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  1. What did you get in the end Bris Vegas ?
  2. norpus


    Boks outplayed the ABs for sure in the first 60. Should have won comfortably. Too many (political?) subs by SA in the last 20 mins meant a chance....
  3. I’m alive and a lot less bashed up than I should be Will be spending next 2 months in Darwin, currently Royal Darwin hosp are fixing the leg/arm/neck All Good, just time and lots of lovely opiates
  4. My ride bit the dust at NT speeds 2 weeks ago. Searching for another that can comfortably fit the family of 3 and long distance in any weather. Ideas?
  5. I ran Michelins on the A45. PSS for the road and PSC2 for the track. The PSC2 were an excellent tyre for grip. I did not own it long enough to try out the PS4S for road or the Trofeo R for the track, but I suspect these would have been even grippier. That said, mileage was nothing near 40000 km like ageless. More like 20000 with the PSS and about 9000 with the PSC2. Admittedly Not many highway miles (I used to get 65000kms regularly on my rep cars (Falcons) but they had **** grip
  6. Just took a ride on the Vic from Chaffee Lake to Armidale and back - 3 up (Basil in the dog box) enjoying this retirement caper
  7. A double double garage getting full of bikes is what I like to see. Did the #2 best road in NZ (Gentle Annie) yesterday and tomorrow will be the #1 called the forgotten world highway. Choice bro And this is the ‘small’ garage on this property - the other has 6 large garage doors and around 250m2. Lot of toys for the boys
  8. Thanks Mondie, happy is the place to be Yep, but I must say I still enjoy driving good roads. We just got back from a day trip over the Kaweka Ranges from Taihape to Napier and back on bikes. Took a 2001 Moto Guzzi California EV80 for the ride - fantastic fun. We don’t get curves and hills like that in Aus. Still buzzing, then again we’ve had a few Cointreau shots and beers since landing back at Taihape.
  9. Sold both. Both were excellent cars, no issues over 4 years, and sold easily as were priced to sell. That said, we still got over 50% of purchase price on both after 4 years of fun. Two less Regos and insurances to pay ✔️
  10. Last day on sale Thursday, 1 subwoofer avail. Will be withdrawn from sale Thursday evening
  11. @Zardoz Sorry I cannot see one from you on the Elektra. Has a gazillion pms the last 2 weeks, but I could not find it just now Would you like to send to me again - price dropped to $1100 if you hadn’t noticed
  12. Is that you hefty? I think I remember that night - I got a call from the EPA two days later asking if I was conducting a commercial audio business in my home... oops We are heading up your way, and yes I still drink red. Have just been running out the cellar for the past 3 months. Our livers need a break, for a week anyway....::)
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