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  1. On a 9" arm, that makes less than 2 degrees difference in the SRA - you probably were lucky enough to be close to the right SRA in the first place.
  2. My understanding (and experience) is that the more exotic stylus cuts are also more dependant on having the right SRA (stylus rake angle). If you can't alter that, then you may not get the most out of the cart. Is this something you can adjust with your tonearm?
  3. I had to take it and run, as we had a fancy multi-user system running MP/M (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MP/M) so the floppy disk drive was a bit like the fridge in a share house!
  4. Ah yes, I remember saving up to buy my very own 8" floppy to store my school lunchtime computer club programming efforts. Good times... good times...
  5. How about Ivanhoe cycles on bell st?
  6. I have a cheap fanless computer running Daphile as a player (and upsampler) - sending bits through an Audiophilleo to my DAC. The actual Logitech Media Server instance is running on my NAS in a Docker container. Have trialled Roon, but still love what you can do for free with LMS.
  7. Subscribed on the offer and plugged into LMS - sounding good!
  8. Maybe Mike Lenehan could tune some of his spring isolators to that weight?
  9. Hi Blakey. I certainly listen for hours on end. At least I used to - the speakers have now sold. Thanks for you interest everybody who got in touch
  10. Item: Lenehan MLT3 Floorstanding Loudspeakers - titanium grey colour Location: Melbourne Price: $3100 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Upgrading to ML5 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I know there is a backlash against using the term ‘musical’ to describe a piece of equipment and so I won’t use it. What I will say is that since owning these speakers, I have enjoyed music more and felt I have had more insight into the performance than with any of my previous speakers. In fact, they are a bit of a gateway drug to the Lenehan naturalness and accuracy, only being sold to help me go up his range of speakers. Mike Lenehan’s attention to detail shows in every part of these speakers, including cabinet bracing, the lovely finish and, as you would expect, the crossover. Reportedly these are efficient enough to pair well with valve and solid-state amps alike. These have a lovely dark gloss grey enamel finish that is maddeningly difficult to photograph with my iPhone, so if interested, I suggest you look through the other threads on Stereonet, where some better pictures have been taken of this exact pair of speakers. Photos show one very slight spray blemish on the side of the left speaker, which is unnoticeable under normal circumstances. Local pickup preferred due to size & weight, but shipping can also be arranged. Some comments from Mike Lenehan on the construction and sound of these is at
  11. Totes shameless plug alert: Check the classifieds for Lenehan MLT3s
  12. Firstly, big kudos to @Marc for putting the show together - keep up the great job! It seems I was right to use public transport to get there and back, even though trams down St Kilda Rd are messed up with the roadworks, and protests slowed down the return trip - I neatly sidestepped any parking issues and can't gripe I always find it fascinating to hear how wildly different the opinions of the rooms and setups are. The different ways that people listen and enjoy their (also very different) music is what makes this hobby so maddeningly rich. Nobody is interested in what I didn't like; even me, so I won't bother with that. Unfortunately, I missed the ATCs and only got a brief listen to the Kharma setup. The Wing audio speakers are an interesting concept and I would have liked to get back there to check it out, but only got a short listen/chat with the team there. Maybe best in show for me was the PMG show with the Kii speakers. Intellectually, these would be a serious consideration if I had the dosh - very flexible. I was also very impressed with the Magnepans at the McLeans room, quite possibly as they were playing at a less ear-bleeding level this year. Oops, there I go complaining about too loud music, but in my defense, that was a grip about previous years - hehe. It was great to see so many world-class Australian products, that represent great value. Special call-out to the Lenehan/Heschl room. This may be confirmation bias as I have clearly bought into the Lenehan sound, but this was the only room where I truly got lost in the music and felt the music was truly detached from the speakers. Also very impressive were the M8audio speakers and associated electronics, as well as the Wyndham Audio setup.
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