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  1. Out of interest is the Garrott P77 the same as the A&R P77, I have a new one unused in the box A&R P77 in my stash. I used to have a A&R P78 but search as much as I can I cannot find the thing, if I ever do I may put a SAS -1 in it. Ken
  2. Sorry, I have just followed Marc's link on this thread, explaining the situation.
  3. Is this problem linked to why 'Content Count' has changed so much, used to be well over 1000, just noticed today that mine has dropped to 780 ish. Ken
  4. I have a KRC-3, I think it is one of the most underrated pre amps. I have owned 5 X Audio Research Pre's, 4 X Naim Audio Pre's, multiple Musical Fidelity Pre's, and many other highly rated Pre's and IMO the KRC-3 is up there with any of them.
  5. If available I will take; Sam Cooke - Live At The Copa $35 Nat King Cole - Love Is The Thing $70 Ken
  6. Hi, I had a Garrard 401 serviced by The Turntable Doctor, great service and at a reasonable cost.
  7. I bought a pair of these MP-211 amps from Clifford at Audio Synergy in Perth, they are really very good. Mine are the later version fitted with improved Cerafine Elna Black capacitors, which I can see this pair have (shown between the transformers), this was a mod by the Australian importer. From what I understand they put out approx. 27 watts per channel. If I recall SNA Member SteveM also had a pair showing on his blog, he might be able to give more info. There was a review in the early 1990's in a UK Magazine, I think it was Hi-Fi World or Hi-Fi Sound. GLWS Ken
  8. I used to have a pair of these, a great speaker for little money.
  9. SNA had a similar discussion a number of years ago, if I remember there was somebody doing PHD research looking for volunteers, I think it was at Curtin Uni in Perth. Did anybody take part?
  10. You don't have to expend "the time and effort of pasting everything into a new listing", you can copy and paste the text and photographs from your previous listing.
  11. Item: Beatles Boxed CD Set (Complete with Rare Roll Top Box and Booklet) Location: Perth Price: $180.00 + Postage Item Condition: As New Reason for selling: Not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Transfer to Bank Extra Info: Continuing to reduce the store cupboard This Beatles collection was the first official complete collection of 'The Beatles' released on CD, this set is long out of print. It is in a unique Roll Top presentation box, complete with the comprehensive (usually missing) booklet and original outer shipping box. Set contains 15 CD’s (16 if you class The White Album as 2). Sergeant Peppers and The White Album both include additional booklets. The Roll Top Box is in excellent condition, it even has the packet with the set of small rubber feet. Most CD's have never been played.  Pictures:
  12. Item: 1 Pair Kimber Monocle X Speaker Cables Location: Perth Price: $640.00 plus postage Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Moving On Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Deposit to Bank Extra Info: 1 Pair Kimber Monocle X Speaker Cables fitted with WBT 0685 locking plugs, marked as 5 foot long (1.5 Metres) ideal for mono block amps, complete with original box and packaging. Have spent their life with me between either Pass Labs Mono Blocks or Jadis Mono Blocks. I have owned these for 10 years, they are still current models. Current online price in Australia is in excess of $1600.00 Pictures:
  13. I also have the Project RS. I agree with the above regarding the soundstage around performers, but not with being bass shy, IMO it is far better than described above, but I suspect that my equipment it is also at another level. The flexibility of the RS is second to none, adjustment on the fly, RCA and XLR inputs and outputs, up to 66db of gain for MC through XLR's. If you have two Turntables you can connect one with RCA and one XLR and switch between the two. The one thing to really set it apart from the competition anywhere near the price is the ability to add an external power supply. This is an amazing device that has the power supply feeding the RS from a built in battery, whilst the battery automatically recharges without interfering with sound quality in anyway. Every aspect of the sound improves over the stand alone RS, which was already at a high level. There is an online review of the RS and Power Supply by Michael Fremer. The downside is that when I bought my power supply last year the Australian dealers did not stock it, I had to import mine from UK, which was no hardship, ordered on a Friday, arrived on the following Wednesday. Ken
  14. It may assist with making cartridge recommendations if we knew which arm was mounted on the LP12.
  15. OK, sorry to mislead but the SB-7000 are 845 X 480 X 410, so they are not the same. I have researched a little bit and it was the Technics-7 that was the same as the SB-7000. Interesting looking speaker though. Ken
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