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  1. Tweaky

    Radiohead's Kid A or Amnesiac?

    How ironic that I was playing both albums over the weekend before I saw this post. I'd bought a Marantz CD-94 CDP on Ebay and only took delivery of it on the Thursday, so it was all out going through my CD collection. KID-A . it's a better balanced album IMHO Amnesiac seems almost schizophrenic track to track in comparison
  2. Yes I know he is of South African heritage, but I'm pretty sure Robert spent at least some of his formative years here in OZ. What are the upgrades to the Amp's....does the power supply still have that loud Thrum ? [it was more than a Hum when I heard a set in Hong Kong]
  3. Tweaky

    FS: Harbeth SHL5 Speaker Stands

    OK. Logic would have thought a trip to Bunnings for a can a Black spray paint might of been the order [can always strip back if you get divorced LOL ] I own SHL5's.....try de-coupling them from any stand you put them on. I use Vibrapods on very light weight stands, with NO spikes. You want them as close to standing in free air, with no floor coupling .....heavy weight stands, and especially spikes both do the very thing you Don't want with this speaker. HW Stands and spikes first came into use with small high quality box speakers like the Celestion SL6, it worked for them because they needed the room modes excited by the vibrations the cabinets put into the floor to give a impression of bass. Somehow this use of High Mass speaker stands and spikes has become 'The Thing You Must Do'....nothing could be further from the truth. Aim for ultra light weight stands with de-coupling, or some Townsend seismic speaker stands which do the same thing, but cost a LOT more. http://www.townshendaudio.com/hi-fi-home-cinema-equipment-vibration-isolation/hi-fi-home-cinema-vibration-isolation-speaker-podiums/ You Harbeths will love you for it, and you'll love your Harbeths even more....far less room modes [ Floor/bass interaction]
  4. Tweaky

    FS: Gale gs401A

    I think they were originally around the AUS$1300 rrp mark back when new. People were matching them with the old Lescion [spelling?] - which later became Meridian - Electronics. They had a pre amp with multi coloured faders as controls, and the 100w power amp was a cylinder . Then the Aussie Made AMW AM440 was released a lot cheaper and people bought those instead....looked more like a Spendor BC1, nothing like these to look at, but sounded quite similar as I remember it.
  5. Tweaky

    FS: Gale gs401A

    So are people that hire interior decorators. Far less sense than money, cable manufacturers love these type of people.
  6. Tweaky

    FS: Harbeth SHL5 Speaker Stands

    If you still have the Harbeth's, what are you using beneath them since it's obviously no longer these stands ?
  7. Tweaky

