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  1. I used to have the 600D RTR's, but they looked nothing like those ones, and looking at how low the serial number your speaker is, it might have been sent to Aus as a test unit Mine were large tower speakers about about 1.5M tall, with two 10" woofers, two soft dome mids and high frequency horn driver, which I think later changed the horn tweeter for two domed tweeters They had a smaller models the 200D & 400D that might have had one less mid and tweeter. RTR was a US based company that ran from the mid 60's to late 70's, from what I understand it started out as basically a one man operation and grew rapidly. It appears they reused model numbers, but changed the actually speakers designs drastically. If you google RTR speakers and click on the Photos result you see just how different their designs got, but I must admit, yours take the cake for being different The Australian importer / distributor of RTR back in the late 70's was Douglas HiFi. I remember I paid AUS $880 back in 1978, as the US $ was only worth AUS .65c, with the current exchange rate and inflation they would be AUS$10k now. RTR also made electrostatic panels [ESR-15's], which must have been good because it what Dave Wilson used as the midrange drivers for his original WAMM speaker design
  2. I love that to prove the theory, they have decided to leave the Cockatoo by itself, whilst under surveillance, to see if it starts dancing whilst playing Billy Idol's 'Dancing By Myself' . His moves seem pretty 80"s, I wouldn't be surprised. But it seems from what I'm reading, music alone is not enough of a reason to start him dancing, he need a human in the room at the same time....why?
  3. I just got a email from Veloreality regarding my purchase of a HD preloaded with 90 rides of my choice. Your drive got copied on the weekend. You purchased 90 rides, they are all on the drive. We filled it with all our other rides, including some in the 500 series that will be released end of August. There are 300+ videos on the drive, although only your package of 90 will be licensed. For the rest, we provide the media in case you are tempted to rid some others in the future. Your tracking is with Canada Post, at canadapost.com That's brilliant news that I wasn't expecting, as after I reviewed my ride selection after the order was placed, I found that I had only ordered 3 rides out of the 5 that make up the Grand Tour of the Amalfi Coast. I also guess they must of put them all on a 2TB HD instead of a 1TB one that was part of the order, as I'm not sure they would all fit on a 1TB drive. It's smart business practice by them I suppose, as it's so very tempting to just purchase the codes to make the locked videos available, rather than having to download them at a later date, it also saves having to stuff about with a specialized download manager program that they recommend using due to the file sizes. The only PITA is going to be now making up a further 210+ ride descriptions in a word document. I spent 12 hours over the weekend doing so for the 90 I have got. My preference is to have all the individual rides printed out in a folder so I can see what distance / difficulty / where they are / what terrain etc is available before I start looking for them on the HD, as trying to remember that when just viewing a file name isn't very likely , at least at first , plus it makes it easier for anybody else who wants to give it a try a visual representation of what they would be up for. Looks like Google Earth is going to get a huge workout over the coming months as I make the individual routes up.
  4. The technology IS truly amazing now days. While researching about this stuff, I came across a Blogger that had done a lot more research beforehand.....he's pretty much got a handle on everything that is available at the time of writing, or was in development...staggering amount of different software. http://darrencope.com/cycling-software/ I have 😯 just purchased, a 90 ride @1080P pre loaded HD from Veloreality....all 140+ rides are made available, you just choose which ones you want to be loaded onto the HD. After reviewing the difference between the test ride [1 at 1080p and the other at 4k] it seemed to me that my TV upscaled the 1080p signal so well, that purchasing the 4K versions wasn't really worth the premium [which is basically 35%-40% more over the 1080p versions] They have a 30% off 4th of July sale ATM, that runs until the 7th of July, so that's why I bit the bullet on this rather expensive purchase now, rather than buying rides separately and downloading them over months I suppose [each ride is 10-30GB]...with the lousy exchange rate, it ended up costing me more than the Kickr Snap at AUS $876 delivered, works out at $9.70 a video. I choose a wide variety of rides across Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Ireland, USA and the Canary Islands ...no UK rides available strangely enough. I avoided buying some of the really torturous rides....I thought what's the point, they are too challenging at my age [I can still manage to do the Sydney 2000 Olympic RR course which is in my neighborhood....12-32 cassette helps with those steep but short climbs], I'm after variety more than anything else
  5. Looks like a pretty permanent setup you have there blybo....a very nice thing to have.😀 I see you have used what seems to be remnants of several different bikes and builds for your stationary unit [Cyclecross front wheel, Frame with lugs for direct pull rear brakes] I can't seem to work out that White cable running from your handlebars to the rear of your bike is doing, or what it is connected to ? Have you ever tried those TACX Videos ? I was interested in them for a while, but from what I read at the time, it meant pretty much buying into TACX hardware/software system as a whole if you wanted to use them to their full ability, that sort of put me off......reminds me too much of the Audio equivalent of DAT/ MINIDISC [Insert format that not longer exists or is used] I could use ZWIFT if I ever choose to do so with V-Ride [never say never], the same applies for other software. The thing missing from the Veloreality videos is sound. Now I know that might seem strange, but audio clues make as much of an experience as visual ones........they need some sort of ambient sound field to be played with them to give the sense of space. Currently I'm improvising by experimenting listening to internet radio stations streamed from the areas the videos are from, whilst riding a video. It can be quite funny listening to traffic and weather details in Italian or French, and then listening to what music is popular ATM in those countries
