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  1. I hope it's a success, it deserves to be if only for the time and effort put into building it. It's been through Kickstarter campaigns, early access builds on Steam , both which have turned out to be far more trouble than they were worth, if only for the negative reviews of people playing what has up till now only a partially built game. This was the reason for the second name change of the game to PACER [ I thought they were joking when they told me they were going to call it that, as a lot have people have commented that it seems a naff name compared to Formula Fusion.....they have stuck with it, go figure ] It was originally planned to be released back in late 2017, but Sony wouldn't send R8 Games a PS4 development kit [this was without explanation at the time], we finally got one 3 weeks after the Wipeout Omega Pack was released [One can only gather that Sony, who own the Wipeout IP rights, thought that if it took off it would devalue Wipeouts worth] The game uses the Unreal engine, and that in itself has caused numerous delays over the last 18 months as new versions [with new features] have been released while the game was being built. During this time R8, who had previously been looking for a publisher, took the very brave decision to self publish. This gives them complete control of the game, and a far bigger financial reward at the end of the day....also it's very Go For Broke, so if the game doesn't sell well it's going to be devastating for some. The other main problem with self publishing is missed deadlines, which if having a publisher they would have said NO, that's it, it's done [ This also explains why a lot of games have problems that are never fixed, because they refuse to invest in somebody coding the fixes] With self publishing there is always somebody who is not happy with a aspect of the game and wants to improve it, and as any coder will tell you, when you change one thing it can have unforeseen effects on something else......this has happened a LOT, but to be brutal I'd actually call it procrastination it got so bad over the last few months. When they made the decision to self publish they also made the decision that the game will be available as download only, they said they would consider a disc version depending on sales, but I can't see it happening. There probably won't be much DLC for PACER, as you already have more than enough track variations, same goes for options with craft. I've been told what DLC might hit will be things like craft skins. [The game already has a Racing League where you can race as groups - the craft skins are organized by country - Australia / NZ is Purple and the team is called the Southern Star......Team descriptions below, have a read you should get a chuckle out of them. http://www.pacergame.com/teams.php VR support has been requested [I actually had a early game build back in 2016 that a very rough trial of it], but TBH it's implementation is low priority, as I think VR has run it course and hasn't really taken off [I haven't used my VR helmet in close to 2 years, and I think other VR helmet owners might be in the same position], there certainly doesn't seem to be many new VR games being released that's for sure, well none that seem to have been done well......it still might happen, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Different controller support was on the cards [HOTAS - Steering wheel - pedals etc], but I'm unsure what's happening with that now, that might still happen, I guess it will come down to demand. Each port of the game has it's own DISCORD channel [they were built over a year ago - see what I mean about procrastination LOL ] , so any problems found and reported specific to that port should hopefully be quickly fixed, which on a racing game is a absolute MUST [this is where SONY get a Total Fail with Wipeout, they just want your $$ and once got they leave you stranded]
  2. I've been involved with the development of this game over the last 5 years, and after a LOT of drama over that period with a very small development team, it's finally being released on the 17th of Sept , It will be released on Steam, Xbox and PS4. It originally started out as a successor to Wipeout and was called Slam Racer, which changed to Formula Fusion, and then finally to PACER, as a couple of the original development team were from Studio Liverpool, it's also had input from The Designers Republic and music by Cold Storage [anybody who played wipeout 2097 will know those names] The game will consist of 14 tracks, each of these tracks will have 3 variations, forward, reverse and mirrored, and in turn those tracks will be able to be played in either Day or Night mode [which gives them a vastly different look - the Ag craft have headlights ]. So in all that gives you 80+ track variations. There are 4 different speed classes, but unlike Wipeout games where the craft stats and handling are static, you can pick different chassis and put the required speed class engine into it, and modify the crafts handling/weapons/weight/armour/AG effect/paint job etc to make a ideal craft for your racing style. The various modifications will open up as you win points in the Campaign mode, and win enough to buy the mod. The game does have weapons, but to be honest the game has been designed more as a racer, and one where racing line and keeping a good flow will win you races......there are NO special moves in PACER, unlike Wipeout with barrel rolls that basically divided the game into those who could do barrel rolls well and those who couldn't, which lost the game a lot of players when introduced. While on the weapons, the craft can carry two different types which can be of your choice, these are set for that race, so it ends up a lot more tactical on what you choose and when you use them The craft also have a boost tank, which is in 3 sections, you get boost by running over track pads, the more you fill your boost the longer it lasts [up to several seconds ], which again make it's use highly tactical. The game will be using a separate company to keep the records up to date [and remove any dodgy times should they appear] as all records from all three platforms will be shown together. The original intention was to have crossplay across all three platforms, but Sony has yet to come to the party. It will be 10 player online, 7 game modes and VOIP. You can play matchmade races via the dedicated servers or create custom lobbies and test your skills in an effort to reach the top spot on our worldwide leaderboards. Spectator Mode allows the player to view any multiplayer event in progress, from any gameplay or trackside cameras. There will be a ranking system, but to be honest I forgot exactly how it will work, but needless to say it will be the fairest of it's type. R8 games were looking to price this game around the US$50 mark, which I suspect will end up that price on Steam and Xbox, but Sony being Sony might price gouge, so if it's priced higher than the Xbox price in Aus you know who is pocketing the money.
