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  1. I've had my Philips 47pfl9623 for 3 months now and had it back to the repair guys under warranty once already.

    The TV had the problem of sound dropout intermittantly from the digital output and came back with the same problem, with the advice that the "new" dolby digital format in the TV was different and that my 10yo onkyo amp could not handle it. I have tried 2 other amps (Pioneer and Sony) with the same problem. Connection of modern set top boxes and PDR(Beyondwiz) to the amps showed no problems, which I expected.

    The TV also has the annoying habit of stopping responding to the remote,

    Has anyone seen these problems with their tvs?


  2. Hmmm...to comment or not to comment,......oh well It's Friday so might as well....grin.

    I'm all for hearing about how good a product is on a forum.....it's the way we make decisions....and learn about possibilities. It's how I found my DYI amp and possibly how I might have found yours.

    What I don't like is some of what I have read on this thread....it's a bit like a raspy tweeter.....just anoying.

    By "amplifierguru"s comments, it seams we have reached Audio Nirvana....an purely amplifying wire..........well done dude!

    Look forward to hearing it one day, in the meantime have a bit more respect for people that share your passion for music......not sound.

    Sorry Guys, rant over,



  3. Mark,

    Don't get carried away with the mic in amp "auto" setup option.

    My cousin has an Onkyo 957?? with this option,

    Set up in a dedicated room (2 tonne of plaster in roof and walls) with polk speakers, dipoles, M&K sub, etc and thought it was ok.

    The professional guys came in with their own setup mics and gear , changed the setup, WOW, chalk and cheese, it is now amazing!

    So, my advice, spend your money on a good brand amp (THX cert if you can get into your budget) the ones you mention are all better than average in the comercial range, and good speakers, then get a professional crew in to fine tune it.

    If you can, listen to amp with speakers before buying, take your fav music for the audition and don't be rushed into buying. Some places will allow you to audition at home. Having said that I have VAF speakers all around which are awsome, aussie speakers in kit form, you save heaps and they won HT Speaker system of year in 2001 and beat imported ones easilly.

    (I had the front DC-X's modded further for audiophile listening)

    Sonique speakers would be another good choice.

    One good sub set up right is all you need, unless you really hate the neighbors and like plastering,

    Rule of thumb :Budget 40% on the Amp, 40% on speakers, 20% on DVD/CD/tuner and then a further 10% on interconnects and speaker cable.

    Keep reading Home Theatre, Australian Hi Fi, Sound and Image, especially the Best Buy's editions, you learn a lot, especially what you really need and what's just bling.

    most of all, have fun with your project! 15K should get you a great system if you buy right,


  4. Hi DIY's,

    I have build a couple of AKSA 100's, since as soon as friends heard my own one, they wanted one too.

    Am I a fan, yes, am I biased, probably.

    I found the amp to be easy to build (had no experience before building it), the instructions supplied are excellent, and the support from Hugh, the designer, is outstanding, he is a true gentleman and passionale about the music.

    I have subsequently updated the amps to Nirvana and then Nirvana plus

    Stock Amp; dynamic, great soundstage, great imaging 7/10

    Nirvana upgrade; soundstage better (wider, higher, deeper), imaging improves 8.5/10

    Nirvana Plus: background "blacker", lower mid base stronger, 9.5/10

    The music is emotionally engaging, never harsh, wonderful soundstage and transparency, you never get tired of listening.....unless the recording is poor!

    I personally don't think you will find a better kit amp for the performance and money.

    But don't take my word (everyone's ears are different) I invite you to check out the AKSA website and also the forums, there is some balanced feedback to be found, and make your own mind up.



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