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  1. I have heard the Forte 3 in two different shops when I was in Melbourne in January. One was in a small room filled with other electronics. The speakers were driven by a tube amp. Unfortunately did not get the name because my cousin, who built his own tube amp (an electronics Engineer by profession) and I were mesmerised by the sound. It was very dynamic, extremely clear and stereo imaging was very good. It can also go loud with no ear piercing distortion. The speakers were slightly toed in. Then I happened to visit another shop the next day and they also have the Forte 3 this time driven by a McIntosh MA252. The speakers were placed in an open area of the shop. It was a totally different sound to the one we heard the previous day, one which my cousin and I can only describe as polite, not dynamically expressive as before and slightly rounded at the top. Wow what a difference. Factors such as the size of the room, the amplifier and even the source (Tidal versus a CD player on the previous day) could have influence the perceived difference in sound. Our very simplistic conclusion - sounds like music in a live venue when matched with the right amp and placed in a medium size room.
  2. Welcome James. You have indeed come to the right spot.
  3. I bought two sets of these from Audiodyna and am still pleasantly surprised by the change it made to my system performance. Crisp, clean mids and high, tuneful bass and quieter background. These are currently under my Naim streamer and Cyrus Transport. The transport is currently sitting on an Ikea bamboo chopping board.
  4. Surprisingly, these are really good sounding speaker cables. I have a pair of the MTSX-225 version and to be quite honest, it sounded better than my Analysis Plus Oval 9 that I subsequently sold. While the AP cable is good, the improved clarity, improved speed and the non-wooliness in the bass are some of the more obvious features that came out of my MTSX-225 cables. These are hard to find cables at a bargain price.
  5. I haven't spend any money on equipment for at least for three years now. I am really enjoying what I have. So why am I writing this, well in the last week when I caught up with Audiodyna, a member of SNA, he let me try two unbranded fuses he had, which were made by a hifi enthusiast from Hong Kong. I placed these fuses in my Int. amp and my streamer. I was absolutely surprised to hear a significant difference when compared to my Furutech that was in my amp. I immediately sold my spare Furutech that was sitting in my drawer but kept the used fuse as a back up. I am a believer in the black art of hifi only if i can hear the difference and man was I convinced. Great improvement in sound without spending a zillion dollars.
  6. Further information: 8 x Modern and contemporary jazz CDs sold as a bundle. All CDs are scratch free, in other words, excellent condition. Sorry, will not seperate. Postage is $12 with Tracking. Jackie Orazayzky with hamish Stuart and Dave Symes - Ready to Listen (Vitamin) Michelle Nicolle - The Crying Game (ABC Jazz) Larry Carlton - Sleepwalk (Japanese with OBI Warner Brothers) Hiroshima - Another Place (Epic) Melody Gardot - Currency of Man (Decca) Eva Cassidy - Live at Blues Alley (Blix Street Records - Audiophile) Larry Carlton - Friends (Warner Brothers) Lee Ritenour - 6 String Theory (Concord Records) Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. Further information: Nine famous audiophile jazz CDs in a bundle. Audiophile brands from Telarc, Verve and ECM. Price is for 9 CDs. Sorry, will not separate. Postage anywhere in Australia is $12.00 with tracking. The Oscar Peterson Trio - Night Train (Verve) Oscar Peterson Trio - Night at the Blue Note (Telarc Jazz) Oscar Peterson Trio - Encore at the Blue Note (Telarc Jazz) Tod Gustavsen Trio - The Other Side (ECM) The Best of Buddy Powell on Verve (Verve) Madeleine Peyroux - Standing on the Rooftop (Universal Studio) Wynton Kelly Trio/ Wes Montgomery - Smoking at the Half Note (Verve) Dianna Krall - When I Look In Your Eyes (Verve) Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue (Columbia) Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  8. Further information: New, never used unopened Furutech Rhodium TF-4A 20mm fuse. Rated at 4 amp slo-blow/timed fuse. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. Further information: Purchased new in April 2016 from Camera Electronics Perth. Package includes camera body and all original accessories that came with the camera in the box. No dead pixels on sensor and no marks on the body. EVF and LCD screen are in perfect working condition. The LCD screen has a screen protector and has never been removed since new but can be removed if required. Great camera, fantastic picture quality, weather sealed, metal body and smaller and lighter than a DSLR. Postage is $30 with tracking, insurance and signature (if allowed). It has 5,214 actuations or shutter count. Package includes: Camera body and sensor cover; Original box; Instruction manual; CD with processing software; Genuine Fujifilm battery; Fujifilm battery charger Fujifilm leather camera strap; Clip rings and leather protector for camera strap attachment; Flash attachment cover; Fujifilm OEM flash; Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. Someone once told me that the mechanism in the cartridge i.e. where the end of the stylus is placed near the magnets in the cartridge, needs to be 'loosen' for better sideway and up down movements of the stylus. The increase flexibility will improve tracking and should therefore improve detail retrieval and hence better sound. This can only be achieved after 20 to 30 hours of running the cartridge. The preamp probably requires a bit of 'burn-in' too. I keep my StudioPho on all the time.
  11. I had a Cayin A88T Mk2 with the original Cayin tubes when I decided to roll them with 4 Gold Lion KT88. I preffered the Gold Lion in that and to my ears, they were not as 'harsh' sounding as the Shuguang. They were overall smoother sounding tubes than those the came with the amp.
  12. I have personally owned a set of these about twelve years ago, which was purchased through Dr Lin the distributor in Australia. It was connected to a pair of Dynaudio 1.3SE. I was running a Stello transport and DAC then with Jungson XLR interconnects. I loved the sound. It had no problem running the Dyns to ear piercing levels without distortion. The sound was 'full' and incredibly smooth and tonally rich almost valve amp like. I owned it for about one and half years when it developed some intermittent 'scratching' noise form the left channel. Sent them back for repairs and they could not replicate so decided to sell them. I am sure quality has since improved. The only few cons I find are: heat from the power amp, electricity consumption (light dims for a millisecond when i switch on the power amp) and rather old fashion or classic looking units (not as modern as the current version). The original Jungson owner and designer died in a car crash probably about ten years ago so not sure if they still retain the same signature sound. All I can say is they sound pretty good to my ears.
  13. I am a bit fussy and tend to look at each secondhand records closely that I am about to purchase i.e. with the sellers permission, take them out of their sleeves. Even then, it is difficult to see some of the micro scratches. I tend to stay away from records that have been popular in the past because they tend to be badly treated perhaps due to their high usage. I have picked up a few rare gems from private owners and SH record sellers. I always find Jazz LPs in better condition SH than rock or popular LPs. My max per record is $15 but have paid $40 for an LP due to its rarity and excellent condition.
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