  6. I thought about getting a smart trainer ages ago, but stationary riding whilst looking at a the readout of a Garmin screen or the like, seemed like boredom personified. I've never tried Zwift, I suppose it must have something going for it since so many use it, but to me it just seems too much like a video game, fine for some, but I already play a lot of video games, I wanted a different experience. What finally changed my mind was the way Veloreality goes about indoor training. I'd read about it a few year ago, but it's not one you see mentioned in cycling circles very often. Since the actual software is free, and I had nothing better to do the other day, I thought I might as well finally download and install it and see if it is actually any good.......it is, and it was the reason I went and bought a Wahoo Kickr Snap the next day [The reason I didn't go with a Kickr CORE or Kickr18 is I know I'd get sick of taking the wheel off to mount the bike to either of those trainers, and then putting back on again, and there would be a strong possibility that the bike might end up permanently mated to the trainer,....which is a definite no-no for several reasons] So what's different about Veloreality's V-Ride software you might be thinking, well as far a metrics go, nothing really. I've already got a Garmin 820 with speed/cadence and heart rate monitor, and the Kickr Snap provides a relatively accurate metering of my power output, so all that is needed is a ANT+ USB dongle [with a USB extension cord to run it close to the bikes ANT unit from the PC], all these parameters are shown on screen at the same time when running V-ride, plus quite a few more. First of all V-Ride is a PC program, you can run it on a MAC under Duel boot/BOOTCAMP. What is different about it is that it uses special cycling videos of some of the best and famous cycling routes in the world, these videos are available at the Veloreality website, it's basically what they make their money on......I worked out on average, at current exchange rates, each video costs around AUS$18 All of the videos are available in 1080p, and all of the latest ones they have done are also available in 4k. You can buy individual videos in 1080p and download them, or buy HD's with a mass of rides already preloaded onto them, but the 4K versions are ONLY available preloaded onto 1TB or 2TB HD's. which makes them pricey. Imagine a camera mounted to the front of your bike whilst you were riding Alp D'huez, and all the gradient /distance etc info was embedded into the video as you were riding the course, then when you played that video back to ride along to it, that same info was sent to your smart trainer so you got the same experience again......if you ride slower or faster the video plays back to match your speed.....that's basically is what's different about Veloreality. There is lot's of other neat things you can do with the software, like taking the metrics from different sections of several different videos and making your own 'Super Course'. Well worth downloading and trying it out. When you download the software there is a small 1080p video included with it that loops [3.5GB] some rural area of Holland I think, you can test both if it will work on your PC and your smart trainer....works with most Wahoo, TACX etc, or any pretty much any other trainer that is compatible with ANT+™ FE-C profile. There is also a free 4K test video you can download [3.5GB].....somewhere in UTAH, looks similar to Monument Valley , this is more to test if your PC/MAC is up to the task of playing the 4K versions back, a RED/YELLOW or GREEN light will appear in the software HUD to tell you how well your PC is doing. I've got a i7 with 32GB RAM and a Nvidia GTX970 and had no problem playing the 4K video, I guess these propitiatory 4K videos don't carry the 4k HDCP that 4K Blurays and games do, that need the HDMI 2.2 compatibility I was running this PC into my 65" 4K TV, so it was already upscaling the 1080p to 4K which I though looked impressive anyway, but when I finally had finished downloading the 4K video and played it back it was jaw droppingly good. You can find out everything you need to know from the website below. I'd strongly recommend you download the software's manual first and read it before installing, preferably on a drive other than your C/: drive.....make a new folder on a different drive [call it V-Ride], download the zipped software and place it in that folder, then right click and select extract files here. Once that's done, in that same folder, create a new folder and name in Downloaded videos or something similar. The software and first 1080p test video will install on your C/: Drive, but any further video you download will ask you where you want to download them to, that why you made that Downloaded Videos folder on the other HD, download the 4K video to that folder if you want to try it out [well worth it if you think your PC is up to it] https://veloreality.com/products/trainer-software/
  7. I watched 'Stan & Ollie' last night, about Laurel & Hardy's last tour of the UK and Ireland in 1957. It's a really well made movie, the performances of Steve Coogan and John C Reilly are impressive, they really nail the characters and a very believable. The other impressive thing about this movie is the makeup, especially turning John C Reilly in Oliver Hardy, it's a amazing transformation. It's a relationship movie more than anything else, not only between Stan & Ollie, but also their respective wives, which were as mentioned in the movie, were another sort of double act. Well worth watching, even the Blurays extras are worth watching.