  3. Pretenders - Hate For Sale......BRILLIANT, highly recommended.
  4. I've got a pair of Harbeth SHL5's. I've had one driver fail due to the suspension becoming unstuck from the basket and replaced in my time of ownership. I'm just wondering how long I can expect the crossover components to stay within spec, and is it worth worrying about as the speakers are are 20+ years old. If so, how do I test them [I do own a Multimeter, but unsure how to use it for this purpose ]
  5. Ebay no good for you? Looking at ALL of your past posts, you are only using the Stereo.net forum as a clearing house. I guess somebody might have decided enough is enough.
  6. I doubt I'm going to pre order anymore, I want to find out a few more details before I commit as I think Sony might end up changing a few things in a updated version. This will probably depend on user feedback [And broken console warranty claims] as early adoptees are usually Tech minded anyway, they are the type that will want to add more storage ASAP, and subsequently report back on any problems, both in sourcing the added SSD's, and their price, and once added to the PS5 does it cause any heat problem which in turn causes the fans to run longer and louder. Plus I still don't know if PS5 games are going to be able to be bought on disc, I haven't seen anything reporting this either way. My suspicion is that the PS5 version with the disc player is only so it can have backward compatibility with reading PS4 disc's and work as a 4K Bluray player, as Sony CEO Jim Ray has said 66% of Sony games are now bought as downloads [How much of that figure is due to CV-19 lockdowns ?] I'm sorry, but I've fallen for Sony's spin before, and it's never what you are lead to believe it was going to be, there has always been some sort of hidden limiting or crippling thing that lets them get away with saying saying something will work, but upon buying the unit and trying to get it to work, it will work, but in a very limited capacity, just enough to stave off a court case.[Usually DRM related] The other scenario I'm expecting might happen is that Sony will initially release the two versions of the PS5, and then use the excuse of saying 'more people are downloading games' to gradually phase out the disc drive version, if that happens you can be sure PS5 games on disc will stop being made, so your left with a bit of a white elephant of a console. Look I don't mind downloading games, it the PRICE GOUGING by SONY that really annoys me, on average it's $30 more for the download version of a new game over a disc version, multiply that by how many games you purchase over a year, then multiple that by how many copies of the game are sold.....pretty nice earner for Sony for doing sod all. Anyway, rant over. The PS5 is a game changer for game DESIGNERS / BUILDERS, that's primarily who the PS5's architecture has been designed for, it's not such a game changer for game players, it's just a generation up on the PS4. The only real noticeable change a gamer will find is faster loading times, and I suspect due to the multicore nature of the PS5's AMD chip, traversing the menus and opening things like friends lists and community pages should be a lot faster, I certainly hope so. [it's getting real sluggish navigating the menus on a PS4 Pro now, it used to be a lot faster, I blame 7 years of clunky system updates ] I doubt games will actually start looking considerably better until the first ones made with the latest UNREAL 5 engine hit the platform [That engine won't be released until Q2 2021] Now THAT will be something to behold, but I suspect won't be happening with a major AAA title until at least 2024/5. You also have had the situation where AMD were having problems with the specially designed chip for the PS5, which in turn caused the stalling of the PS5 development kit, so it ended up being sent out way later than the equivalent PS4 development kits prior to the PS4's launch. I suspect due to the abrupt cancellation of the original Cyberpunk 2077 release date being moved to October, that they have been busy tweaking the game for the PS5 version, so of the new releases, this is the one I suspect will be the standout of the first titles available on the PS5......CD RED Rocket are saying if you buy the PS4 version of the game and load it onto a PS5 you will get a PS5 optimized version update for free at a later date, so you can't lose really, unless you hate the game lol. As the game developer come to terms with writing games for the PS5, it will be interesting to compare the file sizes of two versions of the same game, PS4 & PS5, as unless they add some additional features to the PS5 version, by rights, the PS5 version should have a smaller file size, as the way the PS5 has been designed, there is a whole bunch of traditionally used code used for asset management that won't be needed, as the PS5 is so fast it can be read straight off the HD.
