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  1. I have a similar setup to yours. Have been running Sonus Faber standmounts(Cremona auditor) with a Pathos Acoustic Classic One for over 15 years and recently tried to buddy it together for a home theatre setup. Marantz 6014 + monitor audio centre with MA bronze 2 for rears and B&W atmos ceilings speakers. Also got a pair of B&W 606s to A/B with Bronze 2 and Sonus Faber. With home theatre I found little practical differences with the Pathos running a preout to the Sonus Faber with most movies unless there was a large orchestral/musical component to things. I think the visuals, centre speaker and overall synergy with the system takes precedent over the superiority of the dedicated stereo setup. If I was starting out or on a budget I could probably live with a Marantz 6014 stereo out to Bronze 2 or 606s. However once you listen the warmth and depth from a better dedicated stereo setup it is hard to step down. I also found that the Pathos + budget speakers(bronze 2/606) edges the Marantz + sonus faber combination for music.
  2. Hi all, Long time lurker but since moving home ready to set home theatre room. Planning on using Monitor Audio Bronze 2s for rear speakers in 5.1.4 setup. Appreciate any advice for suitable stands and where to source them in Melbourne. Speaker are black so looking for black stands. In terms of height is 60cm enough or should I be looking for 70-80cm high ones. I live around the corner from Tivoli Hifi and Melbourne Hifi so I might go in to have a look to see what is available. How do most people attach the bookshelf speakers onto the stands? With my Cremona Auditors there have 4 screws that fit speaker to stand.
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