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  1. Tweaky

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    The Family Inn at Rydalmere I went to a few times. I'm trying to remember the gig in Kogerah that the ***** that owned the place had a 'Princess Box' built Left of stage when looking from the stage, and she used to sit in it and watch the bands. Apparently Ignatius Jones from Jimmy & the Boys, whilst on stage, said to the audience whilst pointing at her, said please don't feed the animals, and she had them shut down mid gig, thrown out, and rang her fat **** boyfriend at the time, [The Senior Sargent of Kogerah Police station to come and beat the **** out of them]....the latter never happened due to contacts known by the band, but apparently it was a very close run thing. I was at a gig at that place a few times afterwards, once with Chisel and another time with Dragon, both times we sat with the bar staff after the gig and the punters had gone home, and the police would come around for a drink as well, Snr Sgt would be all chatty, but the young coppers used to tell us that as soon as we left the pub, if we were driving we were to be given the once over and charged, even if not over, with drink driving..."to teach the ****ers whose boss around here" . So we would catch Taxi's to Sans Souci, get the roadies to drive the band truck to there, and then get home.
  2. Tweaky

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    What ? The hole in the stage that Rusty had cheaply covered up with Masonite ? I saw a over exuberant singer that was jumping up and down on the spot go through that stage one night, it was the best part of their gig.
  3. Tweaky

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Or the Stage Door Tavern...possibly Selina's.... I think which gig got played first was based on where band members had their cars parked more than anything else.
  4. Tweaky

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    I went up market and started to frequent the Bondi Lifesaver in Ebely St Bondi junction in later years, in was a total sweat barn to see a gig in, but boy, I had some of the best times of my life in that long gone venue 🤕...it's a Kmart now.
  5. Tweaky

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Saw them do a rehearsal gig at French's Tavern on Oxford st Sydney in 1974 prior to doing their Sunbury gig....pity the Sunbury audience were a bunch of bogans, their constant shouting out for 'Thorpee"!! [Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs] ruined it for those with a more opened mind.
  6. Here's a interesting *** Bit about Harbeth Radial drivers that I didn't know previously, and other Harbeth owners might be interested in. It would seem that Harbeth have been constantly refining the Radial driver design of the SHL5, but without giving any outward indication that this has been going on. This became apparent with recent correspondence with Harbeth directly in the process of replacing my failed Radial driver. It seem Harbeth keep various 'Spec'd' drivers of this evolution on hand as reference, then as needed, if a driver of a older spec'd driver is needed as a replacement [and not currently at hand], several drivers will be asked of the production line to be made using the respective material used in that version, then of those drivers made, and the one closest to the parameters of the measured driver, in the original speaker, is sent as the replacement.....all known by the serial number on the back of each speaker. Apparently the Radial driver in my SHL5's is a V4, so since apparently no V4 drivers that fit my spec are currently in stock , a batch of V4 Radial drivers has been ordered to be made up at Harbeth ATM. Name me one other manufacturer of ANYTHING, let alone HIFI Speakers, that go that far to "Get it Right"? Amazing speakers, and a truly amazing company......had a few hickup's getting this far to date, but I think that's because Andy Sinden at Harbeth is over worked. He is a true gentleman, and a pleasure to deal with.................. I think once I take delivery of the replacement driver, a VERY nice bottle of Australian RED might be heading to Harbeth with his name on it, depends on what I'm hearing about a Tax on gifts sent to people in the UK is correct, apparently you have to declare the worth of goods sent to the UK now, and a TAX is imposed on the recipient as a percentage of the gifts value, if they want to collect it.....WT F
  7. Tweaky

    Guitar amp project

    Understood. That's why we both NEED a Mandocello ?
  8. Tweaky

    Guitar amp project

    OR just get Tom to build a low powered head, and have multiple cabinets built with different speaker configurations, ultimately, it's the speakers, and their size/configuration, that are going to make the biggest difference. The beauty of doing it this way is that you can always get a different 'Power source" made, to drive the different cabinets/speakers.....I mean, that would be the ULTIMATE way to go....space permitting....although I'm guessing you are now seriously thinking about getting a Gilchrist instrument , which ultimately will be the 'Keeper'
  9. Unfortunately for me, this driver replacement has become a bit of a saga. I don't know what the going on's is between Harbeth and their Australian Distributor; Audio Magic [or should that be Tragic] But on my most recent email reply from Harbeth [Today]...I eventually was recommended the same cause of action as recommended a few posts ago, that being getting the replacement driver shipped to Aus with the next shipment of Harbeth speakers to Audio Magic. This has dragged one for far too long, and could have been sorted long ago, but hasn't. As I reiterated in my last email to Harbeth, I'm a bit pissed off ATM, and don't want to deal with Audio Magic at all, or needlessly wait any longer that I have to with for a replacement driver. Hopefully things will get sorted ASAP. I've given a link to Harbeth to this thread. EDIT: It has been sorted, as I've been promised, by Harbeth directly via emails sent [thankfully Andy Sinden at Harbeth has a sense of humor ], and as soon as he has finished bonking his girlfriend over the weekend......Go Lad...will sending me a replacement driver on Monday.
  10. Tweaky

