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  1. Hi Guys, only just caught this thread so i'll give you some info to help ease the confusion. Sound Acoustics are the manufacturer of these panels and Essential Audio are one of their dealers. The StudioCEL range is a premium range of flocked coated acoustic panels which Sound Acoustics market through another company here StudioCEL. The Sound Acoustic range is a budget range they have recently released and as it seems failed to mention it to dealers such as myself. I must add that their price list is quoted EX GST so the sound acoustic BA600/90C is $63.80 (still well under the flocked versions). I'll have a chat with them and arrange to make the budget range available through the essential audio website as well as work out a discount for planet audio members.
  2. Hi Drizt, Sorry, i wasn't aware of the formatting rules when submitting the LSK range. Could you please change them to blue as they are all designed and manufactured in Aus.
  3. In a word - Yes. You can also get the same benefit by simply using a larger gauge wire and running just one length. The only benefit of bi-wiring being that you get a lower wire resistance and less voltage drop across the speaker leads from amplifier to speaker. The voltage drop is almost neglible anyway unless your running something like 50metre lengths to your speakers or speakers that are so low in ohms they require a massive curent draw. In either situation you'd just use larger gauge cables anyway. Bi-wiring is only of benefit if you are also bi-amping - you can't bi-amp without bi-wiring
  4. Hi Marc, We have a Wharfedale WPR26 remote speaker switchbox. It can take two separate signals and direct them out to one of six pairs of speakers. Also comes with a receiver extension so that the main unit can be hidden. PM if you're interested in getting one.
  5. I've got some available i haven't yet got around to placing on the website and include the wood insert nut to suit. $18 per set of 4 + shipping for Planet Audio members if anyone is interested.
  6. I too have been trading on ebay for some time and i can't emphasise enough how important it is to check a sellers feedback. Even if it is all positive you still need to do a bit of searching as often the comments are vague like "excellent seller A+", "item arrived as described" which don't really tell you much. Look for comments that are more descriptive and tell you something about the way they operate eg, "fast replies to emails", "fast shipping", "pleasure to deal with", "item well packaged". Even if they have a few negative postings check them out as well as you can often read between the lines that the negative feedback came from a buyer who had unrealistic expectations or changed their mind after winning and tried to scam their way out of it. On the other hand if they have a lot of negative feedback and the comments don't sit right with you then just ignore them as a seller. There are plenty of fish in the "bay" :biggrin: The asian sellers are a big one to watch out for. Take careful notice as they are often listed as Australian ebayers but their products are located in China, etc. You can also pick the fake stuff when they start bidding from 99¢ and shipping is some insanely high price like $300-$500 bucks for an item the size of a shoebox. They offer you a full refund if you're not happy so you win the auction for say $100 knowing the item is worth much more. It arrives, you discover it's a fake and tell them you will send it back to get your refund. Of course they only refund the purchase price not the shipping so they still make money and you end up way out of pocket. This is of course after you send it back whilst footing the bill for return shipping and finding out it only cost $75 to send. As the old saying goes - "if it sounds too good to be true ..." Great bargains can always be found on ebay as long as you know the product your after and know what it's worth. Just work out how much you're prepared to pay including shipping and don't go over that in a bidding war. As has already been said, some people pay too much for stuff - my wife was watching a particular fisher price toy to get for our 9mo daughter which was going for between $25-$35 everytime - she decided to find out what it was worth in the shops and found it at kmart for $15. On the other hand i got aan item for $155.00 delivered, all brand new and unopened. Had i purchased it at a retail outlet it would easily have come to more than $400 - a genuine bargain from a seller with good feedback.
  7. All electronic components produce a tiny amount of noise (eg resistors, caps, transistors etc), the hiss is simply the cumulative sum of this. This is one of the reasons for using metal film resistors as opposed to carbon resistors as the metal film type is "quieter".
  8. I'm fairly sure that the Cambridge is a 6.1 receiver and not a 7.1 though.
  9. You ain't wrong - it will make no difference - that is unless your room is a few hundred metres wide - but i'm tipping it's not. :biggrin:
  10. You were right Wonderchild! Thanks for the advice!
  11. Hi Marc, I noticed the time is set incorrectly for the timestamps on new posts. I posted my last one at around 4:45pm and it's stamped as 5am.
  12. Hi Guys, You may be interested to know that in order to take out some of the risk in purchasing kits "The Loudspeaker Kit" warranty policy allows you to return the speakers within 14 days if you are unhappy with the sound for a full refund. Obvoiusly this means you are returning already built kits which shows in my opinion LSK's confidence in their own product (one of the many reasons we took on the VIC dealership!) As always return shipping is at your own cost but you at least end up much less out of pocket if the kits just aren't what you expected. Here's the link to their exact wording of the warranty - http://www.theloudspeakerkit.com/pages/def...sp?ArticleID=38. To date Essential Audio has never had a return and last time i checked with LSK (a few weeks ago) they hadn't had any either.
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