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  1. I'm glad at least someone else is a avid 3D movie buff. I haven't bought any in ages [still haven't watched a few I bought 18 months ago ], reason being it's rather pointless trying to watch a 3D movie when firstly you are recovering from a detached retina. Then having to wait for it to heal [You get a cataract because of the surgery removing the fluid from your eye, and replacing it with GAS, which dries the eyes lens out, causing a cataract ] I have cataract surgery on the 30th, so should be back into 3D viewing soon.😀
  2. Well the Communities have gone on the PS4 since the new update...sigh.........I used to use them a lot. And neither updates have replaced them with anything like it [Bring back the old "Players Met" from the PS3 , which was brilliant for quickly gathering like minded players of a particular game ] But they have made the PS5/4 easier to share content with friends across the consoles. Big news fro PS5 owners is they have unlocked the ability to save PS5 games to a external USB HD [It would want to be a SSD IMHO to make it worthwhile ] and copy back and forth between the PS5
  3. Looks like the TUBE version of the massive USA made SPECTRAL amps advertised in TAS in the 80's
  4. IMHO at least it's a vast improvement of his PHOS CD player from the late 80's / early 90's. It actually doesn't look too bad in the photo, but if you saw it in the flesh.....I saw a Black version of this at a HiFi show, looked really rough with silver riveting holding the case together.
  5. They also have a cast listening chair for this speaker. Guess the face of the listener says it all ....😉
  6. DR WHO 2021 will have a new partner, Welsh actor John Bishop.
  7. GOOD, or maybe not, on a emotional sense for the families involved. I read about that as well, but I doubt anything other than a new Coroners inquest will come about from it though. Too much corruption carrying on [ Politicy ] to the current day.....on both major party sides. The major players have now moved into a more legitimate [Not properly regulated ] way of making money.........Insurance........All the dodgy players from the banking industry switched to this as well....the BONUS chasers.
  8. I'd love to see that bottom shot done in B&W, and then processed like a Platinum or Salted print. Selected dodging and burning, either by hand[ if using chemicals] or digitally, could make that shot truly amazing .
  9. TBH I don't have first hand knowledge of CIA involvement, nor have I ever really had any interest in that shady world of double dealing, far too complicated to make hide or hair of IMHO unless you are employed by ASIO or the like, and directly involved in doing just that......but then the CIA and ASIO are on the same side apparently. I'm guessing there must of been some sort of impunity going on at the time, certainly during the Vietnam war at least. I only know about the guy in the Blue Cadillac because I saw my mate who worked at the Bourbon getting into the passenger seat o
  10. Bernie Houghton was a pretty nice guy actually, despite what one might read about him. As for being a CIA operative......I'm not so sure about that, he had a very close American friend that also lived in Australia that IMHO might of been considered closer to the mark. This friend [Shortish Blond guy who wore specs - reminded me of the singer Paul Williams ] used to drive a Blue Cadillac, which was a beast and hard to maneuver around the tight streets of Sydney I remember Bernie having a NTSC Video recorder at the Bourbon hooked up to the TV's near Joe's bar at the
  11. If this thread keeps going, and if I can add to the topics broached, there probably would be a books worth of material.😄 I don't really have much else to do for entertainment since the cancer hit me, as I'm sort of house bound due to two tumors on my hip that make it hard to get out and about, apart from that I'm doing OK. Here is a bit of a run down on me, and my history, and probably my philosophy on life......sorry in advance, I'm bored, plus I've run out of Pernod Posting it this thread has been therapeutic for me, and TBH I've been wondering what else I could
  12. Anybody mad enough to get involved with Neddy Smith or his right hand man, Graham "Abo" Henry would themselves be somebody to steer clear of IMHO. Their local pub was the Iron Duke hotel on the corner of Botany Rd and Mac Evoy st Waterloo, which I used to live across the road from and never entered. Actually I never drank at any of the pubs in the Waterloo area or any of the pubs around Redfern station, as I probably would have been hounded by the Consorting Squad who I used to see go in and out of venues around the cross. [Collecting their pay off's ] The now disb
  13. No. I used to stay at a girlfriends place that was in a block of flats across the park from it, but I've never even been in that place, it was still Rushcutters Bay 10 pin Bowling alley back then. Last time I was at Rushcutters bay was at a work mates Xmas party about 6 or 7 years ago, he had the penthouse flat in one of those tall flats on Yarranabbe Rd, fantastic unrestricted views of the harbor, but I wouldn't of wanted to live there, when the wind picked up it blew so hard it was coming through gaps in the balcony windows, must of been freezing in winter, I've
  14. You pretty much hit the nail on the head there, at least for the time frame involved. The NSW Police force has really been cleaned up since those bad old days [ A close relative used to work in what was called Internal Affairs, now known as the Professional Standards Command]....there, I just gave away where I got a lot of my info from. Actually there is a " By Invite only by another member" social club, that will remain nameless, that has 80% NSW Police force [A lot now retired], certain well known specialized crime reporting Journalists and well trusted friends as members.
  15. I wouldn't really call Annie Buckingham one of the people involved, other than being Saffrons niece and talking to a journalist about what she knew after Saffrons death. She didn't really have any choice in the matter being a close relative. I've always worked in either the Sydney CBD or Sydney's Eastern suburbs for 45+ years, if ever there was any truth to the ''Six degrees of Separation'' theory, it applies to me. As I mentioned in a previous post, I used to work [actually it was my first ever job] at a place that a lot of these people used to frequent regularly, that's
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