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  1. YouTube Spinning

    Long live PJ Harvey.
  2. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Kirke Karja Quartet: Turbulence Looking for some fresh jazz before the footy kick off on the box, I read a glowing review of this album on allaboutjazz. Found it on Tidal...and hey presto. The title is misleading though, nothing wild or out there here. A reedless quartet led by Estonian pianist Kirke Karja with guitar, bass and drums. Very good.
  3. Best sites to buy music?

    What format you are looking to purchase? Downloads, CD, Vinyl???
  4. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Boris Hauf / Martin Siewert / Christian Weber / Steve Heather - The Peeled Eye I'm playing and really liking this at the minute on Tidal, considering a vinyl purchase. Review: This pan-European supergroup also adopts its own aesthetics of sonic terrorism, inspired by the late guitarist Sonny Sharrock who wanted to “find a way for the terror and the beauty to live together in one song”. This, unfortunately, only release of the doom-jazz, noise-core The Peeled Eye - first issued as a limited edition of 300 yellow vinyls, then later on disc and as a Bandcamp download option - featured four unique, experienced improvisers: British, Berlin-based, baritone sax player Boris Hauf, known from his Chicagoan group that released Next Delusion (Clean Feed, 2012) and who also runs Shameless Records; Viennese guitarist Martin Siewert, known from the groups Radian, (Fake) the Facts (with Mats Gustafsson), and Trapist, and who has played with Hauf in the minimalist electro-acoustic group efzeg; Swiss electric bass player Christian Weber, known as a double bass player who collaborates with American sax players Oliver Lake and Ellery Eskelin or Swiss Omri Ziegele but also experiments with German turntables player Joke Lenz or Viennese vocal artist Christian Reiner; and Australian, Berlin-based drummer Steve Heather who also played in efzeg and recently in Ken Vandermark’s Shelter quartet. The interplay of the democratic The Peeled Eye is urgent, dense and heavy, bursting with impossible rushes of intensity and sheer power, as if all four musicians had tons of ideas too little studio time. Still, the frequent confrontational, violent onslaughts of Hauf, Siewert, Weber and Heather flow with great focus and tight coherence, sometimes even enjoying massive, addictive pulses, as of Sharrock’s supergroup Last Exit and often its raw interplay brings to mind the naked brutality of Sharrock’s Last Exit partner, reeds player Peter Brötzmann. But this quartet can do even more. “Heavy Quarters” suggests a threatening, enigmatic soundscape that can fit easily in a gory horror film. “Diiiiisko” matches organically skronky noise rock with screaming free jazz and “Nog” offers a delicate guitar solo between the explosive, distorted eruptions. Real shame that this is the only release of this great quartet.
  5. Post some pics thread...

    A couple of pics taken from the last couple of days. First pic is with Olympus 12-40 Pro, all others are with a Russian Helios 44 -3 (58mm f/2)
  6. Currently Spinning

    Zola Jesus: Okovi Her ( IMO ) excellent release from last year.
  7. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Shirley Scott: Hip Soul 1961 The queen of the hammond organ, and one of her great albums. Her husband Stanley Turrentine on alto sax dominates though with more solos than Shirley.
  8. Shane, It would be interesting how the SL- 1000RE-S stacks up against your SP-10 MK III. I’m sure the former is a great table, but think the ol’ classic MKIII would hold it’s own.
  9. Currently Spinning

    Hookworms: Microshift Came across this band earlier in the week, purchased the vinyl version through Amazon Australia. A contender for AOTY for me. Great pressing too, sound quality is excellent.
  10. NRL Footy Tipping

    I hope I do better than last weeks 2 out of 8. Tipped the Sharks to win at home.
  11. I actually made my first vinyl purchase from amazon oz just the other day. The new Hookworms album for $35 landed.
  12. The Shape of Water

    Indeed. One of my favourite films. I also loved The Devil's Backbone, one of his early films, and I upgraded recently to the Blu-Ray edition. Although I have no problem with The Shape Of Water winning best film, I was kinda hoping that Three Billboards would get up.
  13. The Shape of Water

    I saw it over a month ago, and loved the film. But I'm a huge fan of Guillermo del Toro so I went in to the Cinema pretty confident that it would appeal.
  14. Currently Spinning

    Reigning Sound: Shattered
  15. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Was playing a couple of Sun Ra discs last night, and felt the need for more this morning. Came across this one on Tidal.I don't own a physical copy of it yet, but sure do plan to.