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  1. Further information: Find yourself a decent tonearm and you will have a very nice turntable. Everything here except a tonearm. Was a great sounding turntable before tonearm issues and then put aside as a future project that never happened. Decent weight plinth and platter runs beautifully and motor good. Includes belt (should still be OK but has been sitting for a while so no guarantees on that). Photos:
  2. Further information: Early 2000s. Includes user manual. AR Status S 50. Made in Europe. 3-way Bass Reflex floor stander. Power handling 170W RMS. Impedance 6 Ohms Frequency response 22 - 30,000 Hz Sensitivity 92dB Photos:
  3. Further information: Bought a couple of years ago, works perfectly. Comes with remote. Being ousted from main rack as I never use it. Pick up available Brisbane SE, Bayside. Happy to courier/post. Photos:
  4. Further information Bought new from Apollo Hi Fi, Sydney circa 2014 for around $1500. Described by Audiolab as a ‘high-quality DAC + CD’ device, more than just a CD player. The player has had rare, intermittent use as I mostly listen to records. Moving to SACD player so this player no longer needed. Had it professionally re-capped recently by Audiovisual Devices, Brisbane in preparation for sale and the new caps are an upgrade from the original factory installed ones. Nichicon I think they said. Includes original box, remote and manual. Cosmetically 8/10 w
  5. Further information: CARVER CM-2002 Integrated Amplifier. Circa 1997. Great sound and sonic holography feature for enhanced imaging. Recently professionally serviced by AV Devices including re-cap, solder joints re-flowed and meter re-calibration. I have finalised my new system now so this amp no longer needed Emits 105WPC into 8 Ohms. 150WPC into 4 Ohms, enough to drive most speakers. Excellent for records with both Moving Coil (MC) and Moving Magnet (MM) input. Separable amp/preamp loops add versatility. No remote but this not needed to operate. Pic
  6. I can highly recommend Audiovisual Devices, Capalaba.
  7. This has been my experience too, but I am yet to recap the P2200 so that will be interesting. .
  8. Here are a few pics of my Accuphase E-202 restoration. Now using it as main preamp in my system. This E-202 had been neglected in a bayside garage for many years and was showing the effects of this - dry boards, mild corrosion and flagging capacitors to name a few. All circuit boards restored and re-soldered. Replaced most electrolytic caps and the odd cracked or toasty resistor. Electrolytic caps replaced with Elna Silmic II radials and Vishay axials. The 4 main 10K filter caps replaced with Nichicon KG. Finally sent off to Audiovisual Devices, Capalaba (delete if not allowe
  9. I've done quite a few Sansui restorations and re-caps and am in Brisbane. To date AU-101, AU-222, AU-417, A-40, AU-555, AU-555A, AU-5500, AU-7900, AU-7500, AU-8500. Haven't encountered the giants of the species yet.
  10. Some of the Sansui's I have restored since last Christmas. All had a re-cap with all the trimmings. Hard to find one that doesn't at this age.
  11. Further information: Wonderful amplifier that has been the heart of my system since purchased new from Apollo Hi Fi, Sydney around 5 years ago. The SV237 has enough juice to comfortably run my Dynaudio Focus 260 MkII’s and bring out their best with great detail. Only selling because I’ve gone down the vintage path after a long run with Vincent starting with the SV236MK. The SV237 will be sitting idle now so is better off with someone who will get the most out of it. The amp has just been inspected by Audiovisual Devices, Brisbane in preparation for sale and is runn
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