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  1. Bloody hell - can't believe you've still got these mate. So far under parts cost it's ridiculous
  2. Would have to be the "Salma" and "Test" threads for me - fun days
  3. Keith pointed me to this tread: Vifa XT25 tweeter, custom butyl rubber impregnated kevlar mid woofers, Mundorf crossover components. (I have kept a small supply of the mid/woofer driver in case of any warranty claims but have never had one to date ) 140watt rms power handling and they'll take every bit of that
  4. CD is not dead in my household. I've yet to hear any soundcard approach Redbook standard audio and a decent CDP
  5. Hi mate, no, none at all. Offloaded all my manufacturing equipment in 2011 and not interested in starting again. I've got a full time job these days and it suits me just fine living on the west coast of Tassie enjoying a quiet life
  6. Owned by a Dentist in Sydney who will never part with them. That's the one thing that brings me a lot of satisfaction even 5 years later, my stuff doesn't often come on the 2nd hand market, and when it does they are generally snapped up fairly quickly. And they are pretty bullet proof to boot - I think I've only ever heard of one component failure in any of my speaker, and that was a Scan Speak Revelator Woofer of all things - you never expect them to fail.
  7. For what it's worth, the most jaw dropping experience any of you are likely to have - regardless of system cost - is Terry's system at Bathurst. The Frankenspeakers (not that you could really call them that in their new cabinets) with their DEQX based DSP processing deliver an experience that has to be heard to be believed. Personally, I'd love to hear a high end valve CDP feeding them
  8. The inside ones were the MkII version of the Austral. Only one pair were built before I went broke!
  9. Between $350 and $475 depending on turntable type, number of layers and veneer finish - some veneers are bloody expensive.
  10. Haha, I don't post these days, but I got an email notification that you'd mentioned me so it would have been rude to ignore you
  11. 5 layer constrained layer plinth (alternating ply and mdf) with Zebrano veneer.
  12. Just noticed that that is not the original spindle shaft either - it is normally stainless steel with a domed top.
  13. That belt looks way to heavy for it. It should be very thin and not tight. The motor does not have enough torque to overcome the excessive belt tension I am suspecting. If you don't want the thing I'll take it off your hands
  14. Hi Guys, these are from a run of TM12's I had specially commissioned by P Audio for the Austral and Pro12. As Paul points out they have parameters that allow them to be used in a smallish sealed box. They also work exceptionally well in a properly damped transmission line (Austral ran this methodology). The Melbourne made Lorantz driver is based on the same chassis and architecture and is I believe made under licence to P-Audio. Ummmm, yes. They were expensive - very expensive
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