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  1. Fridge - Happiness -- featuring Keiran Hebden (of Four Tet), this is an earlier and more organic and more experimental album. "Name Yer Price" on Bandcamp for today only. --Geoff
  2. Joel Gilardini - For A Void Room -- a bloke and his guitar, heavily processed, kinda like Fripp & Eno's No Pussyfooting. Very noice. Apparently this kind of live improvisation was performed as a warm-up for the main act in a Zurich club, but pandemic restrictions mean playing before an empty room instead. There's about 10 of these volumes so far. "Name Yer Price" lossless download from Bandcamp. --Geoff
  3. Aix Em Kleem - Aix Em Kleem -- another forgotten CD pulled out of the mystery box. This is a collaboration between a bloke from Stars Of The Lid and a bloke from Labradford. So it has the usual processed guitar drones of SOTL, and deep twangy bass of Labradford, with assorted clicks, hushed vocals, and effects. Noice. --Geoff
  4. Steve Roach - Painting In The Dark -- another "soundworld" from Mr Roach. There's quite a lot of these now and I dunno if I can tell any of 'em apart. But if yer lacking an ambient album of this type then this is as good as any. "Name Yer Price" lossless download from Bandcamp for this week. --Geoff
  5. Not spinning, but I discovered this Miles Davis set under the stairs today ... I bought it in the USA around 2011 and when I moved back to Oz I put it away and forgot about it. It contains all 8 of the "metal spine" box sets in a faux trumpet case. I haven't opened any of the boxes yet ... dunno if I would really listen to them more than once to be honest. Does anyone play these sets regularly? (pic stolen from the interwebz) --Geoff
  6. Spinning some CDs wot I found in the mystery box of of unripped CDs under the stairs: Glen Campbell - 20 Golden Greats -- mainly for the Jimmy Webb "Rand-McNally" tunes (Galveston, By The Time I Get To Phoenix, Wichita Lineman) Vanilla Fudge - Vanilla Fudge -- slightly proggy version of common 60s hits (Ticket To Ride, She's Not There, You Keep Me Hangin' On, etc) I also found 18 Peter Hammill (of Van Der Graaf Generator fame) CDs ... that will take a while to sort out --Geoff
  7. Susumu Yokota - Sakura -- rummaging through one of my multiple boxes of unripped CDs today, and found this electronic gem that I must have brought back from the USA many years ago and promptly forgot about. Better late than never, I guess --Geoff
  8. Petar Dundov - Tenth Plateau -- more shimmering techno from the Croatian producer. Streaming via the spotifies. --Geoff
  9. I got the 3CD version back in the day ... dunno if the first CD still holds up but I do enjoy the remixes. The 4xLP has (I think) the same tracks as the 3CD but the 36 minute must be split over 2 sides. --Geoff
  10. Petar Dundov - Ideas From The Pond -- hypnotic layered techno. Streaming via the spotifies. --Geoff
  11. Got that CD back in the 90s ... it's basically the blokes from Global Communication getting their IDM on ... really need to play this album again. --Geoff
  12. Brother Saturn - Fortune Teller Songs -- latest release from this Colorado ambientologist. The cover is a collage of images (including most gratefully one of my own) and the sound reflects a similar approach: layers of pads and loops, like a cross between the lush sounds of 36, IDM, and generated music. Noice. "Name Yer Price" lossless download from Bandcamp. --Geoff
  13. Sense - Peaceful Dub -- described as "long textured jammed tracks that go deep into the realm of ambient dub & dub techno". Noice. "Name Yer Price" lossless download from Bandcamp. --Geoff
  14. Trust No One - Spacescape -- a compilation of 4 long tracks by a French bloke wot plays everything hisself. Sounds very Mike Oldfield. "Name Yer Price" lossless download from Bandcamp. --Geoff
  15. It's a 'free download' meaning you can't pay for it. But there are 250+ other EPs or "pikes" available for purchase at US$2 each You can use this page to help narrow down the list: Pike Suggestor --Geoff
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