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  1. Think you've just re-affirmed where your heart really lies ... pull them from sale and keep enjoying them!
  2. Sounds like a plan @Luc & @joz & @scuzzii ... looking forward to catching up with you blokes again
  3. Is this the TT you've always had @joz or a recent acquisition? Looks more flash than what I remember
  4. For you ... not for me 😎 😉
  5. Agree ... a really good album and the most lovely person. Lovin' my signed copy that I picked up at the HiFi show last year.
  6. I might have to respectfully disagree there ... ATSOTB is just as genius but in a totally different style.
  7. David Surkamp's voice certainly is unique ... although Rush's Geddy Lee comes close in a few places on "Tom Sawyer"
  8. I've been listening to these two albums since I was 18 ... also has special significance for a friend that passed away far too young.
  9. So all the IC's used on the SP-10 are still available? I was under the impression that some IC's where proprietary Panasonic/Technics and no longer available.
  10. Lots of love here for the RCM Sensor 2 Jake. Very configurable with cartridge loading and gain and very quiet. You would probably be hard pressed to find one second hand at the 2k price point you are looking at given that retail new is now north of 5k.
  11. Sounds like you would have been better off going to JB HiFi Trev ...
  12. You guys certainly are doing it tough being there for the entire day, and then having to deal with thefts on top of that is something you don't really need. It was great to put a face to a name on Friday morning and thank you for that pristine copy of Lou Reed's Transformer! Will be playing that as soon as I get home this arvo sometime!
  13. Will be following this thread with interest. I need to get inspired to keep going with the plinth for my SP10 Mk 2.
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