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  1. Yes please, I will take it. Please PM your payment details. Ken
  2. A quick basic question for Kamado Joe users, when in use do you leave the ash scoop (little shovel) in place or remove? Ken
  3. I have a NOS unused still in original packaging A&R P77, will sell for $300
  4. Hi Cody, Could I have the following; George Michael – Symphonica (Blu-Ray Pure Audio) $25 & The Police – Every Breath you take, the classics $25 Ken
  5. Might of been double branded in different parts of the world in the late 1970's early 1980's. https://zstereo.co.uk/2013/05/23/aiwa-microsystem/ I am looking at mine as I type it is definitely Aiwa, and branded is Aurex.
  6. The Pre Amp looks like it is from the Aiwa 'Aurex' range from the 1980's. In the range there was a Pre, Power, Tuner, Cassette and a Receiver, they were considered to be very competent machines for the day. I still have the receiver, it is in daily use connected to this computer. I bought mine as a shop demo model in about 1984, it was put away in a cupboard and not used for 20+ years, when I found it I plugged it in and away it went, never missed a beat since. No oxidation on mine (only dust) I would guess that something like Autosol car metal cleaner / polish would work OK. Good luck with cleaning and restoration. Ken
  7. I was flicking through the channels earlier today, and realised I recognised something so flicked back to the Discovery Science Channel. A program called 'How it's made' was showing the manufacture and assembly of MBL Radial Speakers (Radialstrahler) It had already started, but from the section I did see it was fascinating to what the technology and precision workmanship involved. If anybody is interested in tracking down it was Series 14 Episode 16 . Ken
  8. I am gradually reducing all my gear, I have 3 pairs of mono blocks from; Denon, Jadis, and a Chinese pair using VT 211's
  9. Hi I agree with you that Pass Labs have a certain something that no other power amp has. I have owned many versions of Krell, Audio Research, Naim, Stax, Musical Fidelity, Michi etc. and tried Levinson and ME at home, nothing came close to the Pass Labs Aleph 0 mono blocks I had. They were 75 watts Single Ended pure Class A, before going to 120 A/B. I read somewhere the Nelson Pass still considers these to be the best sounding amps he has made and also one of the most reliable. Ken
  10. The only new arm that comes to mind would be in the SME-M2 range. If you were willing to consider used, I would suggest the obvious in the SME 3009 (9 inch version), the original Mission 774 and Grace 707 were also suitable for the Shure V15 III, both of which were available with an SME adaptor plate. With the exception of the SME 3009, these do not use the SME head shell Ken
  11. We use the same one we use when travelling, it might help if you list the measurements.
  12. I have the Operating Manuals, they state; 150 RMS into 8 Ohms, 300 RMS into 4 Ohms, Frequency Response is 1 Hz to 150 kHz - +0 -3dB
  13. I am using a pair of the same Denon Amps, I have had many mono blocks over the years including Krell, Pass Labs, Naim and Audio Research, the Denon's are the equal of any that I have tried. They are 150 RMS into 8 Ohms, 300 RMS into 4 Ohms. As long as you are only connecting to one pair of outlets at a time you should be fine, unless you try running something like Apogee Scintillas.
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