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  1. Shipping cost me $272 USD ... back then the USD was worth less than the AUD. These days shipping would be substantially more.
  2. Wasn't me this time @blybo ... alas I don't have a HT setup.
  3. They look awesome ... great work. What veneer did you use?
  4. Looking good @camross I didn't like the feet of the MkII prototype either so went for a base with standoffs. The base has spikes that go through the carpet onto the concrete slab below.
  5. I bought my Deltalite's from US Speaker. They do not ship to Australia so I had to use an on-forwarder ... pretty painless experience.
  6. Hey @BioBrian ... Yes mate they are still going well. If I really like something I tend to hang onto it ... and these for me are a keeper. Both the timbers have darkened over time ... the Jarrah doesn't quite have the redness that it originally had and the Tassie Oak has shifted to a more yellowish hue. The Tassie Oak veneer has changed in the same way as the solid timber on the front baffle so they blend nicely and look coherent. A slightly better pic of the color change below. And considering they sit in the lounge room where it gets full sun in the afternoons (not direct) they have held up very well. Shame about your myrtle fading though.
  7. Great amplifier, I have the same one myself ... GLWTS
  8. Other passions have taken precedence this is true ... 2020 is the year that it needs to get done.
  9. @evil c The Technics plinth is still a work in progress ... albeit not much progress I must admit ... Meanwhile the Jarrah blocks are "seasoning" nicely ...
  10. Cheers Keith, Indeed ... not much has changed over the years ... lol Haha ... yes the china cabinet does rattle at times ... but @ 107 db no rattles were to be heard
  11. I was having an afternoon home alone yesterday playing a few favourite records .... Hard to believe it has been 7 years since I built these speakers .... They are still going strong and I am still loving them. I did crank the volume a bit when playing the Alan Parsons Project tracks Sirius & Eye In The Sky
  12. Its obvious no one reads my posts anymore .... sigh ....
  13. https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3D7Yf0MJUSyq0&ved=2ahUKEwiPm43Q5anlAhXNdCsKHb0LCCAQwqsBMAF6BAgDEAg&usg=AOvVaw2LgU0A-7Xb-vaKCiIGaMTc This is the one you are looking for 😉
  14. @joz ... If you are planning to do a Led Zepp comparison I'd be keen to come along to it. I collected all their studio albums as they were released while I was growing up, so just the normal pressings that were available in Australia. And then I bought all the Page remasters when they came along. I've only compared the first 2 albums between the original and the Page remasters, and I think the Page versions were better than the originals. Most of my Page remasters are still sealed and unopened. Would be keen to hear how the different types of pressings compare.
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