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  1. Mary Holverson's Code Girl: Artlessly Falling I'm not usually a fan of guitar in avant-garde or jazz, but Mary Holverson ain't no ordinary guitarist. She has released some stellar albums, and this IMO is another of them. More avant garde than jazz, but who cares. Good music doesn't need categorisation. Robert Wyatt provides vocals on 3 tracks. Personnel - Mary Halvorson: guitar; Amirtha Kidambi: vocals; Adam O’Farrill: trumpet; Maria Grand: tenor sax, vocals; Michael Formanek: bass; Tomas Fujiwara: drums + guest Robert Wyatt: vocals (#1,3,5).
  2. Thanks Shane. I love Origin, and never miss it. Greatest sporting competition in the world IMO. Hopefully soon we might be able to get to gigs.
  3. QUEENSLANDER. Before the game I was confident the Maroons would win this game. Didn't matter who they put on the field, I thought they'd get the job done. 4 debutants..... no problem. Qld spirit.............unquestionable. I thought Harry Grant was excellent, Munster his usual brilliant self, and Lindsay Collins took it up all night. NSW..... Cody Walker was MIA, Crichton was their best forward, and after 60 minutes I didn't think they had the go forward to beat the Maroons. You bloody beauty. ps: if the blues would have won
  4. I added it on Tidal a couple of days ago, but only played it for the first time this afternoon. I'm going to buy a hard copy now, really dig this album. Listening to the track "Princess Phone" evokes a Bi***es Brew -esque groove. So much to explore on this double album.
  5. Wow, I was just about to post this very same album up. It's a ripper too. Here's a review: https://www.jazzhalo.be/articles/new-the-nels-cline-singers-share-the-wealth/#:~:text=The overall tone of Share,screeching tenor saxophone and Marsella
  6. Enjoy. I'm working away from home for a couple of months, so purchased the Flac dowload version on Bandcamp for my DAP.
  7. A great double album from WP, one of the great bassists out there. Superb singing by Leena Conquest. The Inside Songs of Curtis Mayfield Ensemble William Parker: bass (+ donso’ngoni on 4, balafon on 11) Hamid Drake: drums (except 4) Amiri Baraka: voice, poetry Leena Conquest: vocals Dave Burrell: piano (except 1, 2, 5, 11) Lewis Barnes: trumpet Darryl Foster: tenor & soprano sax Sabir Mateen: alto & tenor sax, flute with guests: Lafayette Gilchrist: piano (on 1, 2) Guillermo E. Brown: drums (on 4) Asim Barnes: guitar (on 6, 7, 10) New Life Tabernacle Generati
  8. Dennis Gonzalez Jnaana Septet - The Gift Of Discernment An awesome release from the the Not Two label. This is unpretentious, deeply emotional and spiritual jazz, brought by skilled, but more importantly, inspired musicians. https://www.nottwo.com/
  9. Yeah, the Maroons are getting a touch up. ☹️ Oh well, decider in Brisbane it is.
  10. Don't currently own a headphone amp but this is my rig at the minute. Astell & Kern SR 15 and Hyla CE-5 IEM's cabled with Orpheus MK5.5 4 wire cable Fitted with a 500gb micro sd card, and although I have over 850 albums on it (99% FLAC files), still have about 40% still to fill. Great sound, and the Hyla CE-5 IEM's are superb with bass reproduction awesome. My only quibble is battery life; get about 7 hrs if played without scrolling through files all the time.
  11. Not a bad effort at ranking Neil's albums IMO. As for their top 10 listed; I would get rid of "Time Fades Away" (7) and "Comes A Time" (10) both of which wouldn't make my top 20...... and insert "Ragged Glory" and "Le Noise" to make up my fave 10 albums. Not fussed about the order, but EKTIN would be my No 1.
  12. Band camp have a 50% off sale on the music of the late great David S. Ware. Use code: dsw_birthday_2020 Today only https://davidsware.bandcamp.com/ I am playing this at the minute:
  13. Welcome Brannon, I can’t help with your speakers, but do strongly suggest you buy them first, and build your system around them, as you put it all together over time. Plenty of people here have experience with Wilson Audio speakers so hopefully they can offer some help. Maybe post a thread in the speakers forum once you have narrowed down a list of speakers that interest you, or alternatively in the Amplifier forum, for recommendations on good matching amps for those speakers. Good luck with your journey.
  14. NSW ALWAYS underestimate QLD. And don't the Maroons love that. I love seeing Andrew Johns with egg on his face, he tipped a big win for the blues. We've seen this happen so many times.....I'm happy for the Blues to continue in this vain.
  15. QUEENSLANDER. You f****ing beauty
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