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  1. I just watched the 4K disc of A Quiet Place. Nothing special going on here regarding 4K over Bluray, as the movie is pretty muted tonally, it's not a very long movie either at 90 minutes, it seems to me like it's been written as a short film and slightly lengthened, much like Whiplash was. I wouldn't really call it a horror movie either, it's more of a suspenseful drama with monsters in it, there is no real gore in it, probably why it got it's 13+ rating. Still, I enjoyed it.
  2. I've see this thread popping up now and again, but I have never bothered to read any of it until last night. What perked my interest was what your guys are doing with separating power supplies as much as possible for each part that requires power, plus the optimization of the OS. Now normally I'm dubious to say least regarding going to such lengths, thinking that it's not going to make that much of a difference, or what difference it does make is either barely perceivable, or worse, more of a placebo effect of having put the effort into building it, you trick yourself into hearing differences that don't really exist. But, while doing a search for more information about the Kii Audio THREE active speaker, which in turn was perked by the review in the current August issue of HiFi News & Record Review, I came across several YouTube videos of it, but the one I'll link to below is the one that's relevant to what the posters in this thread have been doing regarding media server builds, and I thought I share my find. The video is taken from the last Munich High End Show, the demonstration uses the Kii THREE speakers with the added BXT bass module, but the actual demonstration is not of the speakers, but of the new INNOUS ZENITH STATEMENT server V's the previous limited edition top of the line INNOUS ZENITH SE. From the description of the differences between the two units, it is my understanding that what basically has been done is to isolate a separately power each component of the server, plus they have made a bespoke MB to attain this, and to reduce EMI where they have found it most problematic......so basically what you guys have been doing. This video completely changed my mind on just how much of a difference can be got if you take care of this powering of separate components, and of course OS tweaking. If you just want to hear a quick A/B difference of the two servers, the videos poster has edited the video so the differences are easier to hear at 7.58. By the way, I strongly suggest wearing some decent headphones while watching this demo. Looks like I have a LOT of reading to catch up on looking at the length of this thread.🤔
  3. If Advanced Audio Australia were in the practice of price gouging on KEF speakers, which is what is being implied, one would reason that it would be doing so across the board with all the products it distributes . Anybody price checking Australia prices against US/UK/Canadian on the following brands? Wilson Audio, Arcam, Dan D'Agostino, dcs, Definitive Technology, Hegal, Kordz, Linn, Lyngdorf, Nordost, VTL. It would seem to me that of all the brands that Advance Audio handle, KEF would be the most main stream and would shift the most, numbers wise. The other brands are for the most part high end niche products, that I doubt they would sell a handful each year of. Stands to reason that if you are going to price gouge the temptation to do it would be on the items you sell the most of. If the Australian prices are unjustified it's just asking for trouble with grey importing, and all the associated problems that can come with that, which not only destroys the distributors business, but also harms the brand that's being grey imported when suspect units start appearing on the market. Maybe KEF should be contacted for comment on the situation.
  4. Tweaky

    HDMI (lesson learned)!

    Just for arguments sake. in respect to your statement that Quote : significant difference in picture being perceptible with 'Higher priced' HDMI cables over lower priced ones, that I assume are still able to pass a 4K signal without difficulty, otherwise there would be no valid comparison. I'd love to know just what aspect of the picture quality is perceived as better ?
  5. I only just discovered this series [there are 3] series 1 & 2 both are 8 episodes, series 3 is 6 episodes, all currently available to be watched. It's based on the Swedish - Danish crime series 'The Bridge'. https://iview.abc.net.au/show/tunnel The Tunnel is a Anglo - French production If you like brilliant and clever dialog, by actors who inhabit their roles, then this series is a must watch.....especially the last episode of series 3 which definitely finishes the series, which IMHO is the best piece of TV I have ever seen, truly thought provoking, disturbing, and emotionally shattering if you have invested in any understanding of and feeling for the two main characters.....after watching the last episode I sat dumbfounded for a good ten minutes, it really effected me, that has Never happened before. You really need to watch the first two series to understand the characters, and marvel at what a great script can do, if the actors are up to it, which Stephen Dillane and Clemence Posey certainly are. Then get ready for a emotional roller coaster with the final 3rd series, and be prepared to sit back in stunned amazement after viewing the last episode....you'll never forget it, I know I never will.
  6. Tweaky

    Post some pics thread...

