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  1. Sierra

    The other hi-fi show thread

    You guys certainly are doing it tough being there for the entire day, and then having to deal with thefts on top of that is something you don't really need. It was great to put a face to a name on Friday morning and thank you for that pristine copy of Lou Reed's Transformer! Will be playing that as soon as I get home this arvo sometime!
  2. I'm in ... happy to go wherever is decided
  3. Sierra

    Plinth making

    Will be following this thread with interest. I need to get inspired to keep going with the plinth for my SP10 Mk 2.
  4. Everyone I have spoken to that went have all said the same thing.
  5. Yep ... that's an excellent rendition of Achilles Last Stand ... also one of my fav Led Zep songs. Dan Zalac's strongest influences as a drummer where Buddy Rich and John Bonham ... little wonder he plays it so well. Love the 3 different camera angles too. Thanks for the link.
  6. They were originally supposed to tour in January but it got postponed. I only stumbled upon it by accident in late March so was lucky to get tickets.
  7. On thurday night just past I experienced the best concert of my life! Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Evening The musicians that Jason has put together for his band are simply amazing. Jason Bonham - Drums Jimmy Sakurai - Lead Guitar James Dylan - Vocals Alex Howland - Keyboards Dorian Heartsong - Bass Guitar Jason on drums is just like his legendary dad "Bonzo" ... spectacular in every way! Jimmy Sakurai has the moves, the hair, the cloths and the guitar skills to make a perfect Jimmy Page. James Dylan on vocals is increadible ... his power, tone and register is the same as Robert Plant in his prime. Close your eyes and this is Led Zeppelin playing ... truly special! This wasn't just an ordinary concert though, it was a showcase of Jason and his relationship with his dad and Led Zeppelin and what it all meant to him. Jason would narrate and interact with the audience throughout the show as he showed family filmclips and photos on the big screen ... it really was a night from his heart. For me there was many goose bump moments as Led Zeppelin has been my lifelong favourite band. The highlight for me was when they played Moby Dick and the legenday drum solo that "bonzo" would do. Before playing the song Jason explained how his dad was interviewed back in 1970 and was asked the question "what would be one of your biggest dreams" (or something similar) and John's reply was "To play drums at Wembley Stadium with my son" ... Jason was only 4 years old at the time. Many many years later and after forming this band Jason was finally able to fullfill has dad's dream. And with that launched into playing Moby Dick with footage of his dad on the big screen behind him playing Moby Dick from a Zeppelin concert at the Royal Albert Hall. It was an aural onslaught of Bonham Snr & Jnr going off tap on the drum solo together ... so loud ... so precise the timing between the two of them ... absolutely stunning ... and blew the audience away! Not only did it give me goose bumps ... it made me tear up as well ... If you are a Led Zeppelin fan ... this band is a must see ... and with a bit of luck they will be back again given the audience reaction on the night. The photos are not good ... being right at the back and with only a phone ... But I was there!!!!
  8. Sierra

    Who's going Friday???

    I had planned to be there all three days ... but a family wedding this afternoon means I won't be getting there till late tonight ... Are you there any other days Joe?
  9. Sierra

    Who's going Friday???

    I'll be making use of these facilities then ... lol And if I can get a pizza I'll be totally impressed
  10. Sierra

    Car parking at the show

    I don't think it cost me anything as I had a room there.
  11. @evil c - Please add me to the list too Clive I'll also go with the majority rules option for dinner ... but will opt out of the drinks package ... takes too long to get over a big session these days @Luc
  12. Sierra

    2016 Ford Focus RS

    Motor Magazine Performance Car of the Year 2017 The results are in :- 1 - Porsche 911 Turbo S 2 - Ferrari 488 GTB 3 - Ford Focus RS 4 - BMW M2 Pure 5 - Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2 6 - Mercedes Benz - AMG C63 S Coupe 7 - Audi R8 V10 Plus 8 - Nissan GT-R 9 - Volkswagen Golf GTI 40 Years 10 - HSV Clubsport R8 LSA 11 - Ford Mustang GT 12 - Lexus GS-F