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  1. I have my vinyl from the late 80's but CD was really big when I decided to start collecting music seriously, so ended up with more CD's overall. I have been lucky with new vinyl, not many bad pressings over the years, but have also been very picky with what I buy, only artists I truly jell with, and only if I know who made the pressing or how it was processed from the originals. To this end the vinyl I am starting to re-stock (and will stock in the future) will be limited to known quality of recording and pressing, I used to import Cisco years ago, there may be members in here who
  2. I send orders to NZ quite often, the shipping is not too bad at present, would be quite affordable to send one to you as the package would be so light. Shoot me a pm if you are keen i will work something out for you.
  3. It does look very cool in a darkened room, and its very subtle too, no bright spots just a pretty even glow through the slivers.
  4. To answer the light question, yes the table comes standard with one insert of whatever colour one desires (thats on the list ;)) and you can fit up to 3 of them in there. The light box is a passthrough design from Oracle, basically your power supply plugs into it, and it plugs into the outboard motor drive. It has a slider to change light intensity or turn it off completely. To the arm question, yes I can rewire arms, used to do it quite a bit in the past, I have cardas litz and external cable is OL coax same as used on the Encounter etc arms which are in the 2.5k region. I can als
  5. Here is my current table I am testing lots of stuff on, custom machined legs and caps with delrin feet, custom machined VTA mount for the RB330 series arm, and 3 layer inserts which look great with the Oracle lightbox setup!
  6. I make counterweights for all the Rega arms as well as custom stubs etc, I can insert Delrin sleeves into the weights if needed. All in best quality brass with brushed finish.
  7. You could always put your arm onto something else, like an Oracle ORIGINE? And if you are running the stock end stub then maybe look at upgrading the structural side of the arm as it sounds like you have decent wiring in it already.
  8. CEC DVD71 DVD/CD player, Audiophile quality from CEC, sounds great with music, makes a great transport! One very rare piece of equipment! CEC, the company that made the belt drive CD famous, that produced single ended class A amps, the DX71 D/A convertor, and many other hi end boutique products, also produced a range of hi-end DVD players! This is the top CEC model, DVD71, afaik its the only one in Australia and so rare you wont find much if any info on them! Built around the same time as the DX71 MkII D/A units, the DVD71 features classic CEC champagne finish, heavy steel case,
  9. Oh and its a fit and forget mount! As in you are replacing the plastic molded tube with this permanently, as your wiring is now attached to the base of the alloy pillar its not removable. And it lifts your arm about 2.5mm from stock height, that's the lowest it will go with the VTA ring removed. Mocking it up on the Origine it would appear to need a fair amount of height anyway which is perfect. I will get a photo of the other style I was working on and post that up, the stock arm with wiring attached will drop into this one but no VTA ring all the way up, you would have to use spa
  10. You can see in the photo of the base top flange it has threaded rebated holes, the arms 3 point mounts stick down from the arms dress cover 1mm, they go into the rebated holes (0.5mm) so the arm is still sitting slightly proud, using the 3 point method which I surmised Rega did as a way to rigidly mount yet semi decouple the arm from the board/plinth etc. So basically arm drops into place on the new mount, and is secured with stainless 4mm button head screws, you can then fit the mount to the board/plinth and tighten the new mount down firm, and play with the tension of both the sc
  11. Now the tube piece is gone, the arm has only a couple mm of plastic tube protruding past the mounts, and this can be reduced without touching the bearing area. ( I had already machined the mount piece the night before, and had it ready to finish before I chopped the arm to pieces!) So it was now time to see if the arm would fit into the new mount based on my measurements and every finger crossed And it does! so here are the photos of what I was aiming for, a rigid mount for 3 point Rega arms, that can drop into a 23mm mounting hole and offer variable VTA adjustment wi
  12. Well what better way to spend your Sat arvo than cutting up a $700 tonearm!! Yes, I got the dremel out, thin cutoff wheel, and sliced into that tube... Ok so I did measure things up first, checked the depth of the bearing flange and found it was above the 3 point mount by a mm or so, which meant the hollow tube hanging down could be removed, essentially making the base of the arm clean, eliminating the issue of the 22mm OD that was hampering the M23 threaded mount. As you can see in the photos, I am mad! all in the name of science Of course this "mo
  13. Coming back into the Rega tonearm scene and the first thing I noticed was the mounting. Gone is the solid brass/stainless arm base and 23mm threaded mount and in its place is this GRP molded plastic 3 point mount with a brass sleeve molded into it, used to hold the bearings. Ok so the base tube of the new arm drops into a 23mm hole, that's no problem, and the arm now secures with 3 screws, ok, but what if you don't want to drill 3 holes into your deck?? What if you don't have a removable arm board that you can sacrifice with holes drilled into it The Oracle ORIGINE is a good examp
  14. Don't shoot the messenger! Just voicing thoughts, no one is saying its right or wrong, just another idea that is spoken of often enough to come up in forums. A lot of talk about puck weights is the heavy ones deadened the sound especially in the higher frequencies, others find different results, it appears very table dependent if you look at all the feedback over the years from many users around the world. One would expect a bearing and spindle tip to be made to take the weight of an 18kg platter if that's what its designed for but I don't think the majority of TT owners have 18kg
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