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  1. I was looking forward to HDR10+ encoded discs, but from the way things are panning out, there might not be many discs around to enjoy it. The usual format war being the problem, on this occasion it's a extremely petty one. Samsung made the HDR-10+ codec free to use, but even that wasn't enough for LG, no, they decided that their TV's would have their own built in codec that does similar processing on board, and as such, not included HDR-10+ on their TV's......if LG's inbuilt processing works as well as HDR-10+ or Dolby Vision encoded discs isn't really known ATM, I'm guessing not, as LG video processing is generally behind everybody else's when you start nit picking. Then you have Dolby Vision, which has/ is having 4K discs already released with this codec, and it's getting good reviews, at least on the upper/top rung Sony OLED's....well nothing really to compare it with since no HDR-10+ discs out yet. If this mess with the multiple codecs that basically do the same thing ever gets sorted, and 4K discs are made that have both codecs on them, who knows? The least harm this format war is going to do is confuse the bejesus out people, even more so that HDMI specs.
  2. I put it down to print runs basically, and you might find that the Rouge One bluray is not the same as the initial release, it will probably just be single disc with the movie, no second disc with extras. I noticed the same thing with Guardians of the Galaxy 2 3D version selling for $18, it's a different release with just a single 3D disc, not the 3D disc + Bluray and download versions that is the norm with first release 3D Blurays. If they made a big print run of a particular title on release, and have since found themselves stuck with a large amount of stock of that particular title, it will get discounted. Some titles just stiff at the counter, and their price drops really quickly just to get rid of the stock Something like Rouge One would of had a large initial print run, that would of covered pre-orders, people who buy new titles as a matter habit, and Star Wars fans that would want to buy it up to 3-4 months after it was released, after that JB would look at what new releases were up coming to take it's place as the next big seller, and do a 20% off discount prior to that next BIG release hitting the shelves, eventually that titles normal price will drop a bit to get rid of that first print run, but not by much, as it should still be a popular title.....Then when they restock, the price will go up again, as the 2nd print run will be smaller, just so each store has a few in stock, if they find that it isn't moving much any more, as in most people who wanted the title have already got it, then it will get a big price drop and probably stay there. That applies to most movies, with the exception of Warner Bros and Disney titles, whose new releases are always more expensive by about $8-$10, if only because they think they can get away with it, ironically it's the movies made Warner Bros that are usually the over hyped stiffs [ Superman V's Batman being one that comes to mind ] This is what has happened in this last week with a 20% off sale prior to the Incredible's 2 being released, which will be the next big seller. You always know when a big title is going to be released as the 20% sales always happen a week or less beforehand
  3. Tweaky

    Dr Who New Series

    I'm not that impressed with the new Dr WHO TBH, but that could be put down to new script writers as well as a new DR. The new series seems to be running on political correct tram lines ATM, overly so IMHO, especially with the DR's new trio of UBER PC companions......kill them off please. I don't know if this is because a lot of this series seems to have been shot in South Africa, but I suspect so. I initially found Jodie Whittaker grating, but I'm slowly warming to her, but she seems to be stuck in between not being very serious and not being funny, and it makes the DR's character seem wishy washy and indecisive as a consequence.....again I put that down to less than stellar scripts and some really crap plots so far this series, lazy writing IMHO. I kind of wish they had had a tongue in cheek 'In between' Male and Female Dr play the role before Jodie Whittaker came on full time, just for one season, somebody like Eddie Izzard playing a partial transvestite Dr would have been hilarious, I'm sure he would have jumped at the chance to do it if asked, Oh well, missed opportunity.....I supposed they could always do it if the next DR becomes Male again.
  4. Tweaky

    Anti Magpie Mods

    I was once told if you wear a pair of glasses on the Back of your head they won't attack as they think you can see them coming.....never tried it, so don't know if it's true. Sort of makes sense, as I've never seen one attack head on. Maybe next breeding season the OP should try sticking a pair of those fake plastic eyes made of white and clear plastic with the Black pupil that moves around between the two on the back of their helmet
  5. Tweaky

    Anti Magpie Mods

    There was a program on channel 2 or SBS a while back about Magpie attacks, they proved that for some reason Magpies will only and consistently attack the same people time and time again, but will leave others totally alone. I've been on the receiving end when jogging around Centennial Park in Sydney, got me right on the ear lobe just like the OP, didn't draw blood, but for some reason it hurt for months
  6. Tweaky

