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  1. It seemed the only sensible outcome......the "Hand" to the Throne, ultimately reasons policy . I predicted such a ending several posts ago., .....Though, placed as a 'Hand" wasn't perceived.
  2. I watched 'The Favorite' last night, that's loosely based on the known interactions between Queen Anne and Lady Marlborough. It's a strange sort of movie, that's both sad and funny in it's own quirky way. I suppose you could say it's a movie about manipulation and deceit. There are funny parts in the movie, you can tell the script was very tightly written and edited, with some lines spoken that are funny more because of there mild shock value, and the comic timing of the actors. The two dance scenes are the funniest things in the movie, I think it would be safe to say they were at least partially improvised, because the actors just seem to be having so much fun doing them. I'd recommend the movie, but don't expect it to be side splittingly funny, as you do get to feel for the characters and there is always a victim that changes with circumstance,this gives the movie a dark edge.
  3. The reason a lot of people wouldn't have been able to see what was going on it GOT due to 'Darkness' is a simple one. Their screens Grey Scale tracking would have been out, the only way to fix it is to calibrate you TV screen.....pretty much all TV's except for the most expensive OLED's are out in this regard. Once sorted you will be able to see all the detail, even in the darkest of scenes. You can do it yourself, it's not hard, you just need to buy a Xrite i1Display Pro meter [Aus $399 ] and use the free PC calibration software HCFR, and use the walkthrough guide below. http://www.curtpalme.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10457
  4. I'm guessing any Steel Framed bike/ fork combo will need to be a Bespoke build. If I were going to go down this road, I'd want to keep Di2 disc brake compatible, only because I've already invested in the Di2. Apart from Llewellyn in the ACT [Who's bikes are amazing / very pricey] who could you recommend to build a Steel frame suitable for Di2 / Disc brake setup?
  5. Here you go. Just posted at the forum.
  6. Who will sit and rule in the end ? I'm thinking Tyrion Lannister and [Remember they are Married] Sansa Stark. The only two characters that would be equally wise on the way people react with each other being, Tyrion. And the Staunchness required to back her husband up, if required after being put through the ringer by pretty much everybody beforehand.....She will know how to deal with them, especially since her sister has killed the Ice King.
  7. If and When you opt for a 4K TV, as long as you have gone through the recommended setup procedures.....IE: Scan for all TV channels, then edit them so only those that are transmitting at 1080i [which will be the HD versions of each FTA channel] then your 4K TV will automatically Upscale that 1080i signal to 4K.....YES you will notice the difference, especially when watching FTA sports. But that also applies when watching anything else.....ALWAYS use the HD version channel if the option exists, the difference is HUGE
  8. Here's the projector that I was proposing for your consideration. Epson EHTW9300. https://www.videopro.com.au/p-10094-epson-ehtw9300-full-hd-home-theatre-projector.aspx I've seen them for sale secondhand at this forum when the owner has decided to upgrade.
  9. Oh, OK I get you. I just checked the specs of my racing bike build and it's already got a 110mm stem, guess I'll need to increase it. I'm already looking at changing the CF frame to a Titanium one for a smoother ride [And wider tyres] , even with a bloody $290 ISM PL1.0 saddle fitted and the best padded knicks you can get, the old prostrate is still asking 'Can you do something about this please'? The rollers when first acquired were, very very briefly, used in open space. They are now more sensibly used in the hallway, but still the overall win/loss rate is heavily in the rollers favor......I haven't really considered going this far, as it would have meant more expense on sports protection gear.
  10. I can't on the racing bike, I've already cut it down.🙄 Crickey, you should see me or my mates trying to ride it on a set of rollers, it's hilarious. I can just swap the spacer from beneath the stem and put them on top of it on the new build to see how it handles
  11. Yeah I'd have to agree with you. Must be 85% of the time I'm on the small chainring with a 11 speed cassette
  12. Yes I meant the stem. The straight fork is still nowhere near as twichy as the one on my racing bike, maybe because the stem on that is cut a lot shorter, I have to be ever vigilant when riding that otherwise I'm heading for the tarmac. As far as the 13 sprocket rear cassette from ROTOR using a single chain ring. I'm not sure how they will go with that, as you seem to win in some areas, but also seemingly lose out in others. Having to use a propriety wheel set to mount the cassette would put many off [I suppose you could always change the rims and spokes fitted to the HUB, as that seems like the only component your locked into , but then that adds to the already high cost of ownership] and being none standard, I don't expect to ever see this stuff used in a Pro Peleton just because a service vehicle is not going to be carrying suitable spare wheels.
  13. Pretty good actually, although I think I need to chop the new front fork down a bit. The new front fork doeosn't have the curved design of the original. That makes handling total different, and challenging in retrospect...I haven't HIT anything yet.
  14. Here is a great beginners guide from Sound On Sound Magazine on how to tame your room acoustics for monitoring purposes. https://www.soundonsound.com/sound-advice/beginners-guide-acoustic-treatment
  15. Depends what TV you have, not all Sony 3D glasses [Or clones of] work with all Sony 3D TV's....check first ! I've got several Sony 3D Glasses, some that make me look like Micheal Cain back in 1966 , and others that make me look like a perverted Tom Cruise getting a Scientology award.
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