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  1. Further information: Expeditions Polaires Francaises – Missions Paul-Emile Victor This is a catch and release, paid $2220 for it 2 weeks ago. A little small for me (39.5mm), so funds will go toward something a little larger. Movement Calibre L619 (ETA 2892/A2) and watch keeps excellent time. It's in fabulous condition, barely a mark/swirl on it and the Sapphire crystal is unblemished. Number 139 of 2000 IIRC, released back around 2010. The hands have a beautiful blue tinge when they catch the light. Now sporting a new Bas & Loke
  2. Fire! : Defeat My second listen through this brilliant groove laden release from the mighty Fire! Gustafsson plays flute on a couple of the tracks too. A couple of reviews: Fire!, Gustafsson´s trio with bassist Johan Berthling and drummer Andreas Werliin, has quieted down somewhat on their new album too. Granted, 2018's The Hands ended with "I Guard Her To Rest. Declaring Silence", but still, hearing Gustafsson on flute, of all things, on this disc's opening track "A Random Belt. Rats You Out" is a surprise (to be sure, he hoots and yawps
  3. I purchased it here: Better quality too. https://flacjazz.org/the-nels-cline-singers-share-the-wealth-2020-hi-res/ Superb album too, one of my faves from 2020.
  4. Have been watching "Blood", a brilliant Irish drama series. I have 1 episode to go on Season 2. But be quick...it expires 23rd Feb IIRC.
  5. I seem to be having problems uploading photos to the site. Trying to import a photo for a classified listing, but am restricted to a picture no bigger than 17.7kB Gave up in frustration. Resizing a picture to under 17.7kB makes the photo tiny, pixelated and unusable. I have not had this problem in the past, have posted many photos here. This is the message I typically get: 1 file would exceed the total allowed size of 17.696kB, and was skipped OK Help.
  6. Further information: I've a heap of vinyl to sell, disheartened to find that I now must list and price individually now, or as a bulk item with one price. Why? Mods feel free to enlighten me. Anyway- Selling a bundle of 4 Fire! albums. See description of each below Fire!: She Sleeps She Sleeps - Rune Grammofon - Record and cover excellent + https://www.discogs.com/Fire-She-Sleeps-She-Sleeps/release/8020204 Fire!: You Liked Me Five Minutes Ago - Rune Grammofon - record and cover near mint https://www.discogs.com/Fire-You-Liked-Me-Five-Minutes-Ago
  7. In this year of the Covid, I have spent 1/2 of it working in the N.T. So most of my purchases have been through the likes of bandcamp and other such sites, and listened to through my Astell & Kern DAP. This year more than ever I have primarily been listening to jazz; primarily "avant-garde" or "free" releases, so my list will reflect that. Here's a few that really rocked my boat this year: The Nels Cline Singers: Share The Wealth Nels Cline is much much more than being "that" guitarist in Wilco. Eighty odd minutes here of magical and o
  8. https://www.freejazzblog.org/2020/12/horace-tapscott-pan-afrikan-peoples.html?m=1
  9. I'm loving Season 4 of Gomorrah; it happens to feature Salvatore Esposito who also had a strong role in Fargo Season 4 which I finished watching the other day. Also juggling Season 8 of the fine French series Spiral. There's so much great viewing on SBS On Demand.
  10. Eric Revis: Slipknots Through A Looking Glass A superb new release: https://ericrevispyroclastic.bandcamp.com/album/slipknots-through-a-looking-glass https://www.allaboutjazz.com/slipknots-through-a-looking-glass-eric-revis-pyroclastic-records
  11. Mary Holverson's Code Girl: Artlessly Falling I'm not usually a fan of guitar in avant-garde or jazz, but Mary Holverson ain't no ordinary guitarist. She has released some stellar albums, and this IMO is another of them. More avant garde than jazz, but who cares. Good music doesn't need categorisation. Robert Wyatt provides vocals on 3 tracks. Personnel - Mary Halvorson: guitar; Amirtha Kidambi: vocals; Adam O’Farrill: trumpet; Maria Grand: tenor sax, vocals; Michael Formanek: bass; Tomas Fujiwara: drums + guest Robert Wyatt: vocals (#1,3,5).
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