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  1. Nice amp and it shouldn't last long here at the price. In my experience, the Melz 1578/6H8C was easily better than the RCA red base. So much so that I purchased a quad of them about 7 years back . Sold off 2 of them but use 1 in my phono pre amp and the other is a spare.
  2. I'm hesitant to make suggestions for others, have enough trouble sorting my own needs out. I actually contacted the seller of the Bryston a week or so back and nearly purchased it myself. It seems to be a very well regarded amp, and apart from it's looks, met all my requirements. I had much the same budget as you and was recently looking myself for an integrated amp that would capably run my Jamo Concert 8 (89db, 4 ohm ) speakers. Looked also at the Parasound Halo, a couple of the Rega models, and also at the Redgum RGi120ENR (one sold here recently). I ended up putting a WTB for a Yamaha A-S 1100 Integrated in the classifieds, and then came across a s/h Yamaha A-S2100 for sale on Carlton Audio Visual's website and purchased that for $2500. It arrives next week. It was over my budget but I think it'll meet all my needs. Doesn't seem to be much difference between the the A-S1100 and A-S 2100 to be honest, better headphone amp , and balanced inputs on the latter. It'll give me 150w per channel into a 4ohm load so should be capable enough. I love big well built Integrated amps, and the VU meters are a bonus. Have not heard your speakers but they are 88db and 8 ohm, so should be easily driven.
  3. Check through the Classifieds. A Bryston B60R was posted up not long back
  4. Funny that. I had an SP10 MK II and a heavily modded Lenco with PTP plate, upmarket bearing, idler, huge plinth etc etc and loved them both. I used to swap my Alphason HRS100 tonearm between them. Each had their strengths, but to me I liked the Lenco better sonically, and sold the SP10 MKII. One man's potatoes are.........:) That was about 6 or 7 yrs back, the Lenco remains my only turntable in the house. Having said that, if I had to replace my Lenco, I would be looking for another SP10 MK II. They are great tables.
  5. Agree. I don't often browse the classifieds, and normally only when I need to replace an item that I think is a weak link in my system. Fortunately over the last 5 years or so my system has remained much the same. I drool over the quality of some of the gear listed here too, some stunning hi fi at great prices are commonly listed. And I have sold plenty of gear over my time here, only had 1 distasteful transaction (from a fellow qlder) over some records I was listing. So much better than Ebay or Gumtree.
  6. Hope you find one @christopher I posted a WTB just a few days back for the same amp, but then found a s/h A-S2100 on Carlton Audio Visual website in Melbourne at a decent price. Free shipping to Brisbane too, and look forward to it getting here, hopefully early next week.
  7. FOUND: I found and purchased a "traded" Yamaha A-S2100 from Carltonaudiovisual at a decent price.
  8. I've never chased perfect sound because it's unobtainable. I just replicate music as best I can with my system. But IMO, the crux of the matter to me is........................it's always about the music. First and foremost and always has been FOR ME. I can enjoy hearing a great track out of my tinny car speakers as much as I can playing it at home on thousands of dollars of equipment. And nothing beat a live performance anyhow. Actually feel sorry for folk that chase their version of perfect sound.
  9. Item: Yamaha A-S1100 Integrated Amplifier Price Range: Fair market price Item Condition: excellent to mint. Extra Info: I have read decent write ups on this model, just wondering whether any member has one they might be interested in moving on. And yes... am aware of the AS2000 in classifieds, but not looking for that model. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  10. Sixto Rodriguez: 1970: Cold Fact 1971: Coming From Reality
  11. Ordered this yesterday. https://store.udiscovermusic.com/*/*/Hard-Luck-Stories-1972-1982-8CD-Box-Set-Exclusive-Lithograph/6LRY0000000 Hard Luck Stories (1972 - 1982): 8CD Box Set + Exclusive Lithograph Richard and Linda Thompson
  12. Looking into the NT, just past the border crossing with QLD.
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