    8000+ Images...WOW, that's a lot of shots.....and CARDS........all with a single camera body? I somewhat suspect that you would have covered your butt and taken at least two camera bodies of the same make, with multiple lenses to suit. I know I would have.
  7. Tweaky

    VAF i66 vs Harbeth, ATC...

    The SHL5's are designed to BBC MONITOR parameters....that means their best operating volume is 85-89db....drive them harder/louder and they are basically out of spec. The SHL5+'s are to a very similar spec, but because of slight changes, the Bass is more controlled than the previous version, even slightly drier. As for Alan Shaw's stance on amplifiers.......I copied and pasted below his brief summery of a challenge at the Harbeth Users Group from 29/3/2012 Here is a challenge then. If, in a controlled experiment with all variables accounted for (incl. differences in frequency reponse and within the power range appropriate to the amps) under instantaneous A-B relay switchover, driving any Harbeth speakers, if you can positively identify an amplifier by sound alone, I will give you, FOC, a pair of brand new Harbeth speakers, up to and including a pair of M40.1 in any veneer you fancy. I am quite confident that under controlled conditions, these fabled amplifier differences disappear and that I will never be parting with my money! However, I don't have the time to play around. You have to conceive of the test, design the switch over system and bring it to us here and we'll cooperate fully. There are plenty of examples of carefully constructed tests over the past 30+ years to draw on that meet my critera, and every one of them comes to the same conclusion. As far as this 'amp matching to Harbeth speakers' issue goes, it is a non-issue. As dead as the dodo. I cannot comment on the amp matching for other speaker brands. We take care to make our speaker an easy load: other speaker designers may be less consumer-focused. NO CORRESPONDENCE PLEASE - CALL ME WHEN YOU HAVE THE WHOLE PLAN EXECUTED! Amplifiers should be selected not for "sound quality" (whatever that is) but for facilities, design integrity, durability, after care and likelyhood of being able to source service parts in 5 or 10 years. Also, if you're really serious, a quick peek at the financial standing of the brand might tell you if they are likely to have the financial resources to weather the economic downturn of the next few years which is effecting the whole consumer electronics sector. Some of the most likely surviving (UK) brands rarely advertise, rarely exhibit, have relatively old-fashioned designs, use standard parts, have been around for a generation and are rock solid businesses. They deserve to be respected and supported because they will be there to look after you in 10+ years. There are some very difficult times ahead for the consumer industry: now is a time to be cautious.
  8. Tweaky

