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  1. Item: Kef Reference 107 Speakers Price Range: Market Rate Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I am looking for a pair of Kef Reference 107 Speakers. I would prefer the Mk 2 model or even the Raymond Cooke Special Edition version, with the Kube Equalizer if possible. Ken
  2. "I think Alephs are SS so no "T" SET applies Are they single ended?" Agreed that the 'T' does not apply as the are not Triode driven, however they are very much Class A - SE, below is copied from the manual introduction. As far as I am aware the only Pass Labs that was SE. "Introduction The Aleph 0 is a single ended Class A audio power amplifier, the first product produced by Pass Laboratories. It combines completely new design thought applied to a traditional topology and the experience of twenty five years of amplifier design. This power amplifier flows from a commitment to create the best sounding product: a simple circuit with the most natural characteristic. The Aleph 0 integrates power Mosfet devices and single ended Class A operation in a simple topology in order to deliver natural sound, the reference for naturalness being taken as the acoustic characteristic of air. Consuming four times the rated output power, single ended Class A makes ordinary push-pull circuits appear comparatively efficient. This inefficiency has been a deterrent to designers, limiting this "king" of Class A circuits to preamps and input stages. I feel that in specialized and demanding applications, the energy penalty is worth the purity of performance obtainable from single ended Class A operation. This purity delivers the most musicality and listening satisfaction per watt of any operating mode. Over the years I have remained fascinated by the characteristic sound of the single ended topology, but until now I did not have the opportunity to bring such a product to market. A very few people are involved in the production of this product. I supervise all phases of the construction, and I test and listen to each amplifier myself. _______Nelson Pass"
  3. I realise that most comments / recommendations are for valve related equipment, also some general recommendations for Pass Labs Aleph. However the best juice/grunt/power I ever had from a SET Amp was with the Pass Labs Aleph 0 mono blocks, which I think I am correct in saying were the only Aleph amps the were single ended. They had about 70 watts per/ch, all in Class A, before switching to Class A/B up to 120 watts per/ch, I can't say what they sounded like in class A/B as in all the years I owned them I never got anywhere near that level. They could drive absolutely anything I threw at them including QUAD ESL's, Apogee Ribbons, Revel Ultima Salon's, Wilson Sophia's etc, etc. If you can find a pair on the used market give them a try. Ken
  4. These are wonderful sounding amps, I have owned a pair since new, driving QUAD 2905's and Sonus Faber Cremona's they were fantastic. They were also know as Jadis FF15's. This pair is also listed on Aussie Audio Mart (the seller really needs to sort out his pricing as he has them listed at $2.00) https://www.aussieaudiomart.com/details/649646866-jadis-ca-30/
  5. With some TLC and the crossover checked out, these can be made to sound very good. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/killara/speakers/kef-reference-loudspeakers-pair-/1253679631'' I have a pair producing sounds that still surprise most listeners. Ken
  6. Hi, I could be interested, but I have some questions; What voltage is this unit? Was it purchased through the Australian distributor or is it an import? What work was done during the overall. Ken
  7. If you are ever looking to sell the 101 Pre separately at any time, I could be interested. Ken
  8. There certainly is single layer SACD only discs, I have quite a few. I would also like to know if it works with a SACD only disc as if it does I will be buying one. Ken
  9. If you do split , I would like The Byrds please.
  10. I have had numerous Apogee models in the past. If these had been in the West they would have been in my room by now. If I though they could be transported over here safely, I would be tempted but I don't know of any way that could be done. GLWS they deserve to be loved. Ken
  11. Item: Kef Reference 107 Speakers Price Range: Market Rate Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I am looking for a pair of Kef Reference 107 Speakers. I would prefer a Mk 2 model and with the Kube Equalizer if possible. Ken
  12. Thanks, I was aware of QSR, I just thought that $11.99 for postage was a bit of a rip off for a single paper dust cap. Ken
  13. Does anybody know of a supplier of Speaker Dust Caps (preferably in Australia). Ken
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