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  1. Seems pretty comprehensive and a good resource for the travelling vinyl buyer: http://www.recordstores.love Enjoy!
  2. Feel techie-enough to go for a Raspberry Pi-style device with an Audio hat add-on?
  3. It works fine but just looks like some kind of gastric aftermath. More a proof of concept than useable portable setup.
  4. I am but a simpleton but this makes me think of the delay mechanism used in Quad ESL speakers. At least in broad concept. Maybe the approach in this case is to deconstruct the wave and reproduce it partially by distributing it across a bunch of smaller speakers (rather than across the face of a single pane)?
  5. Am interstate for work ATM. Will get an estimate to you in the next couple of days.
  6. Try here? https://www.lpgear.com/product/SUPEXSMME.html Seems that is discontinued. As @aasza suggested, a retip might be the way...
  7. Item: Lenehan MLT3 Floorstanding Loudspeakers Location: Melbourne Price: $3300 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I know there is a backlash against using the term ‘musical’ to describe a piece of equipment and so I won’t use it. What I will say is that since owning these speakers, I have enjoyed music more and felt I have had more insight into the performance than with any of my previous speakers. In fact, they are a bit of a gateway drug to the Lenehan naturalness and accuracy, only being sold to help me go up his range of speakers. Mike Lenehan’s attention to detail shows in every part of these speakers, including cabinet bracing, the lovely finish and, as you would expect, the crossover. Reportedly these are efficient enough to pair well with valve and solid-state amps alike. These have a lovely dark gloss grey enamel finish that is maddeningly difficult to photograph with my iPhone, so if interested, I suggest you look through the other threads on Stereonet, where some better pictures have been taken of this exact pair of speakers. Photos show one very slight blemish on the side of the left speaker, which is unnoticeable under normal circumstances. Local pickup preferred due to size & weight, but shipping can also be arranged.
  8. Yes, large and kinda bright lively too - thus my concern about forward-sounding kit.
  9. Love the suggestions, although auditioning some of them will be a challenge. Even though I don't regularly listen at high levels, I value good control and wonder if the all-in-one units like the Naim and Linn would go well in my very large room (about 8x9m with vaulted ceiling that reaches over 4m at the highest point). I haven't heard Moon or Mac much, but do recall a cafe in Mykonos pumping out nice sounds (for a cafe) courtesy of huge Mac amps. I'm also considering Devialet if I can find one in budget, but wonder if it will be too 'incisive' for my tastes. There are also Electrocompaniet amps in this price range, but weirdly, I haven't much liked what I have heard from that brand previously.
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