    ISF Calibration Photos

    Wow, un-claibrated they really look garish.....even the other TV's on the left showing the grass are suffering the same. Strangely it looks like most of the colour problem is with the secondaries with these TV's prior to calibration judging by your photos, very Yellow with a strong Cyan cast, which is scewering the Red's, as seen in the bottom bush center screen, to Orange. The Grey tracking doesn't look too bad pre calibration, there still seems like reasonable shadow detail in the tree branches, which is good to know if I ever get asked to calibrate one of these TV's, as that usually takes me the longest to get correct. What Gamma did you calibrate to for standard HD? I'm guessing around 2.4, as it's a seems a bit darker than the 2.2 I usually calibrate to.
  9. Yeah I watched the whole series over two days when it first got put up. They commissioned two series from the start, and filming started before the last episode was screened. Having had my sleeping habit severely disrupted during the World Cup, I've started watching The Tunnel on ABC iView, so far 9/10 episodes of series 1 watched. Not bad, a few unbelievable situations, but on the whole I've enjoyed it so far.
  10. I just watched the 3D version of 'Ready Player One' Quite liked it, so many references to other games and movies, even me being well into mid 50's knew most of the references.😀 I did find that I needed to change the 3D settings from Normal to +1 on my Panasonic EX780, as the 3D effect had quite a bit of ghosting if left at normal
  11. If you ever see these two records in a secondhand record shop, GRAB THEM. First is The Blue Nile - HATS album.....they were signed to Linn Records, and this is their second album......I loved the song 'STAY' from their "Walking along the Rooftops " album several years prior to this release.....seems like at least a 5 to 10 year gap between releases for this band, but well worth the wait......Album Cover below. An amazing album, quite sparse for much of it, but the depth is huge, both lyrically, emotionally and audio wise......a must have album if ever there was one. . The second recommendation is going to be very hard to find for even the most avid record collector. It was a limited run 12" EP by Melbourne based band JO JO ZEP & the Falcons recorded live and released in 1978. Titled appropriately 'LIVE!! Loud and Clear'....cover image below. A taste of what this EP includes in youtube video below....great boogie party album [Was reportedly a favorite of Ringo Starr/Harry Nilsson crowd and Led Zep at back stage parties the time ] ....I'm guessing it was the track 'The Girl Across the Street" that was the favorite. The ORIGINAL Honey Dripper. Rooservelt Sykes
  12. I found another none MARVEL title that has had it's price hiked up. Darkest Hour -Gary Oldman...was listed at $26.98 now listed at $38.98 with sale discount still more expensive than previously at $27.98 . EDIT:...... well I’ve just dropped into JB at the Sydney CBD Strand Arcade store and they at least have not as yet hiked the prices of those discs mentioned above, so Black Panther and Thor Rananok we’re both still ticketed price at $39.98..... which at sale price ended up $32......I don’t know if this is the same for all stores, or if this price hike has been put in place to snag those who purchase online?
  13. I keep a list of wanted Blurays and their asking price when they are released at JB HiFi. Then when JB have the occasional 20% off sales I go in and by most if not all on the list, which usually consists of quite a few 3D Blurays, as it usually means about $8-9 off per disc. Well JB sent me a 20% off sale email today and I have just been looking at the so called saving I would be getting, and either there has been some major stuff up with the pricing, or JB is severely price gouging on selected MARVEL titles. a few examples below of the price a few weeks ago against the current listed price. Thor Ranganok 3D...was $39.98 now listed at $49.98....$39.98 with current sale. Black Panther 3D...was $39.98 now listed at $44.98......$35.98 with current sale. This is only happening with MARVEL titles, I suspect it's the same with ones I already own, but since I don't have a record of before/after prices on those I can't be sure. Just thought I'd give people the heads up......I think I'll give those two titles above a miss with this current 20% off Sale, that's unless it been one big stuff up. I've never seen this sort of thing from JB before.
  14. Tweaky

    VAF i66 vs Harbeth, ATC...

    Yeah Alan Shaw uses to mono amps made by UK cottage industry brand LFD, he has them calibrated every year by the manufacturer. http://www.lfd-audio.com/index.html They are not anything special TBH, around 80wpc/8ohm if I remember correctly, no 'Magic Amp', it's just what he uses as a tool, and can have kept at spec, which I think is of far more value to him than it would be to your average HiFi buyer, as he needs a constant or a control to verify findings when updating his designs. I use Harbeth SHL5's in among a HT setting, as main speakers My HT amp is a 2016 Yamaha one [model escapes me-2nd from top anyway], I use HT pass through to another far better stereo amp I found using a center channel counterproductive with the Harbeth's, so switched it out on the amp, so the center channel info get's sent to the Harbeth's, things are much better for it, far easier to understand dialog
  15. I've got the air freighted copy of the July issue of HiFi news and record review, and it's in the News section, with as GURU mentioned, Andy Whittle pictured next to them page 19. It says 'drivers are B110 and T27 UK-sourced to original BBC specification'....having a closer look at the picture of the speakers, the B110 does have a very similar appearance to a smaller version of a Harbeth Radial driver [Having just replaced a Radial driver in my Harbeth SHL5's is what made it seem so familiar] OT: But they also have the spec's and price of the new D'Agostino Relentless power amp at US$250,000. 5.5KW power supply, 0.6 farads [600,000uf] of reservoir capacitance and roughly 100 output devices per channel....1.5 KW/8ohm doubling to 3 KW/4ohm and again to 6 KW into 2 ohm. Just the thing to drive these new LS3/5a's 🙂