    FS: Gale gs401A

    Great speakers. You should sell them for quadruple the price to a interior decorator, they would sell them for eight times the asking price to a client.
  8. I just saw a flyer wrapped around a telegraph pole as I was getting off the Bus today. The The playing the Sydney Opera house 2 shows only. Tuesday 2nd Oct and Wends 3rd Oct. Tickets $89 + $8.50 booking fee. https://www.sydneyoperahouse.com/events/whats-on/Contemporary-Music/2018/the-the-tickets.html Now if I KNEW that Johnny Marr was going to be part of the band it would be a 100%..I'm Going....but no such info available ATM.
  9. It is BS. The Oct issue of HiFi News and Record Review revues the same CD player. To paraphrase part of the revue it says QUOTE: Kalista is offering all six of the 8x upsampling modes built into AKM's 'Velvet Sound' AK4497....goes on to note what would be expected with this.....then explains that in the Kalista's implementation, "Differences in sound quality between all six filter may be less obvious because the player has a additional low-pass filter that presents a rolled off treble on ALL MODES ! [Test result is from -4.5db to -9.6db/20khz] It then goes into a technical [Measured ]result of this with each filter. It does go on to give the Kalista a 'Outstanding Product' Red Badge. Mind you, the review is by Ken Kessler, who is well know for his love of Tubes, Decca Cartridges and LS3/5a's....make of that what you will.
  10. You have 4 HDMI inputs on the TV. HDMI 1 is 4K compatible HDMI 2 is 4K compatible and is also the Audio Return Channel HDMI 3 is 1080p HDMI 4 is 1080p Those settings I gave are for standard Bluray playback at REC709 standard, if your highest playback source is Bluray/1080p I'd use them on HDMI inputs 2-4, and leave HDMI 1 for 4K. The thing is, it doesn't really matter, as you can copy settings from one HDMI input to another, so in this instance, if you just want to try my settings first to see if you like them, input them into HDMI 4 with your Bluray player plugged into HDMI 4, leave your other HDMI inputs 1-3 as they came out of the box.....watch a couple of scenes of a Bluray inputted into HDMI 4, then swap to one of the other HDMI inputs, that will give you a before and after comparison. As for the volume problem, check in TV Settings Menus Audio > Speaker Selection> [Set To] Home Cinema Digital Audio Preference > set to DD SPDIF > set to AUTO PCM Optical Level > Set to 0 DB Veira Link Settings Veira Link > ON Power On link > OFF Power Off link > ON Standby and intelligent standby...Up to you. Even if you have these settings as above, a lot can mysteriously screw up [As happened to me the other night when I had a horrible echo I couldn't work out was causing it, turned out both the TV speakers and the home cinema were working at the same time, which shouldn't be possible, but it was....Go Figure } This is usually traceable to some idiosyncratic option on the HT amp switching things On or Off, usually when selection a preset 'Sound Mode', like 'Action Movie' or 'Drama' etc..... alot depends on your HT amp and the options available, but that's where I would be looking if the problem persists.
  11. Didn't Robert Koda used to post under the name 'ApprenticeGM' at a now defunct Australian HT based forum before he moved with his wife to Japan? I'm talking well over 10 Years ago....before this forum [even under it's previous title] existed.
  12. I don't know what the situation is in the Czech Republic, but I suspect it would be similar to the UK..rest of Europe. Well actually, I suspect it's pretty much the same worldwide. What usually happens worldwide is that the manufacturers show off their new models at the CES show in Las Vegas early each January of each year. Now it depends on how quickly each country gets these new models which somewhat determines when heavy discounting of older models happens. In Australia the situation is that the new models don't start hitting the shops until around June at the earliest, so the heavy discounting to get rid of the old stock occurs from around mid April to early May, if the warehouses are overly stocked with a particular model, you might see discounting of that model earlier. If I were to see discounting of 30% on a 2017 model TV at this time of year in Australia, I would be suspecting that it would be a refurbished TV, something to be mindful about.
  13. I posted a detailed calibration settings post in this thread for this model TV......this is relative for the 55",65" and 75" EX780 models. Got to page 5 of this thread and around the 24th or 25th post down and you will see it. These are great TV's, but the Grey scale tracking sucks out of the box.......watch one of the latest Star Wars Blurays prior to calibration, you want to pay special attention to how the scenes in the movie look regarding being able to differentiate small graduations of what otherwise would seem the same colour, in this instance scenes in the Death star where the majority of the set is Black, and so is the characters clothing [Darth Vader cloak / uniform etc].... uncalibrated you will see little difference, things will seem just a pretty blocky Black, once calibrated you will see individual folds in the cape and clothing, far more detail in the shadow areas......this effect doesn't just appear in the Blacks once calibrated, it appears in everything across the board, it gives the whole picture a much more 3D effect, and a quality very close to a good OLED, well certainly better than a TV at this price range has any right to look like. Use the Backlight, Gamma and Brightness settings given, this will give you a TV a standard light output of 120 CM2....should stop the clouding/bleeding as well. If you are wary of changing the look of the TV, you can input the settings given to only one HDMI input...[I'd choose HDMI input 3 if this is the case] mainly because only HDMI inputs 1 & 2 are able to take a 4K signal, and also that the fact that HDMI 2 is also the ARC channel. This way you can see if it is to your liking by watching first on HDMI input 1, then unplugging and using HDMI 3.....if you like the calibrated look [It takes some getting used to, as it's supposed to be realistic, which most people aren't used to] you can always copy the settings across to the other HDMI inputs. If you find the TV doesn't have enough 'Punch' for you with the calibrated settings, basically the easy way to get some of that back is to only change one setting, at that is the Gamma setting in Advanced settings, change it to something higher than 2.2....or BT1886, which I give a description on how to get somewhere in that post [several other adjustment settings have to be set just so before BT1886 will appear as a option in the Gamma menu] These are great TV's, but they have so many adjustments available to the user, unless you really know what you are doing it's very easy to get a rubbish picture. Hope this helps.
  14. Tweaky

    Great Buys On Ebay & Gumtree

    Sounds about right considering their age......by the Negotiable message, I'd gather they are hoping for $1500 Nice speakers but not very sensitive, so need a bit of power to drive them. They 'Might' be the same ones that were sold here a few years ago, I don't know, it would make sense if they are already second owner.
  15. Tweaky

    Great Buys On Ebay & Gumtree

    The Mephisto is a top loading disc spinner, which doesn't suit everybody, me included, and the actual disc spinning mechanism was In-house design and built according to the info in the link below, so if something were to go wrong with it I'd guess your chances of getting it fixed would be extremely low to zero. http://www.tnt-audio.com/sorgenti/mephisto_e.html The Marantz CD94 on the other hand is built on a die cast Mazak chassis [95% Zinc 5% Aluminum ] and the CD mechanism is decoupled from it, so very good isolation and disc handling. Besides, it has huge upgrade ability potential if I want to go down that path, which several forum members have already done.