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  1. Currently Purchasing

    And I thought I sold you those?
  2. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Miles Davis: Black Beauty - At Fillmore West 2 CD Miles Davis opened for the Grateful Dead on this April ‘70 gig. Gone was the mighty Wayne Shorter from his band, who had left earlier in the year. In his place here on sax is Steve Grossman, let’s just say he is no Wayne Shorter. That said....it’s a pretty decent live album.
  3. FS: Various Records - Brisbane

    Yes they are.
  4. Currently Spinning

    The latest Bob bootleg release on vinyl is a cracker. Sturdy outer box, excellent booklet, and 4 great sounding records. From the first track Slow Train on LP1 to Every Grain Of Sand, the last track on LP4, it is brilliant. Only 3 tracks are repeated throughout the 30 songs here, but of course they are different versions. Supply your own poly inners . Glad I cancelled the 8 CD version, am not a big fan of hearing countless versions of the same song, although I know I'm missing out on some songs I haven't heard before.
  5. FS: Various Records - Brisbane

    Sorry for confusion. The Records with members name in bold next to them are to be picked up and paid for.
  6. FS: Various Records - Brisbane

    The first 2 have been claimed by Pegasus. Any others take your interest, as I won’t post a single title.
  7. Currently Spinning

    I wouldn't have called her underrated at all. She was recognised by her peers and critics as a great bass player. And I think she was the driving force in the band.
  8. SNA Album of the Year 2017

    My albums of the year. Jen Cloher - Jen Cloher. As much as I like her partner Courtney Barnett, this one is better than any either have done in the past. Zola Jesus: Okovi Cam Butler: Find Your Love Slowdive: self titled - who would have thought this would be such a cracker of an album after that looooong lay-off. Now to my favourite genre Jazz. Ironically, I first came across these brilliant albums on the mighty bandcamp site. What a year for jazz IMO, so many great albums released; here are my favourite 4 releases in order: Jaimie Branch: Fly Or Die - stunning Collocutor: The Search Nicole Mitchell: Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds Yazz Ahmed: La Saboteuse As for album re-issues and others not previously released: Neil Young: Hitchhiker - had a few doubts about this, but wow, it's excellent. Gillian Welch: The Harvest & The Harrow - the superb first vinyl release of one of Miss Welch's superb catalogue Still waiting for Dylan's last Bootleg release to arrive, imagine it would have made this list
  9. FS: Various Records - Brisbane

    Sold items removed. A couple of records were put aside for a member interstate.........but he hasn't bothered making contact, so have put them back as available.
  10. FS: Various Records - Brisbane

    I understand that all locals will pay when they pick up, just thought I'd remove paid for items from inter state members to less clutter the listing.
  11. FS: Various Records - Brisbane

    Items paid for have been removed. No Richard Thompson fans here?
  12. FS: Various Records - Brisbane

    2005 reissue https://www.discogs.com/Bobby-Hutcherson-Dialogue/release/2126528
  13. FS: Various Records - Brisbane

    Happy to put it back on list Paul if you don’t want it. You lucky bugger....I need to buy my own Dylan.
  14. I was once a Spotify subscriber but found Tidal through Audirvana 3+ easily gave better sound quality. As for Tidal, get past that home page which seems to be top heavy with r&b and hip hop artists, there's tons of great music. Plenty of jazz too which is my favourite genre.