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  1. Monkeyboi

    Gapless playback of dsf files?

    Hi Snoopy, PC Windows OS, Win 7 or Win 10 Could be controlled from Android app supported by Android 9.0 (Pie) but not essential. Over LAN. Files are stored on my NAS. Wired ethernet connected back to the router. Router has the usual 10/100/1000 LAN ports, Wi-Fi 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n as well as 5GHz ac capability. Doesn't matter if the app or program is free, paid outright or subscription. Just looking for something that actually works for gapless playback of .DSF and hi-res .WAV files. Thanks. Cheers, Alan R.
  2. Hi Guys (and Gals), Does anyone know of a media player program that will playback .DSF (DSD) files gaplessly? Preferably over a network if possible. The alternative is an extraction program that will do the same for SACD and / or DVD-A. I have a few titles which playback without a gap from the SACD but not from the extracted .dsf files from extracted from SACDs or from digital download titles. Same with DVD-Audio. Likewise any suggestions of something similar for hi-res WAV files?? Thanks guys. I'm sure someone has already found the solution to this. Cheers, Alan R.
  3. Did you get a circuit diagram with the kit? It would help if you have one in suggesting some points to check voltages as an aid to fault diagnosis. As a quick and dirty check if you have access to a multimeter. Check the supply voltage across pin 2 (Gnd) and pin 3 (+Vcc) of the IR receiver. It should probably be around 5 volts but no higher than 5.5v or lower than say 3.0v The data output is on pin 1. So if you measure across pins 1 and 2 whilst pressing one of the buttons on the remote control which is aimed at the IR receiver one should see a change in the output voltage. Access to a CRO would be much better in determining if the IR receiver module is at fault. A generic IR receiver unit like this should work as a replacement part. https://www.altronics.com.au/p/z1611a-brm15s8-11-infra-red-rx-module/ Cheap at $6.50. Refer to the datasheet on their website for pinout allocations. Cheers, Alan R.
  4. Monkeyboi

    DIY DAB+/FM/AM receiver

    Which EA project was that? IIRC the last EA AM radio I built as a basic kit (PCB and parts - no case) was their Homodyne Tuner several decades ago. Cheers, Alan R.
  5. Monkeyboi

    Kef Concerto speakers the good, the bad

    Hi Graham, Firstly, apologies for the ultra tardy reply. I only was prompted to revisit this thread by an unrelated matter. I found the bass to be room and position dependant. I have tried them on stands and for many years I ran a pair this way. Stands were 25cm tall. In this mode I found the bass to be smoother and the midrange clearer. Cheers, Alan R.
  6. Monkeyboi

    DIY DAB+/FM/AM receiver

    A downfall of that project as it currently stands is no S/PDIF output when the receiver is operating in DAB+ mode. The see through plastic box is a gimmick and IMHO makes it look cheap. I purchased the January edition of SC to consider building this myself. If I did make the decision to go ahead with it I would consider some other box to house it in purely from a cosmetic perspective. Cheers, Alan R.
  7. Monkeyboi

    The wonderful NBN.

    Everybody with a clue was screaming it from the rooftops. Agreed @vagabond, but it's nice to hear it from a credible source and publicly tabled. Anyone just reading through many NBN related discussions on this and other forums would see that over time a lot of misinformation was been distributed as facts. I hope many members here will take time to watch the video to see how their taxes have been squandered on an expensive FTTN network which will in the not too distant future become worthless landfill. The thing that annoys me the most is we are talking billions of wasted dollars with which the government could have spent on essential services like public health, education, other important infrastructure projects and climate change initiatives. Too bad it's all but gone now. Cheers, Alan R.
  8. Monkeyboi

    The wonderful NBN.

    Thank you for posting the link to this. Mike Quigley IMHO is spot on the money. By changing tack to the MTM approach a lot of money was wasted. The promises of getting it quicker, cheaper and more economically didn't eventuate and won't be realised. If anything it has blown the budget through the roof. Hindsight is a wonderful thing if only we had it before the event. Cheers, Alan R.
  9. Monkeyboi

    The wonderful NBN.

