can mark out various radius on a sheet of paper. I'm guessing that guitar would be a 14"or 16"radius, which is as close as flat for all intended purposes. I understand having a flat radius on a Classical guitar is the best for the complicated fingering classical music can ask of the guitarist, but on anything else, for me personally, flat fretboards leave me cold. Ibanez electrics all have flat fretboads, I just don't like the feel. I actually head in the complete other direction re fretboard radius, my latest Tele build has the old 7.5" radius. Which is OK for chords, but you can get them fretting out when string bending unless you have done a very good job dressing the frets and setting the bridge up. You are also resigned to using smaller vintage style frets on these older radius necks. That's basically how compound radius neck sort of came about. People like Stevie Ray used to wear out the frets on their guitars so often, that eventually the fretboards had to be leveled to take the new frets, the result was the fretboard ended up being flatter from the normal 7.5"radius about the 10th fret down. He found that after the levelling he wasn't having as much trouble when bending strings, so the next time he needed a refret he got the guy to flatten it a bit more, and he also had bass frets put on, reason being he thought they would last longer. The compound radius neck as we know it, was born out of that. It's also how we ended up with Jumbo frets fitted on a lot of new guitars, although again, not for everybody...I find hitting chords on a guitar with jumbo frets a bit problematic, as a lot of the notes will be out of tune unless your finger pressure at each fretted note is exactly the same....Medium Jumbo frets it's not so noticeable
  15. Looks like a VERY flat radius fret board there Alister. Form the photos it seems like it's been built like a Classical, but for Steel strings. Finger picking specialists might like this
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