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  1. *Drools* I would love to own this amp haha! It would make a nice addition to my SU-Z980's pre-out. Great work done to it too!
  2. I'm getting bitten by the Ev Superdome bug...
  3. I'm suprised this thread is still alive... 11 years in the making haha!!!! i've yet had another change in speakers and what not, still DIY'ing.. mostly! Okay, just a few things, I currently getting components to make my new surround speaker setup for the new house.. this is what I have so far.. These old school Foster Tweeters which will be used for the rears with some 4" midbass drivers.. These Selenium horns and drivers will be the mids for the mains and centre speakers The big round horn is a Dayton 8" round horn tweeter, I have 3 of them which will be used for the mains and centre combined with some selenium drivers.. Still looking into the woofers, but I'm looking into the Dayton 8" widerange drivers which have a high efficiency rating which will keep up with the horns. The bass duties is coming from this beast, which will eventually be replaced in the new house as the box is too big. JBL P1222 subwoofer in a T-line box... FS is 28hz so it digs quite deep!! Also been working on a second system just for 2 channel music. Collecting Technics gear and will be using these Ev Sentry 100a's for the music That JBL t-line sub will be eventually in use with the music system for the added low frequencies to relieve too much bass on the vintage speakers..
  4. Oh Boy!!! just reading the stuff I had in the previous posts is crazy!! i guess i go thru alot of audio gear!! Well... for ANOTHER update!!!! I now have *Pioneer VSX-816 Receiver * (Mains) JBL S99 Athena's (Lancer 99) modded with JBL LE5-2 midrange and JBL 2404H Horn tweeter. *(Centre) Custom box to be built with 2 x JBL LE10 woofers, LE5-2 midrange and 2404H horn tweeter. *(Rears) JBL LX66 *(Back Rears) Technics speakers of some sort.. No sub as yet as im on a quest to find something to my previous one.. something like http://www.istonline...ch5_uxl_18.html if there are any importers that can bring them in, that would be great! I will also be building a couple of 160 litre boxes for the S99's to sit on for height and the 160 litre boxes will have a jbl 2226H woofer in each box to company the s99's as they are vintage and i only want them to take car of the midbass range and let the 2226H do most of the musical bass work. Here are some pics of what i have now!
  5. Hey guys, long time no see!!!! well, since splitting up from the ex fiance, my finances finally started coming back!!! and i have some goodies to show off, but still awaiting my my babies to be shipped to AUS!!! ok heres what i have now!!! Marantz SR-4200 Home Theater Reciever Behringer A-500 power amp (second one coming in a months time) running main speakers Still have my dream acoustics speakers which will be for my rears once i get my JBL s99 athenas (Lancer 99's) Exodus Tempest x2 15" subwoofer Jaycar 600 watt sub amp soon to be replaced with Behringer EPX2000 running @ 2ohm on each voice coil for the sub heres some pics!!!! and the jbls im getting!! http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270632467329&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT they do need refoaming, but im willing to do that soon ill update my pics as soon as they come!!
  6. well, might have some light on the subject, got a friend who is going to check the amp out soon and thinks it may be something wrong with the relays or a dry circuit
  7. BUMP!!! Thinkin of chuckin the amp if i cant find anywhere decent to take it lol
  8. Wow new layout! anywho, on topic now.... I have a very nice Technics THX receiver dolby pro-logic, nothin fancy like todays but very nice vintage equipment that ill keep forever, but i have had this problem since i bought it off ebay, got it for 500 so im happy, but anywho, it randomly overloads when i turn it on or when in operation, i have posted a video of what it does. i just want to know if there is any place on the mornington peninsula that i can get this beauty of an amp to get serviced and have a look at?? other than that it works fine and sounds beautifully and i wouldnt depart from it. even the slightest tap on the receiver sets it off too. i think there maybe a short in the front panel somewhere, i pulled it apart to take a look and i coudnt find anything but just sexy insides lol! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUDBxNhiU5c
  9. I have bought a set of dream speakers off ebay, and well, i gave them to my parents a few years back, didnt like the sound after a while, im now stocking up on my ne6w ht system with accusound 8.8's as mains and surrounds and 8.5 centre, just trying to find a sub now, but they sound marvellous for their price, so they are a go ahead for those who are on a budget, Justin from Audio Australia is fantastic with fast responses and 3 day delivery, i i recommend for anyone who wants a cheap/decent sounding package as an Entree for HT setup!
  10. hey guys, been a long time since i been here, got some planning to do with a new set of speakers. im looking for a decent, but cheap ($100 and under) 6.5" midbass for a 4 speaker, 3-way system. midbass will go to 600hz when the jbl LE-5's will kick in and im also still looking for the tweeters which im looking for nice ones that can go to 40khz. been looking at the Altronics mag and website, but im unsure... bit of help for this poor sucker who wants to get his stereo up and going.. making a centre and surrounds after this tower project im working on...
  11. Technics SA-TX50 Home Theater Receiver!!! I pick this baby up in a couple of weeks. I know it's a bit outdated since it was made in 96', but i been a big fan of technics equipment since i was 16 (now 24) and i plan to start my collection again. The main thing is now i have an amp, now i got to get the speakers happening again!
  12. hey guys, bout to set up HT in another lounge shortly (7.1 setup), thinking of going for Cerwin Vegas has anyone heard some nice reviews about these babies? Centre http://www.cerwinvega.com/CLS6C.php Rears/Rear backs http://www.cerwinvega.com/CLS6.php Front http://www.cerwinvega.com/CLS12.php
  13. well looks like my plans have gone into the trash can, my other half doesnt want BIG TOWERS in the lounge lol, so i gonna have to build some petite bookshelves she said nothing about the subs hehe
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