    SOLD: FS: Sold

    LOL.....I used to have a massive 2.4m X 92cm X 92cm salt water aquarium in the late 70's, I kept wondering why sometimes when I would come home from work that the protein skimmers collection section would suddenly be full, usually it would only fill a few millimeters full over a few days, this was several CM's worth over a day.......I found out one night when I saw the Cat climbing onto of the tank, it watched the fish from below for a while, then squatted down and pissed in the aquarium.....you bastard. I got the bugger later in the week, when I had turned the room lights out and it had thought I had gone to bed, I watched and waited till it got into squat position and then came running into the room screaming at it, it freaked out and moved the sheet of glass it was standing on, and then fell into the aquarium between two rows of lights, I let it suffer thrashing about in the tank for about a minute, then grabbed it by the scruff of the neck and pulled it out.....it never went near that aquarium again.
  7. The "Bells" tweak is modification of a at least 40+ year old Japanese HiFi tweak, of having rows and rows of shelves lining all the walls of the listening room, with small bottles and jars filled with varying amounts of water......some people need to get out more. The all time Tweaker Champ though was Peter Belt from the UK, some of the stuff he came up with was hitting the red zone on the weirdo meter, others actually worked [Ever tried thin solid core wire as speaker cable? That was one of his ]......he used to have a few championing his cause in the UK mag HIFI Answers. https://www.stereophile.com/content/peter-belt-1930-2017 https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/in-memoriam/305532-peter-belt.html
  8. I have a similar setup, and have my PJ mounted on a small shelf on the rear wall, positioned so the lens is pointed directly at the middle of the screen when it's down. This is actually the ideal setup for a PJ, as the light coverage of the screen is equal, and you don't need to have any extra electronic processing going on with aligning the projected image to the screen if it were angling down from the ceiling.
  9. I think some of the early 4K TV's and some of the current lower rung TV's work similarly to a monitor when playing back material, as in only reproducing the signal level it receives, and not having any in built up-scaling electronics. Even the best TV's can't do miracles, as in making standard [None HD] free to air material look good, that still looks soft and fuzzy , feed them the 1080i HD channel equivalent and they can look very good. But not all TV's upscale well, it's something you have to check out in person When playing back standard Blurays, I found they look better when up-scaled by my 4K disc player, rather than playing back via a standard Bluray player and being up-scaled by the TV, there's quite a noticeable jump in picture quality
  10. I think a lot of people are using the Xrite i1 Display Pro, as it's known to be fast at taking readings, it's why I bought one. If it's any better or worse than a Spyder5, I couldn't tell you,
  11. They would need to update the 4k Disc players as well, which they haven't....as yet..... to take advantage of HDR-10+ encoding. It will be interesting to see how this pans out, I can see both pros and cons of having gamma changing on the fly with HDR-10+, I think it will depend on what gamma you have your TV calibrated at if you get more punch/HDR Brightness, or a washed out/ over bright picture, per scene. And if this HDR-10+ update [if that IS what we got] effects the Brick-wall Tone-mapping every TV manufacture uses to increase contrast, I don't know. My ChromaPure calibration software had a major update, and I'm still getting my head around what now might be possible. It now apparently [from reading the software update info] has been given internal UHDR internal test patterns. To do all previous REC709/BT1886 calibrations I've been able to run it from a Laptop, but if I want to do UHDR calibrations with these new in built test patterns, I'll need to use the BEAST, which is a purpose built desktop PC than has a high end graphic card that will output in 4K , and move that into the loungeroom for the task. A major PITA, but that means a LOT LESS need to use a extra remote to source UHDR Test patterns from a 4 K Disc player as well, the major reason I haven't given REC 2020 calibration settings to date. If you knew how much remote button pressing is required for a calibration, even at REC 709 with in-built test patterns, you would realize why I've only been testing the waters with REC2020 calibration using outboard test discs, as it's pretty much double that, and as a subsequence, can get quite confusing, if not remote control throwing frustrating when you realize you are trying to adjust something with the wrong remote, and end up adjusting a previously set parameter. EDIT....Sadly it would seem from the link Lynne gave that this update is only a Network related system update....disappointing.
  12. Either you need to have the TV set to update automatically , which obviously needs continuous internet access [ you can choose how often it checks, which might be why your TV has yet to do so], or you can go into settings and ask the TV to check for updates straight away, which is what I do regularly anyway. There was no update for my Panasonic 4K disc player by the way.
  13. A few minutes ago my TV detected there is a system update for the EX780a's out V 4.211, there is no information at the Panasonic site about it, I'm just wondering if it's the update from HDR-10 to HDR-10+ like the latest Panasonic TV's and 4K disc players have, there was mention about these TV's were going to get it last year......I suppose I should turn on my Panasonic 4K disc player and see if there is a update for that as well. Pity the info on what the update contains isn't given prior to installing it. Just having a very brief look through the menus and haven't noticed any changes.
  14. I have usually set gamma a 2.2, as that has traditionally been the Gamma films have been mastered at, and to be honest, the majority at which movies shot pre Flatscreen displays and used as monitors, look good. FTA sports and News always looks natural at this gamma. Not all movies........ some lack punch, so I use BT1886 gamma when this is noticeable. QUOTE: Besides, the purpose of adjusting low levels on an OLED TV is to give the most pleasing compromise between shadow detail and artefacts, NOT to be accurate. If you setup gamma on an OLED to be "accurate" the low level performance limitations of OLED TV's will become obvious, and they are not pretty IMHO. So do you defer to the Red or the Blue when calibrating/ adjusting these lowest IRE's ?....Just interested. I agree HDR is a mess. It will only ever get sorted when a standard 1000 nits light output spec is mandated, and adhered by all manufacturers, as proposed by Phillips Monitors And some sort of equilibrium regarding Tone Mapping between different manufacturers happens.......I can't see it happening TBH, not when they can't even decide if HDR-10+ or Dolby version, or some LG based internal processing will be used......horrible situation.......when will they learn? 🙁
  15. Tweaky

    Great Buys On Ebay & Gumtree

    Do some research, you would realize that this seller just finds stuff via a GOOGLE [Type in -Insert Make and Model of unit wanted, and add 'For Sale' after it ] result-=HiFi Shark search, which ANYBODY CAN DO . He then RE PRICEs it...without actually touching the unit, hence the HUGE shipping fee, as it would be coming from Japan.....and with all probability, via a Proxy shipping company, like 'From Japan' https://www.fromjapan.co.jp/yahoo-auctions/ Easy to save yourself several AUS$K buy doing it yourself with item like this.🙂