    @Wimbo I just want to publicly apologise to you and the other members of this forum for being an utter prick. I genuinely misunderstood your reply and took it completely out of context and for that I sincerely apologise. I know it's no excuse but in trying to avoid some serious problems at home I thought I could distract myself from those issues by finding things of interest in these forums. Sadly and ashamedly I left my manners at the door and in the process also left my brain there too. 😞 I should have responded to your PM earlier and called to discuss things. I am sincerely remorseful and hope that my errant behaviour won't prevent us from future fruitful discussion. I hope you understand and perhaps eventually forgive. I have always valued your input to discussions here and would look forward to future interaction. Thank you. Cheers, Alan R.
  10. Monkeyboi

    Isolation Transformer

    Please ensure the metal case is earthed securely with the yellow/green earth wire coming from the mains input side. The earth should be crimped or soldered securely onto a full loop lug that is securely attached to the case with a shake proof washer and double nutted or use a Nyloc TM nut so that the lug can't possibly become loose. You can extend the earth connection to other parts of the circuit thereafter. Cheers, Alan R.
  11. Monkeyboi

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    Nice neat build there. Cheers, Alan R.
  12. Monkeyboi

    Ground wire connection

    If your spade connector looks like this you could buy a female connector and crimp a suitable length of wire to it. A suitable female connector (albeit not specifically intended to mate with this lug) can be used if you bend the forks in slightly and with reasonable force insert it into the female connector to establish a sound connection. The female connector will need a stranded wire crimped into it. You could get away with using pliers to achieve this if you don't have access to the correct crimping tool. It's not as if you are passing Amperes of current through these connectors. The colour of the insulation on the connector determines the gauge of wire intended to be crimped into it. Cheers, Alan R.
  13. Monkeyboi

    The wonderful NBN.

    Here is the International network map for a well know Australian ISP showing their links to the rest of the world as well as their internal domestic links. As you can see that some have international capacity in the Gbs/s range, but it is a mere fraction of the combined gross bitrates to all of their customers. Whilst for general web-surfing and email this is probably entirely adequate it falls short in capacity for those customers wanting higher bandwidth streaming of say 4k UHD video. It might be argued that a lot of this can be obtained locally but I know an awfully large number of people who have set up VPNs to the USA just to get content from Netflix which isn't yet available from the Australian network. Cheers, Alan R.
  14. Monkeyboi

    The wonderful NBN.

    Yep, not many NBN Points Of Interconnect, and not all providers have access to all of them except Telstra IIRC. At last count there were 121 of them, but I stand corrected if this number has increased. Cheers, Alan R.
  15. Monkeyboi

    The wonderful NBN.

    I think the biggest bone of contention might be the limiting nature of the backbone infrastructure and the bandwidth of the "pipes" in and out of the NBN Points Of Interconnect to service providers and links to overseas providers. All very well having a very high speed link between the end user and their service provider in the Gbs/s capability but if the "pipe" from the service provider to the outside world is limited it seems pointless to me unless all the content you want is coming directly from your own service provider's local server. IMHO, I think the NBN and the issues of data transfer in general in Australia has a bit of maturing to undergo. We potentially have the capability to build a first class communications network. It will take time and capital but most importantly a recognition that we will eventually if not already need that infrastructure in place. Easy and relatively economical to provide in the highly populated centres of our capital cities but no so in many rural and remote areas of Australia. Australia is frequently criticised for its telecommunications infrastructure deficit because it is compared with many other countries with much higher population densities and smaller service areas. I recall the days when we probably considered ADSL at 1.5Mbs/s to be "all you will ever need", but now it has become all too apparent that even 100Mbs/s isn't enough for some consumers. I guess bandwidth appetite is a little like living to your means. We use what's available to us. Cheers, Alan R.