  7. I'm pretty sure Clef always used to recommended listening to their speakers with the grills on, so if they are sounding a little harsh in the high end, and you are using them with the grills removed, try them with the grills back on. Mind you, these speakers were designed when most peoples front end was a turntable, so they were probably designed with a litle bit of treble lift to compensate. The drier and generally brighter sound of a digital front end might be a bit more obvious through the Clef's. If they still sound bright with the grills on, you could always try the old studio trick that mix engineers used to use on the original Yamaha NS10 speakers, and that just get a small piece of tissue paper and stick tape it at one place above the tweeter so it hangs loosely over it, that should tame it.
  8. I used to have to switch amps if I wanted to use my turntable, as usually the speakers were connected to the HT amp. Like you I just swapped speaker cables at the speaker, but I eventually stared to get problems with one of the banana plugs refusing to stay in the speakers input plug. I would suddenly find one speaker going mute. It wasn't the fault of the speaker input plug thankfully, as the ones on Harbeth speakers are built like brick outhouses. I eventually sorted the problem by going to Jaycar and getting some locking banana plugs, they work a treat and only take a fraction longer to disconnect that none locking types. Well worth the outlay IMHO as the Jaycar ones are pretty hefty units, and you know you will have a good connection. https://www.jaycar.com.au/red-gold-locking-banana-plug/p/PP0416
  9. The Train Station bit is so easy and quite fun. All you have to do as soon as you find yourself in the area is to sneak out of the train carriage and grab one of the several bottles lying on the right, then go back into the carriage and lob a bottle from it and into one of the far rooms on either side, the infected will come out on masse and they will attack the armed people searching for you, and visa versa, do that a couple of times and sit back and watch them destroy each other, neither will enter the carriage whilst they are fighting. The Hospital basement was a the hardest part of the game IMHO, what made it even harder for me was I kept mistakenly pressing R3 whilst trying to escape that boss infected and turning my torch off, so I couldn't see where the hell I was going....I lost count of how many times I died during that part of the game. epic fail.🥵 The other bit I found hard was trying to get through the area where you had to lie flat and crawl through the overgrown plants, I got detected every time and basically resorted to crossing that small stream and just running through the area and jumping down off the broken bridge. As for a TLOU3, the way this one finished I think both Ellie and Abbie are just over fighting period, so I suspect that there will be a third party/group in the third installment that will trigger them both meeting up and eventually joining forces against that common foe. Possibly that third party could be a resurgence of the Firefly group now that the previously kept secret of Ellie being immune becomes known by more people.
  10. There is another problem with these PCIe 4.0 NVMe drives, and that is that they run very hot compared to other drives [they have built in heat sinks], and the bigger the size of the drive the hotter it's basic running temperature will be. Sony being Sony have always jam packed components into their PS's. [something you find out if you ever try to pull one apart to fix it ] and cooling has been a problem with previous PS's [I lost a perfectly good FAT BC 60GB PS3 due to this....well that and the lousy GREEN solder that they used to hold the GPU onto the motherboard that dried out breaking electrical contact, which made it unfixable ] With this is mind, I wouldn't be surprised if Sony set a limit on the size of any additional internal drive you could fit, not only because of possible thermal problems, but also because of the drain on the PS5's power supply from the power draw of the added drive, and the need for the fans to run faster, which unfortunately is the component that the vast majority of new electrical goods skimp on to save money [TV's, and HT Amps especially suffer this] If this turns out to be the case, well you could liken the PS5 to a Porsche or Ferrari, fast and great handling for a weekend drive, but hopeless for carrying passengers and day to day use. Since a gaming consoles whole reason for being is for day to day use, that does ask just how 'Fit for Purpose' the PS5 will turn out to be. If it means people are going to have to end up deleting and reinstalling games on their PS5's because of storage limitations, I think that's going to be a bigger annoyance than having to wait for a game to load, especially given the size of most current games. I know it would be for me, as my PS4 Pro 1TB got filled very quickly, and I've filled 4TB of my 8TB external drive, and that's only with games, nothing else.
