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  1. Hi guys, I am trying to work out how to get TV, YouTube & NetFlix audio to my receiver using HDMI ARC ? - Seem as though ARC isn't really that reliable or compatible from searching these forums. The HDMI cable goes from the Sony X83F "HDMI 3 ARC" input on the TV directly into HDMI Video Out ARC port on my Yamaha RX-V481 receiver. I've played around with the HDMI menu on the receiver turning ARC on and off etc and changing the input to AVR 02 to listen/picked the ARC signal from the Sony. Do I need to use Bravia Sync to use ARC to have both devices talking to one another?? - as it has not been able to find the Yamaha receiver. I have the latest software/firmware versions on both devices. The HDMI cable says Hi-Speed so shouldn't have any issues with compatibility. Please help I have been mucking around with this all day !
  2. Unfortunately Costco hasnt made it's way to WA... Will have too keep an eye out on the Sony website to see if they will do boxing day specials again.
  3. Thanks for this info, from what I have read back lit is better than edge lit?
  4. Hi Guys, Sony.com.au had the KD70X8300F for $2,249 including delivery for Black Friday (RRP $3,399). However I can't find any information from retailers (JB's, Good Guy's etc) on this TV. The sale guy at JB Hi-Fi told me it was a commercial TV. I have called Sony and they said it's for residential use but they couldn't tell me who in Perth has them in stock. Has anyone got feedback/news on this TV? I can only assume it's a new model yet to be make it to retail shops?
  5. Hi guys, I've finally started putting together my first home theatre setup, which I will build up over time as I set aside more cash. Today I purchased a Yamaha RX-V81 for $500 from Harvey Norman which I thought was a excellent price as the new '83 2017 series supersede last years model. My question is, and I should of asked this before buying it, would the Yamaha V481 have a enough power a run a set of Q Acoustics 3050 Floor standing speakers ? I'm planning to buy the Q Acoustics 3000 in the future.. Cheers Mike
  6. @daddydonks has the 4 year warranty expired?
  7. Hi guys, I have a small theatre room 3.9 wide (TV wall) by 4.2 long with very limited space. I intend to have in-ceiling rear speakers as the couch is hard up against the rear wall and also require something compact for the front due to limited space. I came across this on eBay but not sure if this is good value at this price? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/KEF-Uni-Q-3-1-Speaker-Pack-SPECIAL-/252385695377?hash=item3ac35c1691:g:7EoAAOSwl-FXMq61#shpCntId Also what would be a recommend amp for this? That I can stream to via my i-phone if required
  8. Mr_Gadget let me know your thoughts as I am thinking of using Krix in-ceiling for front and rear as space is limited
  9. Cheers for the advice Paul, I think these are out of my brother budget anyway.. I'm going to lead him down the path of Jamo or Dali as I can get these through JB's at a good price. Have you got any thoughts on the following entry level amp for approx $8-900 ? Pioneer VSX-819 http://www.pioneer.com.au/en/Products/Home%20Entertainment/Amplifiers%20and%20Receivers/VSX-819H.aspx
  10. They are for my bro, thanks for the link ! Can't demo Boston in Perth dont think there are any home audio dealers locally.
  11. Hi guys, Has anyone got any opinons on these speakers? Do you know of any Boston dealers in Perth for demos? I can get these for approx $3.5K prob a bit more then what my brother was expecting to pay, if you have any suggestions from Jamo or Dali let me know as I can get pretty well cost price from JB Hi-Fi Boston Horizon HT package 2 x HS460 mains 2 x HS50 rears 1 x HS225 centre 1 x HPS12HO sub
  12. Yep very much into car audio now starting to looking into home audio.. I just dont know what brands to look at, everything i see looks 10 times more expensive compared to car audio. . . It would be great if someone can put some pack together for people on different budgets to start putting people in the right direction of what a good products for that price range.
  13. The lifestyle system is approx 3 years old and has no optical.. it was only worth $400 bucks given to my from my old work. I think i might upgrade the lifestyle system something with HDMI..
  14. I just noted your last sentence.. So now I ask... Is there anyway of getting 5.1 from using PS3 as a Blu Ray player ?
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