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  1. Tweaky


    Sorry no review as such, my mistake......I strongly suspect a review will be forth coming from the same YouTuber, just not ATM
  2. My bad. I loathe bloggers that anoint themselves as the 'Know all' "predictors " of future tech. The YouBuob video I saw that was announcing this was saying the death of Bluray was to shortly come. Samsungs sales of disc players must be paltry compared to Panasonics
  3. Somewhat totally off topic, I see Samsung is to stop making Bluray /4K disc spinner entirely
  4. I was lucky, I seemed to be in the market in Nov 2017 for a new 4K TV just as the last of the Panasonic EX780a range were selling, which are not only UHD 4K but 3D capable. I had been putting the money aside for a JVC PJ to replace my aging Sony PJ, but I got such a good deal on the 65" Panasonic I would have been mad to not take it....I got a Panasonic 4K disc player thrown in as well. The sales person thought I was mad when I said a 3D capable TV was a high priority for me, especially when I told him my budget, he tried to get me to buy the top of the range OLED.......as I do a LOT of gaming, OLED was out of the question anyway due to burn-in issues with static images, besides, I have my own calibration equipment and managed to get the Panasonic looking 95% as good as the $7K OLED he was trying to sell me. I will admit, the Bigger the screen the better with 3D, and ultimately a PJ will be the best for 3D, but a 65" TV isn't that far behind if sitting the correct distance from it, it's certainly a brighter picture than a PJ, especially if you have a light controlled room already like I do. If you have a 3D capable screen with a fast enough refresh rate, you should try gaming in 3D , it can crap on VR, and you don't get the motion sickness.
  5. I've got well over 100 3D titles and still buy them when available, although the vast majority now days are conversions, rather than shot as 3D from the start using separate cameras. Avatar is still pretty much the benchmark 3D title, I'd say Ridley Scott's ALIEN prequel Prometheus would be a close second. 'Passengers' was pretty good in 3D. Most of the Animation 3D titles are pretty good, the 'How to Save your Dragon' 'Despicable ME / Minions' series etc being among the best. Things aren't so clear cut with other post shooting 3D conversions of none animated material, 'The Green Lantern' is a very good 3D conversion, where's the later made 'Dr Strange' is one of the worst. 'Fantastic Beasts and where to find them' is one of the better new 3D movies, I bought the sequel yesterday and have yet to watch it, but I suspect it will be the same quality. A lot of the Marvel movies can vary in quality, it depends on just how much bright highlights are in a dark scene at the same time, that usually makes any crosstalk far more visible [ghosting around subjects], also scenes where there is a large depth of field and a lot going on in the background can cause the same thing [It's what made Dr Strange so bad] As for the Star Wars movies that have 3D versions, well Rouge One, The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi are all pretty good, where SOLO isn't [It even looks bad in 2D, very muted colours and a dull overall look to the movie] There are few 3D Bluray titles coming out over March/ April, the Fantastic Beasts sequel came out yesterday, you have 'Mortal Engines' out on the 20th March, How to Train Your Dragon- The hidden world on 10th April and Aquaman on the 20th April, there is a 3D version of the last 'Grinch' movie out in this time frame as well. It seems 3D movies are getting harder to find as well, some movies that have been 3D at the cinema are not making it as 3D Bluray titles, at least not in all regions, Ralph Breaks the Internet being one example, it's being released as a 3D title in the UK but not here. Same thing happened with Valerian and the city of a thousand planets, I ended up having to import that 3D version, thankfully it was a good conversion, so worth the effort.
  6. I've just watched the documentary movie CODA by Stephen Nomura Schible about the life and work of Japanese composer and actor Ryuichi Sakamoto.[Yellow Magic Orchestra, Merry Xmas Mr Lawrence, The Last Emperor, The Reverent] It just came out yesterday, so I thought I'd grab it while JB still had a 20% off sale. It's a very contemplative documentary as he has been fighting stage three throat cancer [seems to have got through it]. Recommended if you are music minded and like to see the creative process.
  7. I watch a few movies over the weekend. First up was the Sally Potter written and directed The Party made in 2017, considering the cast I was expecting great things from this short 68min B&W piece. It was good, but contrived, and two of the seven actors grated with me, if only for the lines they were asked to deliver. Worth a watch, as it's quite funny in parts. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5814592/ Next up was the 2018 Australian Sc-Fi movie The Gateway, starring Jacqueline McKenzie. This was obviously a very very low budget production, and suffers for it. The premise of the movie was OK in Sc-Fi terms, but the mostly wooden acting to the lousy script, didn't help the low set production standards.....it looked like a Film School production [could well be for all I know] It might far better if remade with better script/cast and sets. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6179746/ Next up was the action/horror movie The MEG. If I were 12 I might have enjoyed this more, but I'm not, so it bored me. A Chinese produced movie, it seems to cater for that audience in a lot of scenes, while still trying to be a Western style action/horror movie. A LOT...no, ALL of the story was implausible, much like a 50's Sc-Fi movie. If you enjoy some mindless action then you might enjoy this movie. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8235660/ Lastly was the 4k version of First Man. Firstly they have made this movie to look like it was shot on old film stock and remastered, it has that slight film grain and slight colour cast throughout. Nothing new is revealed about Neil Armstrong, apart from the death of his young daughter which spurred him to apply to become a astronaut , and Ryan Gosling's performance of him makes one think Armstrong was a completely anally retentive dullard, but then again Gosling did the same thing with his performance in Blade Runner 2049, maybe that's why he was cast in the role? The special effects are good, the way they make you feel like you really are just sitting in a tin can strapped to a rocket and could die at any moment are palpable, probably the only reason to watch this movie TBH. It gets a OK from me, but ultimately it's quite a boring movie, the Right Stuff covered this topic so much better [apart from the special effects] https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1213641/
  8. It never ceases to surprise me what you have stashed away, surprised you didn’t opt to get a one piece ebony bridge made for it like Rawlings did for his
  9. Tweaky

