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  1. While we are still on Miles, An excellent compilation. I particularly like the version of ‘Round Midnight, from the Live at Blackhawk sessions.
  2. You seem to be on a bit of a jazz bent of late Shane. Good to see. Plenty of great modern and current stuff out there though that you should check out. ( hint)
  3. Fire! Orchestra: Arrival Trimmed down from the 28 or so members that Fire! Orchestra used on their first 2 albums ( Exit , Enter) and the follow up Ritual had 21 musicians. Arrival has 14 members on board. The constants in the band are the trio from Fire! and the 2 vocalists in the ensemble in Mariam Walletin and Sofia Jernberg. A string quartet is used to supplement the orchestra on this release. The 2 females sing/vocalise on nearly all of the 7 tracks, and the tracks are all the better for it. I'm yet to be disappointed in anything Fire!/Fire Orchestra release, this album is another great album.
  4. Fire! : She Sleeps, She Sleeps Mats Gustafsson: Tenor,Baritone, Bass saxophone Johan Berthling: double bass Andreas Werliin: drums and lap steel guitar Leo Svensson Sander: Cello (tracks 3 and 4) Oren Ambarchi: guitar (track 2) I have mentioned this album many times since it was released in 2016, but for a reason. This would probably be my pick if asked for the best trio album I have heard in the last decade. In my opinion it is just brilliant and I can't get enough of it. Gustafsson's smouldering dark and gloomy sax work is orgasmic to my ears. Oren Ambarchi plays guitar on track 2, and Leo Svensson Sander on Cello is added for the last 2 tracks.. The vinyl release is superb too, and the first pressing came with a CD. Check this trio out. Great music isn't just to be played and shown, it needs to be talked about. A subtle dig; anyone can show a picture of an album they are playing, but let's discuss the album posted. This thread once had a lot of discussion going about the music posted, one of the main reasons I don't post up as much is because of this. https://www.freejazzblog.org/2016/06/days-of-fire-day-1.html https://thequietus.com/articles/19591-fire-she-sleeps-she-sleeps-review
  5. Masahiko Togashi Quartet: Speed & Space A fine free release from '69.
  6. Moved on to the late great Tomasz Stanko. I much prefer his 70's avant-garde/free releases to his albums with ECM. This one from '72.
  7. These days I like my jazz to have an edge to it, but I do love this melodic adventurous release from 2005. Very well recorded too, sounds great.
  8. This: Different. Very good. https://corbettvsdempsey.bandcamp.com/album/the-shithole-country-boogie-band CD here: https://gustafsson1.bandcamp.com/album/the-shithole-country-boogie-band
  9. The brilliant follow up to their 2017 debut album. Check it out on bandcamp and spotify. Released on the International Anthem label, so chances are the hard copy will sound great.
  10. Tomaž Grom/Zlatko Kaučič ‎ - The Ear Is The Shadow Of The Eye I purchased this great CD from bandcamp. Percussion and double bass, recorded in a Kitchen. https://www.freejazzblog.org/2020/03/zlatko-kaucictomaz-grom-he-ear-is-in.html
  11. Fire! Orchestra: Actions My favourite ensemble have released another great release, this time without the vocalists that make this group so compelling. I refer to Sofia Jernberg and Mariam Wallentin.
  12. Olympus Pen F with Panasonic 15mm 1.7
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