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  1. The 'Hifi gear in movies' thread....

    Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again?
  2. The 'Hifi gear in movies' thread....

    Darling wife and first-born pointed this out to me today. From "Secret Affair" currently on Netflix...
  3. I had one of these many moons ago - the valves are socketted 6922s, so tube rolling is more than possible,
  4. Honda S2000

    Lovely car. Have driven but not owned Why, Honda, did you stop making these?
  5. Spotify Losssless hmmmm

    Something is definitely different - and much better. Tonight I plugged my laptop onto my main system via usb and am playing through the Web player in chrome. Controlling via spotify app on my iPhone. Parklands by hiatus is playing right now and sounds far nicer than usual in Spotify. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Spotify Losssless hmmmm

    I have tried it - and must say it sounds much better. I am a little wary as I think there is a bit of a level difference and don't want to be tricked.
  7. SOLD: Apple TV 4k 32 Gb. BNIB

    PM Sent to buy
  8. Thanks, as a matter of interest, did you just replace the tip or go the cantilever replacement too? I noted on the soundsmith website that they say just a retip is no easier or cheaper. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Yes, that same cart. Just the stylus. Before and after shots tell the sad story
  10. What a way to spoil a friday night, especially on a public holiday... I slipped and am now without stylus on my Clearaudio MC cartridge . Looking for thoughts from the SNA luminaries about whether to: a. Retip at Garrott Brothers (and if so, which would be an suitable replacement option) b. Retip at Soundsmith, or even replace the cantilever there too c. Go shopping for a replacement cart Table is a Clearaudio Concept and I'm using the onboard phono on my Plinius integrated. TIA
  11. MC cart, worth trying?

    Yes, that's what I experienced in my limited travels - and getting the balance between dark and bright is so important for me at least. There is also an impact on perceived dynamics. I gather the effect is highly system dependent, in particular with how your phono stage and other downstream components deal with incoming (potentially ultrasonic) peaks.
  12. MC cart, worth trying?

    In general terms, a reduced resistance should bring down the perceived brightness, but you can go too far. I have read that a target of around 10x the internal resistance of the cart is a good start - which with yours, should be around 300 Ohms. In my case, my phono stage doesn't have variable resistive loading, but I have used DIY loading plugs to get my 11-ohm Clearaudio cartdrige loaded to a little under 150-ohms, and to my ear it sounds fantastic. I have lots of spare bits & pieces if you want to try out this approach...
  13. TAD Reference 1 Mk2

    Or even a TAD tricky maybe? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. So you want to play spotify music via you aurallic, using your ipad to choose the music? If that's the case simply install the Spotty plugin into the antipodes and use whichever controlling method you prefer in your ipad (browser, ipeng, etc) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Could you post a picture of the BNC plug end?