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  1. Why the hatred of Tidal? Curious is all, have used Tidal with Audirvarna via my Denafrips Dac for a few years now. Works very well for me.
  2. I used to own the SFL-2 pre-amp with the gold front face. A nice pre, and I found it benefited with tube rolling.
  3. Just received a fabulous book by Ziga Koritnik called Cloud Arrangers. Documents over 3 decades of Ziga photographing musicians (mostly jazz/avante garde) and all bar a couple of pictures are Black & White. If you love jazz music and photography this'll be right down your alley. 376 pages, and it weighs 3 kilos. 129 euros landed (postage was 50 euros -ouch), but I am adamant that it's worth it. Thought I'd show some samples, and a link or 2. http://zigakoritnikphotography.com/ https://www.allaboutjazz.com/ziga-koritnik-and-the-eye-by-john-kelman.php
  4. Only discovered these guys today. @Dave O))) might like this. https://deadneanderthals.bandcamp.com/album/ghosts Dead Neanderthals: Ghosts
  5. Continuing my current Ken Vandermark addiction, am playing this great release from 2017.
  6. Ken Vandermark has been involved in so many great groups for a long time now and has a huge catalogue of work. And definitely one of the great modern cats playing music at the minute. Hard to pick faves, but the Made To Break quartet he features in may be at the top of my tree. (at the moment anyhow) Ken Vandermark on sax and clarinet Tim Daisy on drums Jasper Stadhouders on electric bass Christof Kurzmann on electronics Playing "F4 Fake" at the minute on CD, but before that I played "Trebuchet" and "Before The Code" on vinyl Will be moving on to his DKV trio (with Kent Kessler and Hamid Drake) next.
  7. I've had mine about 5 years, cost me $600 new. I might have to retract my last statement, maybe it did sell at 1.1k when released in 2013. Good luck selling, that is a great price you have yours listed for.
  8. It indeed is a bargain, but the Olympus 12-40 never sold for 1.1k. Unless you were ripped off by a dodgy retailer? Maybe you're thinking of the 12-100 F4?
  9. Item: Odyssey Toulon Design Putter Location: Brisbane Price: $280 Item Condition: Excellent, presents as new Reason for selling: Doesn't work for me unfortunately. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Odyssey Toulon Memphis -now fitted with a new Odyssey Stroke Lab Pistol Grip 34" Right Hand, Standard Loft & Lie Stroke Lab shaft Head Cover I will throw in the Ping grip as well. In as new condition, save over $200 on retail price. $20 postage to mainland Australia Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. Joe Henry: Scar Not a jazz album by any stretch, but guest muso’s include Ornette Coleman, Brad Mehldau, Brian Blade, Marc Ribot and Me’Shell NdegeOcello. Ornette’s fractured solo on the opening “ Richard Prior addresses a soulful Nation” is likely my favourite horn solo in a non jazz album. And there is very stiff competition. A superb Joe Henry album.
  11. Random puics from city walk last friday. Olympus EM1 MKII and Olympus 45mm 1.2
  12. A great 2013 release from No Business Records. Recently made #7 in the top 101 releases of the last decade on the freejazz collective blog . https://www.freejazzblog.org/p/the-free-jazz-collectives-top-101.html
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