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  1. Wait, what? I sold Fripp and Eno CDs? They must have been duplicates. Dear God I hope they were duplicates! 🙂 Anyway, I can now understand the origin of the title for the Sunday Night Ambient Now Spinning thread. --Geoff
  2. Noveller - Arrow -- an album of cinematic, yet sometimes dark, guitar textures. Noice. Streaming via the tidals. --Geoff
  3. Allred & Broderick - What The Fog -- enjoyed this one today, a mix of electronics, piano, trumpet, etc. Kinda Mark Isham, kinda Gone To Earth in places. Noice. "Name Yer Price" lossless download from Bandcamp for a limited time. --Geoff
  4. The Stolen Orchestra - Everything Is Happening -- a bloke in Melbourne peddling an ambient/neoclassical/post-rock sound, similar in style to Hammock, Slow Meadow, etc. "Name Yer Price" lossless download from Bandcamp (or less than a buck for 4 releases). --Geoff
  5. Inspired now to play this: Bill Laswell - Sacred System Chapter Two -- 4 long bass heavy (of course) tracks, described as "a mixture of Arabic, Indian and Beotches Brew jazz". Streaming via the tidals. --Geoff
  6. The Tender Hook is a soundtrack by Chris Abrahams of The Necks, IIRC. Worth yoinking for someone 🙂 edit: from amazon: "Featuring Hugo Weaving singing Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. Chris Abrahams (pianist and one third of The Necks) has proven his sonic mastery once again with the creation of a beautiful, minimalist and evocative soundtrack for the new Australian film by writer/director Jonathan Ogilvie, The Tender Hook. A stunning piece of compositional work that elegantly melds acoustic instrumentation with electronic sampling, The Tender Hook soundtrack carries all the hallmarks o
  7. Noice. I've got the CD. Been so long ... might have to queue it up today 🙂 --Geoff
  8. Yagya - Stormur -- minimal techno from Iceland. Noice. Streaming via the tidals. --Geoff
  9. I've found quite a few made-in-Japan Cold Chisel CDs but have never seen a made-in-Japan AC/DC CD in the wild, either in Australia or the USA. --Geoff
  10. Just watching King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp playing Enter Sandman ... no particular reason ... why do you ask? --Geoff
  11. I'll keep trying when I can, but it's much harder to find rare CDs in Australia than in the USA. I lived in Salt Lake City for a couple of years and would find targets and japan CDs quite regularly, but over here ... not so much. --Geoff
  12. David Darling - Dark Wood -- I played a David Darling album this morning (The River) and decided to play this tonight, probably his most famous solo cello album. Looking up some info on the interwebs and I see that he died today. 😲😢 Streaming via the tidals. --Geoff
  13. Ketil Bjørnstad & David Darling - The River - after playing some Julia Kent solo cello albums this morning, decided it was time for piano + cello. This one on ECM will do nicely. —Geoff
  14. Julie Kent -- Delay -- solo cello with FX. Noice. Streaming via the tidals. --Geoff
  15. Best Of 2020 Mix #1 -- a mix of post-rock and ambient/neoclassical shiz. Free MP3 download from Ambient Music Guide blog. --Geoff
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