  8. I just bought and watched 'Destroyer' from JB today, The much vaulted[If you believe the hype] Nicole Kidman movie in a role where she plays a [for a better word], a De-shelved former undercover cop , having to face here demons when a case she was involved in years previously, re-engages her, and subsequently, her daughter. It's released by MADMAN, and consequently , it's only available as a DVD for 'Budget distribution reasons' iy would seem. This movie has it's merits, but it's not a 'Must Have'. It's one paced, and because of the way the movie is edited, it's somewhat confusing as in time frame [is it current time ? or Flash Back ? - it swaps between the two too easily ] This confusing editing left me not caring about the main story and charterer after 75% into the movie Maybe a repeated viewing might amend that.....if I can be bothered...I don't know....other movies to watch. I'll leave it as a tentative , OK movie.....Kidman is good in it, but I found her make up [as in visual] varied from scene to scene [could of been but down to lighting as well ], and that distracted me somewhat, as her aging [general look] seems pivotal to the story
  9. Why "Granite' like paving blocks work underneath speaker stands, whatever the stands are made of, is a mystery to me and all others that have tried, and are using them...I use them under my Harbeth SHL5's.....another Bass Reflex design, I basically agree with all that almikel has posted. If DEQX is the answer to your problem ....???? It could be, but in your case, you have such a complicated speaker arrangement [crossover/ Drivers with those JBL's ]....unless considering taking full taking advantage of time aligning each driver via DEQX to a specific hot spot, much like WILSON AUDIO makes available in mm movements in their Top of the Range speakers. I'd think yo'd be on a head beating mission of frustration. Better to position / mount / decouple your speakers as best you can......then sort the room out with treatments, as best you can.....marvels can be done....a lot change gear, stupidly, in the thought that they will gain a improvement.....wrong !! Spend one fifth of the same amount on room treatments to gain 20 fold the improvement......I doubt you would find anybody at this forum that would disagree
  10. I'm taking a educated guess in saying that you are suffering from the speakers being too low to the floor , being partially the problem, and not being decoupled from the floor being the main problem. Having them on basic block bricks isn't going to be doing you any favors. Those JBL's were designed to be 'SOFFIT' mounted, where neither of those problem exist. https://www.customaudiodesigns.co.uk/soffit-mounting-control-room-monitors.htm I've had the same problem when doing the same thing, there is a easy fix, but just WHY this fix actually works, I have no idea....plenty before you have suffered the same problem, and what I'll describe to you has fixed it in their rooms as well....this is especially effective with Bass Reflex speakers. Firstly you want to get some 2cm thick [Granite like] Paving Blocks, they usually come in pre cut in 1m W X 2m L sizes, these you use to put your speaker stands on. You can build your speaker stands out of whatever you like [MDF for the base and 4 by 2 Pine is fine], you DON't NEED uber expensive stands for this to work. Once you have both of those sorted, put the stands on the pavers......then get some 'VIBRAPODS- Or Equivalent' that suitably decouples your speakers weight from the stand..[See Vibrapod site for working that out] The only adjustment needed would be speaker toe in, and height relative to the sweet spot listening position....in you case I'd guess 'Height' would be the most important, you could always try some sort of recline....up to you.
  11. JB had a 3 for $40 sale on, so I went to see what I don't already have. Bought 'Bad times at the Hotel El Royale'....I'd describe it as between a Coen Bros [Blood Simple] and a Quntin Tarantino movie.....well worth the watch, but IMHO a bit one paced....3.9/5 HEREDITARY was another I bought....Staring Toni Collette and Gabriel Bryne.....It's a Major effort by Toni Collette, and she does carry the rest of the cast.....but once seen, you know why......Think a Modernized take/ twist on the EXORCIST .....similar scare factor......Acting 4.5/5 story 3.5/5 Just too fill the 3 for $40 limit, I got the Tom sNooze 3D version of THE MUMMY.....unsurprisingly , yet to watch
  12. I'm hearing rumblings in the stock market regrading the Hong Kong protests. This could get really ugly, and ultimately effect more than one or two nations regarding who and where they source their components from.....there could be a huge shift....just saying.🥺
  13. They price it in U.S. Dollars and it gets auto converted to AUS Dollars for Aus Ebay, given the Aus V US exchange rate, it's why these listings seem so expensive. A lot of the Chinese based Ebay sellers are doing the same thing, they used to price in Aus Dollars, but now they price is US Dollars, the bargains aren't there anymore, I've found this out when buying bicycle parts
  14. It seemed the only sensible outcome......the "Hand" to the Throne, ultimately reasons policy . I predicted such a ending several posts ago., .....Though, placed as a 'Hand" wasn't perceived.
  15. I watched 'The Favorite' last night, that's loosely based on the known interactions between Queen Anne and Lady Marlborough. It's a strange sort of movie, that's both sad and funny in it's own quirky way. I suppose you could say it's a movie about manipulation and deceit. There are funny parts in the movie, you can tell the script was very tightly written and edited, with some lines spoken that are funny more because of there mild shock value, and the comic timing of the actors. The two dance scenes are the funniest things in the movie, I think it would be safe to say they were at least partially improvised, because the actors just seem to be having so much fun doing them. I'd recommend the movie, but don't expect it to be side splittingly funny, as you do get to feel for the characters and there is always a victim that changes with circumstance,this gives the movie a dark edge.
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