  11. I know there are plenty of M.2 SSD's available [I should have said M.2 type SSD's - as in looking very similar to a stick of RAM], but unfortunately none of them are suitable for the PS5. The PS5 need to use the new PCIe 4.0 NVMe drives, and ones that have been been certified by Sony as working with the PS5 [It's a Bandwidth issue - only the fastest ones will work]. Currently these drives are not readily available, and when they do become available, the price for one that has at least 2TB of storage on it will be VERY expensive compared to a USB drive [ 2TB would be the smallest size you'd want to make it worthwhile in the long term] Currently the price for a 2TB sized slower version of a 'similar' type of drive needed is selling for $733. https://www.mwave.com.au/product/gigabyte-aorus-2tb-m2-gen4-nvme-ssd-gpasm2ne6200tttd-ac25344 You can read about the drive specifics needed for the PS5 at the link below. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/ps5-ssd-hard-drive-size-expanded-storage-6300 It's a bit of a dilemma. On the one hand you have Sony building a ultrafast gaming console that will just blow everything else away regarding loading times. And on the other you have the situation where to take advantage of the PS5's architecture, AND being able to upgrade it, it's going to end up costing you the same price as the whole PS5 did. I think this could end up being a serious problem for Sony, as currently these sort of HD's aren't mainstream components, and TBH I doubt they will become common place for a considerable time, as general computing won't really gain much, if any, advantage over current M.2 SSD, this is solely because there would be very little software that could be processed as fast as the drive can spurt out. This is the reason that all new PS4 games have to be tested on PS5 hardware to see that they work, some have been found to crash because the algorithms used in the games software can't keep up with the speed of the PS5's hardware.
  12. I'm expecting around that amount to $750. Two problems with the PS5, first is Sony is limiting manufacturing to 6 million units for the first year, which isn't a lot when you consider the install base of PS4's, so you can be darn sure that unless the PS5 is a dud sales wise [which I doubt it] will remain at the release price and NOT discounted for possibly two years. The second and bigger problem, for those that buy a PS5, it that unless Sony release several models with larger HD capacity, upgrading the PS5 is going to be both difficult and definitely expensive compared to previous PS's. All PS5 games HAVE to be loaded onto the PS5's INTERNAL HD, which around 850gb on the release model, that's not a lot of space, especially when you consider games like the latest C.O.D are weighing in at over 165gb. There is external USB HD support, but that can only be used for PS4 titles. So the ONLY way to upgrade the PS5 is to get a additional HD for it, and it uses specially designed M.2 type SSD's, which are not available yet as far as I know, and even if they were, they would need to be OK'd by SONY to work, so you just know you are going to get hit with a premium price tag for upgrading. I was going to be a early adoptee, which is rare for me, but now knowing what I do, I might wait until this upgrade path is clearer, and the amount it is going to cost becomes apparent.
  13. Just read this on a Twitter post. How true it is remains to be seen, but there have been strong rumors the price and date were going to be released yesterday or today. Release date - Japan Nov 14th rest of world Nov 20th Price is US$499 / £ 449 https://twitter.com/_TomHenderson_?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1282756108965351424|twgr^&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.tomsguide.com%2Fnews%2Fps5-pre-order-leak
  14. Thanks. I find it annoying that Naughty Dog thought it was making a game for MATURE GROWN UP GAMERS, and went out on a limb by making a R 18+ rated game, which broke the mold of what game characters could and should be. It could have played it safe and gone for a lower censorship rating, thus getting bigger sales. It would seem a LOT of those gamers aren't mature at all, and as such, the TLOU2's story line goes way over their ability to comprehend things that they don't have direct experience with. I'd love to see the demographic breakdown of the people who posted negative reviews, but TBH, I'm pretty sure I know what that would look like already 🍩🖥️
  15. If you have played the first game and enjoyed it, the second is just a continuation of it, both in look and gameplay [although more gun orientated this time around] What has got the naysayers offside with it is the story line. They expected a comfy satisfaction level to Pt2 [comfy as in already having an emotional vested interest in the charterers from Pt 1 ] but that's not how the story progressed. I think the WAY the story played out has something to do with this backlash, as you don't understand the reason for a major event in the game till you are a lot further into it, and even then it's not all that clear because quite a bit of the story is told in Flashback moments, it's only at the last 2 or 3 chapters that the whole story makes complete sense. Which is ironic, because most of the negative reviews were posted WAY before anybody except reviewers who had test copies, could have got to the end of the game. So methinks a lot of those reviews are just BSing gamers that just jumped on the bandwagon of slagging the game off ASAP, without actually playing through the whole thing.....that's the internet generation for you, everybody is out to vent their opinion just because they can.....hell even the President does it. Then you have the whole Ellie being Gay situation, which even just being in a game it seems that puritanical, gun toting Americans just can't deal with, and just post their disgust online dragging the general score of the game down. The game doesn't deserve those kind of blatantly biased indignant reviews, and if those are the types of reviews that have put you off purchasing the game, all I can say is ignore them. The other irony about this whole review disparity for the game is that has basically broken off into factions. Which is exactly what has happened in the games story line, the infected are no longer the major threat, it's other humans that have broken off into groups that are the main problem. Life imitates Art...Oscar Wilde
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