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  1. JB has it in stock ATM, also at 30% off until Jan 26th., same with the UHD Hobbit pack. I picked it up yesterday
  2. New release date according to Kotaku Australia is Sept 30th. Matrix 4 release date is Dec 26th if anybody cares. https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2021/01/all-the-sci-fi-fantasy-and-horror-films-to-look-forward-to-in-2021-hopefully/
  3. I like the remote that comes with this unit, although it does seem to be a bit antisocial at times
  4. B&H in the USA has put up prices [In US$ ] for the new yet to be released 2021 Sony TV's. It should give a ballpark figure of what they will cost in Aus. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/products/Flat-Panel-Televisions/ci/2500/N/3965713807?filters=fct_a_filter_by%3A07_NEW_RELEASE%2Cfct_brand_name%3Asony
  5. I'd love to hear VULFPECK do a version of this.
  6. Sonic Discharge monitors - Huge spewration of sound from both front and rear of cabinets......Rather particular on type of music fed it otherwise can leave stain on carpets
  7. Chip Board Acoustics One Note signature Subwoofer - uses the proprietary doofinton cabinet design Confuseus Transducers - uses a 3rd order whichway design crossover
  8. Expected price for the 65" Master series is around AUS $7-8k going by expected UK price
  9. I've got HiFi News & Record Review going back to 84, apart from the smallest models Harbeth speakers, they were rarely reviewed by magazines, that's still pretty much the case today. Reason given by Harbeth is that they would rather supply a customer with a pair of speakers than a reviewer. I just did a quick Google search and found that the predecessor to the HL5, the HL4 MK4 cost £475 back in 1987, the HL5 cost £825 when released in 1989. http://www.hifi-review.com/153621-harbeth-hl5.html I'm guessing the price rise was due to no longer having the UK Gov
  10. I think the Phillips test card is propitiatory, so unless the producer of any test disc that has it is prepared to pay a royalty fee, they would be using a different test pattern. There is a very good test DVD and a list of what the test patterns are available on it, for free to download and burn to a disc, that has been available for years at the AVS forum. https://www.avsforum.com/threads/avs-hd-709-blu-ray-mp4-calibration.948496/ As with any Test Disc. it's of very limited use unless you have a calibration meter. Basically all anyone can adjus
  11. Looks OK, as long as your not getting vibrations fed into the cabinet causing a hollow Drum like sound from it you should be good. Isolating them on stands and vibration mounts should sort that. Helps if the cabinet has a fare amount of stuff in it to give it some weight
  12. Not being a Xbox owner I can't give advice on a fix, or what the actual problem is [When this sort of thing happens on a PS it's usually caused by a buffer overload] You could look at the various YouTube posts on the Xbox by HDTVTEST that might supply a answer. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcCYOO2uYPnG-21WDOWdwew
  13. It's pretty much the same, and not really worth making any special adjustments TBH , which I found out after I ran over the TV with my calibration gear. Once you have the Grey scale correct, which is the major part of any calibration, that's pretty much it as long as you keep the viewing mode to the one closest to D65, which on the EX780 is True Cinema. Most modern TV's colour is pretty good straight out of the box and doesn't need that much done to it, calibration wise, it's the Grey scale where they fall down badly. All 4K TV's use software called Tone Mapping, w
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