    Tinnitus and the Audio Addiction

    I've suffered it for years, most likely gotten from standing in-front of HUGE PA systems in the 70's-80's doing Band Photography. Strangely it doesn't seem to effect my ability to discern differences in the quality of HiFi components, nor the difference in tone of instruments { I could pretty reliably tell you what Guitar was being used in any particular song] It is a background HAZE of a sound that I suffer, that over time I have learn't you can learn to filter out, much like a nagging wife.🤪 I've found it's only ever a real 'Arragh, I'm really suffering with this situation" type annoyance is when in complete silence, or close to it, usually early in the morning. I live pretty close to the Sydney CBD, so I usually have a background noise of some type that distracts me from the ringing in my ears to find it so debilitating it's thoughts of self harm to rid myself of the affliction. I've run across people in the PRO AUDIO sector that have suffered from the same problem far worse than me that have become suicidal, it's become overbearing. As a aside. I really do think WiFi does have a effect on just how bad you can suffer Tinntius. I run Etherent cables to all my internet equipment as a rule, the only time I turn the WiFi on my modem is when I want to update app's on my iPhone.......as soon as I turn the WiFi on, the ear ringing gets a LOT worse.......same thing if I'm in close range of a microwave oven that's in use.
  10. I've just been reading the review of the SME Synergy turntable in the April 2019 edition of HiFi News and Record Review. In a side bar to the review there is a small interview with the new SME CEO, Stuart McNeilis, at the end of the interview it is revealed that the SME Group have acquired the Garrard audio brand, and that there is a new Garrard Turntable pending,....no further details given. I wonder if will be a idler drive?
  11. Tweaky

    Counterpart Series 2...

    I watch all of series 2 via SBS 'On Demand'. It concludes a lot of the story lines by the end of the series, but opens up others. The sad thing is that the option of series 3 has not been taken up, and was announced just as the last episode was being aired, the production company is shopping it around to see if anybody will take it up. https://tvline.com/2019/02/11/counterpart-cancelled-starz-no-season-3/ It appears that this has stemmed from poor viewing numbers, which I suspect is because a large portion of the viewing audience of series one, was too dumb to be able to follow what's happening in series two once things got a bit more complicated. I hope it does get picked up, it deserves to be. This dropping of TV series leaving the story and viewers in limbo seems to happen all too frequently. Two previous TV series that madden me when I think of them being dropped were both British TV series, and both dropped for the same reason, and that was that the way the BBC / Channel 4 is structured, their mandate is to foster new talent, so if it happens that a new TV series is a hit it doesn't mean it will continue past a second series, it will if history repeats, be dropped so the next new talent gets to have their TV series made. 'In the Flesh' was one of these brilliant series to suffer this fate of not making it past series two, and just at a pivotal moment, this was due to the then BBC 3 having budget cut before it's demise as a televised channel. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b042ckss Just as tragic was the none continuation of the British TV series 'Utopia' after series two, again left in limbo. There is a respite of sorts, though I can't imagine it having anywhere near the originality of the script and production of the original, in that David Fincher was looking to do a remake of the Utopia series for HBO, but this fell through due to arguments about budgets. Then recently Amazon picked up the rights and has ordered production of a nine episode first season remake........I hope they do the original justice, it's going to be a VERY hard thing to pull off. https://qz.com/quartzy/1257930/america-is-trying-to-remake-another-excellent-british-tv-series/
  12. Sounds reasonably if they are in good shape, I think they were around the AUS$900 when they first hit the market in the 70's and eventually ended up selling for AUS$1100 for the last years of manufacture. I think the later wood ended ones were actually more expensive at around a RRP of $1400 The similarly sounding AMW's were $800, and I think ended up taking away a lot of what would have be sales to Gale, although they didn't look anywhere as nice as the Gales of either type. I have all those prices burnt into my brain from constantly reading those little 'Best of " Magazines that used to be put out once a year by Australian HiFi magazine in the 70's, one for speakers, another for Amps, they held the contents of my wish list back them.
  13. Exactly, that's what I mean. I liked the sound of Gales, those and the Aus made AMW's of the same era
  14. I can't remember ever seeing curved grilled Chrome ended Gales, only the latter wood ended models.
  15. I don't know if that's a realistic price for those AR's. They were US $3600 back in 1985