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  1. I think any low powered tube amp or solid state amp would be more than sufficient. If you are into tubes, perhaps pair with a Line Magnetic, Prima Luna or Cayin within the budget you have suggested. Lots of solid state amps too within the price range e.g. Cyrus, Parasound, Peachtree Audio, etc. The Klipsch are highly efficient and realistic. I have heard a set at CAV in Melbourne with a tube amp and these speakers are truely dynamically alive. I think pairing is important. The do not sound good with 'polite' integrated amplifiers. All the best.
  2. Item: Teddy Pardo XPS Power Supply with cable Price Range: Up to $1,100 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Preferably Version 3 (Current model) but happy to consider older versions.
  3. I run a pair of C1 with a AR VSI75 equipped with KT150. Both speakers and the amp were purchased from new. The Dyns now have almost 2,500 hrs and the amp 1,800. My experience with both is that they sounded 'dreadful' until you reach above 800 hours of use. Now they both sound great with solid bass, incredible sound staging, great dynamic and superb clarity. I think a number of other factors have also contributed to this remarkable change. In my case, the room size, the cables I use (Power, speakers and interconnects) and the upstream equipment i.e. DAC, Streamer, CD transport. I remember testi
  4. I think weight is not an issue unless you buy them individually. Most stuff are loaded into shipping containers however, if the suppliers do not have the quantity, then sharing containers is much cheaper than paying full price for a half filled container.
  5. In addition to exchange rates, which importers often hedge, I totally agree that costs associated with freight charges, including importer's risk - shipping on dangerous waters etc, storage, relevant taxes, profit margins, and the lack of bulk import (Arse end of the world as some economist would call Straya and NZ) all play a part in the determination of the RRP here. I think we should look at what we are paying in Aussie dollar here when comparing 'equivalent' equipment for value and performance. I am sure dealers and importers alike are aware of competition or the lack of and also all the
  6. I have decided to sell this zoom lens and keep my 23mm prime lens and the 18 to 55mm zoom lens in my camera bag. Great zoom range and fantastic image quality for the price. It is in immaculate condition and will be sold with original box, lens cover (both end), lens hood and manual. It has image stabilisation and the latest software. Photos are of actual item on sale. Purchased from Camera Electronic in Perth from new.
  7. I have not been using this focal length as much as I want to and will therefore have to let it go. I have recently bought a 23mm F2 to try and decided that the 23mm is closer to what I want. Your photographic needs may be different to mine. Great working condition. This is a small, light and discreet lens The body and the lens are both in very good condition. It also has the latest software. The lens will be sold with lens caps (both ends), original box and manual. Current RRP is between $500 and $650 from Teds, Camera Electronics, Georges, Camera House and CameraPro.
  8. Certainly - These are on my power and preamp tubes. The 4 dampers that are being made in Hong Kong will not be ready until perhaps early next month. I have tried their prototype and must say that make a noticeable difference with improved focus soundstage, more tuneful base and a really quiet background thereby bringing out a bit more of the dynamic range in a recording.
  9. Audio Research integrated amplifiers for example have factory dampers on their preamp tubes as standard. My personal preference is not to have them at all. There is a difference and it might depend on whether you prefer a sound with slight reduction in dynamic range and ambient with them on or better dynamic and euphonic sound with them off. I certainly have not heard any increase in microphonic and a well recorded piano piece sounds more natural and alive to my ears with them off. I will be experimenting a properly made set of dampers made of African Ebony wood in a month or two b
  10. I have an ARC VSI75 integrated and found that I prefer the sound with the dampers on the preamp tubes removed. More dynamic, better bass, more air or in other words less 'dull'. Interesting indeed. The next thing I did, after a recommendation from my friend AudioDyna (SNA member) I glued a very small piece of African Ebony wood to all the tubes (pre and power) with a double sided tape and the sound improved further. Better bass definition, better depth perspective and definitely more air/ambience being captured. Sometimes it is just worth experimenting (with care).
  11. Great time to listen to tubes. Helps keep the room warm and cozy when it is 9 degrees outside 🙂.
  12. FYI Jack, the two shops I went to was CAV and Klapp AV. At CAV, I went there to listen to specifically listen to their Cornwall IV that they have advertised and driven by an Audio Research VSI 75, which is the amp that I currently own. Unfortunately someone had taken them home for a demo and so I decided to listen to their Forte. Personally, I think the Heritage line of speakers are a tad over priced especially when compared to their $USD equivalent and relative to other speakers that are in the same market even with current exchange rate. Perhaps we do not buy enough of them to get good rebat
  13. I have heard the Forte 3 in two different shops when I was in Melbourne in January. One was in a small room filled with other electronics. The speakers were driven by a tube amp. Unfortunately did not get the name because my cousin, who built his own tube amp (an electronics Engineer by profession) and I were mesmerised by the sound. It was very dynamic, extremely clear and stereo imaging was very good. It can also go loud with no ear piercing distortion. The speakers were slightly toed in. Then I happened to visit another shop the next day and they also have the Forte 3 this time driven by a
  14. Welcome James. You have indeed come to the right spot.
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