    Guitar amp project

    Alistairm... you might want to view this YouTube speaker comparison. Celestion now sells a software emulation of their speakers, these sold in various guises. They are sold as Impulse responses, so you record dry, then use the impulse responses to replicate the sound you want. https://www.celestionplus.com/news/5-ways-use-celestion-impulse-responses/ Mate, Just get one of each of a small VOX/Marshall/Fender Champ and be done with the screwing around with getting a "One Amp " that does it all.....Hey, that was the original brief for the BOOGIE amp....didn't happen. Seems your bored more than anything and this is a project that has sprung up due to that ......if this Custom amp ever get's made [I have NO doubt you will go through with it] ....BUT.....how long before it's up for sale again to help fiance another project ? Get a Archtop built instead, you know you want one. OR If you really want to throw BIG $$ at a AUS maker, and get a quality instrument.....Order a Gilchrist Mandolin, or Mandocello....[Actually, if you do order a Mandocello, can you PM me with the price quoted ? ] http://www.gilchristmandolins.com/big-mandolins-1-1/
  11. The UREI 813's were the BIG speakers used at Alberts studio in King St Sydney, many a hit mixed on those. They were set in Bass Relex cabinets , Sofit mount
  12. Tweaky

    Anyone heard these $20,000 speakers

    The first two. All those photos need is Donald Trump standing next to them to complete the unbelievability of the photos, and subsequently the whole ad, even if the latter photos are legit. Where are they based? Nigeria?
  13. OK Chanh, I was just going by the photos you posted. It seemed a bit strange to me that [ judging by the photos posted] that you had only treated behind the speakers,. Now that you have elaborated a bit more about the unseen treatments it's starting to make sense. Davewantsmoore has a good point about over treating a room as well, you can go too far the other way. I've seen photos of other peoples setups at this forum where this seems to have happened, I don't know what the methodology, if any, was behind how they got to that point, I can mentally imagine that those rooms would suck the life out of the music, I can only guess they have seen photos of treatment in studio vocal booths and thought that was the way to go for playback as well.
  14. If a dedicated room, it's a ONCE FIX to sort it. If you don't, then it might lead to a never ending chain of component swapping trying to 'Find" that elusive sound your after, which ultimately is a MUCH more expensive way of getting to the end result, especially when swapping speakers. Just run a simple program like room cal to see where your problem frequencies will be for your room dimension, then work from there. https://amcoustics.com/tools/amroc [I suspect you might have already to a extent] unless your current 'Treatment's' are a guesstimate based on photos of others setup's.....tricky stuff, room treatments, what works in one room with identical dimensions can sound bloody awful in another using different speakers. EDIT: Actually I've just had a re-look of the original photos of the room from the speakers back to the listening position. Imagine playing Snooker or Pool, any acute 45% angles are going to reflect the ball from cushion to cushion, the same happens with sound and walls. You have treated the walls behind your speakers, but not behind your listening position, which considering the amount of toe-in you have your speakers positioned at, is where you are going to get the first reflections that will give you your sense of ambience. Also it's the top corners of any room that are the most problematic, you have 3 flat surfaces meeting, reduce that interaction is the best 'Least' sound treatment you can do for any room, but I can't see anything like that here....close, and nearly there, but the room treatment doesn't seem to bear any merit to what might be needed.....you will need treatment behind the listening chair to balance the sound, at the top corners at least.....pity the door is situated where it is, as I'd tend to at least partially replicate what you have behind the speakers in that corner, and it's opposite side. You see a lot of information about room treatments that are a , TBH, a bit wonky, they are half arsed and mean well but don't really do what is needed. It's when you get to the PRO level, Monitoring rooms/ Mastering studios, that's the sort of 'Room' you are ultimately after. Sound on Sound magazine has had plenty of articles about sorting a room for this purpose, I suggest reading some of their free to read articles in their huge online archive. The best sort of informed info you will get....a example of many on the subject at the link below https://www.soundonsound.com/techniques/monitoring-acoustic-treatment Still, a very enviable setup, that can only be improved with room treatments. In all honesty, I think you would be wasting both your money and time changing any components.
  15. That is true, but if the room is the wrong dimensions, your going to have bigger problems that no matter how much treatment you throw at it, just won't sound good. If it's a room for a specific function, like this one is, better to alter the room dimensions with a false wall or two, then treat to get the max out of it. See this video about the building of the new state of the art 301recording studios in Sydney...from 6:10 where Jochen Veith from JV acoustics is being interviewed about treating the rooms.