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  1. Hey Brian - Yes it had become quite the repository for DTQWT information.
  2. I listened to these beautiful speakers a couple of weeks ago when auditioning a component that I bought off @Eskay Buy with confidence.
  3. Cheers for the heads up @Anatoly Beaver-Hausen ... Looks like I'll be adding to my BOC collection!!
  4. Those two YouTube reviewers are really good. I managed to catch FOMO's HDMI Broken story the day he uploaded it as I was in the market for a new AV receiver at the time.
  5. Shall I bring bring my copy with me next time visiting your place?
  6. That rings alarm bells if the previous owner also replaced a blown resistor. All the more reason to get it checked out as there could be an underlying issue causing resistors to fry. No ... it shouldn't be common for anything to fry.
  7. Exactly right as @Grizzly and others have said. Something has fried (probably a biasing resistor) and the amp needs to be checked otherwise more damage could be done.
  8. Shipping cost me $272 USD ... back then the USD was worth less than the AUD. These days shipping would be substantially more.
  9. Wasn't me this time @blybo ... alas I don't have a HT setup.
  10. They look awesome ... great work. What veneer did you use?
  11. Looking good @camross I didn't like the feet of the MkII prototype either so went for a base with standoffs. The base has spikes that go through the carpet onto the concrete slab below.
  12. Hi All, Not too long ago I decided it was time resurect my home audio system that I had done nothing with for the last decade or so. One part of the resurection process was the purchase and building of a new valve amp kit. Once the valve amp was built and some listening was done it became obvious that my 30 yo speakers also needed some attention. The speakers are 3 way bass reflex with a satelite midrange & tweeter arrangement which in their day sounded really good ... although there were always a couple of issues with bass output rolling off in the lower registers and fatigue setting
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